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WD Spy rule two seventy eight

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WD Spy rule two seventy eight is entitled 'Those who have something they believe in find themselves on trial more often than those who are guilty of wrong doing.'


Previous rule two seventy seven:  Giving back what isn't actually yours is infinitely more difficult than giving up something that you actually own, isn't it?

Next rule two seventy nine:  Expecting the unexpected can also mean completely missing the obvious.

Summary page


-Short summary-


Jax's trial begins, and just when all seems to be lost the punishment turns out to be a blessing in disguise.


-Long summary-


Keith Murray puts on his tie and suit to begin his new and exciting career in working a desk job with the department of defense. His son Jaxon 'Jax' Murray stands in the doorway watching his dad prepare and asks him why he's changing jobs, cause he always used to tell him how much he likes being on the front lines with the FBI. The elder Murray sits on his bed and invites his son to come sit beside him. He readily admits that he's no good at desk work, and is already dreading having to answer to some pencil necked boss. He's more about being on the field and busting some heads, rather than smacking the head down on the stapler for some report. Little Jax tilts his head and repeats his question. Why would he change jobs then? He thinks it would be more fun to be on the field too.


Keith smiles at his son and tussles his hair. He replies to his son that he can't really go into the details since it's a security issue, and of course the young boy wouldn't understand. It's just nowadays field agents have to chip more and more at their morale and their souls to preform their jobs. The problem with this is that their jobs should be to protect and serve, but what they're protecting and serving has become unclear. Sometimes one has gotta take a step back to know what's really important. Taking a step back means often stepping right out of one's comfort zone, but when a person has something to protect the discomfort and pain of being out of a comfort zone is a fleeting sensation at best.


In the present, Jax towels off after a shower and steps into the bedroom of the hotel he's staying in. He looks down at the suit on his bed, and remembers his father's first day of his desk job. He takes a seat on the bed and for a moment stares out into space, gathering himself and thinking back to how he and Tyrell had finished college and were looking for something to do. Jax had and has no interest in being another paper pusher like his father, and instead wants to remain active on the field....in the 'not being shot at in foreign countries' way. It was then he had been charged with taking care of the ward of one of Sector four's agents....a man named Duarte. No one had wanted to take care of the girl he had curiously had shipped in a package, so he ended up being stuck with her and ultimately finding his 'mark' so to speak.


After putting on the suit, Jax stares in the mirror for a moment before putting on his glasses. He gives himself the once over and smiles at the irony of how similar to his dad he looks now. Well...of course he makes the suit look hot, but for the most part their appearances are similar. Jax walks out into the hallway of the hotel, and down into the lobby where the man who had served him his papers in the hospital awaits with his ride to trial. Jax breathes and then smacks his cheeks in a futile effort to remind himself that this isn't a dream, or maybe in hopes that it would be a dream conjured up by his nervousness. Either way reality wins out and he has no choice but to stroll to the car and take a seat in the back.


The trial will take place in a secret courtroom provided by the 'Upper management' in charge of the 'Seven sectors' of the Govt. These sectors are responsible for several aspects, ranging from assassination to medicine.  The seventh sector had been created by Jax and Tyrell to house the ragtag team they had been collecting through the years starting with Meifa, and Upper management was never too pleased with having them around. Jax knows this whole trial is just a culmination of their misgivings and distrust of this sector, a reason to finally click the trigger they had pointed at the group and fire. Jax and Tyrell had gone over an outline of things to say to soften the blow against the group, and Jax mentally flips through the notes one last time before another possibility comes to mind.  There would be hell to pay for taking this path but to him there is no other choice, even if there is.


In the HQ of the sectors, the members of sector seven gather huddled up against a radio receiver. Jax is wearing a wire; something everyone had to force on him since he vehemently refused.  They wouldn't be allowed to follow him in, so at least they want to listen. Even some of the friends they had made from sector two and five have come in to listen to the trial, as even if upper management doesn't like Jax and his group ---no, Lukas and his group the sectors are all at least friendly with each other.


