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Greyashe chapter 269

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Greyashe chapter 269 is entitled 'A unique existence V'.


-Short summary-

Previous chapter 268: A unique existence. IV

Next chapter: 270: Collaboration.

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After figuring out his new ability, Van puts it to the test in his fight V.S. Aschner. Will the farseer succeed? Or will his magic fail?


-Long summary-


Without knowing it, Van had already cleared all of the 'conditions' needed for him to use his new ability. As his agape level rises, he feels with it, a certain surge of confidence. His eyes still can't ascertain the limits of this ability, but he would have to trust in his instincts, cleverness and most of all luck in that department. Hopefully he won't need to exceed these 'limits' to stop Aschner from using him as a tool for his assisted suicide -though if it should come to him having to pass the limit, hopefully the repercussion isn't a price that is too steep.


Sending off an Agape flare wasn't because Van wanted to showcase his superiority, no, it was to temporarily block Aschner from being able to use his. For the technique the farseer has in mind, it will be necessary to keep the veteran from being able to shield himself. Although he hesitates some, the ability's ins and outs seem to be slowly filling Van's mind giving him the confidence to at least try this. It wouldn't matter if he wanted more time to think about it anyway, considering if he falters even slightly, Aschner will kill them both. He glares at the veteran who despite having no agape to protect himself with, glares back. Wordlessly the two size each other up, and after a long moment of silence they both lunge. 


Left with no choice but to rely on his physque over his magic, Aschner swings at the boy who nimbly dodges. He cross counters with a swing of his own, easily connecting with the hunched over Aschner's forehead. Van doesn't try to knock Aschner away from him, and instead opens his palm and begins to concentrate all of his newly formed agape on his hand, using this new state of concentration to close off the nodes to the rest of his body so that his agape will have no choice but to resonate within his arm. With this power he is able to 'connect' via shared 'emotion'. For the farseer also wants to avert the end of world scenario, and although he and Aschner differ on their methods, their ideology has more in common than it does in contrast. Van had figured out with his eye and his sudden understanding of Aschner's feelings that his magic is in fact to connect and dredge up a person's 'true feelings', even when they are hidden deep down; even from themselves. In one sense this makes Van's magic truly fearsome for as long as he meets the 'conditions', it technically cannot 'miss', since it is an abstract 'idea' rather than a physical 'attack'. Although Van isn't sure to what extent this ability works, it is for now the strongest 'ability' he has had through his travels.


He connects to Aschner through the agape wave eminiating through his hand, and dives deep through subconscious waves of thought. Van feels his body trying to pull him back; as if it has an internal safety mechanism but he repeats mantra-like 'I have to reach!' over and over again and continues to descend. Finally his eye alerts him to what looks like a slab of dusted Sheetrock, and he realizes that this faded feeling must be the one that is similar to his. The farseer using his full strength within the weight of Aschner's 'thought stream', lifts this Sheetrock with his bare hands and shakes the excess dust and film from it. Bits of dust and debris shake throughout the air, and after Van has cleaned this 'feeling' of it's excess baggage, it is in the shape of a medal given to soldiers who have served commendably. He then gently raises it so that it joins the rest of Aschner's 'thought stream' and then leaves himself.


Van emerges from his successful mission, and tries to return to his body, but something strange happens...it slowly falls out of his reach. He tries time after unsuccessful time to grab at his body, but it continues to elude his reach, falling downward. Although the floor beneath the two fighters is still there, to Van his body is falling into an abyss with the possiblity of him never being able to return to it again filling him with dread.  Suddenly behind him, Aschner speaks up, and asks if he needs some help. Before the boy can confirm or deny his inquiry, He grabs the body before it encounters the floor and shoves the boy back into it.


Back in his body, Van blinks for a few minutes and then sighs in relief. Aschner puts him down and heaves a heavy gasp. His whole body seems lighter now, and the fatigue that he had been dragging behind him has all but disappeared. Most of all as if by magic, a reason to live had 'clicked' in his mind. Though he is responsible for the death of Acheron, Aschner has no desire to die, even for penance. He then glances at the boy and asks if he had something to do with this sudden change within him?


Van smirks and replies that he just repaired a few things. Apparently his magic ability is to link and repair damaged psyches. He'll need to figure out the ins and outs of his new ability, but at least for now he can say it is amazing.


Aschner nods and faces forward. He comments that he will persist in a way of saving humanity from the sentients; and live, even if it means eventually having to make up for killing Acheron. Once the world is safely out of the grips of the sentients, he'll atone for his crime. The veteran commands Van, claiming that the two have nothing more to do in this room, and that he'll send guards in to get Acheron's body and insure that he gets a proper burial. As the two leave, Aschner stops the boy and reminds him that while they do have the same 'ideal', it doesn't mean that he likes him, especially for defying him back when the Goddess killer was one of his travel mates.


Van assures him that the feeling is mutual, and reminds him what can be 'repaired' can be 'destroyed'.



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