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Greyashe chapter 368

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Greyashe chapter 368 is entitled "Cross Counter."


Previous chapter 367: Speed struggle.

Next chapter 369: Perception.

Summary page


-Short summary-


Putting all they have on the line, Kani and Guy desperately struggle to bring down Luge the swift.


-Long summary-


In unison the two hobble toward Guy's makeshift "playground" (his word, not hers). Guy admits that if he had more time he could have made something more effective, and that they've really only got one shot at this because his creation isn't structurally sound, but reasonably speaking it's a shot that they didn't have before. Rather than curse the gun they've been given (even if it is rusted and malfunctioning), they should just shoot it and hope it hurts the enemy enough to keep him from killing them. Kani glances up at the fighter and comments on how oddly specific that phrasing is. Guy smirks and replies that although he's a lowdown neer-do-well now he was a cop at one point in his life. That phrase was one they used back when politicians looked at bottom lines and budgeting was a problem. Though putting it that way makes it sound like there's a time where budgeting wasn't a problem. Guy gets a chuckle out of his own joke as Kani comes to the realization that she doesn't really know much about him besides what Van told her, and considering how he feels about using his eyes on others he probably doesn't know very much either. It's incredible how they've known each other for what seems to be a lifetime, but she doesn't know anything pertinent about him. Though admittedly, that's mostly her fault. She also realizes that she's thinking a lot like someone who's about to die, and immediately stops this train of thought.  Instead asking Guy about this plan of his, since it's apparently their only shot and can only be used once. Despite all of her misgivings, she knows it's the only chance they have. That being the case she'd really like to know more about it before they are in the in the midst of things.


Guy looks surprisingly crestfallen for a moment, and apologizes again that he didn't have enough time to make something more sound. Kani blinks, unable to hide her shock at his sudden somber attitude. Though she's not sure if he's just somber because she didn't acknowledge his budget joke or if he's truly apologetic for being unable to come up with something with more likelihood to end this battle with their lives intact. She tells him it's fine, as he leads her over to the thing he had created. From what she can tell, it looks like a course of some kind, with rocks and debris indicating where turns and stops should be. Kani furrows her brow, unable to understand what exactly Guy's course of action is with the structure he had worked so hard to create. Guy takes notice of her confusion and surprises her by gently asking her to "believe in him". Kani gives him a look, but is unable to protest as he lifts her on his back and makes a dash for the course. Kani glances behind them and sees the reason for Guy's sudden movement; Luge is right behind them and gaining speed as he advances. Guy explains in a hurried frenzy that they need to be in a certain place before Luge gets to them or the plan is rendered completely useless and they're at his mercy. Kani nods and holds onto Guy tightly as he runs. In all honesty she still wants to know what exactly Luge did to her earlier, but the priority here is stopping him from killing them so her inquiries would have to wait until later.


Luge pursues them with a marked sense of purpose much greater than defeating his foes. Unbeknownst to them, there is a time limit on their fight that is quickly approaching. Perhaps he had underestimated their will to live, and that's what had lead to the current situation, where he's the one on a desperate offensive, with no choice but to hurriedly attack his foe. Of course they're probably in the same boat, as they're heavily injured and of course not nearly as quick as he is. It is a deadly game of time that they're playing, and although the scales are heavily tipped in his favor, the sense of madness filling him demands that he finish this fight himself. Any sense of regret had long since been drowned in a wave of insanity and adrenaline. Lady madness would not be satiated until he feels the cold limpness of death in her maw; a clear indicator that Luge's continued use of duel magics had driven him completely mad. 


