Greyashe chapter 309

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Greyashe chapter 309 is entitled 'The flower which should not have been there.'


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-Short summary-


Severing all bonds, the angels return. Believing the choice she has made is just Ambriel confronts Dio with her own wish....


-Long summary-


News of Dio's proclamation to the Elder soul and his people reverberates between both parties with the force of storm. The angels who had grown fond of the land down below are crestfallen, while those who only wish to go home are elated. Meanwhile the natives whom had grown close to their angelic neighbors are sad to see them go, while those who simply want to go back to life as it was before the colonization are more than happy to bid the angels farewell. This polarizing effect seems to indicate that the bonds the two leaders have....or...had? Are not shared amongst their people despite them thinking to the contrary. The Natives clamor to the Elder soul, asking if they will have to revert to their pre angel forms once they have returned home, and what will they do from here on in? No one asked the most important questions however; what of the two boys that had been the center of the incident that had lead to this conclusion? What of the boy that had completely disappeared due to his own involvement? To be fair, there is enough hubub around the sudden decision by the Deus that perhaps both sides have simply forgotten to ask these questions....or could it be that they simply do not want to think about these issues? Truly the answer to this would never be known. Either way, the group that is preparing to leave has little contact with the group that will be staying behind. Despite it coming off as heartless, Dio forbids his angels to make contact with the Natives while they are making preparations to leave. The choir at first inquire the wisdom of such a decision, but they quickly find that the God may be in fact the most hurt by this decision, and that isn't even the worst part of the situation. Dio has to make another difficult decision which comes a few days after he takes responsibility for the dissolution of both party's bonds.


The angels who had been associated with the Youngest are showing no signs of improving. They still yearn for his power, and act erratically, and most of all dangerously. The choir is at a loss for what to do about this problem, and it seems no amount of angelic healing or other remedies would be able to return them to their normal state. As such after reporting their findings to Dio, he finally replies that they will have no choice but to leave them behind. Not surprisingly, the choir is surprised by this decision and asks if he really intends to leave these angels behind to the Natives or even worse....their own devices? Dio makes a pained face as he weakly replies that he's still thinking about it. He knows there will have to be some kind of monitor on these angels while they are down below, but to ask another angel to take the task on his or her own would be not only morally wrong, but impossible. Even the angels who would volunteer to stay couldn't possibly fend off these crazed angels on their own, and it wouldn't be fair to the natives to make them move from their home when it's because of their interaction that this occurred in the first place. Not to mention, who knows what kind of calamities would occur if the angels who yearned for the natives powers managed to get in contact with them again? On that note, it's also dangerous to take them above since their behavior has become deviant, and even nihilistic. Without their 'fix' these people had lost the angelic way of life that they had been raised with. Rather than a life of richness, they are now only satisfied with getting by till the next 'hit'. The choir also had noticed that their powers had been slightly augmented, and now spike upward when they are in the deepest of their passions. A few of the angels whom had been assisting the choir in their research had been hurt by the angels who became too powerful to control. Truly this is the worst case scenario for Dio who's already caught up in having to abandon this world and it's resources, and a partnership with a being he considered a 'friend'. Irregardless, the God had decided that leaving them behind is the only choice they have. He decrees that the choir restrain these angels so that their wings may be removed, which would take a chunk of their power and hopefully keep them from meeting up with the Natives right away. He knows it's invetible, but at least without the wings should these angels gain power from the Natives they wouldn't be able to turn their wrath to the heavens. Truly a reprehensible case of 'prevention', but its the only way Dio can prevent a literal holy war up above. He makes sure to tell the Elder soul to decree that his people keep their distance and that he will find a means to monitor these angels once he has returned to his seat up above. The Elder soul doesn't make the aching in Dio's inner soul ease when he apologizes for being unable to stop his people, and saying he really did see him as more than just a mirror image, but as a good friend. The God can only smile weakly and nod in agreeance, stating that it is because of this friendship that he will never see him again.


