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Greyashe chapter 300

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Greyashe chapter 300 is entitled 'Two beings's inconsequential love affair'. III


Previous chapter 299: Two beings's inconsequential love affair. II

Next chapter 301: Two beings's inconsequential love affair. IV

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


The trio's deal raises suspicions between angels and natives alike as the gears of fate slowly grind towards an unknown destination.


-Long summary-


Dio is still thinking about his encounter with the mystery shadow a few days later, unable to completely forget about the sensation of being watched by someone or thing that isn't either afraid of his prestige as deus, or the power that radiates from his being. He wants to dismiss this as the choir's overtly careful nature rubbing off on him, but he's just unable to. It's as if his body is trying to alert him to an event that his mind hasn't yet grasped. When he questions other angels in regards to being watched, most of them laugh off his worries. Understandable since he is deus after all, and who's ever heard of someone with his power fearing anything seen or unseen? He sighs and takes in his surroundings, being surrounded by trees and the playful glow of the sun above. Dio never gets tired of being here, and taking in the sights, despite these feelings bringing with them the fact that he will eventually have to return to the land above the clouds. The deus literally shakes these thoughts out of his head and decides to focus on more positive things, like the success of the collaboration effort. Many more areas had been discovered by the twin nations of angel and native, and it wouldn't be long until construction on the dwellings for the angels would begin. He couldn't be prouder of his angels, and his decision to team up with the natives, and decides later to talk to the elder again to see if a celebration isn't in order. He then realizes he hasn't properly thanked the trio that started this mission in the first place, and decides that the time for this shall be now. He returns to the angels and is surprised to find them all huddled around something.


Dio's trademark 'hey' causes the group to turn around and halfheartedly greet him. Dio is surprised by their reaction (or lack therof), and asks what is going on. He is then brought to Sadariel and Ambriel who apparently just returned from the deep woods, and is immediately taken aback by Sadariel's new burn injury. He asks what happened to the boy, and after glancing at Ambriel who doesn't respond places the weight of his inquiry on Sadariel himself.


Sadariel smiles and says that he had an accident when examining some of the creatures and he ended up incuring their ire which resulted in this injury. He turns his experience into a public safety announcement by warning everyone to be careful, as despite this land's beauty they are still in a strange and unknown land with dangers far beyond their capability to understand. While the natives may know their way around, there is doubtless things that even they don't know, so everyone should act with caution. The other angels applaud his bravery all for Dio who seems unable to take his eyes off of the burn, and Ambriel who simply stares into space, her eyes somewhere far away.


The afternoon hours are filled with bustling around Sadariel and inquiries about his condition, though most of the others concerns are smiled and laughed away by the angel. Ambriel watches from a distance, too numb to offer her commentary to those who ask for it, though thank deus the number of angels who ask her for her side of the events that lead to the incident are few. She feels as if she could end up bubbling over and just unloading in anger, desperation, and helplessness on anyone who foolishly asks her if she's okay. Instead, the angel leans back and staring into the air to clear her mind and keep the tears from falling wonders how her love is holding up.


