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World Destruction compiled chapters 3rd strike

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This page contains the rules (chapters) for World Destruction's newly serialized run. As the series progresses chapters will be listed here and then compiled into logs (volumes.)


For the first 21 volumes, please click here

For volumes 22 to 31 please click here.


For descriptions of Missions 2-28, click here.


Summaries for the chapters will be posted here as well. To read them, just click the title.


Log one: Reunions are things that everyone looks forward to. 

Rule one: At least the fall after having the rug pulled from under you is mercifully short.

Rule two: The ratio between how well you slept and how well your day will go is undeniable.

Rule three: Reunions are things that everyone looks forward to.

Rule four: People changing is fine, it's people changing too fast that's troublesome.

Rule five:  Be steadfast in even the falsest of feelings, and evasive in your lies.

Rule six: Reunions are things that everyone looks forward to, though sometimes you may have to force yourself into looking forward to them.

Rule seven: Gang violence is something that eventually becomes everyone's problem.

Rule eight: Fighting a lot for a little bit of information is part of a spy's job description.

Rule nine: The experience points needed to level up in badass is consistently one.

Rule ten: Better a lifetime of emptiness or a moment of meaning?


Uncompiled chapters:

Rule eleven: A lot of the time being an emissary of peace just means heightening the risk of being the first victim of war.

Rule twelve: Handle your family matters like you would your business....from a distance.

Rule thirteen: An imminent demise motivates like nothing else.

Rule fourteen: Family is a business that is only sometimes is worth the time put into it, but one can't help but start anyway.

Rule fifteen: There are times where there isn't a right answer, just greater and lesser degrees of 'wrong'

Rule sixteen: No, Silence is not golden. Like everything else it's worth exactly as much as what one is willing to give up for it

Rule seventeen: One realizes ignorance truly is bliss only after a little knowledge becomes a very dangerous thing.

Rule eighteen: Bad guys plan for funerals, not retirement.

Rule nineteen: Good Gamers avoid the game over screen. Exemplary gamers see the game over screen as a benchmark for greater gameplay.

Rule twenty: The fun in playing Pokemon isn't befriending and battling, but rather enforcing your might upon others and subjugating them.'


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