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Greyashe chapter 350

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Greyashe chapter 350 is entitled 'A series of unfortunate events III.'


Previous chapter 349: A series of unfortunate events. II

Next chapter 351: A series of unfortunate events. IV

Summary page


-Short summary-


A certain group makes a sacrifice so Claire and Frieda can escape as the shape of the greatest conflict begins to form.


-Long summary-


In Shrewlund, Baker prepares to depart the palace on orders of Butcher. The latter reminds the former that while his powers are absolute, he shouldn't underestimate the wiliness of their enemies. He would not be surprised if there was something waiting for him in the land of snow which had been confirmed to be one of the 'refuges'. Although he cannot attack this place directly and destroy it, he can at least cause as much chaos there as possible --to make the humans realize how very powerless they are against him. Baker recalls their conversation with the deus so long ago, and wonders to himself why the angel would leave them alive so long? He had to know that this whole situation might be the result of sparing their lives. Although the idea of death itself is still foreign to him and he surmises it is to Butcher too. They have been alive so long and seen so much...the idea that it could all come to an end is strange and nonsensical to him, even with all the lives that had and would be ended due to them. However, even if he can't understand it on a cerebral level, he understands the feeling. That day when the deus had lunged for them with thoughts of extermination in mind, they became all too aware of how inconsequential their lives are. Maybe all of this --the recall, the suffering and the madness is a fight against that feeling of helplessness that grips their thoughts in it's vice like hold. Say what they will about the former deus, but his psychological scheming is second to none.


Butcher had announced that he would stay here and greet the 'lucky group'. When asked what this means, the sentient becomes surprisingly somber and comments that their inactivity bothers him greatly. When the state of the unknown assaults one on a worldwide scale like this the first instinct is to panic. Yet other than the magicians he has sicced upon the helpless non magic inclined, no one has made a move. He surmises it is once again related to the former deus. He must have somehow figured out this plan and is preparing countermeasures by collaborating with the humans since he cannot do anything to them directly as per their deal. That being said he wouldn't be surprised if before long a group of humans would come to try and take his head, stop his plans or both. Of course since he has the right to protect himself that the deus cannot refute, he would bring down his power among these lucky 'people' unbridled. If deus wants to keep sending people to their doom one after another who is he to complain? He would simply keep killing them until eventually he has no more. Right now the name of his scheme is mass fear mongering and annihilation. The deus will pay for mocking him with the lives of the very people he sought to protect. It's more than fitting isn't it?


Baker nods silently and prepares to leave for Greyashe vainly hoping that the people would simply kneel to him without a need for violence, though he also has no problem with doing exactly what his friend had said if they decide to resist. His own hatred for these people guiding his hand --no, his very being. Most of all his friend, Butcher is precious to him and leaving him alone is impossible. No deus or his human underlings would separate them.


After Baker leaves, Butcher muses on his inability to destroy those 'refuges'. It hadn't been instructed by the deus or anything, but there's just a feeling of foreboding he gets whenever he thinks about laying a hand on those locations. Although he has honored the agreement made by the deus, and everything has fallen in his favor he has to keep in mind that the elder deity still wields a power greater than his own. The stars have simply aligned in his favor that the angels want to have nothing to do with the people down here, and that those people all rely on 'magic' which he is for all intents and purposes the lord of. Although it vexes him to no end to realize that more than plenty of his inclinations had been the result of the deus's planning, patience and his own amount of luck rather than skill, he really cannot bicker with the results. Still being this close to the finish line means he must exercise prudence.


Claire on the other hand is at the end of her wits and wanting to cast off prudence as an option. She isn't one for being patient and planning, choosing to act first and think about repercussions later. That being said, the repercussions would be undisguisedly high if she were to attack humans who for the most part aren't acting under their own will. So for now she'd have to put her own desires on a back burner and think of a way to escape. She begins to turn and instruct the farseeing girl in her company to flee as she covers the back but is cut short when she sees the group from the room slowly closing in. Once again the two are trapped in a pincer attack, and this time a fake out wouldn't be enough to allow for escape.


Though on that thought....a fake out? Now there's an idea...


She had heard from Dio that angels have a strange 'effect' on non angelic beings that brings them 'fortune' and can even keep them from being hurt, but hadn't put it into practice. However, if it works like he says it should then perhaps she could not only grant them a means to escape but perhaps overturn this situation for the better! She glances back at the group which had followed them from Frieda's room, and sees Cayden lumbering to the front. Claire inhales sharply and plucks a ethereal feather from her wings which hurts far less than she thought it would and drawing her hand back as if she's holding a bow launches the feather at Cayden. Frieda gasps and asks what she's doing, and the angel replies that she's not sure, but it's definitely better than doing nothing. The feather lodges itself in Cayden's chest which doesn't seem to slow him down or have any effect at all. Claire growls and yells at 'snowflake' that he needs to wake up already! Wasn't he going on before about being a man who's grateful to the goddesses? What happened to that? Or is his brain and sense of pride a snowflake too?


