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Dream of the Nocturne (redirected from Dream of the Nocturn)

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Dream of the Nocturne is a series that started development in early 2011.


Years ago phenomenon called 'The Big crunch' occurred and a train car mysteriously crashed into Rem city's clock tower, resulting in strange occurrences one after another. First the human population began to dwindle. Then non human organisms and animal hybrids started to move in, and most of all intangible 'dreams' have become intertwined with reality! Among all of this, there's a certain rumor that an enigmatic figure known as the 'Sandman' will (for a nominal fee), either steal or modify dreams to his client's liking. However, the 'Sandman' is only the agent to the real dream thief -a twelve year old girl who can dive into the dreams of others, but cannot have any of her own. Together, they steal and modify dreams to get closer to their goal, 'A dream seen while awake.' 


Dream of the Nocturne is the day to day life of the 'Sandman' who is actually a Sleep/Psychology graduate, and the girl who can 'dream dive', Shion. Despite it's description, the series is more about the two's interactions with their unique world and the characters in it than a plot driven story. Like Vivid and A Theory of World Destruction before it, there are some stories that become short arcs though these are rare and primarily chapters can be read at one's own pace and even out of order as the events are only very loosely connected.





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