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New WD rule twenty

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WD rule twenty is entitled 'The fun in playing Pokemon isn't befriending and battling, but rather enforcing your might upon others and subjugating them.'


Previous rule nineteen: 'Good Gamers avoid the game over screen. Exemplary gamers see the game over screen as a benchmark for greater gameplay.'

Next rule twenty one:

Summary page.


-Short summary-


Lukas returns to the states, but still remains in the hotseat with Matilde and the US Government. Other plans and fates begin to move as well....


-Long summary-


Lukas shields his eyes from the sun as he departs the Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport. (BWI) in Baltimore Maryland. Although he’d only been in China for three weeks with all that he’s seen and done, it felt like an eternity. His brother’s recovery is slow but steady, and he had even been able to get around well enough to show Lukas his old stomping grounds among other things. He honestly wishes he could have spent more time with his brother, but not knowing how things are going with his team was eating at him more than he thought it would. Not to mention Matilde isn’t the kind of problem you put aside for a vacation. He has to talk to Ruka to find out how things had gone on her end (and ask if they’re still cool…) and of course start planning his next move of action. He’s patient anyway, so he’s used to having long and drawn out battles, but he gets the distinct feeling that drawing things out against Matilde will only work to his further detriment. So first thing is first, find out how everyone is doing at HQ in DC, then report to Ruka.


Jitka suddenly appears beside him, which surprises the operative less than he thought it would. People are scary really. Given enough time they can get used to anything –even teenaged assassins who’s silent footsteps would make a Ninja envious until right before she kills them. Gone are the fatigues and goggles, replaced with a plaid skirt and jean jacket. She still has the boots from before (Lukas surmises that besides Meifa she might be the only girl he knows who doesn’t obsess over shoes.), though now she wears a black t-shirt with a ‘splattercon’ logo in florescent green. Her red hair is in a tail and her arm is still bandaged from her injury at Jia’s house.


Lukas asks with his sweetest (and most sarcastic) tone if he can use his phone now? Jitka gives him a tired look and nods quickly. He bows and thanks her for the benevolence. In a normal tone he asks her what she’ll do now? Unless she’s going to assassinate a Harry Dresden fan at some anime con somewhere, he’s assuming the change of dress indicates she’s off duty. Jitka gives him a wry look and Lukas shrugs carelessly. Yeah he likes Dresden, big whoop. What, does she think he’s just all video games and hip hop or something? Jitka stares at him for a while and he sighs and apologizes. He shouldn’t assume things. She’s not just all guns and violence either right? Jitka nods again. He then takes her hand and grips it firmly in a handshake. Although he’s pissed about the whole ‘shooting-his-brother-in-the-leg’ thing, she also was instrumental in saving their lives. He thanks her for doing so and wishes her the best. Jitka looks at his hand and then him with a confused expression, and the operative asks surely someone’s thanked her before? Jitka shakes her head quickly and produces a dollar from her bag. Lukas realizes that she’s saying people thank her with cash and not words. He sighs and shakes his head disapprovingly. Sometimes people need to hear that they’ve done a good job too. Once he finishes whooping her brother’s ass for putting him (and by extension her) through so much hell, he’ll convey that to him as well. Jitka smiles and surprises the operative with a small ‘teehee’. A black limo pulls up and Jitka opens the door and puts her bags in before looking back at Lukas and waving goodbye. The car pulls off as Lukas can’t help but think that she seemed a little forlorn to leave him. Truth be told he thinks he might actually miss her too. He sighs and dials Meifa’s number before complaining that Salvo could have arranged for transportation for him too if he isn’t going to allow him to communicate with his team.


