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WD Spy rule two eighty one (redirected from WD spy rule two eighty one)

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WD spy rule two eighty one is entitled 'Arriving at the past.'


Previous rule two eighty: It's rare to see a downcast face on a person who's always looking forward.  

Next rule two eighty two: Dads arent sensitive, just misunderstood.

Summary page


-Short summary-


Lukas visits Jax who informs him of research done on his father. Out of curiosity the spy takes a look to find....


-Long summary-


After a train, a bus and a helicopter ride, Lukas and Yelena arrive in 'Garden' where Jax is being held to serve out his 'sentence' for his 'crimes' against the govt. Jax had specifically requested Lukas come to see him, and considering he still has about two days left on his govt clearance, it's not much of a problem for the teen spy to get into the high security 'retirement' complex. Since he hadn't been spending much time with his girlfriend lately, Lukas decides to have her along since the complex doesn't sound dangerous if Tyrell's ranting about how unfair it is that Jax got sent there holds any truth to it.


Yelena Alekseyevna Volkov otherwise known as the 'mob wife' to Sector seven hails from Moscow and is in America studying IT technology. Apparently a grandfather of hers was connected to 'Upper management' which explains why she's able to get so close to the govt Sectors. It was there that she and Lukas met one weekend, and since then the two have been dating. Yelena is gentle and accepting, the perfect match to Lukas who's jaded and skeptical. Most of all the rest of the team holds her in high esteem, hense her nickname. She had actually gone back to Moscow after her father had lost his wife due to sickness, but upon hearing about the then upcoming fight against Asahara and his group she came to see them off. Now that he battle had ended, she would be returning to her homeland in a few days, but at least wanted to spend time with her boyfriend.


The two arrive at 'Garden', which truly does live up to it's name. The facility seems to be mostly outdoors, like a huge country club. There is a pool, and golf achers along with what seems to be a bar and a casino. Lukas glances around and quickly realizes why Tyrell is so very pissed he didn't take Jax's place on the stand. Though he can also imagine before knowing that Jax would be sent here how he wanted to avoid being the guy on the hotseat. Jax probably volunteered to do it since he had been the one to originally get the team together, but it sorta serves Tyrell right for trying to get out of being punished. Though to be fair, he is the one looking after the team now. Yelena comments that this doesn't seem to be a place where a man goes to serve out his sentence for committing a crime, to which Lukas replies that it's obvious someone high up pulled some strings and got Jax this cushy seat. He's appreciative of course, since despite how much Jax has messed with him over his short career, he's been a good boss and co worker ever since he had given the rights to leadership of the team to Lukas. Though he is a bit surprised that there is anyone in the govt that actually cares about them. At least while they had been there, most of the higher ups looked down on them as kids that shouldn't be seen or heard.


A guard---well, actually the guy prefers to be called a 'lifestyle coach' so....A 'lifestyle coach' leads the two teens to Jax's quarters which is actually a suite in a tower overlooking all of Garden. Inside the suite is decorated with pictures of cars and different anime that Jax was a fan of in his youth. Lukas notes a few and reminds himself to download them later when he's at home, especially since Meifa wouldn't be there any more. He muses that Jax is in high spirits enough to decorate so that's a good sign. Jax comes to meet them at the door, and has them sit at a table in cushy chairs and serves them orange juice in what seems to be wine glasses. Yelena takes a sip and asks how Jax is doing, and he replies he's still a bit confused on how he managed to end up here, but otherwise he's fine. Lukas remembers that Tyrell asked him to give Jax something, and he stands up and spits in his face, flips him the bird, and begins gargle more backwash when Jax stops him and says he gets it. Obviously Tyrell isn't pleased at the results of the trial, but he can't help it! More like, Lukas seemed to be enjoying being the messenger far too much! Lukas shrugs a shoulder and says he doesn't mind paying back some of the hassling he's received over the time they've known each other.


Yelena calms the two down and admits she wouldn't mind being sent here as a punishment. Jax replies that it seems good at first, but she should keep in mind he can't leave and at least for now won't be able to leave. Sure, he can request almost any one and anything to be sent here to him, but the simple joys of going grocery shopping for himself, or having a friend over to his apartment, or hell just cracking open a beer and watching the stars from his balcony are all impossible now. A person's freedom is irreplacable, even if one doesn't know it until they have lost it. Yelena apologizes, and Jax tells her it's okay; for now at least this is better than being executed. Lukas nods in agreement, and then asks why Jax had called him here?


