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Greyashe chapter 298

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Greyashe chapter 298 is entitled 'Two beings's inconsequential love affair'.


Previous chapter 297: Schism.

Next chapter 299: Two beings's inconsequential love affair. II

Summaries page.




-Short summary-


Ambriel and the boy's relationship grows admist the angel's exploration of the world, and it is their emotions that lead to another discovery...


-Long summary-


It is only a matter of days until a group of angels decend from the heavens and assemble on the orders of Dio and the Choir on the outskirts of the forest nearest the drop point. Dio explains to the group that they are to partner with the ground beings to begin exploring areas beyond the forest and fan out in search of areas that are both inhabited by other beings or uninhabited in hopes of allowing either the natives or angels to live there. If they do run into other beings, it becomes imperative to approach them under the flag of peace, as it is not the angels intention to start conflict with them. This is merely an exploratory search of the nearby areas to learn more of this world below. The elder soul cosigns with Dio's orders and asks that his people assist the angels in any way they can. More of the ground beings are taking the appearances of angels, and thanks to Dio and the Choir they are able to start taking individual features to make it easier to identify them. The beings are also getting better at using their angel like appendages to move in tune with their new partners. Dio and the elder soul wish their people well, and they are soon off to begin the exploration. Among these parties are Lanky and the tall angel who like Ambriel and Sadariel have grown fond of this world and don't want to leave right away; seeing the exploration as a means to stay on the world below for just a bit longer. Dio has secret intentions of going exploring too, but the Choir keeps a close eye on him making slipping away difficult. For now at least, he seems to be happy with just leading the search parties, so he doesn't let that bother him too much.


The search parties are not exclusive to one gender, allowing for men or women to go if they should want to. Those who want to see the world below, but are not inclined to exploration stay with the ground people in the first initial dwelling to make homes for angels to stay in while they occupy the world below. It is here that Ambriel remains so she can stay in constant contact with the navigator boy. Ever since their conversation a few days earlier, she finds herself unhappy if she is away from him long, and only truly enjoying herself when she is in his presence. She volunteers to help other angels build the homes with this intention in mind, and for the most part is successful in staying with the boy. He continues to show her nature in all of it's splendor on the world below including granting her the audience with the deer like he had promised, and taking her back to the waterfall as she had wanted to. During their rendezvouses their conversations would mainly consist of the boy explaining the different sceneries and sights to her as well as him asking her questions about the angelic equivalents of what he is showing them. Most of the time Ambriel had trouble describing these things to the boy, but he patiently listens as she tries to, filling in helpfully when she pauses. Other times they wouldn't say anything, allowing nature to fill in the blanks as they sit hand in hand just letting time go by, sometimes not returning until long after the sun had retreated and allowed the moon to start and keep it's constant vigil. Ambriel had first been troubled by the Dio's intentions to unite the angels and ground beings in an attempt to explore the world in earnest, as it felt like to her that she'd lose that 'freshness' that comes from being the first to see the sights herself. Though could she really argue against the idea of uniting the angels and these beings when she found herself falling deeper for the boy?

Her feelings became so strong that she began to entertain the idea of not returning, and living amongst the natives for good.


Despite not really understanding his feelings, the boy began to feel the same way about Ambriel, longing for her when she had to depart, and longing for more time when they were together. Other natives had noticed the changes in him, and ask if the little angel girl is really that much more fun to be with than themselves? The boy truly can't answer that question, only knowing how he feels, even if he's not entirely sure why. One of the natives with a younger visage than his own chides the boy and reminds him that they are two separate classes of beings. Although there is a chance that these angels really aren't going to do any harm, they should still be careful. The elder soul had said as much whenever strange animals had appeared from places unknown hadn't he? The boy acknowledges this, but still can't help himself from pining for the angelic girl. The younger native shrugs and tells him not to be foolish, but can't help but be intrigued by the idea of there being a wider world. What more would the angels be able to find out there? The elder soul had told them not to wander too far for their safety, but it had been of his opinion that going further out would be more advantageous. Another boy with a somber expression and quiet eyes puts his hand on the boy's shoulder and tells him to do what he thinks is best. Things were changing for everyone, but it would be up to the individual themselves to determine what change is for the greater good. The boy glances back at his mate and with a smile thanks him for his advice. The younger boy scoffs and adds the angels have only improved one thing in his opinion, and that's softening the elder soul up to the idea of exploration. He turns to the boy whom has already left, and scoffs again. He says to the quiet one that they should try to join in on the exploration parties, but the quiet boy replies that he's fearful something will happen. The younger boy replies that he doesn't look that weak, but the quiet one shakes his head and adds that he's not referring to himself.