Guy picks up speed as he tumble-dashes down a hill to the course all the while explaining to Kani that they have to make it to the end of his makeshift course. Even without an ability to use or sense magic himself, he can tell that their opponent has far passed a point where his self preservation is a priority. This is both good news and bad news for them, as now he's operating on pure instinct, which they can take advantage of, but it also makes him that much more powerful. They won't survive another run in with him, because now his mindset is simply "kill by any means necessary". Since that's all he has on his mind at this point, why not use that pure instinct against him? Kani starts to understand what Guy is implying, and asks what she can do to help? Guy replies simply that she just has to hang on to him and be prepared to use any anti magic measure she has in her arsenal. He reminds her again that they only have one chance, so being ready is the key to victory. She agrees quickly and takes her canceller out of her belt. She admits that she doesn't know what'll happen if they use it on Luge since he doesn't use magic in a traditional way, but at this point beggars can't be choosers. Guy runs as fast as he can through the "course", noting that his training for the force is coming in handy. This time Kani gives him a fierce grin, and replies "No pain, no gain". Guy is about to return her quip when he suddenly shudders and falls down on one knee. The Witch on his back gasps and asks what's the matter, when she sees it. Guy's leg is bleeding profusely from the back from an injury that mysteriously has appeared now of all times. Somehow he had been afflicted with Luge's mystery ability as well...though Guy had been really careful not to touch him for some time, so when had it been....? Kani reaches down to try and assuage the fighter's pain, and receives a small shock not unlike a static buzz. For a moment her senses are paralyzed, right down to even the dull aches and pains all around her body and it is then that she realizes what it is that Luge did to her and Guy. Whenever they made contact with him in any way, he would shoot just a miniscule amount of electricity at them, numbing their sense of pain. Apparently he also possesses the ability to "unlock" this effect whenever he deems it appropriate as well, which would open their injuries when they least expect it. Maybe it had been the time where he and Guy had their scuffle that he had dulled his sense of pain, or maybe all it takes is him passing them for it to occur, but it doesn't matter now as Guy won't be able to move as quickly as before if at all. Kani feels the pangs of panic rising within her as Luge barrels towards them at top speed, unable to move or think. Guy grits his teeth and hisses at her that the plan can still work. They could never hope to move as fast as he does, but if they can control where he'll be going and therefore know where he'll be, attacking him is simple! Even now he's rounding the "course" by pure human instinct. If you place a wall in a person's way, their first instinct is to figure out a way around it, rather than punch their way through it. Despite his deepening insanity, Luge is still "human". He's rounding his way around the course, and while it would have been preferable to be at the end of the course, they've still got time to react.


Kani stares back at Guy who nods solemnly. He trusts her, and she had trusted him up until this point so why not just take this thing to it's logical conclusion? He's not sure what that conclusion will be, but strictly speaking it ends with a fifty percent chance of their victory which are odds he can live with. Kani simpers a bit, and then nods as she holds up the canceller, the very action of which is the epitome of traveling into the unknown. 


Luge is upon them and charges forth right into Kani who closes her eyes and thrusts the canceller forward.


The canceller roars, and the speedster is stopped in his tracks, pushed back by an invisible force. Rather than backing down, he continues to pour on the speed, and starts to push Kani back. She stands and yells a battle cry as she pushes him back with the canceller in her hand, but the pain in her body threatens to bring her to her knees. Suddenly from behind, Guy presses down on her shoulders, and roars in unison with her cry, and the two force Luge back. Undeterred, he keeps pouring on the speed until his legs crack under the strain, as does his legs, and finally his neck. His body just could not handle the pressure of going so fast, even if he is at a standstill, and especially since he has no armor to protect himself. Guy grounding Kani had been the correct move, as she too would have given out if he hadn't been there. A fact the witch realizes and is thankful for.


Guy collapses behind her and Kani is barely able to remain standing, her body shaking and wobbling to and fro. To her horror, Luge manages a hoarse laugh and a merciless glare into her eyes which causes her soul to freeze. He coughs another laugh and with his final breath says that "It isn't over for you yet." His eyes close after this, and his body is completely limp, finally giving in to death's embrace. Kani blinks for a moment, unsure how to process what he had just said until she looks up and her blood runs cold.


Surrounding them are figures cloaked in black, some cackling some whispering wordless obscenities, while others still circle them silently. As hard as it is for her to believe, these things are human magicians all afflicted by the recall. Although she can't be sure, they were probably sent by Butcher to aid Luge, or kill him once he had defeated them since it's not hard to believe that the sentient would dabble in treachery. They had won a battle, but not the war.


Kani shakes in bitterness and rage, and tosses aside the canceller. So they're outnumbered, weak, and injured. What does any of that matter? The advantage she had forgotten they had during this whole struggle is their fearlessness in the face of death. She especially has nothing to fear, since she had already "died" once. So what would one more time be to her?


Arms crossed, the witch shouts in a measure of bravado that all they can do is "kill" her, but death holds no sway over someone who has already seen it. If "death" is all they have in their arsenal then it is a weapon she has already dealt with! So bring it....bring their worst! Guy shakily places his arm on her shoulder and smirks adding that dying with a friend as awesome as her isn't a bad way to go.


The magicians cease movement and then all at once dive upon the duo.

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