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Greyashe chapter 359

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Greyashe chapter 359 is entitled "Instants IV."


Previous chapter 358: Instants III.

Next chapter 360: Instants V.

Summary page


-Short summary-


As the battle against Baker grows more dire, Lazaro makes a realization which may push him over the edge....


-Long summary-


Perhaps it's because of her angelic nature, or maybe she just has an intuition for these kinds of things as a woman, but now Roysé can feel the weight of an entire city on her shoulders. Every eye seems to be lowered upon her. Judging, wondering, and most of all pitying her complete inability to do anything to stop Baker. Even now as he chokes the life out of Candle she can only watch sadly. The irony of the situation being her time on the surface actually weakening her raw strength while strengthening her desire to help the humans --her descendants. If she had gone back with Dio at the time of their departure perhaps she wouldn't feel as strongly about protecting them as she does. Yet those strong feelings are ineffectual in actually protecting anything. Perhaps that is how things should be. Perhaps the people of the surface should be the ones who protect the surface. Even if she has been here for more than several lifetimes, she is still an "alien" on the surface. This is not where she "belongs", and no amount of fighting and thinking about it would change this. Her being unable to do anything really does make sense in the scheme of things, and she just has to make peace with that. The one who should be able to fight this threat now is missing, unable to fight against Baker.


And it had been her fault.


Maybe if she hadn't said anything, or maybe if she had understood the right timing of when to talk to him about how serious the situation is he might have been able to fight to his fullest capacity. Now however she can only assume that her words had dulled the blade that was his combat ability, making it merely a blunt object that can do no damage. In essence she had "killed" him. In all honesty she understands that she is exaggerating, and perhaps this might have happened even if she hadn't "Snapped the ball" as Colin would put it, but it still hurts to know she had basically destroyed his potential. If his metaphorical death leads to his actual one then she would...she would....


The eyes that had once been weighing her down shift and her shoulders lighten. Roysé shudders at this and turns.


Baker doesn't realize it or perhaps feels he is too powerful to care, but the eyes are now on him. Something close to outrage flow from them, and the feeling of edging closer --like a hidden predator closing in on it's prey carefully and slowly emanates from the surroundings. Roysé gasps and finds the strength to stand up. She knows what this feeling is, and has to stop it before it's too late.


Teary-eyed the angel pleads openly, loudly for them --the eyes to stand down. She knows she has no place to order them to do anything as an alien to their lands and ostensibly one of the parties who had gotten them involved in this situation to begin with, but she can't stand for them or anyone else to get hurt due to this conflict anymore. She knows they want to protect their town...the place where they live from villainy, but they shouldn't be blinded by rage to the obvious truth that stands before them. This monster is not one they can defeat with the amount of power they possess. Theirs is a power to see and react to possibilities, but the sentient before them is anticipating their next move --and will react with violence. Despite himself he too can only react when acted upon. So if they just stay back and still their rage their safety is guaranteed in a matter of speaking. She can't make them do anything due to her nature of being a deity, but she's asking...no, pleading with them.


Her eyes and nose dripping with tears and mucus Roysé manages to stammer out that she doesn't want to see anyone else get hurt due to this conflict with them.


Meanwhile Lazaro who's still inside the room has managed to drag himself to a wall and leans against it while wistfully looking up at the ceiling. The shifting of the eyes had allowed him to at least regain enough strength to crawl. Fighting is still far beyond his reach, as much as it vexes him. What can he do about it? These emotions are ones that he had managed to bury under ambition for so long that he is completely at a loss of how to deal with them again. In fact he can't even understand why they had returned upon meeting with that louse Baker. What had been the cataylist? In fact things for him had been strange ever since he had that fight with that woman sent from the Kaiser Mage...maybe that's the point where things began to unravel for him? That damn woman, if she hadn't messed with his head with her inappropriate pity he'd be much stronger than this! Why should she feel sorry for him as if she's better than he is? He's been fine since that time! All he needs is his honey, and the power of alchemy that he had trained hard to obtain. Everything else is irrelevant. The kingdom he intends to create as a God will have everything he needs in it, as soon as he rids himself of the unnecessary, be it people or things. First thing is first....these feelings would be purged. He had always known what it was to struggle, to yearn for power so this is nothing new. To hurt, to be hurt, to suffer and to cause suffering he had experienced all of these things way back. After "that day". Yes that day.....


That day...


That day...


He had lost everything.


All in an instant, he had lost his family, his home and the right to an  easy life. Why had that been? Who had caused it? Although it had been the mark of his rise as a God, it had also been the beginning of all of his suffering as well. He had always wondered about that, but found the pain of reliving those events too great and had instead thrown himself into training. Yet now he finds himself confronting that moment again. The people of Thundersea where he had been born and raised generally distanced themselves from using magic wholesale as agape is extremely volatile. So when magic had been introduced to the populace it had been nothing short of disastrous due to it's rapid inclusion into the life of the people, and their inability to handle it. His strength paled in comparison to his younger cousin who would have been inducted as the heir to his family's business of brick laying which would have left his place in their family in question. Yet there was no question that he was cared for, and would have found his way eventually. Yet eventually when the allure of agape's power had become clear, and the people of Thundersea reached out for that taboo power, only destruction followed and the place he had been born and raised was destroyed almost overnight. It was oddly similar to the recall...


Lazaro's whole body tenses, and a wave of fear, realization, and outrage wash over him in that order. So if what happened then was similar to the recall, and he knows who's causing it this time then...


Everything from the beginning was their fault wasn't it?!


Candle can feel the weight of both despair and her body increasing as the life flows out of her. Baker who had supposedly been her friend for so long is now powerful and ruthless enough to causally kill her. More than anything this fact weighs on her and is perhaps the primary reason why she doesn't continue to struggle. If she had made such a poor decision in trusting someone then what other decisions had she made that had been wrong?


Suddenly, Baker's grip relaxes and Candle reflexively before even surprise can take hold kicks him hard in the side and leaps backward.

 Roysé perks up and gasps when she feels the new presence --one billowing with hatred and pure enmity, and sees Lazaro stalking toward them with a look of pure unbridled rage, to the point that he's frothing at the mouth a little bit. Baker regards him and quickly realizes that this time around one of them will die. Yet he can't deny the amount of satisfaction and excitement that comes with fighting an opponent who is willing to throw away everything to kill him.


Baker smirks, an expression that does not fit his emotionless demeanor. Lazaro on the other hand grinds his teeth and roars that he will kill him and leave not even a memory of his existence behind.

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