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Greyashe chapter 280

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Greyashe chapter 280 is entitled 'Strict rules and regulations IV'.


Previous chapter 279: Strict rules and regulations. III

Next chapter 281: Strict rules and regulations. V

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


More twists and turns are revealed as the election for the next kaiser mage continues. Meanwhile Iseila makes a painful choice....


-Long summary-


Aimend and Aine wait for Claire outside one of the Fire dancer's huts. They had recently been 'awakened', and as such their power had been raised exponentially. Both ladies are perplexed as to why Claire would have them become even stronger, but it suits Aine just fine as if she needs to fight Claire upon finding out the truth of her origin she would want to be as powerful as possible. Claire had requested the two of them wait for her as she has her own 'preparations' to make. Considering that she had already been 'awakened', Aine wonders what else she could possibly need to do? The summer goddess is antsy to start asking questions, kicking ass and taking names, so this whole waiting game thing is grating on her nerves. It doesn't help much that she can't shake the feeling she's being used again after being 'Winter' Ancasta's whipping girl for so long. She has no hard feelings towards the Winter goddess, and even feels regret in regards to her death, but what Aine wants most is freedom. Most of all, she wants to confirm the rumors she's been hearing about Faulkner's death. She had wanted to throttle him herself, and then he goes and dies?


Which then prompts her to think about all the deaths that had suddenly occurred. The kaiser mage who had been one of the goddesses's biggest supporters ended up dying, winter is dead, and now Faulkner too. Could there be a connection between these three high profile deaths? Aine's forte isn't thinking deeply about things though, and soon she bores of it. She turns to ask Aimend what she thinks about the situation (despite knowing that the spring goddess is also not much for thinking things deeply), just to find that she has gone inside the hut already. Apparently Claire had been calling them while she stood outside deep in thought about the current situation. Aine's eyebrow twitches in annoyance, and she opens the flap to the hut to find Aimend gushing over Claire.


Claire is wearing a crimson dress, red lipstick, and eyeliner. Normally her height belies her actual age, but with this ensemble she looks mature. Her hair is done in two long braids, and her fingernails are done in purple polish. Aimend buzzes around murmuring how pretty Claire looks. Aine is less than impressed, and begins to cash in her fight against Claire, but the latter interrupts her. The summer goddess rages and asks if she's preparing for a fight or a date? Claire quickly admits she doesn't really want to wear such a gaudy outfit, but the person they have to meet will have to be dutifully impressed if they hope for his assistance. Aine growls and asks who they're supposed to go see? She honestly doesn't like men too much so he had better be one hell of a guy if they have to go out of their way to impress him.


Claire nods dutifully and agrees with Aine's statement, but amends that they're not going to meet one 'hell' of a guy, but one 'heaven' of one. She intends to find the previous Deus who actually lives on Earth and ask for his assistance. Now that she has her memories back, she seems to recall knowing where he is. Aine and Aimend stare slack jawed at their travel mate and stutter 'God' for a few moments before simultaneously asking the angel if she's crazy. Claire grins and replies she learned one thing from traveling with Guy, Kani and Van, those who do not take risks are risking being left behind. She then tells the girls to make haste as a certain 'lazy' someone can only hold her own for a few minutes before her rights collapse.


Libby and Hydon size each other up, and the latter asks the former where she's been. Libby glances at Larter in the audience and replies she's been laid up for a little while. Larter narrows his eyes but doesn't respond to the DA practitioner, instead commenting to Aicha 'that things are about to get interesting'. Aicha glances at him and then back at Libby. The warrior had heard of Libby through others, but never had met her....not to mention all of the things she had heard weren't exactly stalwart tales of bravery. Though what had Libby just said about 40 percent of the vote...?


Hydon glares at Libby, realizing she had inadvertently let very pertinent information slip. More importantly, where the hell had she been when he called for the kaiser mage elect to come upon finding out about Acheron's death? He asks her sharply if she knows why they're here right now, and she nods. He raises his voice and asks why wasn't she here sooner? Moreover where the hell are the rest of the kaiser mage select? Libby remains resolute until he's done yelling at her, and asks if he's got any more to say. Hydon breathes and replies that he doesn't, to which Libby responds by raising her arms and putting them on his shoulders. She looks deep into his eyes and in a tone unheard of for her apologizes for not being able to save his friend and their boss. If she had come in time maybe this wouldn't have happened...or maybe it would have. Their jobs are fraught with danger, and this is something Acheron knew all too well. If he died doing what is right, then he died an honorable death. She releases his shoulders and replies to his second question; she has no idea where the others are since ordinarily they don't talk to her anyway. She's the black sheep of the elect after all, which puts her in a better position to be the next mage than the magicians here.


