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Greyashe chapter 304

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Greyashe chapter 304 is entitled 'Two beings's  inconsequential love affair' VII.


Previous chapter 303: Two beings's inconsequential love affair. VI

Next chapter 305: Two beings's inconsequential love affair. VIII

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


The whispers of power seize native and angel alike.


-Long summary-


It is said that idle minds are the devil's workshop. If this is true, then the embodiment of this sentiment would be the youngest of the natives, the boy who is friends with the silent native and Ambriel's beau. He had been formulating plans and harboring suspicion since he laid eyes on the angels after they had disembarked upon their world. He had a feeling, a suspicion that their appearance would harbor changes unfathomable, and he wouldn't stand for it. He couldn't. To him, the way of life that he and his kin had lived for years now is and shall be an unchangeable standard. What gives these strangers to their land the right to come and colonize them? To drive them around in a mad search for land due to their whims? Nothing. Yet no one else could see that, no one else questioned the events that had been occurring, the slow and small changes that threatened to destroy them from the outside in. So he would have to play the role of the martyr, and stop the angels with whatever he has at his disposal. With nothing else but his mind and it's predisposition to loathe the angels, to loathe change was it any wonder that the situation had become what it is now? That he of all people had figured out the truth of the matter, despite it being Ambriel and the first native who first encountered it?


Idle minds indeed...


The truth of the matter is that the angels have nothing to do with the surge of power the natives could wield. It is easy to understand why Sadariel, Ambriel and the native boy had misunderstood this as the activation had been without precedent. If they had stopped to think about the situation at hand though, they might have considered a completely different possibility. That the dispercement of this power actually doesn't rely on the angel but the native. Moreover, the natives could grant this power to the likes of others should it be something they desire. This is why, among other things the tall angel had met such a cold fate. The boy had sent his female friend not to test if it is feelings that are the precedent of using these powers, but to find out just how much control his people wield over the process. The answer in short is nothing less than one hundred percent, much to his elation. What Sadariel and the others had misunderstood is that the power is being wielded by the boy, when it is actually Ambriel herself who had managed to lash out using this mysterious energy. She acts as a conduit for the power while the boy acts as the power source. She hadn't realized it at the time since the power had exploded at a convenient time, right when she needed to be saved by her beau, and right when he wanted to save her. While it remains that he did react to feelings, it seems more that he had reacted more to her strong feelings towards him rather than the other way around. She had used him without realizing it, and would probably continue to do so out of poor misguided ignorance. He however had more or less figured out what the truth is by simple trial, and the error of his own prejudiced thinking. Trial. and. error.


It is because this is the truth that the tall angel had become frozen. How could a native girl possibly fall for an angel that quickly? Obviously she didn't. The feelings that had caused him to freeze were his towards her. Pitiable, stupid, angel. He had fallen right into her--no his hands with just a small amount of seduction, and that was all guesstimated from watching Ambriel and her beau together. All art imitating life and he --the youngest, had been the producer. His mind idle at first with a simple distain had risen and transformed into something truly heniuous, abhorrent, and dare it be said...beautiful. Had he chosen a path of righteousness, he could have very well have lead the two groups into a future of property that could be second to none. This unfortunately wasn't written in the stars for them...for anyone it seems.


So now, the youngest has a smirk on his face as the angel he offered his hand to surges with an alien feeling, a strength that pours out of the youngest native's body and into his own. A feeling of ecstasy more than this love that his fellow native had discovered. With a little bit of mental effort, he is able to recall this surge of power within himself, and watches as the angel comes off his trip. The youngest native is quite a bit shorter than the angel he's with, but his eyes reflect a shade of dominance over weaker prey. Despite their height differences, it is obvious whom is looking down on whom as he looks at the angel and with another smirk asks if he'd like more of what he just experienced. The angel looks him in the eye, the confliction in his eyes stark naked to the native boy. The boy inwardly is a bit impressed, as he thought it would have been easier to take on the consciousness of an angel. This one still has a bit of fight left in him however, and will need more of a push to see how powerless he truly is. The native boy prods on, with all of the satisfaction that his goal is before him; the complete breakdown and conversion of his proclaimed foe.


He shrugs and turns around, sighing that he'd really love to give the angel more, but he cannot. After all, he'd go and tell the other angels about it, and if they don't just outlaw the two groups from interacting completely, they'd all want what he just gave him and then there's no way he'd be able to give him any more. So in the end, it's probably better they just forget they met each other, and move on with their lives. The boy then walks away humming a nonchalant tune until he gets a distance away and then asks the angel where the others are? Surely there should be more of them around than just him right? Why aren't they with the others?