Lukas adjusts the frequency to get the best sound quality, but isn't able to discern anything until Yelena strides over and gets a perfect pitch. She also adjusts the settings so they can listen in without being heard, and Heike is able to pull up Jax's general location on a monitor nearby. Yelena comments that she likes her boyfriend's 'pirate look', to which Lukas blushes and turns away. The eye Asahara had damaged has an eye patch over a band-aid on it which does give him a swashbuckling look. He replies his eye will heal in a few weeks, which he waits impatiently for. Meifa chimes in sadly how she wishes 'her' eye would heal back in, to which everyone glares a Lukas, someone in the room even going as far as calling him insensitive despite the two having eye related issues. Meifa dabs her remaining eye and says it's no big deal. She just wants her boss to be comfortable, even if it is at her expense. Yelena embraces her and reminds the operative that she's got them. Karoline has styled Meifa's hair so it covers the eye she no longer has, and surprisingly the teenage operative has opted to cut it a bit shorter than she usually does. When asked why, she replies that since she's down an eye anyway, she'd might as well go for a whole damn makeover. Heike edges away from her, as he was the recipient of a body blow when Meifa got the unfortunate news that her eye patch would be tailor made to her specifications, but would not be able to fire laser beams at people who annoy her. Lukas managed to dodge, but Heike wasn't as lucky and would probably walk with a limp for a good month. Tyrell enters the room and everyone hushes up immediately, as they are surprised to see him here.


Tyrell explains how he and Jax had set this up so only one of them takes the blame. From a layman's standpoint, all Tyrell had done was flown in with a helicopter to pick up agents who had illegally gone on a mission. Lukas narrows his eye and succinctly points out how that scenario sounds more like he was arresting them...? Tyrell makes a sound akin to a game show chime, and then continues his explanation. Technically they had been arrested, but due to their injuries and whatnot they couldn't be tried right away. More like upper management already knows it wouldn't look good to have a bunch of kids taking the stand, so they would hoist everything on one unlucky bastard's shoulders. That unlucky bastard would be Jax, and Tyrell would be the one to keep things running supposing they're able to keep their jobs. Nolan asks how likely it is the team will remain together, to which the leader of the Sector replies he's thinking they have a 70-30 chance of losing their jobs or staying as a functioning team. Yelena figures that the 70 represents their likelihood of being drummed out of the govt, and the 30 them keeping their jobs. Tyrell dings again, and replies that it all rests on Jax sticking to their script. He and Jax had actually prepared something just for this occasion. He rubs his hands together and states that there's nothing more that old white men love than being apologized to, a.k.a the fine art of kiss ass. Not pretty, but someone's gotta clean the rear. Lukas grimaces, but nods as he understands what has to be done. Suddenly Yelena perks up and notes that Jax is in the courtroom. For a second time everyone hushes up and keeps an ear on the radio.


Jax is escorted in by three FBI agents, two on his sides and one behind him. The court room is huge and menacing, and his legs begin to liquify. He calms himself with thoughts of what has to be done, and is able to walk to the center of the room where a lone seat and podium rest. Jax stops and with a breath hops in the chair and looks up a the adjacent seat for the members of Upper Management. True to Tyrell's words, they are all elder white men who from the appearances of their faces have long forgotten what mercy is. Jax gulps again but puts on his best poker face. After all six members of upper management take their seats, the bailiff reads Jax's full name and the charge against him.




Jax hates how simple it sounds. At least if they're going to ruin his life, they could jazz it up a bit. 'Hyper Treason' or 'Turbo Treason' sound a lot better than that. However the govt operative keeps his mouth shut and doesn't complain about the aesthetics of his charge out loud. One of the members of 'Upper management' stands up and the bailiff reads his name as Cornelius Maverick. Jax grins wryly as he knows this man...he had been the biggest opponent to sector seven, the loudest voice decreeing for their immediate dissolution.  He must have danced a jig and canceled all of his other engagements to ensure that he would be here for this day, Jax imagines.


Maverick returns Jax's grin with a merciless one of his own, asking cordially how 'Mr. Murray' is doing today. Jax replies in an even tone that he's actually doing excellently. He's been to court in the past and it's always taken all day for him to finally be seen. The fact that he's being seen right away is really kind of a great way to start the day. Maverick applauds Jax for his joke and implores him to keep that sense of humor, as he'll need it. He turns to another man who reads a list of all of the crimes committed by Jax, starting with acting without orders and wrapping up with stealing government property.  The sector seven operative quietly listens to the list, and once Maverick is done reading he stares down at Jax with the expression a child has when he has cornered a roach he is about to exterminate.  He regales Jax with the fact that he's so very sorry he can't just hand down a judgement now. Due to the way these proceedings are arranged, all he can do is to recommend a sentence, though it goes without saying that he has quite a bit of sway. The vice leader of sector seven could rest assured that he would be going away for a very, very, very long time. Who does he think he is, bringing in a bunch of children and wantonly tossing about the very laws they stand for? He's a nobody. Even if his father had an amazing track record on the field, he had opted for what could be considered early retirement and with his tail behind his legs hidden behind a desk. It could be argued that the only reason Jax is even here is because of his father, but that wouldn't save him now. Of course if Jax wants to beg for mercy he could be slightly (read very slightly) lenient.


