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New WD rule four

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WD Rule four is entitled 'People changing is fine, it's people changing too fast that's troublesome.'


Previous rule three: Reunions are things that everyone looks forward to.

Next rule five: Be steadfast in even the falsest of feelings, and evasive in your lies.

Summary Page


-Short summary-


The team starts their first exciting mission by breaking into a Govt facility to steal information. Meanwhile Lukas gets some upsetting news...


-Long summary-


Lukas breathes a heavy sigh and leans back in the driver's seat of a rented Saturn. To say that the events that had lead up to this point were overwhelming would be putting it politely. To be completely honest it had been a clusterfuck of the worst kind. He won't deny that he wanted to see his team again, and if the opportunity presented itself, maybe do another job but there's a process to these things. You know, go out for drinks or something, catching up, you know....those sorts of things. Yet here he is on a job barely a few hours after everyone had reunited, and worst yet trying to break into the very place that had kicked the group out to begin with! Even supposing if they (The Sevens, which they had decided to use as their name for a while since they're not exactly a 'sector' any more) were still on good terms with the Govt, obviously breaking in and stealing information would put a strain on that relationship. Matilde is right though, if they want good information on not Mugen, the best source for it would be the Govt which had put out the manhunt on him er...her? No, him in the first place. It's a minor hope that they wouldn't have spritzed blood in the water for a person that there is next to no information on, and it's not as if they need the information on paper, just a copy of it on a handy-dandy thumb drive would do. Lukas cracks the door open and puts his feet on the pavement. He glances across the street and notes their location; the US Dept of defense in Arlington Virginia. He had made sure to rent a different vehicle under a fake name, and made sure to park in an inconspicuous place. To be honest he wanted to do this himself, but his face is far too recognizable due to his work with the Govt (and knowing the WD theorem) and it makes sense for him to direct this job as a mastermind of sorts. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for him he isn't the only one who is frustrated with not being in the center of the action.


Meifa slams her foot against the dashboard which causes Lukas to turn around and glare at her. Meifa gives him a death glare too and the two silently regard each other for a moment. Lukas reminds his partner that the car was rented so he'd appreciate not having to pay extra because of her temper tantrums. Meifa spits back that she wanted to be on the lead in this mission, and she's pissed that she came all the way from France just to sit in a car with him. If she weren't a quasi God fearing person she'd send his bitch-ass to hell herself. She slams her foot against the dash board a few more times out of pure spite and crosses her arms in defiance. If he doesn't like it he can take her on like a man, and get his balls kicked in like one too. Lukas declines the offer and replies that she looks like a pirate with her eye patch and nasty disposition. The whole point of this job is to get information without standing out. As such Mo and Nolan are perfect because of Mo's experience with being a double agent, and Nolan not really being in front of most of their missions which means not many know his face. It only helps that they both also look really good in suits.


Meifa makes a sour face and asks if he's insinuating she doesn't look good in a suit, and Lukas asks her to stop looking for reasons to fight. If she really doesn't want to be here, she can go. Although he did miss her and everything, he's not about to put up with her bullshit. Meifa stares at him, obviously surprised that her boss had somewhere found the balls to stand up to her, though it's actually not quite that obvious why she's giving him a weird look. She mouths the word 'missed' a few times and slumps back in her chair, her scowl returning. So what if he missed her? It doesn't change that she had to come here with Karoline and shit. That in and of itself is a fucking travesty in her eyes. Lukas asks nonchalantly how Meifa's older twin sister is doing, and Meifa shrugs a shoulder replying she isn't dead unfortunately. She went back to France to keep an eye on their mother while Meifa stays in America. Lukas surmises that she intends to go back home once this is over then? To his surprise, Meifa doesn't answer the question and instead asks if he feels like someone is missing? Lukas nods and takes out his cellphone, and using his blu tooth to make a phone call. He had felt that way when Matilde had gathered them, and true enough one of the old Sevens members hadn't arrived with the others; Riccarda 'Ricca' Miele. Though honestly he knew right away that she wasn't there when they were being debriefed. Through the whirlwind rush of events, he had thought maybe she'd just show up later, but that hadn't happened. Matilde had graciously offered her contact information, (or what she was able to dig up courtesy of the mafia), and Lukas had tried the cellphone number over the course of the day but with no success. The line rings but he simply gets a message machine that reads off the number and asks him to leave a message. He had the first two times he called, but decided that was enough. Ricca had lost an arm in exchange for their lives during their last mission with the Govt, so he wouldn't be surprised if she was less than willing to jump back into the fray. Still, with Matilde's note and his messages, he expected her to at least respond personally and say that much to him.


