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WD Spy rule two sixty eight

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WD Spy rule two sixty eight is entitled 'To be frank, talking about a guy's mom is justifiable homicide.'


Previous rule two sixty seven:  ...Because everyone knows it's usually after the eye of the storm passes that shit gets real.

Next rule two sixty nine:  The only animal that confuses carnal pleasure with instinct is of the homo sapien variety. 
Summary page


-Short summary-


Jia baits Xunshi in a battle of keep away. His plan is simple, but will it be effective?


***Due to the author's inability, the summary will be written in English although the majority of the dialog is actually in Mandarin. Thank you for your patience. ***


-Long summary-


Jia and Xunshi dash down the hallways of the building at top speed, Xunshi managing to catch up every so often, and nearly land an attack on Jia. The young martial artist manages to avoid these blows, but what they don't do to him physically they do to his stamina. Mentally he's at his limit too, as Xunshi's occasional death threats in Chinese also grate on his nerves. He has to be patient though, because if he can just hold it in just a bit more, just a little bit more he'd be able to give Xunshi a twice fold return for the deposit of bullshit he's giving him.


Xunshi decides to change tatics and remarks on the book he was reading while Jia was taking a nap. Wives and Concubines. He comments on how at the very end of the novel the main character Lotus ends up losing her sanity due to the caste system in China during the 1930s. He compares himself to her, a man losing his mind because of the rigid hierarchy in the underground. He was born too late to be of any use, a warrior who has to live in peaceful times. Nothing plagues him more than having a body that is literally a living weapon, but being unable to use it for anything. The syndicate that had been robust during the days of his father, and his father before him now falters, a decrepit corpse of it's youth. What is he to do? He had been trained to have a certain conduct to himself, and now they just tell him 'oh that's all right, you don't need to do that any more?' It sickened him. So much so that he decides to take out his frustration on anyone who can put up a decent fight. Sadly not even those types of people really exist anymore. That is, of course until he heard about Kuang Jia, the dark lightening.


Jia grits his teeth, resisting every urge to turn around. Not yet. Not yet. He can't turn now, or else his plan will all be for naught. It's not much of a plan to be honest, but against a man like Xunshi, it's all he can hope for. Suddenly the young martial artist hears something above him, and glances upward. He is horrified to see Xunshi launch himself from the ceiling right down towards him. Jia leaps and dives to the side, and the two men grapple for a moment. Xunshi's hands move so quickly that Jia can barely see them, but he hears something metallic smack into the wall behind him when one of Xunshi's jabs miss. Something else scrapes his arm, and he realizes that the Chinese serial killer is using hidden daggers. As soon as Jia realizes this, his arm begins to go numb, and he groans in annoyance. The good news is that he knows how Xunshi is playing real life Spiderman, and it has to do with the daggers. The Spiderman act was probably to freak him out, which admitably it had, but besides that was the poison in the daggers that renders the target immobile if they take too much of it. He recalls when he had first engaged Xunshi in battle, he had been scraped a few times by what he had thought at the time was the serial killer's hands. He quickly fell asleep after that without really knowing why or how, and that had lead to the current situation.


Xunshi jabs forward again, and the knife gets stuck in the wall. Jia takes this chance to dart further down the hallway, although in an instant the serial killer is upon him again. Jia sweeps Xunshi's legs from under him, and continues running. The serial killer snarls that he won't let him escape and continues to pursue him, asking what had happened to dark lightening? The rumors about Kuang Jia were startling and in some cases awe inspiring.


Jia like his half brother Lukas is of African American decent. Their father Clarkson Diethel had been in China for mob related business, and he had met and fallen in love with Kuang Liwha. Liwha bore a son whom she named Jia. Jia grew up in China idolizing the father who every so often would come and visit him with stories about the American mob and occasionally his other younger brother Lukas. Jia had never understood why his father was so impressed by his kid brother when it doesn't seem that he does much other than sit at home. Clarkson had told him one day that it was because while he comes to visit Jia every once in a while in China when the heat is on in the states, he had really only seen Lukas when he was born, and a little bit of his heist money is used to take care of him. Yet, even without a mother or a father, Lukas had made a life for himself, made good friends, ended up with a government job and a girlfriend to boot. Clarkson made it clear that he loves both his boys, but Lukas had done so much despite having so little. It was damn impressive.


