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WD Spy rule two sixty nine

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Spy rule two sixty nine is entitled 'The only animal that confuses carnal pleasure with instinct is of the homo sapean variety'.


Previous rule two sixty eight: To be frank, talking about a guy's mom is justifiable homicide.

Next rule two seventy:  Ever notice how shit hitting the fan sounds like people screaming?

Summary page


-Short summary-


Mugen, Penbur, and Meifa continue their battle to the death, instincts for survival and pleasure emerge as the fight rages on, but who will reign victorious?


-Long Summary-


Meifa glares up at Mugen, who's eyes are partially obscured by the hoodie he wears. He's maybe only three or four inches taller than Meifa (A fact that pisses her off.), but there's something 'massive' about him. Mugen smirks as if he realizes Meifa's intimidation, and asks if she intends to die for her no-good dad? He had after all stolen an eye from her sister and then given it to her. Satan's child jokingly comments that this must have been a real sour point during family reunions. Meifa growls and spits back at Mugen that his mind fucks might have worked on Karoline, but she's not bothered by that stuff. She probably would dislike Karoline even if they both had their own eyes in their noggins, so she demands that Mugen stop trying to give their Dad credit for their lack of respect for each other. The terrorist suddenly launches a punch, but stops short of Meifa's face. To her credit, the Sector seven operative doesn't flinch, although within her is a completely different deal.


Mugen then jumps backwards and assumes a battle stance. Meifa edges back to her father and asks what kind of fighting he does, so she knows how to back him up. Penbur states that he knows Bokator, Sambo and Capoera. Meifa wrinkles her nose at the last one and asks if he thinks this is Jazzersize or something. How the hell could Capoera help them at a time like this? She knows he's a useless old man, but to hear it is actually even more depressing. Penbur shoots back that it's a legitimate martial art, and he's tired of having this argument with people. Meifa tells her father to take his head out of his ass, and his dick out of women who don't actually love him. Penbur is aghast, and reprimands her; his child won't speak such vicious nonsense. Meifa mutters that it's 'cause she talked shit about little Penbur that he's mad, so its more what she said than how she said it.


Mugen watches this for a few minutes, getting visibly more annoyed until he announces that he's going to kill the two of them as a favor to one another. Father and daughter glance over at him both with obvious expressions that spell out 'oh-right-he's-here-too-isn't-he'? Which pisses Mugen off even more. He raises his leg and snarls that between the guy who's got the theorem to destroy the world, and his daughter who's got the possible antidote running through her veins, he'll either be a hero or a villain if he kills them. Mugen opts for villain of course, but for right now, shutting them up and watching them die is his main objective. Meifa instantly recognizes this as Taekwondo, and smiles in anticipation. If Mugen can't kick her, then the fight is over. In her opinion, probably the only decent thing Duarte taught her was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which emphases locks and choke holds. She had gotten a little bit of karate when under Jax's supervision in the States, but the one thing Meifa loves the most is keeping someone down under her. Jiu-Jitsu in a way is perfect for her, since she's only about 5'2, and counting. It's main forte is keeping even larger opponents down until they submit, which means that even at her height she still stands a chance. 


Mugen lunges forward at Meifa, and she prepares to toss him, when Penbur blocks a kick and returns one of his own. Glaring at her Dad, the teen operative huffs and claims she can handle her own business. Moreover, didn't she already tell him that it's a little late to start acting like her Dad? Penbur answers with a groan, and Meifa realizes that it's all he can do to stand right now. Mugen realizes this too, and assuming the parallel stance clocks him clean in the face. Penbur staggers, but doesn't go down. He delivers a quick jab to approximately where Mugen's temple would have been, if he hadn't already weaved under it and caught his arm. With a smirk, Mugen applies pressure to his arm using his own and breaks it before kicking him square in the chest, and following up with a jab in the face.


Meifa blinks in disbelief, unsure of what she just saw. Mugen uses Taekwando right? So what the hell was that? Penbur is short for a man, as even Freddy had several inches over him when she was a teenager. So it's not too strange to believe that Mugen could utterly own him like he had. Though to adapt different martial arts together like that suggests more than it appears.


