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Greyashe chapter 267

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Greyashe chapter 267 is entitled 'A unique existence III'.

Previous chapter 266: A unique existence. II

Next chapter 268: A unique existence. IV

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


Van encounters the 'client', and swallowing his distaste for the person and the job he is supposed to undertake, he makes a deal that comes with a hefty price....


-Long summary-


Van makes his way through the mist, his eye leading the way. Alekto had told him his 'client' is in this room awaiting him to complete an 'assignment'. Not knowing what it is he is supposed to do fills him with a light dread. Since he had been 'taken' right after he had gained the ability to use magic, more likely than not his 'job' would have something to do with whatever his ability is. Though...since not even he knows what his ability is, much less how to use it he has to wonder how the 'client' would know this. Putting aside the fact that Alekto had probably been tracking his group since their battle in the halls of GMAGY, Van wonders how would someone else know that he of all people would be able to solve a problem that would require a unique existence like his own.


After some time, Van makes it across the fog and into a clearing. It appears to be at the other side of the room as he can see a wall. On this wall Van is shocked to see the phrase 'Memento mori' written countless times, including a few occasions where it is written in what seems to be blood. His anxiety building, he almost doesn't hear someone nearby muttering something in a low voice. The wall had drawn his attention to a point that he didn't notice that he had been standing next to the client for a few moments now. He turns to meet this person face to face, and his anxiety becomes unbridled horror.


One man, reduced to a skinny skeletal shell cradles the head of another dead man in his lap. The first man is muttering something with his eyes closed, while making hand signals in the air. He then touches the dead man's face tenderly, gingerly, as his mutterings become louder. He comes to a crescendo and stops muttering, the room becoming deathly silent. Van is unsure of what to do, as it seems the living skeleton expects something to happen. After a few moments, he opens his eyes and Van can see they are bloodshot, devoid of sleep or life. He then sighs deeply, a sigh that sounds like death and then turns slowly to meet Van's fearful expression. For a moment the two stare at each other, until Van's fear gives way to realization. He knows this person, even before his eyes fill him in on the details. The fear in Van's eyes and voice give way to quiet resolution. He quietly asks Aschner why he called him out.


After another heavy sigh, Aschner marvels how even in this state Van knows who he is. The farseer's eyes are truly amazing, and now that he had even managed to overcome their imperviousness to learning magic he truly is a unique existence. Van cuts him off and asks once again why he's here, and how he knew that some day he would have acquired magic. Aschner replies that this would be the 'only path remaining' for Van to take eventually. If he really intends to defeat the sentients and avert the 'world end scenario', he would eventually need to become what he fights against. Agape VS Agape as it were. If a boy of his age had managed to overcome the debilitating weakness of DA, it would only be a matter of time until he would eventually succeed in breaking another set of rules and become able to use magic. He had been able to bend the raw essence of agape to his will hadn't he?


Van quietly regards Aschner, not surprised that he had heard of his fight with Alekto. Aschner continues, explaining that the man with him is the former Kaizer mage, Hekerzos Acheron. His cause of death? Aschner. The former GMAGY leader recalls how Acheron had suspected Aschner of being a traitor for some time, and had finally acted on his suspicions, leading to a fight that had lead Aschner to kill him. Of course the former GMAGY leader hadn't expected this to happen, he had only seized an opening during a fight for his life. He didn't want to take the man's life! He's the only one who can save the world from the end scenario, the only person with the power and wisdom to take on the sentients! His death was far too soon, and as such Aschner would be the one to bring him back. That is where Van would come in. As a unique existence, he would have no problem using his 'magic', and eyes to bring Acheron back from the land of the dead.


Van glares at Aschner, silently seething. Putting aside the fact that he wants to bring someone else in to clean up his mistake, he of all people should know that reviving the dead is impossible. Moreover the boy hasn't forgotten how the former headmaster had intended to hurt Kani and keep Claire for himself. How dare he ask him for a favor. Even if Van could move planets, or slay the sentients himself, he would never ever help Aschner. The boy could honestly say there aren't many people during his journey that he hates, but Aschner had created an all new category and sits firmly at the top of it. Van wants to give Aschner a piece of his mind, but realizes that he can in fact, use this to his advantage. If Aschner is at the point that he would stake his bets on something as unreliable as a fledgling magician, he would probably believe anything. Van had intended to find out information about their enemies, but if things work out, he could instead lead them! Not only would their problems be a thing of the past, but they could even bolster their numbers!


Van turns to Aschner and condescendingly asks if he broke his head when he fell from his high horse. Someone with his years of experience and vast knowledge of magic should know that bringing the dead back to life is impossible. Besides that, would Acheron be able to forgive and forget the fact that Aschner well...killed him long enough to work together? In truth this is foolishness in it's most puerile form.


Aschner's old personality begins to return and he asks Van who the hell he thinks he is. Van asks him to think. It is true, he is a unique existence. Why not use the fact that he is here to his advantage? Rather than waste time and effort trying to bring Acheron back to life, allow Van to spearhead this endavor? It's obvious that he's looking for farseers because he wants to find another 'place that does not acknowledge death', since the rumor has it that they know where this is. Rather than rely on something he doesn't have, rely on what he does. A unique farseer who can actually use magic.


For the first time in what could be perecieved as an eternity, Aschner stands and puts Acheron's body aside gently. He mutters that he never did like cheeky brats like Van, especially ones that make sense. It would be much more convenient to use him....however he would need to be tested. There's no time to teach Van the ropes of magic usage, so he would have to learn in what would be the fastest means possible, with his life on the line. Aschner's magic flares and Van is once again wrapped in it's overwhelming power. The only difference between their last fight and this one would be that Van doesn't have the assurance of DA to protect him, just an unknown magic that could be anything.  This however isn't Van's issue as his new and improved eye picks up on Aschner's feelings, something it couldn't do before. The magician doesn't intend to fight Van to test his strength, but because he wants to die, and Van out of convenience would be the best executioner. Even with this though, Van has no choice but to fight....

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