Meanwhile in Fort Meade Maryland, Mo walks down a hallway of the NSA’s headquarters. She is professionally dressed and seems familiar with the building’s layout. She stops by one small room and opens the door to find Giancarlo leaning against a wall fighting sleep. He perks up when he sees Mo and asks when he’s gonna be able to get some food? Even Burger King sounds good now. Mo snorts and comments that he really must be hungry if he’s asking for that. She says that they’re readying him for questioning, and he’ll just have to be patient. Giancarlo sighs in his favorite over exaggerated way and leans against the wall. He would have let Chuy kill him if he knew the feds were just gonna starve him to death. Mo stands with her arm on her hip and asks if he’s serious? She could have it arranged where he’s dropped back on the streets after they’re done. The Death Penalty might be frowned on in Maryland, but on the streets laws aren’t really a big deal. Giancarlo sighs and replies that he’ll be good. Mo smirks and claims that being a good boy and listening to her is exactly why he’s alive right now right? He had insisted on going on the streets (which she goes out of her way now to call a dumb, dumb, dumb fucking decision), but she had insisted he wear a bullet proof vest under his clothes. Since they had to improv a plan thanks to him he’s lucky he had that on. Giancarlo’s eyes widen and he asks if she’s insinuating they would have actually shot him anyway if he hadn’t used it? Mo handwaves this and tells him to think positively. Giancarlo slumps downward and looks at his feet. He shakes his head and says that she truly is a scary bi—woman. Mo walks to the door and tells him to hang in there. Once he’s done with questioning they’ll give him a new identity. He probably won’t be making as much cash as before, so she’ll try to help him with finding work if he’s up to it. Giancarlo shrugs and replies that he doesn’t have much of a choice does he? Mo concurs and the door opens and a tall white man stands in the frame. He asks Mo to come with him as they have things to discuss. Mo nods and after giving Giancarlo one more look, she follows the white man.


The white man and Mo walk down a hallway without looking at one another for a while before he thanks her for her ‘find’. He admits when she suddenly came in asking for information on CPI and the WD theorem, he had a bad feeling but she has delivered and in a big way. Maybe keeping her around despite her tendencies to be less than trustworthy has its merits. Though he could do without her being so flashy. He had heard a drug dealer in Baltimore is running around town saying a new fourth branch of Government had killed a guy right before his eyes. Of course she wouldn't know much about this would she?


Mo smirks and thanks him for the kind words. She considers her day complete when a white man calls her untrustworthy. It’s in her job as a professional double agent to be the one person that always has questionable allegiances. She then asks ‘Lloyds’ if he’s got any other information she can use in regards to the WD theorem and CPI? Lloyds shakes his head and replies that he’s shaken the tree as far up as he can and even poked around with a stick. Old man Pietro is in the states just like she had told him, but he’s laying low and keeping away from his normal contacts. Other than the Spanish guy in holding, there are no other leads. Mo sucks her teeth and runs her hand through her hair. So much for attacking this angle vigorously. Lloyds asks why she doesn’t just come back to the NSA permanently. Hell, Heike too. Even though he’s been burned, he’s still one of the most talented agents he’s had the pleasure of training. She stuck around with the agency after that incident, but he hadn’t come back since.


Mo sighs and reminds Lloyds that ‘the incident’ still cuts deep. She had only heard about it after returning from another mission, but from what she can tell Heike would never really trust them again. Besides, the simple fool seems to like being burned now. Loathe for her to say it, the new team she’s ‘temping’ with and the one Heike is working with full time has a certain charm to it that she doesn’t want to leave. She’ll see this CPI angle out to it’s logical end, and help them as best she can.


The two stop walking and Lloyds gives her an even look before breaking out into laughter. He admits he only asked to see what she’d say, and that he didn’t think she’d actually take him up on his offer. She and Heike are incorrigible, foul mouthed and stubborn. Once they lock eyes with something and want it, they don’t let go until it’s theirs. Of course he’s the one who trained them to be that way so he’d expect no less. He then lowers his voice to a whisper and tells Mo that the FBI had been making noise in regard to her ‘boss’s’ trip to China. Seems like he had tripped some flags that had caught a big wig’s attention, and now they’re coming for him. Mo stares at him dumbfounded for a moment and turns to run as fast as she can to them. Lloyds places his hand on her shoulder and shakes his head saying that she’d never make it in time, and even if she did the one thing she doesn’t want to do is get too involved with the Feds. As far as he can tell they just want to ask him some questions, so he should be okay.


Mo scowls, but relaxes. It’s fine because she didn’t want to run to her car in heels anyway. She thanks Lloyds and promises to come back if she finds anything else. She reminds him that he owes her big and to take care of Giancarlo. Lloyds nods enthusiastically and sees her off.