Jax starts off with an apology and explains that at the beginning before Lukas had become a govt worker, he had investigated his background without his knowledge. Of course such an investigation is per the course, since he'd be privy to all sorts of knowledge unavailable anywhere else. If Lukas had any blemishes on his record, then they would have declined him entry as a govt worker, and he would have been the princess everyone would protect and be denied entry into battle. Lukas takes a minute to wonder why Jax had used 'princess' instead of 'prince', but decides to drop the issue. He then prods Jax into revealing what he found, since if there was nothing there, he wouldn't have called them here. Jax applauds his perceptiveness, and continues; there was nothing his research had found about Lukas per se, so he passed. Though he did find some info about his father. Lukas shrugs, and points out that this is obvious, as Clarkson 'Big shot' Diethel is a capo in the mob. It would be strange if the govt DIDN'T have any info on him. Jax shakes his head however and says that he found personal information, and not a dossier of his crimes and mafia connections. Information on where the elder Diethel had grown up and his activities before joining the mob. Lukas raises an eyebrow and asks what this has to do with him, and Jax shrugs a shoulder, replying it doesn't really have to do with anything. Clarkson was an avid writer and had journals of his daily living, but made sure there was no mentions of his heists. He figured Lukas would want these to read, but if he really doesn't care about that then he can take the journals and toss them since they're of no interest to the govt investigation on the mob. Jax writes down the location of the secure locker where the journals are kept and hands it to Lukas, who thanks him. As he and Yelena leave, Jax says he'll always keep them in mind, 'cause no matter what happens, they're like family to him. Lukas turns around and with a rare grin bids farewell to his 'annoying' older brother. He adds it's a 'farewell' for now, and not forever.


The two head back to HQ and Lukas finds the locker. He opens it up and finds two dusty notebooks -the same someone might buy a child heading into middle school, one labeled 'A' and the other 'B'. Yelena asks Lukas what he intends to do with them, and he blows air thoughtfully before deciding to read it. Jia's more interested in their Dad than he is, and maybe he'd find out why by reading these. Clarkson had actually spent time with Jia unlike him, so Lukas knows fairly little about their Dad. He'd always disliked him for choosing crime over spending time with his family, but Lukas hates assuming things when proof to the contrary is available. He hadn't had proof before, so he owed it to his Dad to at least read it before deciding whether to keep him on his shit list. Yelena nods and asks if she can read with him? Lukas nods, and the two open up 'A' and begin to read.


Clarkson Diethel; before he had become 'Big shot', before becoming a mafia capo, before betraying the mob and disappearing was no more than a drug dealer well known in the 'hood' for having the highest quality coke and highest quality customer service. For him, dealing drugs is as reputable as working as a doctor or lawyer. These people fulfill needs, and so does he. Like any other businessman, he ensures the best product at the fastest speed, and knows his customers by name often even greeting them with a smile. Not only that, the runners all respect him as stern, but fair. Clarkson was also smart enough to keep from doing his product, so his head is always clear and on the prize.


That is not to say that he's all about forgiveness or he is a nice guy. Fail to pay, and he would be there still smiling but with a gun pointed aimed right between the eyes. Runners doing the product? Hard to run with broken legs isn't it? Oh and those who try to take the coke and do a markup on it might find themselves marked down, flagged down, and put down. Clarkson is respected and feared. That is how a man should be.


Lately though, his problems had extended to more than just product shortages or snitches. For one thing, he noticed that the FBI had been eying him a little too much lately. He is used them tossing him wayward glances every so often, hell he even had a few coppers on the payroll since without 'em, working became nearly impossible, but this time around they were giving him looks that sent shivers down his spine. He could feel a bust happening sooner or later, and it was not knowing that bugged the hell out of him. Still, money has to be made, and production has to continue so he kept on the keep on.


The second issue had been that the Italians had decided that they wanted to enter the drug trade as well, and had eyes on his 'hood'. Now Clarkson has no problems with the mobsters, as long as they understand that his turf is his turf, and stayed off on their own somewhere. For a while that's exactly what happened, but the boss of the mob had noticed his success, and like any enterprising businessman wanted in on sales. He could respect that, since he too is a businessman in league to make profits and expand his sales. However the issue here is one that plagues business, whether they be legit or not; and that is the small matter of trust. Clarkson had heard some nasty things about the mobsters from some of his buddies, and they advised him to stay out of their way if he doesn't want to end up getting hurt. Moreover, he knows they probably don't trust him, which could mean taking a 'swim' in the mafia tradition if he doesn't follow their strict rules and regulations. Considering all of this, the drug dealer just wants to keep away from the mafia dons, so he doesn't end up dying a meaningless death. For a while the two tycoons of the underworld kept their distance, until something surprising happened.


Clarkson arrives home after ensuring the 'product' is secure. He tries to keep things on 'the down low', and lives in a three room apartment, despite having enough cash to purchase the building. The less attention he attracts to himself, the less likely it is someone will come looking for him. Besides, this kind of life suits him just fine as his grandmother had raised him in surroundings less furnished and less spacious than this. The three room apartment was like the Elysian fields to him when compared to the little coffin-like room he and his sister had to share. In any case, he gets up to his floor, and after saying 'whats up' to Jasper the janitor who oddly ignores him for some reason, places the key in the lock. Right before turning it, he stops for a moment and glances around. Something seems 'off', although he can't place his finger on what it might be. He turns and sees Jasper cleaning around the corner, and figures that he's just letting stress get the best of him. The door opens, and upon walking in he's greeted by a white man wearing a suit sitting in his couch and watching the races.