Lukas hangs up when he hears the message prompt, just in time for Mo to buzz him saying that she and Nolan had just gotten in. Using a few non hostile contacts, Lukas had managed to get Mo and Nolan in as security consultants with a presentation regarding Govt intelligence and it's protection. Nolan would act as a foreign consults errand boy, while Mo would get to a console unit and copy any information about not Mugen she could. With the said information they could get an idea of who they're up against and perhaps make a move before not Mugen can. The issue here is obviously getting in without being discovered, and getting out without losing the info. All it takes is one suspicious person with really good (or bad) timing and this reunion would end with a prison sentence. Lukas had come up with the plan for the most part, so he's proud of himself on that end, but Matilde had provided a lot of assistance much to his chagrin. He's still got to figure out how to stop her from succeeding with...whatever she's planning. The young re-spy knows he's eating with his eyes instead of his stomach with all the stuff he's putting on his plate, but he'd be lying if he didn't admit that he enjoys the mind games that the situation(s) involves.


Inside Mo and Nolan are being scanned by security and given temp badges. Mo reminds Lukas that her window of operation is incredibly small. They had managed to get a decryption device put on the thumb drive, but the instructions for getting it to work are specific requiring Lukas to read them to her from the car. She would be switching to a smaller device that can be picked up by cellphone but not security scanning, and he'd have to pay attention and read her the code before someone catches wind of what she's doing. Nolan would be keeping the presenters eyes on him with a dialog Lukas had come up with beforehand. In short, his part is imperative for this to work. Lukas agrees and promises to be on stand by when the time is right. Mo holds him to that, and asks where Heike is. Lukas realizes he hasn't seen him since they arrived here, and replies as such, wondering if he went off on his own for something? Mo sucks her teeth and mutters that he's useless before hanging up. Meifa and Lukas exchange glances and he gets out of the Saturn and scans the parking lot in hopes that he'll see the missing Heike. After having no such luck he sits back down and with a sigh admits that he had been too engrossed with Ricca and this plan to pay attention to Heike, and Meifa asks if he really is suited for being a 'mastermind'. Lukas closes the door to the car and admits that they probably won't know until after this ---depending on whether it's successful or not.


A guard leads Mo and Nolan down a hallway to where the meeting will take place. Mo glances around their surroundings in an effort to memorize escape routes and the building's interior design. A good plan takes all contingencies into account, while a great plan has an exit route that cannot be compromised. Nolan takes note and notes that people who do illegal things end up having the most amusing habits, like glancing around every corner. Mo glances at him and smirks, remembering that the irishman doesn't like her 'professional double agent' career choice. She asks him if he ever gets bored of being so stiff, and he replies that she wouldn't understand even if he were to explain it to her, so he'll refrain from answering the question. Mo points out that she could have very well sold them out several times already, so he shouldn't treat her as if she's the bad guy. Nolan asks why she hasn't given them up, and she replies that she's not really sure. Perhaps deep down she actually does like them a little bit? Or maybe it's just she hates Mu--Matilde more than she does conformity? Nolan shakes his head and states simply that the facade she's established around herself is something manufactured out of convenience, and what is built out of want rather than necessity will eventually fall before something greater. Mo gives him an incredulous look as he points out that they are at the location of the meeting.


Upon entry Mo smiles when she sees a computer waiting for her to load their presentation. Two unremarkable men sit at a table waiting, and Nolan immediately walks over to them and strikes up a conversation. Mo introduces herself using a fake name, and strolls over the computer while switching out her earphone. After ending the screensaver on the computer, she sees the desktop is noticeably bare, and realizes this is to keep people from seeing obvious secrets. Little do they know that the decryption device will leave their secrets open for the taking. She then whispers to Lukas that she's ready, but is surprised when she gets no response from him.


In the car, Lukas has just received a phone call from someone whom he should have expected but still surprises him all the same. Meifa glances at him for a moment, but keeps her eyes forward and crosses her arms. Lukas answers the call with an unsteady 'hello'? Which is met with some rustling noises, and then a thudding sound on the other end, like someone had dropped the phone. Finally he hears an unfamiliar voice answer his hello with one of it's own. Lukas asks who he's speaking to, which is followed by an uncomfortable silence. There's a small sound --like an uncomfortable laugh, and the voice asks "Lulu' if it's really been that long? The ex-spy immediately recognizes the cutesy nickname and knows he's talking to Ricca, and also realizes her voice sounds more mature...lower pitched (though not as low as Meifa who could pass for a young man. Lukas could tell upon picking up that he was speaking to a woman.) in that regard she also sounds more womanly...and most of all Lukas can detect a sense of world weariness in her voice. A sense that she's tired, and has been for a very long time. As such he can almost predict with farseer like accuracy how this phone call is going to go down, and his heart sinks every second he looks into the minute minder. Still, he keeps a poker voice and replies that Ricca sounds a little different is all...does she have a cold?