Mo strolls to a blue Toyota echo and makes a disgusted face. She had to ask Lloyds and his guys for another car, and this is all they had on hand. She would really have to keep herself in check to not strangle Meifa to death next time she sees her. The car she had ruined was more to her taste, and now the money and the vehicle itself have been wasted. She opens the door and slides in, apologizing to her passenger for taking so long.


Ricca waves this off and says she doesn’t really mind. She adds in a small voice that she’s surprised Mo still has connections like this even after the collapse of Sector Seven. Mo shrugs a shoulder and replies that she’s always connected in some way to someone. It’s all part of the job, her job. She pulls out of the parking garage and asks what Ricca has on her mind? It’s because she was so earnest in asking that she decided to take her along to see her ‘boss’. Ricca blushes slightly which in turn makes her frown. She asks why she decided to take Meifa to the club rather than her? Is it because of her missing arm? Is she not attractive enough?


Mo snickers and begins to laugh. She apologies for the outburst and replies that she’s surprised Ricca can ask such a question and in such a thoroughly cute way. When she returned to the team during their last mission, everyone thought she had turned into this hardened badass. Turns out she’s still got a little bit of that cute bouncy blond in her after all. Thank God really, cause she can’t take two Meifas, which brings her to the answer to the question. She only took Meifa because the girl has the looks, but dresses like a fucking cave man. What’s the point of having it if you aren’t going to flaunt it? Besides, she knows Ricca’s all about the boom, and that’s no good in a club full of people. Meifa on the other hand can handle herself in a hand to hand brawl, which is exactly what was needed in that recon mission. Ricca’s cute too, and the carries herself like someone who knows it. That’s why she didn’t ask her to come along, but next time she promises they can go kick some balls in together. Ricca grins and agrees. She’d like that. Mo then reveals that Lukas is about to be in deep shit, but there’s not much they can do about that. Ricca looks at her questioningly, and Mo sighs as she begins to explain what her ‘boss’ had said.


Jitka arrives at a hotel in a nondescript US city, and is welcomed by two men wearing suits who open the door and give her a paper that simply has ‘five’ written on it. The teenage sniper nods and heads straight to the elevator, pressing the fifth floor button and waiting quietly as it rises. She arrives on the fifth floor and her mouth hangs open at the sight she finds.


Salvo sits by a doorway on a couch. His head is bandaged, and his arm in a sling. His face is dirty, and while he is dressed in a business suit, it is obvious he’s been through a lot lately. He turns to his little sister and asks how things went with Lukas? She covers her mouth and nods slowly while giggling to herself. Salvo surprisingly looks less annoyed and more shocked. Jitka is silent and mostly emotionless, and he honestly can’t remember the last time she had done anything other than shoot a target down without any emotion at all. So for her to be laughing is…


He places these thoughts behind his customary poker face and sighs, complaining that he has been completely defeated. Not that he’s going to give up though, as he knows he can win Lukas Diethel over with enough effort. They just need to regroup and plan their next move. The door to the room opens, and a voice asks both of the teens to come in. Jitka and Salvo exchange glances and walk in, Salvo closing the door behind him. The room is wide enough to be an apartment in itself, and has all the luxuries of home including a chandelier, a desk and an adjacent room that has what seems to be a bathroom in it. At the desk sits a man with salt and pepper colored hair and several rings on his fingers. Upon entry, Salvo and Jitka bow reverently before the man until he asks them to stand up straight. He rises from the desk and puts his hand on each of their shoulders, and welcomes them back.


Both look up at the man who despite his apparent age is still tall and fit.


Father Pietro, the man Lukas had met back in DC looks back at the two assassins and asks if they’re healthy? Despite coming into the country he hadn’t been able to see them which is why he sent for them as soon as he had a chance. Salvo makes a face and Pietro gives him a once over, before shaking his head and asking if this business with the ‘immunity’ is worth his wellbeing? Salvo nods empathetically, before asking Pietro why he bothered talking with Lukas? Surely he knows that he is already working an angle on him? Pietro chuckles and rustles his hair, replying that all he did was talk to Mr. Diethel and nothing else. This shouldn’t change his plans right? Besides it would have been suspicious if he didn’t respond when Lukas came looking. Salvo turns away from him and crosses his arms, asking how long he’s going to live this way? A shadow of his former self? He can barely look to see the man he is now. Pietro smiles gently and says that he crippled himself for their sake, and that he’d prostrate himself for the US Government for as long as it takes. He then wraps both teens in a big hug and says that it is his duty to protect his children. His true children.


