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Greyashe chapter 268

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Greyashe chapter 268 is entitled 'A unique existence IV'.

Previous chapter 267: A unique existence. III

Next chapter 269: A unique existence. V

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


Van and Aschner's battle begins in earnest. Van tries to figure out his magic, avoid being killed by Aschner, and avoid becoming the formers inadvertent executioner.


-Long summary-


Drowning in the overwhelming furor that is Aschner's agape, Van tries to sort out his thoughts and figure out a possible first move. Aschner raises his hand in the air, and almost instantly the boy is zapped by a bolt of energy. Van knows this from his encounter with 'the untouchables' some time ago. Aschner is serious about killing Van, and as well as desiring Van to kill him. This second part Van realizes is the reading he's getting from his eyes from Aschner's psyche.


A farseer's eyes are at their cores, mini vaults of 'possibilities' and 'logics'. A really good farseer can make it seem as if he or she can predict the future, but more or less they are able to look into someone and merely figure out with a high amount of accuracy what the most likely 'possibility' will be for a certain situation. Van's eyes however, have been augmented by either his ability removed and then enhanced by Butcher and Baker's sudden recall of agape, or maybe this is his own magic kicking in? For him now, rather than just the high 'possibility' of what Aschner could be thinking of, he is seeing it as real as the man standing in front of him.  He knows exactly what Aschner is feeling, although his thoughts are still thorougly opaque to him.


There's no time for Van to try and sort this out as he falls to the ground after being hit by the bolt. Aschner is using 'chaos magic'. It is without a doubt now that he intends to either goad Van into killing him, or have the two of them go out in a blaze of glory. Before he even manages to land on one knee, Aschner is upon him with another bolt of explosive energy gyrating in his palm. Van can see the attack clearly, but his body is unable to keep up with his new eye and he only swings futilely slightly before the attack hits, leaving him to take the full brunt of the energy volley. He flies across the room and crumples into a heap upon hitting the opposite wall.  Aschner stands and regards Van, the sinews of past battles awakening his senses. He knows full well that Van swung out to avoid behing hit by his attack, but was too early. The counterattack was too precise to be a fluke, but considering it missed, it would seem that the boy is still disoriented for one reason or another. He is used to dealing with Farseers, and knows their whole raison d' etre is possibility. His move just now had too many possibilities for Van to determine which one would have been the best course of action.....so this must be a different ability than his normal farseeing. Yet, if he hadn't swung out too early, Aschner would have been left open for a counter attack, and it is this fact that the war veteran keeps stored in the back of his mind.


Van shakily gets to his feet, and watching his blood drip on the floor declares that he will not die here. He breathes in sharply and asks the magic within himself if it's okay with him dying here without even seeing what kind of possibility lies dormant in his body. He knows that magic hates him, both for his eye and his former ability, but possibility is possibility. To give up a chance to exploit his ability....would it really stand for magic to let him die like this?


The mist dissipates and Van stares at Aschner who has both palms out. Van grits his teeth and runs across the room at him. Suicidal or not, Aschner's first reaction to something like this would be to stop a destructive magic like this if the target gets too close to him. Aschner withdraws one palm and bolts dance across the floor and ceiling. Van realizes Aschner is trying to literally bring the whole room down on him, and tackles him down before the spell is complete. The farseeing boy then notices the madness Aschner's magic is supported by and quickly withdraws back....but Aschner is faster. He grabs Van's arm and summoning a ball of flame slams it into the farseer's chest. Van chokes down a scream and grabs for Aschner's hand just as he prepares a second ball of flame. Once again however, he is too early, and Aschners attack slams into his head. Lights flash and Van nearly loses consciousness, but the chaos magic saves him from a finishing blow by randomly creating a gust that causes the mist to appear. The boy manages to limp away from Aschner and collapse in a heap. Fading in and out of lucidity, he can't fathom why his magic isn't working. Would it really leave him to die? During his time of 'subjugating' magic, he had found that it is, more than anything very curious about the 'ability' and 'possibility' of human beings. Although their deaths at each other's hands would be much more desirable, humans have a possibility that magic never would have. A human can be born and become anything he wants, while magic has the destiny of being used or not being used.


Van blinks and notes something else. He had felt something during he and Aschner's short exchange. The veteran doesn't really want to kill anyone. He just wants to avoid the world end scenario. The idea that such a mass human genocide could possibly happen frightens him. If he can't prevent it, then he wants to find a place where people can find shelter from the scenario's effects. In that regard, Van could understand and maybe even sympathize with Aschner.


Suddenly it comes to Van. He knows now what his magic is. Despite himself, he smiles upon the realization and realizes how ironic it is for someone like him to have such an ability. Regardless, he knows he will only get one shot at this, and if he should fail he and Aschner will die.


The veteran clears the mist again and glances around looking for Van. He sees the boy with his fist clasped in his other hand in a fighting pose. Aschner narrows his eyes, and adopts his own defensive pose. He knows now that Van has figured out what his magic is and he will be the first one to witness it. Even he isn't prepared however for the huge spike of agape that hits him when Van begins to activate said ability. It blows his agape levels away momentarily, leaving the veteran completely bare to the elements, and at the mercy of Van's next attack.

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