Curiously, the one angel who had been in close vicinity of a Native and hadn't come out worse for wear is unsure of where she fits in this whole scenario. What should she be doing? Going home to her family? The words of her love loop endlessly in her mind ....'If she can't be happy, make someone else happy.' Though how should she do that? And who should she address this happiness for another to? Truly she thinks she'll never be able to find happiness again, but there must be something she can do. Then when she hears of the order to leave the angels 'infected' with the Youngest's influence, she gets a thought. What if she could do something for them? Maybe it wouldn't be much but there has to be something she can do for these angels infected by the Youngest's influence...after all in a way she had lead to this result even if no one personally blamed her for it. The fact that she realizes this causes her no end of inner agony. Though the problem with this decision is she'd need to stay down below in order to help them....which means never seeing her family or friends above again. Not that she can....see them anyway. Considering the stakes, the little angel finds herself wandering in the forest to collect her thoughts, the bandage still wrapped around her head and eyes. She had more or less memorized this route, as she had paced it several times before to think and in a vain hope her love would appear around the corner, despite her knowing how unlikely this is. She does admit though that without her vision she's come to understand her body and surroundings much better.


Which is exactly why she can tell immediately that something is out of place.


She stops and suddenly feels cold. The wind seems to have picked up of it's own accord as if it intends to shoo her out of the forest. The angel holds her own against the gust, but loses her bandage in the process. Out of habit she opens her eyes, despite being unable to see anything. Her eyes empty -without irises, glance up into the evening sky for a moment before she fixes her gaze on something before her. She blinks and then asks who's there, surprising the intruder into appearing from his hiding place mid air and out of nothingness. He looks at the angel and with a sigh admits that he figured she'd find him there, but he's surprised at how fast she's adjusted. Ambriel asks who he is, and at first the intruder seems shocked she doesn't remember him, but then realizes they've never really had any interaction and she can't see. He then reveals he is the friend of the other boy defeated by Sadariel, the Silent one.


Ambriel bristles, and he sighs. He points out that she can't really oppose him since she can't see and has lost much of her power, so she shouldn't give him any reason to believe she's going to do something....hostile. He's actually here for both of their behalf's. Ambriel's eyebrow arches and the Silent one takes this as permission to continue speaking. He already can 'kind of' judge that she intends to stay here, and he's here to tell her not to do that, because the Youngest had actually survived their fight and while he is recovering now, he has a strong hatred for her. Yes, he already knows she's alive, and he blames her for losing his people, his friend and the experience of pain for the first time. The Silent one then almost sinisterly adds that he will not be happy until he's rended her of everything she believes in and then watched her suffer until her last breath. The angel stands resolute, and asks if that's all he had to say? The Silent one nods slowly, and she turns and begins to walk away for a moment, stopping only when she is several paces ahead of him. She then turns and asks the Silent one to relay a message. 'Bring on your worst. For I who have decided that my happiness is no longer important, there is nothing your 'despair' can do to waver me from the path I have chosen for the sake of my beloved'. The Silent one as stoic as ever nods again and promises to tell him, and disappears without another word. Ambriel collapses to her knees after he is gone, the stamina from her bravado disappearing. She bites her lower lip for a moment before dashing off to the angel's encampment.


The Silent one returns to his friend who is doubled over in pain in a cave, gritting his teeth to keep from screaming out. His body is severely burned all over save for his face, and his breathing is hard and heavy. A Native girl younger than both boys stands beside him, her long hair obscuring her face from view. The Silent one walks past her and sits beside his friend who asks where he went. The Silent one reveals he went to talk to Ambriel, which causes the Youngest to sit up quickly, before the pain ransacks him and causes him to double over and cry out. He reveals her plans to stay here, and the Youngest roars his intention to watch her suffer for eternity. The girl asks if she can help them, and the Silent one asks her why she would? She isn't involved in this. The girl shakes her head and replies that she witnessed the fight between them and how the Native boy  had disappeared. She had been taught that their bonds are important, and as such she will protect them. The angels had caused this much pain to one of their own and caused another to disappear...so they mustn't be forgiven...ever. The Silent one looks at the girl, and for the first time looks slightly pained. He nods and tells her that this is not a choice she can turn away from once she has decided. She repeats her decision and looking the Silent one in the eye replies that she will stay with them.