Clarkson grits his teeth and takes out his revolver and points it at the man's head. He barks at him to get out of the chair slowly and get the fuck out of his apartment. Two clicks behind him inform the drug dealer that this has turned into a hostage situation, and he's going to be playing the starring role as the hostage. The man stands up and turns to Clarkson, and apologizes for the intrusion, but he really needed to talk to him and he hadn't made it easy by declining all of his invitations to sit down and discuss business opportunities. So he had his men 'convince' the Janitor to let them in and wait for him to return from work that day. Clarkson gets pissed, as he's not the sort of man who likes for others to get hurt on his account. He begins to tell the man to get out again despite his situation, but with one swift motion of the suited man's hand, he is seated. Seated as in one of the goons from behind grabs him and sits him in the couch beside the suited man. The goon is huge, its a small wonder he even managed to fit into the apartment. He is able to keep Clarkson down with one hand while keeping the other occupied by shoving a gun to the back of his head. The suited man apologizes for 'Gurrah' being so forceful, but they really do need to talk. He then motions to 'Gurrah' this time calling him 'Shapiro', and the big man backs off.


The man sits on the couch beside Clarkson and introduces himself as Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano. He's interested in bolstering his drug operation by adding Clarkson's 'turf' to his itinerary. While he's admitably not above using force to get what he wants in this case it's not the most prudent method of action. See, everyone in the neighborhood likes Clarkson, and they may not buy the product if he were to suddenly disappear. So in this case, it would be much more effective to absorb him into his operation, and keep the show on the road so to speak, just under new management. Clarkson could keep his operation the same, just give the mafia a cut. In exchange, he would become a made man, able to enjoy the benefits of having the mafia on his side.


Clarkson objects, as he is his own man, and doesn't like the idea of answering to anyone.  Luciano laughs at this, and turns to Shapiro and the other goon, telling them how much he likes guys like him. After this momentary joviality ends, Luciano adds that he has a bit of 'information' that may change his mind. Turns out one of those runners with broken legs had managed to crawl to the FBI and become one of the best 'singers' known to the agency. If it seems like the FBI is eying him hard, it's cause they are. They've even got a bust planned in the next few days. If Clarkson is caught, he's gonna be doing hard time for the next quarter century if he's lucky. Luciano then professes that it would be easier to let him get swept up in the bust and just come in and pick up the pieces, but Clarkson has talent, talent that he wants on his team. Though he tells the drug dealer not to get it twisted although he's not here to threaten him, he's also not here to save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Whether Clarkson joins or not is up to him. The FBI is watching so even if he decides to try and move his operation, they'll just catch him anyway. If he joins the mafia though, maybe he could avoid jail time....?


Clarkson wants to write off Luciano as an idiot, but everything makes sense after listening to him. He sits forward in the chair, his head resting on the top of hands. He mutters that he'll have to think about it, since he really doesn't like the idea of working for someone else. Though, he's got too much shit in mind for the future to go to jail either. Luciano grins and stands up; snapping his fingers for Shapiro and the other goon to follow him. Tossing a paper with his phone number on it onto Clarkson's lap, he reminds the drug dealer that time is limited, and he'd hate to see his talent snuffed out by a 'bad decision'.  The door slams, after they leave, and Clarkson leans back in his chair, several emotions washing over him.


A few days later, Clarkson is driving to his HQ when young man flags down his car and informs him to some very bad news. Seems the cops have surrounded his place AND the drug operation's head quarters. Some of the runners are trying to keep them at bay, and a shoot out is looking eminent. Clarkson curses and literally punches the pedal to the metal, flying down the street. He doesn't swing by his place or the HQ first though, instead going to a drugstore and asking if they can make an important phone call for him in about fifteen minutes. Despite being bewildered they agree to it, and Clarkson pulls out and zooms towards the HQ. Parking his car at another building, he sneaks in through the back way and using a bridge connecting his building with this abandoned one, he manages to make it to the inside of his plant to see the FBI has indeed got a few of his runners and production team surrounded. Both sides have guns, and both sides look poised to use them. Clarkson yells to get the FBI's attention, and once they see him their attentions and guns are trained on him. From so high up he can't quite see the production team member's faces, but once again something seems off to him. For now he files this in the back of his mind and asks what the FBI could want with him. A man presents a warrant for arrest, and he glibly asks what for. The charge is for 'drug distribution', and Clarkson feigning ignorance and anger asks what proof they have. They simply state a 'birdie' told them, to which the drug dealer calls bullshit. A gunshot outside grabs everyone's attentions, and they all watch in horror as a man in the backseat of a cruiser slumps over, blood splattering on the seats. Another gunshot is heard inside the building as one of the production operators shoots a cop who's attention is on the cruiser; and from there the dominoes collapse and shots are traded by both teams. Clarkson dodges a few shots and discharges his weapon as well, cursing his luck before jumping into battle not knowing for sure if he'll leave alive.

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