Greyashe Chapter 262

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Greyashe Chapter 262 is entitled 'Faker'.


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-Short summary-


The white choir meet over the current state of the world below them, and the scheming of Butcher who is hell bent on destroying humanity and resetting the world back to a point where magic existed without humanity's interference. Their meeting is cut short however, when none other than the goddess killer 'prototype' crashes in.


-Long summary-


The envoy heads towards Deus, his mind a jumble of emotion and logic. He is certain that angels have a connection to the humans, which would explain Akariel's sacrifice, and Claire's decision. Were they really that different from humankind? More than that, he needs to confirm something about the sentient beings as well...this much hatred towards humanity had to have started somewhere. He stops and realizes that he too has slowly begun to sympathize and want to help humans, and he had only heard of them through Akariel and Claire! What made them so very endearing? Deties know nothing about death, and only have a fleeting knowledge of pain or sadness, so perhaps it is because humans live with these things and thrive that they have become so thoroughly interested in them.


Meanwhile the white choir has come together for their daily 'reflection'. The choir's sole purpose is to theorize and rationalize different aspects of their world, and to understand the ways of the elder gods before them. Deus is the current elder god, and knowledge of the past is increasingly difficult to ascertain. The former elder gods had somehow started their world, the world below, and all of life some time ago, and through the years everything had been running without problems....at least until the world below had begun to associate with agape and manipulating magic. Of course the Sentient beings and other magics were no match for the almighty power of the deities, their acts against humans had become more and more brazen as of late. Although the deities will not (and more importantly cannot), directly influence human activity, they do feel a sense of civic duty to protect those lower than them.


So the reflection today is more or less upon how to stop magic from destroying humanity. Sadly humans have become dependent on magic in their daily lives to a point of obsession. They had just realized what the deities had known for some time though; magic is pitting human against human for in hopes that they will destroy themselves. With this realization change had started to turn, but it was all too little too late. Whats more is the shocking news that an Angel fall had activated and an angel had actually become a martyr for human's sake. Events are rapidly changing, and the choir feels they have to be prepared for the worst. A straight on fight against magic isn't desirable, but if the sentients continue this path of destruction, what more could they do? Sure a war between them would probably destroy whole countries, but to lose a few to save more seems feasible to them, at least much more so than Akariel dying to save the lives of a group of four.


They would need to learn more about humans and the sentients though. That would help them decide on a course of action. Right at that moment, the 'space' in their conference 'room' distorts, and then shatters with a resounding crash. A cloaked person leaps out and stands before the choir, their 'pressure' not daunting them in the least. Beyond the 'cracked space' behind the cloaked figure are angels lying defeated. The figure comments that the angels are powerful, as even lethal attacks had only rendered them immobile. One of the choir members extends a hand at the figure and a gale force wind brews and threatens to knock them over. The stranger stands on guard and doesn't falter, although the cloak is blown away. The choir members are not surprised at the stranger's identity, and even asked what took the stranger so long to come and find them?


The stranger is a young woman, somewhat similar in appearance to Claire albeit the proper height for her apparent age. The choir asks her to have a seat, and refers to her as the 'Faker'.

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