That evening, the angels prepare to leave in secret. The 'martyrs' or angels who had associated with the Youngest are bound, by the light halos, but once the angels have returned above, their effectiveness will wane and they will be freed. Dio turns to his people and addresses them with a deep apology, for letting his own foolhardiness get in the way of their safety. He knows it may be hard for them to forgive him for this, and they may very well hate him now, but if they should want it, he will continue to serve as their leader to make up for this grievous error until he is unable to. The angels remain silent, but one after another bow to their God asking him to please continue serving as their leader. Dio is taken aback by this and can only nod, keeping his own emotions back. The procession to head back upward begins in earnest until Ambriel cuts through the crowd and asks for Dio to listen to her. Dio turns and asks the angel what she needs, and she states her intention to stay below. The God balks and forbids it, outlining the danger from the martyrs, and the unknown nature of the world. The Natives will be unable to help her either which means she will be all alone.


Ambriel looks up at him with her empty eyes which unnerves the God. She states firmly that this is for the sake of a greater happiness, and she knows even he doesn't want to leave things this way. She had come to inform her of her decision, not ask permission. To the one she loved, to the one who had loved her...this is her sacrifice, her gift. She can offer nothing else to the both of them who had offered everything....literally their all to her. She's staying, and there's no further discussion. She bows and apologizes to Dio to the outburst, and wishes him a safe journey. The God begins to rebuke her, but a Choir member points out that they only have a small window for returning since it depends on wind factors and sky factors such as star amount and mass. If they didn't go now, they wouldn't have another opportunity for quite some time. Dio grits his teeth, and asks her what her family will think of her decision? Certainly they will miss her? The angel doesn't reply, but raises her head and with those empty eyes smiles warmly. Dio knows now that he will not be able to convince her, for this is the look of someone who has made their decision and will not be swayed. The God then bows his head and replies that he will always look out for her in one way or another. The other angels gasp that their leader would bow his head to a mere angel, while Ambriel thanks him. He then motions for the procession to move into the wave of light that will take them home. The procession heads upward leaving Ambriel behind, and at the mercy of the martyrs behind her who are now free, a flower blossoming alone in a place where it should not.




Teenage Dio looks into the eyes of his captive audience. Anu and Aimend look sadly upon the former God, while Aine crosses her arms and gives him a harsh gaze. Kani has an unreadable expression, caught between thought and comprehension, as does Guy. Claire looks sadly at her once leader, her expression unmistakably being one that has heard this story before, while Candle can only look down in shock. Dio breathes and apologizes again. Aine makes a face and asks if that's it? So some angel chick had fallen in love with some magic dude, and because of this they've been made to suffer? Is that what he's trying to tell them? Dio sweats at the story being sum mated so succinctly but nods in agreement. Aine then points out two major issues she has with the story. One, it had nothing to do with why she and her 'sisters' are stuck being immortal, and now are at the mercy of the 'recall'. Two, if the end of the story is really what he says it is, then shouldn't that angel chick be alive or something? Claire glances at Dio, wordlessly asking if she should field this question, but he shakes his head. He replies that both are somewhat related. When he returned up above to resume being Deus, he had put as much power as he could into finding Ambriel and protecting her somehow. Of course angels wouldn't willingly go back to that place, and he couldn't force them so it took some time before he was able to send first Claire who had been kidnapped and modified by the Challengers of Eternity. Then there was Akariel who had sacrificed her life for her friends. Though the question is now, what had happened between his return up above and sending Claire? Obviously he had to monitor things as the martyrs would eventually make contact with the Natives...and how would he be able to do that if his own people were unwilling to head down again? So acting in the interest of preserving this world (and secretly protecting Ambriel), he watched over the world and saw his opportunity when the interaction between Native and Angel finally happened.