Dio manages to sneak away from the watchful eyes of the Choir whom have their hands full with an examination of a plant found by one of the exploration parties. He had managed to hear before his departure that they had found a piece of uninhabited land that could make for a possible capitol for the angels, and decides that he'll seek this out for himself. He strikes out when the sun is high, and makes sure that he memorizes the path he's taking to keep from getting lost. Dio manages to run across more deer, and is entranced by the songs of the birds in the trees, so ends up stopping quite often, but soon enough finds the plot of land his subordinates were talking about. True enough, it is a piece of land mysteriously without any trees or bodies of water for seemingly miles, and the temperature oddly drops significantly here. Dio notes that for some of the trip he used his wings to hasten his pace, so if one were to set out on foot, it probably would take them several days to arrive in this area. This isn't a problem for angels, but how about the natives? How would they be able to cover this distance in a short amount of time? He thumbs his chin for a moment before turning around suddenly, the inescapable feeling of being watched overtaking him. Dio doesn't notice anyone behind him, and faces forward to see what seems to be a person standing some distance away. Dio's 'hey' becoming a bit of a catchphrase now, he greets the person and asks if they are a native of this area. To his surprise, the person apparently fades from view leaving the leader of the angels by himself. Dio's eyebrow shoots up, and he shrugs his shoulders before beginning to shiver. This sensation being new to him, he tries to examine himself for any abnormalities before finding none. Despite usually being gung-ho about exploration and study, Dio decides at this point to head back as something is bothering him about this area. He takes one look back before activating his wings and flying off to the camp, not knowing his watcher is still indeed nearby.


In the evening, Ambriel prepares to go and meet the boy for stargazing. She hums a tune to herself happily and begins to leave the camp when a familiar voice calls out to her. She turns and is surprised to Sadariel standing behind her. She smiles and waves as he approaches, and gives him a friendly hug. She had given him some thought after not seeing him for a little while since she knows the other two boys had joined the exploration parties, but hadn't heard any news about him. Sadariel begins to embrace her back, but stops and instead backs out of her reach. Ambriel blinks surprised, but continues to smile and ask where he's been. Sadariel replies he's been around, but she probably has been too busy with her boyfriend to really notice. Ambriel blushes and fidgets with her tunic, mumbling that she had intended to tell him herself about her and the boy, and that it's embarrassing he already knows...


Sadariel laughs bitterly and asks if she intends to stay here with him? Some of the angels had been talking about how the world down below is so appealing that some of them might stay. Ambriel's blush doesn't fade as she stammers that she isn't sure yet, especially the 'with him' part. She'd like to stay to see more of the world of course, and she does like the boy immensely but....


Sadariel surprises her by grabbing her shoulders suddenly and asking if she really hasn't noticed?! Ambriel surprised steps back and asks what he means? To which he replies slowly that he has loved her since they first met. She was the first person who shared his sense of excitement and dissatisfaction with the status quo. She had been the one to get this organized, and most of all she actually supported his theories and ideas....she's a smart, beautiful and one of a kind angel. He couldn't bear to see her in the arms of another, especially not a native of a strange land. He unintentionally squeezes her and asks if she really loves the boy, unnoticing her flinching and telling him that he's hurting her.


Suddenly Sadariel releases her and steps backward, a look of rage and hurt on his face. Ambriel falls back and glances behind and sees the boy. He had come looking for her when she didn't show up to their date, and he has an uncharacteristic expression of anger on his face as he tells Sadariel not to hurt her again. Ambriel gasps and tries to tell him she's fine, but Sadariel rages and commands the boy to step away from her. The boy marches forward instead, and Ambriel tries to hold him back, but her little body is unable to stop his. She tells him to stop, as well as begging Sadariel to back down, the two begin to lunge at each other, until Ambriel yells out for them to stop. To their surprise, a light shines in the boy's hand and explodes in his and Sadariel's faces. The three fly back in different directions a few yards, and for a moment there is only pregnant silence. Ambriel gets up first and dashes to Sadariel who is still flat on his back. She gasps upon seeing his face that now sports a burn mark down it's left side. She then turns back to the boy who is slowly getting up, his wide eyes staring at his fist and back at Ambriel. Ambriel meets his wide eyed stare with one of her own and in a hushed whisper asks what he has done...?

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