Most times, a guy will use brute force to overwhelm with his martial arts fail him. Chaining different techniques only comes from long years of experience; experience that comes with age that comes with deterioration. Hense a younger man focusing his energies into one martial art. The only other reason that someone as young as Mugen would bother is, perhaps he is actually a she? A girl has less physical mass as her male counterparts, so it would make sense that she'd try her best to learn as much as possible to counter the taller and more powerful male species. The theory is sound, but Meifa can't figure out why Mugen -who seems to have no interest in self preservation, would bother with hiding his or her gender. The teen operative figures this isn't important and pushes it to the recesses of her mind. For now, she'd have to keep her stupid Dad from being killed for her mother and sister's sake.


Penbur wearily gets on his feet, and despite the fact that his arm hangs limply and he has started coughing up blood, he prepares his fighting stance. Meifa glances over at Mugen, who returns her look. The two then stare at Penbur who for a moment knows mortal fear. He suddenly feels very tired and lands on his behind again, as the two other fighters face each other. Mugen comments that he'd really like to kill Penbur now, but there's something about beating his daughter to death thats kind of appealing too. Meifa cracks her knuckles and tells Mugen to 'Shut up, and come and get your asswhupping.'


The two lunge at each other, grappling with kicks and punches. Mugen's legs are slightly longer so he has a slight bit more reach, but he knows that if Meifa grabs him he's doomed because like a rabid dog, she'll put him in a lock and never let go. In response, he tries to sweep Meifa off her feet using ddanjuk or low kicks. Meifa realizes that Satan's child has switched styles on her again, though she can see this one is still vaguely reminiscent of taekwando. At this point, an opening creating itself is looking to be impossible, so Meifa decides to force one open herself. She stands back with one arm outstretched, and feints Satan's child into thinking her legs are unguarded, but quickly adjusts her stance when he attempts to sweep her off her feet. Meifa grins and grabs his leg, which causes him to pull back, but it's already too late. Meifa jumps and flips Mugen who lands with a thud on his back. Before he can recover, Meifa is upon him again, wrapping her legs around his torso and wrapping her arms around her head. Now in submission, Mugen struggles to move before he loses consciousness, but struggles against the teen operative.  He is, however able to get an arm out, and using that, pokes Meifa's eyes causing her to recoil just enough for him to free his other arm, grab her and slam her to the ground. He then changes stances and strikes at Meifa using lighting quick jabs. She rolls out of the way of each one, and manages to get on her feet again, just to get hit square in the temple by a rolling kick. Mugen then thrusts forward and grabs her collar, forcing a palm in her face. Meifa's nose breaks from the impact, but Mugen doesn't let go. He holds Meifa suspended slightly in the air, and smiles a dark, wrong smile. He admits it was a bit fun, but there are things to be done, people to be killed and what not.


A bullet whizzes past the two and ricochets against the roof. Mugen turns around slowly and sees that Penbur has a gun trained on his head, and that it's only because of his shaking that he missed. Mugen drops Meifa and starts over in Penbur's direction, but the teen operative grabs his his leg and pulls herself up. Mugen glares at Meifa, and without warning kicks her hard in the side, enough so that a crack can be heard. Meifa yelps and crumples into a heap. Mugen limps slightly for a moment, but walks over to Penbur who feebly tries to fire again, but Satan's child kicks the gun out of his hand and then grabs his neck and leans in close.  His hood falls from these sudden movements, revealing shoulder length black hair and blazing purple eyes. 


Mugen speaks in a whisper, calling the scientist a spineless wad of dick excrement. His theory of World Destruction is nothing. There's been a movement in motion long before he had even been able to understand the implications of his theory. The reality is he can only hope to dream that his shitty little theory would even be a broken down discarded cogwheel of the real deal operating right underneath his nose.


Penbur's mind is shaken, and he can only silently curse himself for getting caught up in this madness. Mugen prepares to kick his neck in half when a gunshot rings out and his right hand erupts in blood. Satan's child looks at the injury and back at Meifa who had grabbed the gun and shot it. Penbur manages to stop being shaken long enough to realize that Meifa probably has no idea how to use a gun, yet she managed to make such an accurate shot.


Mugen stares at Meifa, his eyes vacant. He licks his lips once, and Meifa smirks at him despite being down on the ground. The two had already far exceeded mere 'instinct'. Whereas before instinct directed their movements as a fight for survival, now their human values of 'pleasure' had diluted their animistic instincts of 'survival'. As in, there is nothing more to fight for other than it being just more 'pleasurable' to watch another die. As the two stare into each others eyes, sparks of pure ecstasy dance in the air.  If love kills slowly, then does pure lust, a desire past sexual, past comrade take a life in the blink of an eye?

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