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New WD Rule two

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WD Rule two is entitled: The ratio between how well you slept and how well your day will go is undeniable.


Previous rule one: At least the fall after having the rug pulled from under you is mercifully short.

Next rule three: Reunions are things that everyone looks forward to.

Summary Page


-Short summary-


Fate begins to turn towards a reunion as the team is summon from it's three year hiatus....will everyone answer this summon?


-Long summary-


A small relatively new looking Honda Civic drives down the run down parts of Washington DC where poor annexing and mixed use planning has left uninhabited buildings in it's wake. Inside the car are Edmund Wargle, dressed impeccably in business casual, Mizuki Asahara and Matilde Ngai. Mizuki is leaning against Matilde's shoulder as she gazes into the black screen of her android phone. Unlike her usual flippant-and-then-dangerous-in-that-order self, she looks thoughtfully at the phone, like one who's making a difficult decision. Wargle eyes her through the rear-view window and asks if he should make the call? Heaven forbid that their fearless leader have to call a contact on her own, especially those who don't really care for her. Matilde smirks and asks if he's trying to start a fight? She does indeed love how men have to be antagonistic with others in order to feel alive. Wargle shrugs with his eyes and points out that she did make a promise to Lukas to find out if his team members are still alive, so she has to make good on his offer since as he astutely pointed out she needs them more than they need her. She had lost a severe amount of leverage when the three year 'coverage' period had ended since now whether the former Sector seven members protect her or not, they're still going to be in the crosshairs of some very dangerous people. Who's to say they won't ditch her at the earliest opportunity and then decide to fend for themselves?


Matilde puts her arm around Mizuki and idly gropes her breasts, causing the girl to shiver in surprise and then lean towards her, all without opening her eyes. Matilde sighs thoughtfully and admits that's what she would do ifn their situation. After all, its's not like she has any dirt on them or anything, but the thing is she's connected and they know it. If Lukas decides to betray her, he's free to do so but then he'll be no more than a civilian in a very dangerous world. Her contacts may not like her very much, but they know she's a major player in the scheme of the World Destruction theorem. She does concede to Wargle that she'll need more leverage if she doesn't want to have to deal with this problem every time she asks her new slaves to service her in some way. She'll have to think of a way to get more....


She suddenly stops groping her henchman's bust long enough to point at a building from her window and command Wargle to stop. The British man does so and following Matilde's directions reverses and stops in front of a run down factory. The three step out of the car, and Matilde bustles around seeming to take stock of the building they're in front of starting from the entrances and exits to the structural integrity of the structure. Mizuki simply rubs her eyes sleepily as Wargle watches Matilde impatiently. He finally asks if this is the one she's going with? He's grown quite weary of stopping and checking out buildings just for her to reject them in the end. Matilde turns back with a pouty face and asks how he could be so cold? The building they choose is going to be their future love nest isn't it? It'll be like a huge crime starting family? Sector Seven will be the kids, He'll be the Dad, she'll be the mom, and Mizuki will be the youngest sister that everyone fawns over. Wargle stares at her for a long moment, unamused before repeating his earlier inquiry. Matilde sighs and mutters how much she hates that brits can't loosen up, and then nods earnestly that this building is perfect. Wargle nods and then goes to the car to retrieve her phone stating that she needs to make the call now if she doesn't want to lose out on having Sector Seven under her fist. Matilde takes the phone and dials a number. She turns away from Mizuki and Wargle as it rings, playing with her hair until someone picks up. The voice sounds weary as if it's owner knows who's on the other end and does not want to talk to her. Despite this the man on the other end sighs and asks her cordially 'What the hell do you want now?'


Matilde bubbles and asks Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano how he's doing? They haven't talked in about two and a half years or so? Is he doing okay? Making a literal killing? The mobster breathes heavily into the receiver, an obvious attempt to contain his raising ire, and responds that how he's doing doesn't really matter to her since she's only really calling because she needs something from him. After all, he had said that after the 'deal' expired that he doesn't expect to hear from her again. So the fact that she is on the line with him again must mean that she has a good reason for calling, or that she's gotten bored of breathing. Matilde laughs cutely and replies that she's extremely grateful for all the help he gave her, protecting the team from an untimely demise. She also reminds him that if it weren't for her, he would have died three years ago after taking a bullet from Lady's group. Not to mention, with Lady on the run from his people, he had been able to develop the WD theorem from Penbur's studies without a problem right? She hates anyone who dabbles in it, and had personally killed a few for doing just that. Now at least he could do whatever he wants! By the way, how is the Lady hunt going?


