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Greyashe chapter 305

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Greyashe chapter 305 is entitled ''Two beings's  inconsequential love affair' VIII.


Previous chapter 304: Two beings's inconsequential love affair. VII

Next chapter 306: Two beings's inconsequential love affair. IX

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


The youngest takes the dregs of revolution to the Deus himself.


-Long summary-


Despite inner rumblings that something 'big' is about to happen, Dio commences with the celebration as scheduled a few days after he had conceived the notion. He figures it would be bad form to cancel on a whim, and besides that he wants to thank his people and the natives a like for amazing work and moreover being able to cohabit despite not knowing each other for very long. He had wondered if his very admittedly slapdash idea would hold weight for very long, and was more than surprised when it not only didn't sink, but swam to the surface and took flight. To him, cancelling now would be a blight upon what everyone had worked hard on, and there's no way as Deus he could be the purveyor of such a an action. Unbeknownst to even the master of the angels, he had been experiencing some of the same 'changes' that Ambriel and Sadariel had. Perhaps it was just the world below and it's 'newness' that had caused them to think differently, or perhaps these feelings are something more innate that were due to emerge eventually no matter where they were, but the truth is apparent and obvious, that they -the angels and the natives, would no longer be able to go back to what they were before the decent and encounter.


Whether this would be more problematic than it is worth would be seen later.


For now the Deus remains in his tent alone allowing thoughts to immerse him. The choir had told him to start thinking of the future now that his plan had succeeded, and though he'd be damned before ever admitting it, the idea that both groups would have a future both excites and bothers him endlessly. Does he really have what it takes to lead the angels into a new world where they would live alongside the natives? Were the natives ready to live alongside them? Just how wide is this world anyway? Is it wide enough? Or much more likely, is it too wide? Dio is troubled by his thoughts, but not enough for excitement to call back later. Even with his anxieties, he feels a small smile traveling up the side of his lips as he begins to churn together thoughts of what he'll say at the party to both groups. He has to be the chariot of power and prestige doesn't he? What good would it do for him to back down and become a timid angel child? He would lead, just has he always had. No turning back now when he had already lead them to this point. With this the Deus stands up and calls to the choir as he leaves his tent.


The youngest gets to his feet and glances back at his fledgling revolution party. No more than maybe a half dozen angels are with them, and a few of the stragglers who had been left behind to ensure the angel camp's safety had been all but willing to go with him and the silent native once they had demonstrated their strength, while a few others had to be 'convinced'. He had thought of involving more of his people, but figured since most  of them would be attending the angel's reception, it would be faster and possibly much more effective to stage his coup in a public setting. He would want both his people and the angels to bear witness to the power he wields over the strangers to their land. Then, and only then would they be able to change what he viewed as a grievous wrong in the process. Change can only be toppled over by more change it seems. He glances at his silent friend who is keeping up the rear, and notes that he still wears an expression of silent regard, as if what is occurring is happening far away. The younger native appreciates him being there more than he'd ever voice, but he still can't help but wonder what his true intentions are. Though, deep down he doesn't want to ask as he feels like knowing might make for a complication that is too much trouble to shoulder. Plus there's the chance that he might leave. The youngest faces forward and allows his normal smirk to adorn his features again, as the angels behind him clamor amongst one another wondering just how the youngest managed to get so powerful. Although the native boy has never once been in a position to lead, he now is intoxicated by it, more than the angels who follow him are intoxicated by power. If this is what a king feels like, he'll secure the position for himself before long, no matter what it takes.


The celebration is underway as native and angel alike sit with each other, listening to the music being performed by musician angels who had their instruments sent from on high. The laughter and conversations meld into a symphony of happiness that neither party had heard before now, the complete picturesque of two races finding more in brotherhood than adversity, finding pleasure in simply keeping each other company. Although this is only the first time that the groups have come together, this sense of comradere seems natural, as if this is how it always has been...no, how it always should be. Dio looks over at everyone's merriment and feels a sense of warmth that he could see such a sight, something the Deus before him, and the one before that would have never imagined, much less bore witness to. Being carried by the positive feelings, Dio stands up and champions the groups attentions with his now magestic 'hey'. He then asks if everyone is having a good time? Upon hearing everyone's response to the affirmative, Dio then bows his head in thanks to everyone who sits before him, proclaiming it is all of them that have brought them the plentiful bounty that they now enjoy. He says that the future is something that is something they can create if they continue to work together through any uncertainty. As long as they remain unshakable, and most of all together he believes through change they will have nothing to fear. He raises his fist in the air and asks if the group before him agrees with this? They look to respond to him but a voice asks not loudly, but simply if this is truly the case?


