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Greyashe chapter 295

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Greyashe chapter 295 is entitled 'Society'.


Previous chapter 294: Encounter.

Next chapter 296: Colonization.

Summaries page.



-Short summary-


The angels meet the beings below,  and Ambriel realizes she and the first boy they have met have something important in common.


-Long summary-


The convoy from above finds itself following the lead of the lad they had only met a few minutes earlier. After a bit of back and forth, the boy had finally just decided to take the group to his people in hopes that they would be able to answer the questions he couldn't. It seems along with not being too sure of what an angel is, the boy also doesn't know much about how the beings got there, why they had been hiding, and most of all what would happen to the group now that they had been found. As such, he had cheerfully volunteered to be the guide who would lead the group back to the others and upon introducing them, have the elders field their questions.


The two other angels follow while glancing around, their wariness evident, while Ambriel and Sadariel keep their eyes on the lad before them not bothering to conceal their whispered conversation. Ambriel asks Sadariel if they're really going to be okay following the boy, and he responds that he isn't sure, but at least this is better than camping out where they don't know anything about their surroundings. Ambriel nods in agreement, and glances at the boy who marches forward without any apparent concern for what's going on behind. She's surprised that contrary to her beliefs there is actually someone who is able to understand them, as well as having an appearance similar to theirs! Though there's something unnatural about this boy's appearance, as if his constitution was based on an artist's rendition of a picture rather than a long study done with intricate knowledge of the angelic appearance. In short, there's something 'alien' about how this boy looks, despite him being very similar to them.


She's able to put this aside mainly because Sadariel had been right on. She'd much rather not sleep in unfamiliar surroundings, even though she knows full well that it's part of the job for this assignment. Thinking back on it though, hadn't the boy asked if she wants to see the waterfall again? How would he have known? Out of embarrassment, she hadn't actually voiced her desire out loud, but it was the first question he asked! What if, what if...?


The boy suddenly stops and turns in her direction, all in one rapid movement. Ambriel yelps as the boys converge on her location to protect her from the sudden movement of the strange boy. At least despite their differences, their chivalry is far from dead. The boy stares at them for a moment before laughing and asking them if they are scared. The guys all share a dubious expression as Ambriel has trouble stopping herself from pouting. The boy laughs again and says that they'll be fine, since they're already at their destination.


The angelic convoy freezes and slowly, instinctively turn around. When they find nothing there, they change tactics and directions until they cover their immediate area, stopping only to look their 'guide' face to face. Sadariel blinks and raises a hand to his ear, asking the already quiet group to 'pipe down'. Despite the others knee jerk reaction dictating that they point out the obvious fact that they are quiet, they instead silently regard Sadariel who closes his eyes in concentration. After a pregnant moment of silence, Sadariel asks the others if they hear it? The tall angel asks him what he's talking about, and Sadariel shushes him and then asks him to listen harder. Once again the group wants to point out how stupid listening harder sounds, but they instead remain silent, and try (with limited success) to do as he says. Suddenly the lanky angel perks up and proclaims that he hears whispering. Ambriel and the tall angel look at each other, and wordlessly strain their ears. They soon hear it too wordless whispers that seem to be coming from every direction. They continue to listen into the wordless voices until Sadariel looks at their guide who now wears a pained expression akin to one who's in a conversation with someone who has a biased and incorrect opinion. After a moment of this, he turns to the group of angels and promises to be 'right back'. With this, he suddenly disappears from sight, and for a few moments the angels are left alone.  Ambriel glances over at Sadariel who keeps his eyes on the spot where the boy had disappeared from, his expression remote, far away from their current location. The tall angel wonders out loud what just happened, to which the lanky one shrugs and makes a non verbal sound of confusion. Sadariel nods slowly and says in an even tone that their guide is having a bit of an issue convincing his breathern that they aren't a threat. The other two angels turn in his direction, and are not surprisingly not amused asking how Sadariel would know that? Does he actually understand their whispering? Or is he just making up stuff to sound intelligent? Sadariel closes his eyes and shakes his head, pointing out that he doesn't understand the whispering, no but if they were to take a second to connect the dots then they'd see that his conclusion is the most probable, if not the right one.