Luciano declines to answer and asks her to get on with her business before his patience wears out. Even his mother doesn't have this number to reach him on, so she should consider herself damn lucky in more ways than one. Matilde thanks him again and asks if he can call his many many contacts together and help her find the Sector Seven team? Since he had been protecting them up until a few days ago, she knows that he should have a few irons in the fire still right?


The line goes silent for a few moments, and it almost seems as if Luciano has hung up on her when she hears him speaking in Italian to someone. He then addresses Matilde again and says he'll send her their locations and whatever other information he digs up in a few moments. Matilde excitedly thanks him again, and promises she won't bother him any more, unless it's good news. Luciano retorts that the only good news she could possibly give him is from beyond the grave, and the terrorist replies she may just be able to do that someday....or at least come close. She bids him farewell and then hangs up the phone.


Luciano clicks off the line and remembers how three years ago he made a promise with 'the little Asian bitch' to watch over Sector Seven's agents for the next three years. Over that span of time, he had considered conveniently 'forgetting' this deal, but something in him just wouldn't allow it. It's as if his brain knows that there will be an 'advantage' that his other senses don't know. For now it seems more like a pain in the ass, but just like when he had decided to open the mob to all denominations, all good things come with a price and wait time. He then thinks back to Lady who had managed to avoid his hit teams and hit men for three years now. From what he knows about her, she was no more than a normal daycare teacher, yet when she turned militant, she had become like a Hispanic version of himself. You don't turn 180 like that without a little bit of help, and the crime boss is beginning to think that despite the rumors of her operation being small that it is in fact larger than he...no, everyone thinks. Another thought crosses his mind, as he recalls the leader of Sector Seven being Clarkson Diethel's son. What had happened to that old bastard anyway? He's been really quiet over the last three years....


Matilde ends her call and takes a picture of the building before turning back to her henchmen and proclaiming the new place their den of operations. Now all she needs to do is call their 'family' together and the real fun would begin!


Lukas rolls over in bed, managing to stop himself from rolling off like he had three times over the course of the last night. He had unfortunately been up most of the night thinking of Matilde's deal. Probably the worst part of being in intelligence (or in his case, sort of being in the process of kind of getting back into intelligence maybe), is the waiting. Yelena is right about one thing, and that is how much he wants to get back into the game. The World Destruction theorem had always been a mystery wrapped in an enigma to him, despite him knowing the formula. What had managed to keep him out of an interrogation room with guys who's titles start with 'Agent' is the fact that he doesn't actually know how the theorem works. It's just a bunch of numbers and formulas, with no real bearing of how to get these things to add up to the world's end. Jax had managed to mostly keep this information from getting to Upper management who would have probably---no definitely made him stay if they knew what he knows. Lukas's mind then goes back to an unpleasant place.....what is happening with his co-workers? If Matilde is right (and honestly she has no reason to lie), then they could already be dead. Although he wants to believe that they're the sort who won't die when they're killed, things aren't looking too hot.


He stretches and stands, shambling over to the nightstand by his bed where his phone and glasses rest. Putting on his glasses, he checks the phone for calls and notices he missed one from his aunt last night. Lukas smiles and walks into the kitchen of his small townhouse, bought with the funds he managed to save from working from the Govt, and the money his Dad had been sending (and which had curiously stopped right after his 18th birthday.) Lukas had told himself he wouldn't spend his Dad's money since he dislikes him, but after reading his journal three years ago some of those ill feelings had melted away and he decided to take his Dad's help to get a place for himself. His Aunt had been his guardian since he was a kid, since his Dad is a mob agent, and his mom had never been in the picture. She had noticed something about the boy when he was coming up; that he is fiercely independent, and mature beyond his years. It's why she had even cosigned on him staying in an apartment on his own at 15. She'd bring him groceries and cook for him occasionally, but for the most part she could tell that Lukas isn't the kind of child who needs constant supervision. Perhaps somewhere in him he knew he'd be on his own in this life, and had shaped up accordingly. Lukas had told her he'd be going to pick up Yelena from the airport, and after what had happened to him yesterday had promptly fallen asleep upon getting home. He decides to call his aunt right away to let her know he is okay, and that he and Yelena would be coming along soon. She had only met his girlfriend once, and Lukas had promised that they'd have a proper dinner once she returned from Moscow.