Jitka forlornly looks into her father’s eyes as her older brother looks away, his face one that refuses to accept the current situation as is. He’ll keep fighting as long as it takes to restore his father’s name.


Back in DC, Lukas greets everyone at HQ as he and Heike return. Mo had apparently left strict orders that Meifa not be allowed to drive ever again, and Heike had to go pick Lukas up at the airport. Meifa scowls upon her boss’s return and mutters her greeting. Nolan and Chiaki greet him as well as inform him of Mo and Ricca’s whereabouts. Lukas takes this in stride, trusting that Mo must have something worth chasing if she’s been gone for a while. He then asks if anyone’s seen his girlfriend Yelena? He called her after calling Meifa for his ride, and it went straight to voice mail. The sevens exchange glances making it apparent they had forgotten about her after everything they’ve been through. Lukas waves this off, and says he’ll check the house later. Wargle surprises the group by suddenly descending the stairs and delivering the message that Matilde wants to see him on the roof…now. Lukas nods and murmurs that he expected this. He walks over to the stairs and then makes his way to the hatch leading to the roof where Matilde is waiting.


Although she usually looks like just an ordinary woman instead of the spawn of Satan she actually is, today the terrorist looks even more unassuming. She wears a green romper with tropical print with ruffled and tiered layers that has a lace up back. The romper has adjustable straps and a loose fit, and shows off her legs. She has bangles on her right arm, and is wearing open toed sandals. She has just a hint of eyeliner on, and her hair is down, flowing in the breeze as she stares out over the city. She turns as Lukas appears on the roof and their eyes meet. She has a far away and unreadable expression as she turns and leans against the roof’s edge. For a moment the two simply regard each other, the atmosphere heavy –a predator looking into the soul of its prey before it strikes, and the prey looking to hold its ground despite uneven odds.


Matilde shakes her head and smooth’s her hair as the wind plays with it before asking Lukas in a quiet voice if he thinks he’s clever? She already knows what he’s trying to do, and she’s going to explain to him why he should stop now before he regrets it. She then puts a finger to her under lip and thinks for a moment. She then tilts her head and says that perhaps she’ll put it in terms a gamer like him would understand?


She is a legendary and extremely powerful Pokemon, and he the hapless trainer. What he’s trying to do now is chip away her defenses before going in to lower her HP before he tries to capture her right? He’s racking up his resources ---Poke balls, and figures if he weakens her enough that the catch rate while low will kick in and he’ll get her. The problem is that her catch rate is…


Incomprehensible. A number beyond his understanding.


And while he’s trying to lower her defenses and capture her, she’ll be attacking. Each one of his Pokemon –friends, and associates will fall to her attacks. In the games, even after all of the Pokemon have fainted, the hapless trainer remains unharmed and has to rush his partners to the Pokemon center, while the wild legendary beast remains free.


How many times will this happen to him before he has nothing….? Matilde licks her lips and gives him a sultry smile. Does he care to take a wager?


Before Lukas can respond, Wargle calls Matilde from the hatch and informs the duo that men from the FBI are here and they want to see Lukas. Matilde calls down that they’re coming, and she goes down first leaving Lukas alone for a moment to gather himself.


Back in the HQ two male agents dressed in suits stand waiting by the entrance completely uninterested in any of their surroundings until Lukas appears. One man comes forward and proclaims that they are here to question one Lukas Diethel for some of his overseas ‘activity’. Lukas immediately recognizes this agent as the one who ‘reprimanded’ Jax three years ago for his trial. Figures. Either fate is as fucked up as this situation, or they’re still holding a beef in regards to three years go. Lukas turns to his team and apologizes for leaving when he just got back, and tells them to hold down the fort one more time. Meifa looks as if she wants to say something but keeps quiet as Heike, Nolan and Chiaki quietly nod. He then glances at Matilde who’s face only barely contains a very clear message. ‘Talk to them about anything, and I’ll kill everyone here but you.’ Lukas meets her gaze with his own unreadable smile. He then follows the agents to their car and gets in the back seat. The car pulls away from the Seven’s HQ, and Lukas takes a last look as it recedes into the distance.


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