Jia had his share of hardships though, being a darker pigment than the others often lead to fights with other kids, and even adults who want to hassle the 'native foreign kid'. Not to mention his mom was seen as a social pariah for giving her virginity to a black man. Jia had gotten used to defending his pride, and his mom's pride using his fists. He had dropped many kids his age, and adults twice that in his younger days....and even now as an adult he was used to guys picking a fight because they just don't like his skin color. His nickname had come from the song 'Kung fu Fighting' by Carl Douglas, who was ironically a black man singing about kung fu. Hence, dark, his skin color and lightening, the speed of his kicks, and how fast dudes who messed with him were brought to their knees. So it really wasn't surprising that Xunshi had heard of him and came looking for a fight. Despite his reasoning however, there was no reason to go after his mother. None.


Xunshi runs alongside him and lunges forward causing the two to smash into a wall. Not happy with this, Xunshi takes Jia's head and drags it along the side of the wall as he runs. Jia frees himself by punching him in the stomach, and to his surprise takes off running, blood staining the carpet. Xunshi has finally gotten tired of cat and mouse, and brandishes two daggers. He runs at break neck speed behind Jia and stabs him in the torso. Jia grits himself against the pain and continues his dash forward. Xunshi sprints to his side and tries to tackle him again, but Jia is one step ahead and falls back. Xunshi hits the wall, and Jia jumps over him to continue running. Xunshi snaps at Jia, asking him if he's lost his pride while living in America? Where's the man who would fight for his honor? Or is it that he's finally decided to listen to his whore mother? She had asked him not to fight the night he had broken into their house.....but he thought Jia would be more than that.


Xunshi dashes at Jia again, but this time the martial artist stops, and clotheslines the serial killer. He snarls in English that his mother is no whore. Xunshi stumbles slightly, and Jia takes this chance to go on the offensive. He starts with a kick to the temple, and another sweep to land the serial killer on the ground. Xunshi slides out of the way, but Jia has already turned and grabs him by the nape of his neck. He tightens his grip and whispers very slowly in mandarin that the two of them have their similarities but will always have one fundamental difference. He then switches to English and tells him that he represents the streets, while Xunshi is no more than a poser. He was trained to fight, while Jia had to get his ass whupped to near death a few times before he caught on. Xunshi knew of rules and honor, while Jia knew only of getting through one day to the next in the hopes that the next guy who ambushes him doesn't snap his neck, or roll up on him four deep. Most of all, although he knows he's a warrior in a time that calls for peace, as long as there's a reason for him to use his fists, his place will never fade.


The plan had been simple. Xunshi through all of his years of training and one hit kills would never expect a sucker punch, especially since he had figured Jia would be too scared to disappoint his friends and mom to die. Oh but he is wrong. Dead wrong.


Xunshi stabs Jia through his arm with a dagger, but that doesn't stop him from delivering a punch, kick, elbow combo that sends the serial killer flying. He tosses another dagger at Jia who runs straight at him. The dagger nicks him, but Jia still hits him in the chest with his palms. The resulting crash causes some drywall to fall, and Xunshi quickly splinters this with a kick sending pieces at Jia to slow him down. Jia snaps these apart and is immediately hit in the chest with another dagger. Despite this he grabs Xunshi and throws him to his back, which doesn't stop him for long.


The drywall in the face does keep him down for a few though. Jia tosses the remnants away, and blocking Xunshi's punches, headbutts him and delivers another kick to his chest. The two go body blow for body blow until they reach the end of the hallway. Xunshi's eyes widen and he roars a battle cry before kicking the dagger in Jia's chest deeper into it's wound. Jia flinches, but delivers a roundhouse kick to the serial killer's side. The force is so fearsome that he crashes through the wall and down into what seems to be a garbage disposal room. He lands hard on the floor, and lies unmoving for several moments.


Jia breathes hard and wobbles to and fro, the poisons taking effect. He recalls what Lukas had said before the mission to everyone. 'Do what you can do. It's all I ask from everyone. Nothing more, nothing less.' Jia chuckles to himself, and admits that maybe he went a weensy bit overboard.


He then falls down into the pit and into a deep dark slumber.




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