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Greyashe chapter 275

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Greyashe chapter 275 is entitled 'Successor'.

Previous chapter 274: Breaking your heart so no one else has the opportunity...

Next chapter 276: Successor. II

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


The aftermath of Acheron's death begins to stir, and the revelation that the kaiser mage has already picked a successor becomes known. Its with these events that even bigger revelations start to stir...


-Long summary-


The city snuggled nestly in the mountain recesses of Aerhaart also known as the home of GMAGY enjoys yet another peaceful afternoon. The city is known for the students in training to become proficient magic users; fledglings who have not yet perfected their agape levels. Perhaps this is the reason why the sentient's 'recall' hasn't had too much of an impact on what is known as 'academy town'. The non students that don't live on campus have somewhat low agape levels keeping them from falling into the sentinents clutches, and the students themselves are no where near the level that would bring attention upon themselves.  From the outside, Aerhaart seems to be a place of unassuming 'potential' and no more than that.


At the center of the city however is a different matter altogether. A tall white tower looms over the other buildings dwarfed only by GMAGY itself. That aside it has a presence an aura of it's own that demands respect.  No surprise that this is the stronghold of the kaiser mage Hekerzos Acheron, or well it was at any rate. It seems earlier that very morning, a auspicious casket was delivered to the 'stronghold' with the very well preserved corpse of Acheron within it. A small note was included in the package deal although all that is written is 'until all is well there is no time for anything....even atonement'. The casket's current location is a bright room with funeral arrangements decorating it, giving a false sense of 'happiness'. Meanwhile adjacent to this room is the office of one Langston hydon, the Kaiser mage's trusted advisor and if one were to look just hard enough they might have seen something like a friendship between them. Right now however, Hydon looks anything but friendly as he taps his desk impatiently and gnashes his teeth in pure bridled rage. He had already commanded the WITCH unit in charge of investigations to process the note with the casket in hopes of finding a magic 'signature' of the person who may have been behind this blasphemy, and lets just say the messenger would have employment problems with the two broken legs he had suffered for being nothing more than the bearer of bad news.


Hydon's door opens and a weepy eyed woman, even more weepy eyed upon finding out the bad news literally flops on his desk in anguish. Hydon groans and asks Lea to get a grip. She was only Acheron's secretary, and not his lover. He punctuate that last comment with a raised eyebrow that indicates an unsureness of the validity of his own words which Lea doesn't notice. She cries that Acheron was a wonderful man and begs Hydon to avenge him. Hydon grits his teeth again and manages to mutter that he's working on it, and turns to her asking about that. Lea blinks in bewilderment, but suddenly remembers what Hydon is asking for. She turns and realizes she dropped a book in her entry and picks it up. Holding it in her arms she finally hands it to Hydon after a prolonged silence; as if she doesn't want to give up the one thing remaining of her beloved Acheron. Hydon snatches it and flips through the pages. The book is Acheron's last will and testament -a book that he had been prodded to write by the staff. Of course like with anyone, no one expected him to actually ....die.


Lea points out that his successor has already been chosen, so there's no need to look in the book. Hydon snaps back that he knows, and he's not looking for that information. Anyone with practical knowledge knows that a successor to the successor is important. Despite the family friendly image he put on in his later years of life, the kaiser mage did not come into power by shaking hands and kissing babies. The person that succeeds him would come into immense power to say the least. Immense power that was gleamed from years and years of combat and ruthlessness. Needless to say the successor would have one hell of a time keeping their life once the news gets out, and it wouldn't be long till it does. There are certain ears who would especially be interested in the knowledge of the kaiser mage's death. They wouldn't be privy to the power he wielded themselves, but they would have a say in things regardless.


Hydon finds what he's looking for and grimaces. Acheron always had a flare for the flashy, and it is no surprise that he would choose this method to choose the successor of the successor. It would be fair yes, but extremely convoluted. Regardless Hydon owes it to his friend and boss to avenge his death and ensure that his legacy wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. He turns to Lea and commands her to find the original successor immediately. Once they show up that person's life would be in immediate danger.


