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Greyashe chapter 344

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Greyashe chapter 344 is entitled 'Every reunion has an underside'.


Previous chapter 343: Fist full of existence.

Next chapter 345: Negotiating in bad faith.

Summary page.


-Short summary-


A reunion that has long been overdue occurs, but the present situation turns what should be joy into tragedy.


-Long summary-


The agreement to use Van's 'plan' had come with a set of 'conditions' that have to be fulfilled by Azha, before things could commence. In turn, the farseer had agreed to remain imprisoned in Aerhaart with no contact to the outside world until the plan 'begins'. He is a criminal after all, so a reminder that he has to serve a sentence for his crime is only fitting. Leah had thought it rude that Van would even consider himself in a position to make demands of the Kaiser mage as a criminal and as a lay person in general, but Delaney had posed an interesting point in regards to this. Considering their enemy and the weight of this supposed plan (apparently only Dio, Azha, and Van know the particulars), would she really want a polite individual in the driver's seat? Or someone who can get the job done? Leah considers this, and dutifully carries out the orders Azha gives her in regards to Van's requests.


Meanwhile the farseer himself sits in his cell and stares out at the twilight sky. Ironically he's come quite far in his journeys up until this moment. Considering when he left home he was no more than a sweeper from Greyashe, and now he's considered a national criminal, even if the situation isn't ideal the fact remains that he is no longer just an incidental existence unknown to the world, and now he shoulders the weight of their battle against the strongest of all magics, the lord of the recall itself, Butcher. With such huge stakes, he feels that having a few conditions for the kaiser mage to fulfill before he launches himself into battle is only fair. Though that too is a funny thing. That he is able to make requests of the highest authority in the land and have them confirmed is amazing in and of itself. So much so that he feels the recompense of being jailed is a minor matter. Really he feels better in prison than he had as a person who was free.


In regards to his 'conditions', well...to be honest he'd much rather just remain in prison and forget the whole thing, but the aforementioned major stakes demand that he address this issue before it's too late. In that regard, Van has no choice but to face it despite his wilting fears. He knows that by asking Azha the Kaiser mage to fulfill his request that he's at her mercy when it comes to how he is treated, and that she has a job to do as leader. Irregardless, this is something he has to do despite all of the sadness it will undoubtedly bring.


Kani blinks after Delaney has explained the situation to her in the town near Springtime Epigram. So they're relying on Van to do...something, and stop the sentinents? ...Why? What could he possibly do to stop this nation's...no the world's greatest evil? The whole matter sounds suspect to her, even if she is able to put aside her anger toward her former friend.The young man interrupts her and asks if she's been taking care of herself? He notices that her bandages are new and her eye (the one not bandaged) isn't as dull as it once was. Kani's expression is first wary and then embarrassed. She admits that after they talked before she actually took a good look at herself and didn't like what she saw. She had gone into town to ask for a place to stay and a warm shower, and people had eventually learned that she is the 'Wicked lady' who had been protecting them from the rouge magicians. It wasn't long before they had funded her a place to stay, clothing, food and even bandages for her burns. They even offered her an attendant! She ended up having to refuse that much, assuring them she has Candle to keep her company, and she likes her privacy. Now that they aren't vigilantes Candle had started visiting town and occupying herself with the townspeople who love talking about various things to the point of talking one's ears off, which is perfect for the sentient who loves hearing about humanity. To them however she's a little girl who has a great curiosity for the world and it's people.


Delaney allows a small laugh which only deepens the shade of red on Kani's face. He replies that she looks much better this way, and that there's nothing wrong with people doting on a beautiful woman. As for the whole Van thing, he doesn't really know the particulars either. Azha and that guy from the election had hammered out all of the details behind closed doors, and he wasn't privy to the information. Apparently the guy had named some conditions, one of which Aicha is carrying out now. It just so happens this request is out in Greyashe which is why he had been able to stop by to check in on her. He had of course asked Aicha if she'd be okay venturing out to Greyashe on her own, so it's not like he abandoned her. Kani frowns and reminds him that shirking off his duty isn't a good thing, even if his partner doesn't mind. Delaney shrugs it off and replies that he knows Azha will find out one way or another so he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.


Kani is quiet for a moment before asking if there's anything she can do? Sure she doesn't know what Van is thinking, and quite frankly she's not sure she wants to know. Still they did travel together for quite some time, so she feels like she has a stake in this plan of his. Delaney strokes his chin and asks if she'd like to come back to Aerhaart with him? Kani's expression sours, and he waves his hands as he professes his innocence. He doesn't mean like that. He means in the sense of finding out how she can help Van, since the best way to find that out is to ask him directly. He can't say really that he'll be able to get her permission to see him, but it's worth a shot at least, right?


Kani lowers her head in thought for a moment before replying. She doesn't think she's ready to see him yet, so she'll decline the offer. For now at least she'll stay here and wait to hear more information. Delaney rises and takes her answer in stride, though his disappointment is readily apparent. Kani surprises him however when she asks if he'll keep coming back and telling her more about the situation? Maybe it's selfish of her to ask this, but his company does bring her a level of comfort that being around the people here doesn't for some reason. Not that she doesn't appreciate their kindness, but their talks --few as they are had brought her a great deal of happiness.


Delaney's obvious disappointment quickly becomes obvious elation and he promises to return whenever he can. Kani offers him a genuine smile of warmth and thanks him for his kindness.