Cayden shakes his head and to everyone's surprise bellows back at Claire that she has no right to call him a snowflake since she's the Goddess killer! Who does she think she is?! Plus he's made it known that he doesn't like that nick name and...


Cayden realizes where he is and shirks back. What the heck is going on here?! Why is everyone so weird looking? Why is the Goddess killer here anyway?! And is that Frieda with her? Claire puts her face in her hand to hide her sense of relief, and then tells Cayden to get his act together and use his ice magic to get them out of this mess. Cayden looks around and with a grimace apologizes to the students around him before letting loose with a icy wind that freezes them in place. He then joins the two girls and asks for an explanation before seeing Iselia and his other friends approaching with their magics at the ready. Claire shakes her head and plucks several more feathers and fires them at the group approaching them. She once again asks Cayden to wait for an explanation and help them get out of here first. Cayden makes a face, but nods as he picks up Frieda who despite her happy face has started crying tears of joy, and with his ice at the ready charges through the newly restored group, yelling for them to follow him and the Goddess Killer and that they'll explain everything later.


Iselia is the first to come to as the feather hits her in the arm, and without a moment's delay rounds up Harrow and Damien as they snap out of their recall state. The gang then makes their way through surprised recall state students and into a nearby room that Cayden ices shut. He breathes a heavy sigh and leans against the wall by the door as the others catch their breath. Iselia shakily asks the others if they're okay, as Damien and Harrow catch their breaths. Damien admits he has no idea what's going on here, and his body feels out of sorts. Harrow concurs and then comments that he feels like he's been in a dark cellar for the last few hours. Cayden points at him and nods in agreement, adding that he feels like he's been far away despite not leaving the school. One minute he was sleeping on the roof, and the next 'bam', he's in the hallway. What gives?


Claire speaks up and reveals that Butcher has accelerated the effects of the recall which has caused their magic to completely spiral out of control and take over their bodies and thoughts. As such, they are dangers to themselves and others until they can put a stop to Butcher. Iselia gasps and glances over at Frieda who shakes her head and replies to the question not asked. They didn't hurt her because Claire had arrived just in time. Damien sadly comments that if she hadn't then she would probably be dead or worse....Claire quickly agrees to this and states that this is exactly why they have to help her escape this place before it's too late. Harrow asks what she means? Aren't they cured now? Frieda gasps and points at the feathers Claire had pierced them with. The group realizes as time passes they are beginning to shrink, and Damien with his quick mind realizes that once they completely disappear they will be controlled by the recall once again. Claire nods and says that while she would love to keep the feathers going ad infinitum, it really wouldn't help her or them at this point. What will is putting an end to the recall which means stopping Butcher. Cayden gives Frieda a look and apologizes to her, that they can't remain together for now. Damien goes through his pocket and reveals a bottle of the medicine he had been working on for Frieda to restore her normal emotions. He smiles sadly and says that this is all he has left for now, but since they will meet again he's sure he'll be able to give her more. Frieda takes the bottle and surprises him with a big hug, thanking him for working so hard. Damien and Harrow joke that maybe she's better off without it, and she replies that when she gets back to normal she'll frown at them so hard...


Cayden turns to the window and after forming ice around his hand breaks it. He then tells the girls to get moving before it's too late. Just as he says this however, the door comes down and the students come in and swarm the room. Claire grabs Frieda and jumps on the window sill, taking one last look at the group as their feathers are now at the tip. Cayden tells Frieda to stay strong, and that they will meet again. Iselia adds that when they do meet again it will be in a world where she won't have to hide who she really is, and they can be friends without repercussions. Frieda clutches Claire's hand and waves to them, begging them to stay safe. Claire jumps out of the window and after a small drop takes to the air. The group watches the girls escape as Cayden grimaces at something he sees. Among the students is his very own 'tutor' Adele who despite being in the control of the recall still has a serene smile and two books in his hands. Cayden comments that this might be worse than being controlled by the recall, as the others can only manage weak smiles as their feathers completely disappear into thin air.


Meanwhile in Spring Epigram, Kani helps Candle into a coat --to keep up appearances, and explains to her that she has to go somewhere. She tells the girl that she should go to Greyashe for now, since it's close by and should be safe. Candle asks Kani where she's going, and she replies that Delaney's words concern her a bit. She was going to wait for him to return before going to see Van, but something deep down tells her that time is of the essence. She then narrows her eyes and adds that perhaps time has already even run out for them....and everyone.


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