Out of synch due to their surprise the group turns to the source of the voice behind them randomly and find themselves eye to eye with the youngest native and his group. The youngest ignores their eyes however and with a small grin locks eyes with Dio and asks again if he really believes that this change has been all for the best? Or is he basing this off his very narrow experience? If it is the latter, then he should quickly realize what is good for all is not good for some.


The Deus unphased ignores the boy for the moment and asks the angels standing behind the native in a stern, but not judgmental --for now, voice what the meaning of this is.  The angels suddenly find their fear of Deus and begin to look amongst each other for an answer when the one contracted by the silent native speaks up and begs Dio for his forgiveness, proclaiming that they had only come to show him the power that they had obtained. The youngest glares at this angel, but says nothing. The angel doesn't seem to take notice and continues talking, explaining to Dio how they and the natives had been able to find a new power source, and they had only wanted to explain it to him. Dio looks at them, all of them unable to hide his confusion. He then without looking at him asks the Elder soul if he knows anything about what is going on here? When the native replies that he knows nothing, Dio crosses his arms and asks him to demonstrate this 'power'? The angel nods and then glances at the youngest who sighs and throws his arms into the air. Now after changing up the whole story he wants him to help? These pitiful angels really....


He then wills power into existence and focuses it on the angel who had been speaking to Dio. The angel then opens his palms and turns them downward, bringing them up very slowly as if he's lifting something invisible. As he lifts the ground around him shakes and rises in the shape of two pires, which rise until they are at the angel's torso level. He then stops and falters slightly, as if the whole ordeal had tired him. He then looks up at Dio who's eyes have grown twice their normal size. What had he just seen? Angels can't do this, can they? He then turns to the Elder soul who looks just as shocked, and at the other natives who are caught between fear and bewilderment. The Deus then correctly figures that this isn't something that the natives knew beforehand, which means that the boy who had just been speaking....


Dio commands his angels to leave the boy and come to his side at once. This strange power has to be properly analyzed by the choir and himself, not to mention the natives who don't seem to know anything. He couldn't let them keep using this on themselves...what if something was changing within them? What if they become too powerful then....


The youngest cuts into his sentence. What if they become too powerful he says? What then? They might have the power to rival him? Better than him? Does the idea of the angels no longer needing his power frighten him? He then addresses everyone there and asks they take this as evidence of the angelic leader's true self, a coward afraid of change. The crowd murmurs at this vehemently ironic statement considering it's source. The youngest allows them to before asking the angels if they're really going to allow him to curtail their growth after just speaking on how great things are with the two of their groups working together? Sure it works when it's for his behalf, but otherwise....


The Elder soul stands and marches to the youngest, asking him why he'd wish to slander their friend so? Moreover how had he acquired this power? This is unheard of amongst their people! The youngest replies that the angels are the other part of this equation, as without them perhaps it would be impossible to summon this strength. He then glances around at the angelic audience and sneers asking if the angels truly think they'll be able to cohabit with them now? The truth of this power comes from the natives, and not the angels themselves, which means they would have no choice but to look at them as weapons and not companions. What now? They can see how their leader fears the idea of possibly having to contend with his subjects when they wield as much power as he? Do they really believe that they can continue this paper thin charade of friendship upon knowing this? One of their own had already started using this power to his own benefit after all.


The youngest is surprised when the angels all look to their leader. Though it's not so much what they do that surprises him as much as how. They don't look to him in anger or even suspicion, but with genuine reverence. They want him to lead them. They want his opinion....they actually trust him unquestioningly. The youngest looks to his silent friend for an answer to this reaction. His friend looks at him simply and states that the angels don't seem to want to leave their leader even with his words, even with their actions and his. Perhaps then they are similar to him in not wanting any change....?


The youngest snarls and allows his anger to cloud his judgement and augment the amount of power he is sending to the angel of his choice, causing the angel's power to spike and flare out uncontrollably. He then roars to his partner that he is not like those angels. He then points at Dio and states that he will rid his land of them with all of his might. The other natives protest, asking him to stop, but the youngest stops them in their tracks by asking once again if they really believe the angels will see them the same when all it takes is a touch to grant them power like this? They look at the angel who has completely given himself to escatsy, the ground beneath him giving way as spires erupt in waves around him. Dio grits his teeth and jumps into the fray as a spire flies at him, the collision knocking him from his feet and onto the ground. The choir quickly goes to their leader, as the silent native lets a whistle slip out --a rare sign of surprise. The youngest then asks the group to make a choice. Him or their friend? Though it's obvious which one he has chosen after all.


More spires erupt from the ground scattering the group and ripping their gathering to shreds.

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