The angel replies that there is a pecking order established, that some of the rank and file get to do the exploring, while others have to remain behind in the camps to do grunt work such as cleanup and guard duty. The others should be preparing for a festival to celebrate the discoveries made between the two sides, that will be held fairly soon. Most of the angels left behind are at the bottom of this pecking order, while the higher ups such as the choir and the Deus himself are all getting ready to enjoy some gallantry and merriment.


The younger angel shakes his head disapprovingly and tsks, replying that this is truly a shame for his angelic conversation mate. The angel asks how this is so, and the youngster explains that the other angels obviously feel that they are more important than the ones who got left behind. If not, why not just have all of them go and help with festivities? Why have any stay back? Surely there's nothing here worth guarding right? The animals in the area are all harmless, and the natives are supposed to be their friends right? So what are they guarding exactly? Moreover, even if the group left behind is allowed to join in the festivities, they would eventually be told to return to their posts right? The others would then continue the celebration without them, unbridled from the grunt work that the ones under have to endure to ensure their party doesn't get interrupted. The angel looks confused at this at first, but he asks the native if he's sure about this? The youngest boy smiles evilly, and nods slowly. Had they once been allowed to explore? Or to enjoy the splendor of the new world? Obviously they hadn't right? Though...that could change perhaps....


The boy saunters back to the angel and reminds him of the feeling of pleasure he had just granted him. He then goads the angel, asking him to be serious and tell him if he really didn't enjoy that, if he really doesn't want more. The angel looks away, and the youngest then states matter of facility that it could even be possible to be Deus. The angel turns his head slowly and stares slack jawed at the youngest before picking himself up and shaking his head profusely. Him?! Deus? There's no possible way that....it's impossible! Deus is Deus, and he is not Deus! Yet....yet...could it...?


The boy nods, and prods him to remember that he has power that Deus does not, therefore making it very possible for him to become a Deus just as good or perhaps even better than the one who currently rules over them. If he were to turn his power output to max, it could very well be possible. Didn't it feel amazing when he just gave him a little bit of his power? Imagine the implications of five times...no ten times that output! He would be a fool to not at least consider this possibility. To not consider becoming more than he is now.


The angel hesitates again, though this doesn't last as the silent boy comes into the clearing with another angel who's body has an eerie glow. The other angel stares at his mate and smiles while clenching his fists.  He exclaims to his friend that he's never felt this way before, and that he has a power that he never imagined in his possession. The angel with the youngest is flabbergasted, unable to comprehend why his friend would give in so quickly. The other angel regards him for a moment and replies that he was mostly 'curious'. The Deus had said they should be curious right? It's the reason they're in this place after all.


The youngest asks what the second angel intends to do now that he has been granted power? The angel looks thoughtfully into the air, but before he can answer, the youngest points at his friend and replies that there's a good chance he'll turn down the offer and go to the Deus with the information of their deal. If that should happen, he could kiss this power farewell forever. The other angel looks shocked at this and asks his friend if it's true. The other angel lowers his gaze and shakes his head, claiming that there is just something 'off' about this whole deal. He really thinks that they should consult the Deus about the whole matter....


The ground around them shakes, and the angel with the silent boy narrows his eyes and replies in a clear voice that he will not allow him to do that. He doesn't want to harm his friend, but this experience is too valuable to pass up. If he cannot convince him with words, he will have no choice but to do so by force. He implores his friend to think about it a bit more before coming up with a response. This could be their chance to become something more, something powerful! And Deus himself was one who allowed his curiosity to define himself! Should they really settle for less? The first angel stammers for a moment until the youngest allows the power to surge through him again. The angel is overwhelmed once again, and then quickly ---too quickly agrees that they should keep this from the Deus. The youngest looks over at his partner and flashes a victorious grin. The silent boy nods, as the youngest explains they'll need more people from both sides. Then they will go to this celebration and present themselves formally to Deus. If they gather their facts and are able to convince him, there won't even be a need to keep this finding secret for long. The two angels nod in agreement, and go off to tell their kin. The silent boy asks his friend if he really believes the Deus will like their presentation, to which the youngest replies 'Probably not, but that's what I'm hoping for.'

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