Back at HQ, Tyrell grits his teeth, biting back the urge to say what he really thinks of Maverick's offer and instead comments that this is Jax's opening. He has to seize it if he wants to keep his life from going into the crapper. Lukas catches him by surprise by asking 'what if Jax isn't satisfied with just having his life remain normal?' Tyrell stares at him, and as realization starts to take shape on his face slowly turns to the receiver while muttering 'No way he would....no way.'


Jax smirks and replies with his appreciation for such an offer, but frankly he's not interested in taking it. Maverick narrows his eyes, and Jax continues claiming that he has understood a few things. For one thing, he now gets it when people who teach kids say stuff about learning things themselves. The kids he had scooped together because no one else wanted to be bothered all had things, people, morale to protect. Unlike the adults who hide behind 'saving face', and 'the law', their emotions are pure, unabashed. They're idiots who would run into a burning building to save a friend despite the odds against them. Despite the chance of being severely burned, losing a limb, losing an eye...they would jump into that fire to protect what's important. At one time he believed that the government was all about being support for those kinds of idiots, the idiots who would rather get hurt than watch someone else suffer. He agrees with Maverick that his dad had turned tail and ran, but he won't do the same. To turn back now would be the same as spitting on everything his 'kids' had done, sending the message that their hard work would always be overturned by 'politics'. His life would be ruined, sure...but the lives he had gone out of his way to save from gutters, from obscurity would always carry his spirit. Even if one day they would turn against him, something very possible since they still have much to learn and grow into...he would always have it in his heart that at one time they were lives that he influenced, not through force but through care...through love. So to that end, if Maverick wants someone to kiss his ass, he should try one of those flings that government officials are so fond of, not that he's...already had a few.


Maverick closes his eyes and laughs quietly. He had expected as much from a young idiot like Jax. He is absolutely right about his life being ruined, because there's nothing left for him after this trial. He won't lose his composure over his brazen show of insolence, since no matter what he says it is still 'Game over', as the youngsters like to say nowadays. He has a seat and dials into a phone announcing that the trial is over. For a few moments there is silence until Maverick starts to turn red and yells at the phone claiming something is ridiculous. He at first refuses to relay something to Jax, but after a few moments calms down enough to agree. He slams the phone down onto the receiver and glares down at Jax before consulting with the other members of upper management. At long last he stands up and with a snarl reads Jax's sentence.


Jaxon Murray will be placed under surveillance within the 'Garden' for the foreseeable future, all his needs will be met there and he will not be permitted to leave, though he will be permitted visitors and contact with the outside on a schedule to be deemed later. As for Sector Seven, no further charges will be brought upon them, however they are ordered to leave the HQ and disband within 6 days. They will lose their government clearance and become no more than ordinary citizens.


Jax's mouth hangs open at the news, as does Tyrell's back at HQ. Maverick has to stop himself from spitting at Jax as he snarls how if her were in charge of the proceedings he would have never been so lenient. He and the other members of Upper management rise and leave the room, as Jax tries to sort out what just happened.


Meanwhile Tyrell shakes his head and murmurs in disbelief. Meifa asks what 'Garden' is, and Tyrell answers simply 'the most bitchin' vacation spot for retired spies ever'. It's almost as if Jax had been rewarded rather than punished! He thought for sure they'd take the team through the ringer, but they had managed to get out nearly scott free! No further charges? No jail time for anyone? This isn't just a good scenario, it's the BEST one. Lukas shakes his head and reminds Tyrell that they've still lost something....their group. Sector seven's lifeline is 6 days.


6 days and they would all be no more.


Jax stands alone in the courtroom still unable to understand what just happened.


Meanwhile in a small windowless room in a unknown location, a man hangs up a phone and looks back at a room of three other people. One asian man, one black woman and a middle eastern woman. The black woman walks over to the man and puts her arm on his shoulder. She congratulates him for a good job, and muses that she always likes to see Maverick sputter and spin on his fat white ass. Though she asks how long the man intends to continue protecting his kid?


Keith Murray turns to her and replies that he's got the day after never penciled in on his pocket minder.


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