The native boy is doing only marginally better since the others are only now getting used to their bodies, so they don't really take notice of his new mopy and quiet demeanor. The two he had talked to earlier watch him from a distance, but do not venture over to find out how he's doing. As afternoon slowly becomes night, the groups who had exploration duty return to their respective camps and soon the fervor of the daylight fades into the quiet retrospective of evening.  Ambriel lies in her tent on her side, only marginally awake but feeling too drained to fall right to sleep. How she wanted to meet the boy again! Though her shame over what happened to Sadariel because of the boy's feelings for her, and her own worry that the ousting of their relationship would have ramifications too much for the two to bear keep the angel soundly in her dwelling wallowing in self pity. She begins to wonder if in fact she should request for the choir to send her home, but this thought is interrupted by footsteps and the flap of her tent opening to reveal Sadariel. He smirks and asks if he woke her up, and the girl with a heavy sigh shakes her head. Sadariel then opens the tent in a faux display of charity, and asks if she would accompany him. Ambriel warily gets to her feet and follows Sadariel to where the natives dwell, where he asks her to summon the native boy. She nods and suddenly activates her wings, which catches Sadariel off guard. He whispers to her to recall their 'deal', to which Ambriel irritably responds that she remembers it all too well. This is the method the two of them utilize when she wants to meet him. Sadariel raises an eyebrow, but before he can respond the boy is already running towards them, his arms outstretched. Ambriel tries to resist embracing him, but her fragile defenseless shatter upon seeing her love, and she hugs him and begins to cry. They hold each other for a moment before remembering Sadariel's presence. To their surprise however, he doesn't stop them, and instead looks aside until he realizes their gazes are on him. He respectfully asks if they are done, and upon getting confirmation makes a motion for the two to follow him. They do so, and Sadariel leads them into the forest using a small torch to light the way. Ambriel feels smothered by the shapes of the trees and their shadows as they seem to converge on their location as they walk. The boy holds her in his arms upon seeing her shivering, and for a moment she's able to feel safe enough to forget where they are and what they're doing. Sadariel suddenly stops, and puts the torch out. Ambriel is instantly taken by fear, but the boy's eyes alert him to Sadariel's location as he cloaks himself in darkness and stealthly makes his way towards them. He suddenly lunges out to Ambriel, but before he can reach her, the boy's fist glows again and he launches what seems to be another fireball at the angel. Ambriel yelps as the boy releases her from his embrace and once again tries to hit Sadariel with a fireball.


The angel is ready for this however, and dodges both strikes. He then grabs the boy's neck and for a moment the two stand ready to grapple. The boy's neck suddenly begins to sizzle, and he shirks backwards allowing Sadariel time to place another hand on his abdomen while it's unguarded. The boy begins to sizzle here too, and is visibly pained by this contact. Sadariel grins, and asks how it feels to be on the receiving end of fire? Ambriel begs Sadariel to stop, and after a moment he does as she asks. The boy falls to his knees, and the angel quickly embraces him, asking if he's okay. Sadariel notes this that his angelic remnance seems to hurt the boy if he extends it into his hands. In short, he's still stronger than his opponent, as long as the opponent doesn't have the element of surprise on his side. Ambriel glares at him defiantly, as Sadariel ignores her and continues his notes. He does note that separating them had the desired effect of increasing the boy's capacity though even he's surprised at it's growth. How many times stronger had he become? Two times? Three times? Double that?


Ambriel asks him in shock if that was his reason for keeping them separated? It was all part of his 'experiment'? Sadariel looks down at her unamused and asks if it would matter if it was? She had agreed to this so it shouldn't matter what reason he told them to stay separate should it? Ambriel bristles and asks him why he'd go this far just to experiment? If he'd just ask them to help, they'd be glad to do so, so why this...?


Sadariel holds his head in his hand and shakes it slowly. Besides disfiguring him? For the simple fact that he can. He had always been an outsider, always been someone who everyone looked down upon until he met her...a like minded individual who seemed to resonate with him on every level. Why hadn't she chosen him? Why choose this stranger? So now rather than be his partner, she would be his guinea pig. It's as simple as that.


Ambriel's eyes harden in anger, but she chooses instead take the native boy's hand, and start to leave with him. Sadariel smirks and asks if she'll go tell Deus about what had happened, and she pauses in response. She then turns and with pure ice in her voice asks if they will meet again here tomorrow? Sadariel nods, and the angel turns with the boy and disappears into the night. Sadariel remains motionless, for a moment a pang of guilt dancing up his body. He could still stop this, he could still apologize and stop hurting the one he cares for...he could still...change...


Suddenly something grabs him from behind and another something holds his shoulders. Sadariel tries to crane his head over to see his captive, but a hushed voice commands him to face forward. The voice recalls what the angel had said about the element of surprise and asks if he'd like his torso to match his face? Sadariel gulps which the first voice snickers at and takes as a reply. It then asks very politely for the angel to disclose the results of his research, or they will find out themselves. The first one would benefit all of them; his expedient release, and their objective being met, while the second would really only benefit them in various ways. The voice asks him to choose wisely, as his answer will not only influence it's next actions, but the longevity of his future as well.

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