Kani nods and says she understands. They....that is, humanity is the result of these two parties interacting, evolving and intermingling. Perhaps farseers are the result of Native to Native interaction hense their powers, while humans are the result of magic and angel dilution over eons. Dio nods and then glances at the three girls. He requested that there be 'checks and balances' between the ones with powers and the ones without. In order to do this, he would need to have leadership set up down below. What better way would this be than to have those with power to be the hope for those without? Of course this came with the price of a 'Judge' needing to be set up to ensure those without power didn't use their 'numbers' to subjugate those with power. It clicks for Aine now. She and her 'sisters' were the 'leaders' of the coalition with power, and Faulkner who had died was the 'Judge'. Since the Judge had been killed due to the actions of the 'humans' or those without 'power', the sentinents could now counterattack. Dio confirms this, and reveals he had talked to their families about this decision of changing them from 'normals' to 'powerful' ones. He hadn't forced anyone, since he cannot manipulate free will. Sadly this means they had no choice in the matter, but they had grown up splendidly despite this.


Aine narrows her eyes and turns to her sisters asking what they think should be done. Aimend is caught up in her feelings and can only rub her eyes futiely as tears drip out, but she feels sorry for 'poor Mr. Ex-God'. Anu places her finger on her mouth and concurs that she feels bad for Dio who was only trying to do his best. Aine grunts and her gun disappears, as she walks towards Dio and stares him in the face. She demands that she and her sisters be taken up above, since technically that's their place now since their families are gone. Dio makes a face and tries to explain his way out of it, but the summer goddess lifts him up by his collar and asks 'nicely'. Dio nods quickly, but points out Anu is human now, so she can't go. Aine begins to 'ask nicely' again but with her fist, but Anu tells her 'sister' that she's fine, and doesn't mind being unable to go. Aimend asks if she's sure, and Anu nods happily, noting she likes being amongst the people and understanding them now. Claire then reminds Dio of her request, and concurs with Aine's own request since he'll need to go back up anyway. Dio glares at the angel and groans. He really doesn't want to return up above because of the political clout it will involve, but he doesn't have much of a choice.  Guy then asks Dio about Ambriel? Kani glances at him with a suspicious glare, but Guy diffuses this by wondering if she would help the effort against the sentinents if they were to find her? Candle looks up at the fighter and back at Dio, who gives her a quick thumbs up. Candle shirks back behind Kani at this, and Dio shrugs while answering Guy's question, that he believes she would be a great help, but she has been in hiding like the farseers, but unlike them has been doing so for much longer so by now she might be near impossible to find. Guy grins replying that he likes those odds. 'Near impossible' is not 'Impossible'. Dio grins back and begins to reply, but Aine drags him away saying that she wants to get up above now so she can pick a house she likes. Aimend says good bye to the group and hugs Anu tight until she complains about it hurting. Aine gives her an over the shoulder nod and proclaims that they'll meet again.  Anu nods happily, and despite herself finds tears forming on her face. Maybe they aren't really related, or goddesses for that matter, but their bonds are very real. Candle then surprises the group by apologizing for her own role in the suffering of humans, and looking up at Kani and Guy asks if Reid hates her now? The two trade glances, unable to answer the question.


A bit away from the group now, Dio asks Aine to let him go, and he puts his hands on the ground and releases some of his 'will'. The ground shines pure white and what seems to be an elevator of light appears before them. Dio rotates his arm and is impressed that he's still able to summon this with his current body. Aimend examines the elevator for a moment, but Aine shoves her in before she's done. The goddess complains but finds herself rising before she can finish her thoughts, and she is followed by the spring goddess who 'ooh's and 'ahh's at the light elevator. Dio watches them go up and is lost in his own thoughts until a voice from his backpack expresses surprise at his willingness to tell them 'everything'. Dio addresses the head of the current deus with a shrug as he hops upon the elevator of light. He then replies verbally, saying 'Maybe I just think it's time they stop looking up for salvation, and start looking within themselves'.


The former Deus chuckles at this, as the boy watches the land below recedes until it is covered by clouds.



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