Meanwhile Aicha is enjoying her role less than her partner as she stands in the doorway of Mr. Sikes's house across from Lazaro who had opened the door upon her knocking on it. The two stand silently, as Lazaro slowly closes the door and opens it, obviously considering slamming it in her face. Aicha comments that she really didn't want to come back to Greyashe either, but Azha had asked her to since she and Delaney know the surroundings better than anyone in the cabinet since they were recently there. Delaney had then left her to come alone since he had things to do, --or so he says. Lazaro grins and asks why he should care about any of those things? What matters most here is that he hates her, and also holds control over her entry into the house at this moment. With this in mind she should know exactly what's about to happen. Aicha sighs deeply and asks if she can just talk to Colin Rayleigh? If he wants he can monitor their conversation, and she'll gladly leave once they're done. Lazaro shifts his weight and prepares to put his all into slamming the door in her face until Colin appears with Roysé upon hearing his name. He asks who's at the door, and Lazaro hastily replies 'no one' as he prepares to slam the door. Aicha realizes this is her only chance and quickly blurts out that she's here to see Colin. Colin raises an eyebrow and shoves Lazaro out of the way to get a better look at the woman at the door. She quickly thanks him and asks if she can come in out of the cold?


A short time later, Aicha polishes off a second cup of warm tea as Nancy, Sikes, Nick, Lazaro, Roysé and Colin look on. She thanks them for her hospitality, and they in turn welcome her into the home. Well except for Lazaro who mutters obscenities to himself. She ignores this and reveals that she is with the Kaiser mage and was in fact one of the two asked to bring Van to the capital. Roysé perks up and asks how her 'brother' is doing? She had only heard accounts from Lazaro who's less than reliable in matters that involve Colin and her 'brother'. Lazaro looks genuinely hurt at this wholly true assessment, but doesn't say anything. Aicha shakes her head and replies honestly that she doesn't know much about what's happening to Van. She was asked to fetch Colin and return to the capital since it seems Van wants to see him. Colin crosses his arms and asks how he's supposed to know this is true? They had taken his son away without even consulting him first so she can understand how he'd be skeptical. Aicha nods in agreement, but this really is the truth. She wouldn't have come back to risk meeting Lazaro if it wasn't. Colin glances over at him and after a long moment agrees that she has a compelling argument. Lazaro fumes, and begins to retort when he thinks better of it and asks if they only need Colin? Aicha blinks and nods that Van only had asked Colin to come. Lazaro is silent for a moment, and then retreats into the back room returning with Colin's coat and shoes and a broad smile as he wishes him a safe journey. The farseer makes a face and comments that he should try to be a little less obvious. Moreover, why would he possibly leave his daughter alone with him?


Roysé is forlorn she won't be allowed to see Van, but urges Colin to go. Van wouldn't ask for him if it wasn't important. Colin reluctantly agrees, and asks Sikes to keep Roysé safe from certain idiots. Sikes nods and gives his word. Nancy and Nick bid the farseeing father farewell as he takes his coat and boots from Lazaro and upon putting them on accompanies Aicha. As they leave Greyashe, Colin asks if she has any idea what Van might want?  She cryptically replies that he mentioned something about it being 'a long time' and that's it. She had overheard that during conversations with the Kaiser mage, so she's unsure of the context. Colin wonders what this means, but accompanies her nonetheless.


Meanwhile Azha visits Van in his cell and comments that it had been some doing, but they had located 'the other'. Aicha had contacted her saying that she is returning with his father, so the 'conditions' had been fulfilled. Van thanks her and recommits to the plan. Azha gives him a look and asks if he's sure he wants to do this? Although she understands why he would want to, this is going to be nothing but painful for them all. Van agrees, but from his perspective this isn't something he wants to do as much as it is something that has to be done. He appreciates her concern, but he will go through with this. Azha walks away from his cell and reminds him to keep his promise no matter what happens.


A day or two later, Colin arrives in Aerhaart with Delaney and Aicha. Without any rest he is taken to Dover tower only being told that someone important wishes to see him. Colin figures it's Van, but is completely unprepared for who awaits him in the tower. The farseer stops in his tracks when he sees a familiar person sitting in the stands of the tower, and can only stand with his mouth open as he stares into the distance.


A few days earlier someone had approached a certain Anna Rose Rayleigh as she wandered aimlessly after the death of  Richter McCullough, the only friend she had known for some time due to her farseer heritage to which she was exiled from due to giving birth to a child at the tender age of fourteen. What she would do now, and where she would go are both enigmas far out of her reach. Normally she's very good at staying out of sight, but her mind is clouded with sadness and loneliness and she is found by a representative of the Kaiser mage and whisked to Dover tower under the pretense that someone important needs to see her. She has no idea who it might be, but as long as they'd assuage these feelings assaulting her...little did she know...


Colin and Anna Rose Rayleigh, parents of Van now stand in the same room.


Although it has been more than a decade since they saw each other, recognition takes hold almost immediately. Seemingly flung into a time warp that returns them to their teenage selves, the two wordlessly walk towards each other at first, their speed gradually increasing until they run at each other and embrace deeply. Anna Rose unable to contain her tears embraces her love, the father of her child and repeats his name over and over again. Colin in kind repeats that he is here for her now, that he's dreamt of this moment for an eternity.  He apologizes over and over again for leaving her and his son alone. Anna Rose tearfully forgives him, and promises to never let him go again.


Bliss. They will live in bliss. With their son...


The two turn when they hear someone walking towards them.


Bliss flees and is replaced by shock.


Escorted in by two guards is Van Rayleigh in shackles and manacles, his expression somewhere between sadness, happiness, and shame. Anna Rose's hands slowly go to her mouth as she shivers in shock. Colin holds her close instinctively and closes his eyes in sadness.


Van raises one hand and waves at his parents sadly. His voice quivering as he greets them.


'Mom, Dad. Hello....and, Goodbye.'


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