Lukas peeks into the guest bedroom and sees Yelena in bed fast asleep.. She would be staying with him now, and the former agent can't help but feel a sense of satisfaction from this. His own place, his own girlfriend, his own life. Though now with Matilde appearing when she had, he wonders how long this life of his will remain his? He leaves the bedroom and opens the front door for some fresh air. He lives on the end of the street and can see the path leading to the main road and down to the town center mall. He had chosen this area so that he could easily walk to and from places he needs to go just in case he can't get to his car. It's still only a thirty minute drive from his aunt, so she could come and see him whenever she wants and vice versa, and the neighborhood is pretty quiet. After another stretch he sits on his front step and dials his aunt's number. He at first decides to avoid telling her about the Govt stuff, since he had made sure not to tell her too much about his 'job' since he does not want to endanger her, but upon getting the message machine, he drops a hint that he may 'have a new job' lined up after his greeting. Ending the call, the former agent can only look out into the distance and wait for Matilde to get him the news and offer he so eagerly wants. He had kept in touch with them the first two years, but through general business and complacency had dropped off this last one. Of course, it only takes a moment to get dead, and sometimes an eternity for people to find out.


Upper Management meanwhile doesn't have the luxury to be as calm and patient as Lukas does, as Riecher's death had been a deepening color on the blemish that is their pride. It stings even more that the perp has such a vague description. Despite this however, some of the law enforcement agents had started putting together a dossier that likened this appearance to a certain terrorist, who's MO had never really been established. Sure this person had been responsible for a rash of deaths around the globe, but none of them seem to be connected. So it becomes increasingly difficult and frustrating for the agents to successfully pin these crimes down on this person since these deaths could be seen as coincidence or having a completely different origin altogether. It even seems to be strange to call it 'terrorism' since the targets have no commonality, and don't seem to be directed to anyone in particular. The reason the title had been applied here comes down to pure schematics -terrorists get caught faster than just plain 'psychos'. Yet there are still a few conspiracy theorists who would claim that this is all part of something larger and more insidious. After all, Upper Management had allowed something like a 'World Destruction theorem' to exist, along with it's purported creator.


The top brass sit at a long table, discussing what needs to be done about this rash of Govt agent murders, and of course who is behind them. One Cornelius Maverick addresses the group claiming that he has an idea of the 'who' but not the why. Maverick is--or was one of the major detractors of Sector Seven when it was around, claiming that Jax's ragtag team has no use to be in the Govt. He had technically gotten what he wanted when they were drummed out and sent home, but to his chagrin Jax who had been the ringleader and the one deserving harsh punishment had instead been sent to early retirement in 'Garden' which is a resort for spies. The decision had made him look like a fool, and throughout the last three years he had been working hard to restore his name, hence him speaking out on the serial murders despite him probably caring less about his fellow statesmen.


Each of the other members of Upper Management read through his findings and see that he has come to the conclusion that 'Satan's child' Mugen is behind these killings. Another member of Upper Management muses openly that this doesn't seem to fit Mugen's MO. Maverick refers to this gentleman as Macmillan, and points out the dragon hoodie that Mugen favors. This is shot down by a stern looking older woman who says that the hoodie could be purchased from any Wallmart. Macmillan waves the lady down, saying that Carmichael should let Maverick finish his presentation. Maverick thanks the former and further explains that there is a small connection in regards to the deaths that Mugen had caused. Another middle eastern man comments that Mugen really hasn't killed too many people, and yet has the title of terrorist. Why he had only really been connected to about 10 deaths worldwide! Maverick nods and refers to this gentleman as Lakhotia, citing that it is strange that Mugen has this title, but the connection the victims had to each other is thus; they had all been at one point high level scientists associated with the American Government. Carmichael narrows her eyes and looks through the dossier, and murmurs her agreement. She knows a few of the names at any rate. Macmillian smirks and looks as Maverick as he asks him to finish his statement. He knows that the man is just dying to drive this home. Maverick then reveals that these people were all part of the team who were working on the World Destruction Theorem. While their roles differentiate from person to person, the fact remains that each one of them had been working on the theorem, and some had even been under personal supervision of Arthur Penbur himself.