She turns to the audience and reminds everyone that their powers are supposed to be for the good of mankind. If they continue to act in self interests, they'd only continue to fall into a realm of disrepair and despair. Acheron had established GMAGY not out of self interests, but because he wants to mold magicians who would through their actions spur others to take up magic not as a means of satisfying themselves but the human condition of being free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. She knows what it's like to be powerless to do anything in a world where power is a privilege and not a right. She had taken on DA (Dark arts), because she had no power of her own, and kept at it because she had no choice if she wanted to protect what is important to her. When DA had started to consume her, Acheron had swept in and protected her himself. Made her one of the select, acknowledged her hard work and sacrifice. She would give the right to avenge his death to his friend, Hydon in exchange for being able to rule in his place. Sure she has 40 percent of the vote, but that's not to say that can't be snatched away if she has no support from others. She begs the other magicians there to support her, and she will in turn ensure whether they be normal or magician alike, she will acknowledge them just as Acheron had her.


The other magicians murmur to one another and Hydon waits for them to calm down before continuing. Libby hadn't answered the first call to action, so she would have to be voted in like any other candidate. It is true she carries a huge chunk of the vote, but they still have time for the successor to show up, and of course others can still be considered if they come and gain a majority vote. This election is still far from over, and they should keep this in mind before deciding to vote for one person or another. Libby glances around the audience, a new passion awake in her eyes, and her fists clenched in anticipation. Hopefully she would be able to keep them at bay and win the election or at least stall until someone else more fitting showed up. She's never met the successor, but considering Acheron picked that person out himself, she figures he or she must be impressive. Before the processions continue however, Larter raises his hands and upon being acknowledged by Hydon asks if the candidates would field questions? He'd feel much better about voting if he could get to know them. Hydon agrees, and with a slasher's smile he glances at Libby. The DA practitioner nervously returns his glance and nods her head, a vague idea of what's about to happen forming in her mind.


Cayden lies on the dirty ground of the alley writhing in pain. His arm dangles limp as he holds it up with his other arm. Aithne walks over and grinds her boot into the side of his head, her face mute. Delaney puts his hat back on and grins at Iselia. He asks if she understands the pointlessness of her struggle? He's not affected by magic, and now her one ray of hope has dissipated. Unfortunately the snow-boy isn't really important to them in the long run, so there's really nothing stopping his sister from killing him. Nothing but her renouncing her candidacy that is. Cayden angrily commands Delaney to shut up, and begs Iselia to look the other way....she can't give up her candidacy! Isn't becoming the kaiser mage what she really wants? Is it something so fleeting that she can give it up because of these people? Iselia starts to reply, but Daimien and Harrow both shoot past the alleyway's mouth and land in a crumpled heap nearby. Willard marches with slow, machine like precision to the two fledgling magicians who lie unconscious, helpless to do anything to protect themselves. Delaney points out his brother having years of battle experience, so he's not at all sure what two greenhorns thought they could do.


Cayden glares at Delaney and continues to beg Iseila not to give up her canidacy, but his words are muffled by her breathing, which has become labored. Memories of how she lost her family due to the goddesses's inactivity and her own cowardice flood over her body and paralyze it. Finally having enough she quietly says to herself that she rescinds her candidacy. Delaney asks her to speak up, and she says it loudly for everyone to hear even Freida in the building above them. Aithne strides from Cayden and hands Iselia a piece of paper, which Delaney commands the ex successor to use her magic to write her intent on. This way if anyone anaylizes it, they'd know the genuine successor had written it. Iselia does so, all the while quietly sobbing. Delaney thanks her for the business, and exits with his sister. Cayden drags himself to his feet and runs around the corner to see Damien and Harrow unconscious and the triad no where in sight. He turns to Iselia angrily and demands to know why she'd give in so easily, stating that he and the others shouldn't have gotten in the way of her ambitions.


Iselia had been known as the 'Ice queen' because of her apparent lack of emotions, and violent tendencies. Now though, she is a teenage girl who's friends and innocent people had been hurt because of her. Cayden sees this as tears drip from her face and she chokes out that he can't possibly understand what it's like to lose everyone dear to you. Once in a life time is too many, so twice is....


Cayden uses his one arm to embrace her and apologizes for snapping at her. Frieda comes down and asks what should they do now, to which he asks the little farseer if she can find out where Delaney and his group is going. She confirms she can hazard a highly accurate guess using her eyes, and he then asks Frieda to help wake the others up, so they can all get moving. He asks Iselia if she has an idea what happens when she denounces her candidacy, and she reveals a limited knowledge of the election that should be going on now. The Triad would probably go there to announce she's dropped out, and while she can't vote or be considered now the three of them could. Cayden smiles warmly and taking her hand replies that he'll vote for someone that has the same love of their school and humanity as her. Iseila nods and through her tears gives him a smile of her own. Cayden then proclaims that this isn't over, and that they're not out.

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