Meanwhile at GMAGY, Daimen complains to Cayden about the latter's popularity with the ladies. Azha's public confession had been the talk of the campus for some time, and everyone knows about how Cayden feels about Iselia. Damien is upset that as a man of science he doesn't have a woman of science beside him. He demands Cayden relinquish his secrets immediately or he'll sever their frienship post haste. Cayden stares forlornly off a balcony without saying anything only serving to irritate Daimen even more. How could he seem upset that a girl had confessed to him? If he likes Iselia he should just tell her that and turn Azha down; after all hadn't he and Iselia's relationship improved after she had come home with the fall goddess a while back? She actually talked to him without using violence. Considering what they had come from that is a major improvement, and he should be happier.


Harrow appears behind Damien and pats his shoulder. He tells the scientist to be that he understands Cayden's feelings. In truth he doesn't really care about Azha's confession since he only views her as a friend, and that in fact he does want to talk to Iselia more, but they had more or less only been able to admit a mutual sense of admiration between each other. Far from hate true enough, but not really love either. Cayden wants to go to the next step, but he's really unsure of how to do that without jeopardizing what has already occurred. Upon hearing this Cayden turns to them and with a dopey smile accentuated by exaggerated tears nods. Daimen groans in annoyance, but admits that this is a situation that requires delicacy.


Frieda Chan pops between the men and asks them in a heavily accented and absurdly cheerful voice how the 'ignorant masses' are doing. Harrow and Damien regard her absently as Cayden waves one hand while continuing his balcony vigil. Frieda raises her coke bottle glasses and looks around, her farseeing powers on the prowl. She puts the glasses back down and smacks Cayden in the back telling him to chin up. If he doesn't act soon he'll only get older and uglier, and then die alone. Cayden shudders but doesn't move from his location. Frieda gets bored with him and trots over to Damien asking for her 'hit'. Damien makes a face and complains about her calling it that for a moment then produces a black pill from a bottle in his jacket. Despite being extremely petite, Frieda grabs the pill from the much taller scientist and gulps it down. He and Harrow stare at her for a moment, and she finally responds in a much less cheery voice that they should keep their dirty eyes to themselves. Harrow grins and backs away while Damien notes that the reaction time seems to be getting faster. Frieda asks him when he'll come up with a permanent solution to Kani's 'Detox' magic, which makes her a cheerful and bouncy individual.....by force, and Damien shrugs a shoulder. He replies science is a series of methods, not a fast fix. Kani's 'Detox' is an incredibly strong spell, and chipping through it's effects will take much more of his knowledge and time.


Frieda curses Kani under her breath. She knows the witch was only trying to save Van, but why did she have to Detox her too? Now she's stuck smiling when she doesn't want to, and relying on Damien to help her out. Damien points out that he's still standing right beside her, and she shrugs. Harrow then asks the gang where Iselia and Azha are to which everyone replies that they're not sure. Iselia's habit of wandering away hadn't been cured after her hatred of the goddesses had faded, and Azha had been making herself scarce since she had confessed to Cayden....a confession that still had no answer. Damien glares at the snow magician again and he whistles while staring at the clouds. Harrow notes that everyone seems to be disappearing lately, as even Adele and Aschner hadn't been seen lately. Damien is convinced this is some kind of conspiracy when an aide comes and asks the group hurriedly where Iselia is. The gang replies that they don't know, and Harrow getting suspicious asks why she seems so interested. The aide tries to keep from talking, but Cayden perks up and replies to his friend 'Iselia is the successor.' He then implies that something happened to 'Old man Acheron'.


Iselia is listening to music while doing window shopping in town. She had been thinking of what to get Cayden for his upcoming birthday, but found shopping for a boy a somewhat awkward exorcise. She's not the greatest at cooking either so that was out, so for the time being she decides to stroll around in search of inspiration. Without warning however, she rounds a corner and stands in an alleyway alone. She drops her bag on the ground beside her, and laments the fact that her magic had significantly weakened since she had abandoned her hate for the goddesses -she would be no match for the person who had been following her all through town. Undaunted she still turns around and asks what the pursuant wants, and comes eye to glasses with a young man wearing a winter cap, khakis and a short sleeved shirt. He smiles sinisterly and in a sarcastic tone replies 'absolutely everything'.



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