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Greyashe chapter 345

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Greyashe chapter 345 is entitled 'Negotiating in bad faith'.


Previous chapter 344: Every reunion has an underside.

Next chapter 346: Negotiating in bad faith. II

Summary page.


-Short summary-


Revelations about the deal that holds the angels back and empowers Butcher are revealed.


-Long summary-


Not one for pleasantries or patience, Aine forces her way into the palace of the current deus. As she and Aimend are beings that not only rely on agape to utilize their abilities, but have high amounts of this energy within their bodies, the decision to keep them with the angels on high is for the best lest they go insane due to the recall and wipe out innocents. That being said, Aine is none to pleased that she has been left out of the action down below, and has made many attempts like this one to find out more information from the current deus. Dio had gone back down in order to speak to 'the guys in charge', in hopes that a combination effort could be forged, and had (conveniently?) left Aine and Aimend out of the loop. If that wasn't bad enough, the one who had roped them into this whole situation --Claire, hadn't bothered to check in at all! The summer Goddess is frustrated and unfortunately has no one to take her frustrations out on....except the current deus himself. She had been scoping out his place for the last few days, and found that he was always out whenever she came around. Aimend had talked her out of just waiting each time, but this time there would be no convincing her. Unless the current deus gave her some answers, she has no intentions of leaving.


Waiting for the angels to change guards, Aine slips through and makes her way through the corridors of the palace. She had made sure to memorize the path Dio had lead the ladies down when that had come the first time just in case something like this were to happen, and it's paying off for her now. Finally she reaches the room where his throne is and opens it with gusto. To her surprise she spies Aimend and the current deus wrapping up a conversation which leaves the spring Goddess in stitches laughing uncontrollably. The current deus holds steadfastly to his unamused expression and shoots a quick glance in Aine's direction. Aine shivers slightly, but doesn't back away. So what if this guy is some sorta God? It doesn't change the fact that she's angry and he's holding answers. She strides over to him and asks when Dio will be back? He can't think it's right to leave women that he brought here behind while he gallivants somewhere down on the surface--their home.


The current deus's eyes narrow as he answers that Dio is trying to save their 'home'. To be completely honest, he's not even sure why. While he can understand trying to bring one of their own back home, this whole nonsense about saving those beings that have nothing to do with them anymore is a waste of time and effort in his opinion. Aine is aghast, and asks why he'd abandon them? If Dio's story about the natives and angels is right, then those 'beings' down there are angels like him right? The current deus sighs deeply and asks if she has any idea how long ago that was? Aine frowns and asks what that has to do with anything? He replies in kind that it's obvious if she were to think about it for a moment. While it is true that angels like he and Dio (well back when he was an angel), have longer life spans than the humans, that doesn't mean that they're immortal. They can die just as well as any other organism. It just so happens that the 'afternoon' of their life lasts much longer than the humans. They do reach twilight eventually too, and due to the properties of that world below the power they wield is slightly different too. Even that girl --Ambriel was it? Probably only came into her own after acclimating to her powers being altered and degraded to a certain degree. The humans who have lived there and are used to it on the surface even posses the ability to be stronger than angels on their home turf. Why does she think that Dio decided to be reborn as a human rather than remain in his heavenly form?


Aine's frustration subsides slightly and she changes gears. She had wondered why he did that too, and now she knows. However, one thing had always struck her as odd. Not surprisingly after that whole struggle Butcher probably hates Ambriel's guts right? That and he's got to know where she is after all of this time right? Why doesn't he just go and off her then? Especially since she's weaker than she was back then? More like, why don't the angels go down there and wipe him out? Why all this maneuvering and circumventing? Seems like the straightest road would be the shortest one right?


The current deus surprises the summer Goddess by standing up and giving her a troubled expression. He responds that this too was part of a power balance that came into effect after the whole matter with the natives and the angels had been 'resolved'. It's part of the reason why the four goddesses came into existence too. Aimend manages to stop laughing for a moment and come to full attention upon hearing this. She had been interested in knowing why she and her 'sisters' had been 'changed' so. Dio had given her a vague answer, but...


The current deus sighs and begins to pace a bit, wondering if he should tell the ladies about this. If Dio hadn't then why should he? That petulant man had always been an annoyance with the way he handles things. He had been on the choir back when he was deus and had always been confused and vexed with his handling of important matters like this. Yet....


In the end all of his decisions had always yielded the best 'result'. No matter how much the idea of going along with his schemes annoyed him, the fact that they had always left them better --even if only marginally so than before was his one strength. Still he couldn't hide from answering their questions eventually (part of the reason why he hadn't been in lately, the other part of which was supervising an important project.), so for once he would intervene on Dio's behalf. He asks the ladies to follow him and they do to an old and abandoned house. The current deus uses a feather to act as a beacon as he leads them to an old and broken down device pointing down into the clouds. Aimend examines it and exclaims that it's a telescope! Aine is surprised and asks what this means?