It's quiet again for a second and Lukas can sort of tell she's smiling from the tone of her response. She replies that she must have one hell of a cold then, if he couldn't recognize her immediately. He notes that she used 'hell' in a sentence without repose. The old Ricca abhorred even implied cursing, so he knows now that the person he's speaking to is much different than the person he knew three years ago. Ricca would be what now....20? She had been a year or two older than him despite her attitude being a year or three younger. Though despite his annoyance sometimes he always enjoyed the view from the sunshine and sparkles that surrounded Ricca all of the time. Though what could he expect after what had happened to her? That she'd just remain the same?


She interrupts his thoughts by apologizing for not returning his calls sooner. She's sort of got side businesses now so she was busy up until now. For a moment he allows hope to enter into his consciousness --if she was taking jobs she might be further along the road to recovery than he thought? He apologizes for taking her away from work, and adds it's good to know she's keeping her promise to keep moving. She then asks how everyone is doing? She got the message from Matilde a few hours ago and was worried about him since he was apparently kidnapped? Lukas groans and admits it wasn't his shining moment of triumph, but he's fine now. He then glances at his watch and asks the question both had been dancing around....will she be able to return?


Ricca is quiet for a moment, the gears in her head working out a response. She starts off with the worst possible phrase in the history of awkward conversations----'I'm sorry', and follows up with the finisher, 'I just can't'. Before he can ask why, Ricca continues; she does love them all and she had a lot of fun working with the team three years ago. Her knee jerk reaction upon getting Matilde's message was to hop on the next plane to America, but she realized something. While she doesn't have any reservations about her sacrifice during the Asahara case, and she knows everyone is grateful to her for what she did....she just doesn't think she could do something like that again...to be in that position again. She still reads about bombs cause well, those are a part of who she is but being back on beat isn't something she's sure she can do again in three years or thirty. Paradoxically she'd save them a hundred times over if she thought she could, but doesn't want to be in the situation where she'd have to....if that makes any sense.


Lukas nods despite himself, and replies that he understands what she means. His thoughts fade back to what Yelena said when they were on their way to meet Matilde and the others, and he curses himself for not taking her more seriously. Ricca apologies again and says she has to check on something, but she will keep in touch. He thanks her, ends the call and leans back in his chair with an even expression. Meifa doesn't look at him, but asks if Ricca is coming to join them, to which he shakes his head. She continues in an even voice that she expected that reaction, though what really sucks is not losing one team member, but several. Lukas nods for a moment before comprehending what his partner is referring to, which causes him to lunge for the phone and dial Mo at light speed. Both are surprised to hear a phone ring nearby and turn to see Mo, Nolan and Heike approaching the car. Heike is wearing a security guard uniform, and spinning a large keychain on his finger. Nolan walks in stride beside him while Mo powerwalks (as well as one in heels can) towards the car and when she gets to the drivers side nearly chokes Lukas. Meifa watches (while failing to hide her amusement), as Mo asks very politely why he had fucked her over. There was a plan! A protocol! All he had to do was pick up the fucking phone! If this is how things are going to be, she'd rather take her chances with Matilde. Meifa asks Heike how they managed to get out, and he explains.


The Govt agents begin to get a bit suspicious when Mo's presentation is a bust, and even Nolan's quick talking isn't enough to stop them from asking questions. The door to the room bursts open at just the right moment, and a security guard claims that he found something in the hallway that might belong to their visitors. He then walks over to Mo and flicks his cap up really quickly revealing his identity to be none other than Heike, and the 'something' being the code she needs on a sheet of toilet paper. Mo makes a face but thanks Heike under her breath. He grins and scoots out of the room before anyone is the wiser. Mo is then able to hack into the mainframe while under the guise of a security presentation, and get a fair amount information on not Mugen. Heike waited for the two to get finished and let them out on the other side of the building as so not to raise suspicion, and here they are.


Meifa claps and congratulates the team on their good work, no thanks to somebody. She also thoughtlessly blurts out that Ricca isn't coming to join them, much to Lukas's chagrin. Heike and Nolan glance at Lukas expectantly, and he confirms the news. He then tells them to get into the car and asks Heike about the keys he stole. He grins and says he'll probably make himself a take home set and mail them back anonymously. Never know when they'll need to do this again, especially when working for Matilde. Lukas starts to refute him, but sighs and puts the car into reverse and takes the group of the parking lot, Ricca's words still on his mind. Could she be the only normal one because she had refused?




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