Lakhotia expresses his doubt of this as the people Mugen seems to be killing now are just Government workers, and don't have anything to do with the theorem. Maverick concurs, but asks the group if they've considered that maybe Mugen is trying to find someone within the Govt that knows more information? Info about the theorem had basically dried up for a time now, and maybe Mugen is searching for someone who might know something ---or acting out of desperation.


The members of Upper Management sit in silence for a moment until Macmillan speaks up stating that they have an obligation to turn up the heat on Mugen then. Although they had their suspicions, no one could be sure since it's not like Mugen to act so openly, and to kill people of the Government so wantonly. With Maverick's evidence however, they have a strong lead and can now dole out a manhunt for him. Maverick adds that his staff is still working on more leads, and he will support the cause any way he can. Mugen made a big mistake coming to America and killing it's finest. Macmillan nods and laments that the other two members of Upper Management couldn't be here, but their contributions still support the cause.


Matilde stands behind Wargle who completes adding a name to a 'cc' box of an e-mail. She glances then at Mizuki who has a group MMS ready to go as well. She had just gotten news from Luciano in regard to the members of Sector Seven, and had found that true to Lukas's beliefs, they had all managed to survive somehow. Satan's child can't help but be a little enthralled by this news, since she had been sure she'd be a member short or something. Considering the work she had put in over the last three years herself, she couldn't have possibly kept up with the members of the group. She didn't really understand Lukas's position on the matter since he apparently had no idea of their whereabouts either, but seeing it for herself has made her at least a partial believer. Now they would 'invite' the members to return and continue where they left off (to some extent anyway.) Matilde counts down from three, and her two henchmen let the messages fly to the members of Sector Seven. Wargle asks Matilde if she believes they'll all come, and is surprised when Matilde expresses some doubt. Even a year is enough to change someone.


Bordeaux France. Ricky stands stern guard over three goons who are tied up and great examples of the different burn degrees. Paola walks out from a nearby home and asks how things are going, and notes that they managed to get here right in time. Ricky nods slowly and glances back at Paola who answers the question not asked: Karoline and Meifa are talking about the current situation. Needless to say since Meifa had been safe for three years but now of all times had been attacked, something somewhere is going awry.


Karoline sits with her Mom as they listen to thumping noises upstairs. She takes a look at the Iphone in her hand and reads a text message from it.


'Greetings Plebeians! Your safety and peace of mind are now being held captive by me! If you want it back you'll have to come to America and get it!

A reign of terror is all fun and games till someone gets dead! Will it be you? Your family? Your friends?

That decision is purely yours HoHoHoHo!

Take this seriously and meet your new and former boss!

See you soon! I know you won't let me down!


Satan's Daughter.


Attached is a image of a young man with a bag over his head tied to a chair, and another image of the bag removed so that his identity is clear. Karoline looks hard at this picture and shakes her head. How could Lukas Diethel allow himself to get into this situation, and with that psycho? Freddy asks Karoline in french what this means, and the older of the twins explains in simple terms that Meifa's friend Lukas seems to be in trouble. Truth be told, Meifa had already taken down one guy before Karol and her henches got there, but she would have been woefully outnumbered had she not shown up. While the two had been talking, she got a text, and upon reading it lost her temper and stormed upstairs. Karol already figures that she's packing to go to America and whup Mugen and Lukas's asses, and she's not particularly picky in what order she does it. Freddy then asks if they're leaving, and Karol answers she has no interest in dealing with Mugen, and that her sister can take care of herself. Freddy glares at her hard, and Karol groans amending her statement to include that she will at least watch over her little sister until they get to the airport.


From behind the two women hear Meifa nosily making her way downstairs with a rolling suitcase. Karoline turns around and with a smirk says that she looks like hell, though it's fitting considering her future plans.

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