The current deus strides over to the device and recalls to the ladies what had happened after that event.


Dio and the choir had barely returned from the surface when regret and remorse had set in on the former deus (Current at the time.) Why had he left Ambriel behind? Why leave those other angels behind? Surely there has to be a means to save them both! He would have to return and....


...But he can't can he? The people would want to know what happened down below, and the angels who had gone down with them and are returning now need a leader more than anything now. What could he do to save both sides? The answer as much as it brings him discomfort is nothing. At least not for right now. He would have to settle for monitoring the situation and hope that an answer would come to him.


Not long after that talk of purging the ones who had been left behind began to circulate. What if they figured out a way to get into the land of the angels? No matter how much they had fallen they were still of angelic constitution..they could very well come back up and look for revenge! Soon the talk turned into all out panic, and the choir was fending back anxious and angry inquirers. The current (present) deus excuses himself from the choir, and asks for time with Dio. He asks the deus what he intends to do about this talk? With the power he possesses, he could very well have them purged. Although the fears aren't exactly well founded, they aren't completely without merit either. Either way, the people would soon start to rebel if something isn't done.


Dio surprises him by asking him to take a look at something. The two walk to his personal abode outside of the palace where he is surprised to find that Dio has constructed an apparatus that allows him to look down upon the surface world. Taking some of the supplies that he found below such as minerals, wood and oil, he was able to make what might be considered a telescope by the people on the surface currently. He had kept to his word of watching things and had been shocked by what he observed. Apparently the angels who had been left behind had started a society of their own. They had begun to multiply, to spread, to explore the world known to them as the 'surface'. Could he justify destroying these angels who had started to eke out a living on their own? Would it be any different than him striking down one of their own up here for doing nothing other than striving to live the best they can? He hadn't been able to find Ambriel, but this upheaval and the architecture of some of the buildings are unmistakably angelic. She had made good on her offer to help. He won't tread on her good will and hard work. The current deus in his past role of choir member asks what the deus will do then? The people grow impatient and worried about their safety...would showing them this really quell these feelings?


Dio thumbs his chin and on the spot comes up an idea. He discusses it with his aide who vehemently disagrees with his plan, but when he looks into his leader's eyes, knows it is futile to discuss it any further. He will go down  and find the ones who started the downfall between angels and humans and negotiate with them. If the people see him going down and coming back with bravado they will be convinced that he took care of matters right? Plus he really wants to see the surface again even if only fleetingly. Truth be told he really loves that world and all of it's mysteries, and as unlikely as it is since he has no leads he really would like to find Ambriel and convince her to return.


Unable to convince his leader not to do this, he instead resigns on asking what his role will be in this whole matter. Dio grins and asks if he'd like to be deus for a little while? It'd be good training for the real thing sometime wouldn't it? Truth be told he had started thinking about his replacement, and he can't think of anyone better for the job. The aide is surprised --not so much at the election, but at the timing. Dio has plenty of good years ahead of him! It's far too soon to be thinking about leaving the seat much less of replacements....Dio shakes his head and counters saying that the only thing he can be assured of in the future is that it will change. In any case he'll be taking over his job for a bit. They can talk more about the future after that.


It isn't long until Dio is heading down to the surface just as he desired. The angels had only one 'leaping off' point, and he appears right in the area where everyone had landed before. He starts to approach the people themselves asking for clues about where the natives had gone or for any sightings, but upon seeing how peacefully they live now the deus decides to investigate on his own. Those angels had lost much of their power and had learned to live in spite of this. What right does he have to interrupt their lives with unpleasant memories now? Before he leaves however, he overhears some of the ex-angels speaking about others going missing, with seemingly no connection between them.


Dio investigates the nearby surroundings when he makes a grisly discovery. A mangled body of an angel lies in a ditch, body burnt well beyond recognition, though from the shape the deus figures they must have been in the throes of agony before expiry. It's not long before he finds another one in a river flowing downstream. The more he pursues these discoveries the more he fills with dread. He had noticed children in the camp of the angels left behind so they were procreating well but could their numbers withstand this carnage? It isn't long before he happens upon another body in a grassy field with the same tell-tale signs but this time the culprit is nearby. Dio calls out to this person and they turn shirking in horror and nearly sinking into the grass upon seeing him.


Dio dashes over before he can escape and makes a face of realization when he catches up. As he figured it's the Youngest. His eyes are wild and his features decrepit. It's as if he had remained exactly the same from when they left. Before long the Silent one appears with a female native. They all remain on guard against Dio, but he can tell from their eyes that they fear him too much to strike. Dio narrows his eyes and asks them if they're the ones behind all of these deaths? The Youngest bites his nails fiercely as the Silent One nods admitting the truth. He breaks his silence saying that his friend had been in so much pain since then and this is the closest thing he gets to breaking through that agony.