The boy suddenly returns, and heaves a sigh before facing the group with a big smile. He confirms Sadariel's hypothesis, and says that the others were a bit frightened at first, but after he explained things that they are a little more accepting now. He does warn the angels to tread cautiously though, as while he's not really bothered by them, they are a little scared. Ambriel asks without thinking where the 'others' are, and with a toothy grin, he reveals that they are all around them. Ambriel glances around and back up at him confused; there doesn't appear to be anyone else there. The boy then blinks and taps his head while smiling sheepishly, he reveals that the form he is currently using to talk to them is actually not how he and his people look. He had been watching them from afar earlier, and thought that their forms are 'interesting' and decided to adopt it for himself. His actual form seems to be one that the other's can't see apparently. Crossing his arms, he appears to be in deep thought for a moment, until he perks up and asks the angels to be patient again, disappearing before they can even give a reponse. In a few moments he has returned, and with a grin says that he 'fixed the problem'. Ambriel begins to ask him how, but the answer becomes evident when others like him begin to phase in, their forms looking similar to theirs, but having the same 'unauthentic' quality as the boy's. Unlike his form which is unique to the angels, the others seem to have copied the angels's forms verbatim, from their heights to their faces. In a moment, more than two dozen copies of the group surround them in the forest, all naked like the boy who had greeted them. The boys are in awe while Ambriel becomes bright red. Sure they're technically not looking at her body per se, but its close enough! She asks the boy if they could perhaps try putting on something, oh and maybe trying a bit more variety in the forms they assume? The boy looks at the group, and back at her, tilting his head and in genuine surprise asking if they really have other forms? Ambriel makes a face and sighs. Of course they wouldn't know about other angels, would they?


The familiar face of Dio the deus welcomes the group to the below ground, and apologizes for the impertinence of the boy they first met. Ambriel closes her log and sighs again as she looks over the group of beings. Although a few of them still look similar to the members in their group, others look like Ambriel's school mates, while some look like friends of the boys.  The boy had identified one as the 'elder soul', and he is the one addressing the group now -appropriately with Dio's visage. The angels are all impressed that with only a few pictures and descriptions they are able to take another form so easily, and by just feeling their clothes and seeing them they were even able to emulate those! Not only that, but they are able to speak their language fluently, as well as mimic their facial expressions. Ambriel glances at Sadariel who listens attentively to the elder spirit with a childlike gleam of excitement in his eyes. The other two angels seem fascinated as well, though Ambriel can't help but feel a slight twinge of apprehension about this development. Hadn't things gone too well? She feels eyes on her and glances up to see two 'spirits' (Sadariel once again comes to the rescue with his naming sense), looking at her. Her reflexive nervous smile adorns her face and she waves slowly at them. The two spirits look at their own hands and mimic her facial expression as well as the waving. Ambriel turns quickly, and realizes how awkward she must look when she does that in front of others at home. The first boy, now clothed sits beside her and apologizes for the 'elder soul' being long winded; it's just his way of showing off in front of them. Ambriel replies that she knows how that is, and mentally pictures the choir trying to hobnob with their elder.  The boy laughs and states that he's surprised someone came, although it did take a while. He had been scolded by the elder soul, but he felt it was worth it to see someone respond. The young angel blinks and turns slowly in his direction. 'Respond'? Then had he...called for them? Was it him the choir had spotted during their affirmation?


The boy nods. Legends among their people had said that they are not alone in the tapestry of life, hence them remaining hidden. Though no one had ever once tried to confirm this legend, so he decided one day to remain out in the open to see if anyone would come. At first he thought no one would, but then a few moons later they had arrived! Ambriel asks in a steady voice why he'd want to see if someone would come? What if they had ended up being dangerous? The boy thinks for a moment, and replies that he still wanted to see if there is someone else out there, and if there was to be the first to greet them. Imagine that! He being someone who did something as momentous as being the first to greet the strangers from the new world! If he could be granted that honor, a moment to be important, even danger is worth it.


He turns to Ambriel and asks if she understands? To his surprise the angel's eyes are wide and her smile radiantly reflected in the moonlight. She nods and with a voice on the verge of happy tears responds she understands all too well.



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