Dio regards him for a moment before saying clearly 'This will stop.'


The Youngest snarls at him, asking what he's supposed to do then? He's the one who taught him this...this feeling and now it's all he can think about! Inflicting it at times is the only thing that grants him a temporary reprieve, and if he's not allowed that much then...


Dio's eyes shift and he asks if he'd like him to finish what he started? The Youngest yelps and hides behind the Silent One. Dio then states that he has a request for them, one if they manage to uphold that will guarantee their safety.


1) The natives will not bring harm to those people.

2) In turn he and the other angels will not harm them or interfere with them.


The Silent One shakes his head. Who's to say that they (the angels) won't find some way to inspire those angels to rally against them instead? They are all of the same constitution after all.


Dio nods. Okay, an addendum.


3) They will not rally the people of the surface against the natives.


The deus thinks for a moment and adds one of his own.


4) In turn the natives cannot turn the people against the natives.


The Silent One exchanges glances with the other two natives, and agrees with this, but makes it more succinct in his own addition.


5) --No interference with free will of the people will be tolerated by either side.


Dio silently finds himself impressed with their shrewdness. That's fine, but since his people aren't allowed to deal directly with the surface after this exchange, then....


6) The people must be allowed to defend themselves from the Natives should they stray.


Which is followed up by:


7) The Natives are allowed to protect themselves from the people if they are threatened.


To discern what a 'threat' is, Dio nominates that a 'judge' and 'wardens' be elected. Of course they will be neither angel or native. They will be among the people here who have no 'bias'. They will be chosen at random, and will only be told of the 'conditions'. In turn the 'judge' and 'wardens' will observe the people and if a suitable 'threat' should occur, then the Natives are allowed to retaliate in defense. The Youngest surprises Dio by taking great interest in this part. It goes without saying that the 'judge' cannot be manipulated, but say something should happen to this person at the hands of 'humans'....then they can retaliate as they see fit? Of course the angels aren't allowed to interfere so no matter what 'method' the natives here choose the angels can't refute it right? Dio is hesitant, but closes his eyes and agrees. After this he won't come back to interfere in their affairs. Of course they cannot harm the judge, the wardens or the people in anyway either. Only if something should happen to the judge rendering him or her unable rule a verdict, will the Natives be allowed to retaliate against the one who put them in danger. The angels will not interfere as per rule #1.


The Youngest grins with unbridled malice at this which doesn't escape Dio's attention. The deus comments to himself that he hasn't matured at all since that incident. He is still consumed with thoughts of revenge and fear, and this will eventually be his undoing. For now though the deal has been 'set'.


The Ten Commandments

1) The natives will not bring harm to those people.

2) In turn he and the other angels will not harm them or interfere with them.

3) They will not rally the people of the surface against the natives.

4) In turn the natives cannot turn the people against the angels.

5) --No interference with free will of the people will be tolerated by either side.

6) The people must be allowed to defend themselves from the Natives should they stray.

7) The Natives are allowed to protect themselves from the people if they are threatened.

8) If an elected 'Judge' is unable to make a judgement in regard to a threat, the natives are free to retaliate as they see fit.

9) The natives are not allowed to harm the judge.

10) As long as order is upheld by these rules they will be followed indefinitely.


Dio acknowledges these rules and turns to return upward. The Youngest asks why he doesn't just destroy them now? To which Dio responds that he feels that everyone deserves a chance, even if they are doomed to squander it The Youngest growls in response, but the deus ignores him, and returns to the 'leaping off point.' Truth be told he wanted more time to look for Ambriel, but he has work to do above. It also occurs to him that while he can do plenty with his power within the land of the angels, he is severely limited in his ability here. With that in mind, there is something he can do.


Up above, Dio finds his deus stand in and informs him of the current status of things. He will need to find a judge, and wardens within the fledgling people down below. He'll give them a little more time to develop before doing so however....that and, he's decided that he will go ahead and abdicate his 'deus' position in the near future, giving it to this aide permanently. The aide begins to protest, but the deus surprises him by asking if the 'gift' that is customary between an incumbent deus and a retiring one has to be a seat in the choir? The aide answers that it can be any number of things really, but that's the most popular choice.


Dio gives him a knowing smile and thanks him for the information.


A book slams shut in the present as Butcher tosses it aside and holds his hand out for another. Hiram hands him another book and Butcher thumbs through it while speaking to no one in general.


'A fiction book is most amusing isn't it? One can imagine themselves in the shoes of the protagonist and make up any kind of situation or chain of events they want. However, I know there are those out there who require more highbrow and accurate takes on events. If you can wait just a bit longer, I will regale you and satiate those tastes for the non fictional.'








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