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Greyashe chapter 260

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Greyashe chapter 260 is entiled 'Chance'.


Previous chapter 259: We are but the sum of our pasts.

Next chapter 261: Instigation.

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


Claire considers going back to where she came from, but the envoy from above informs her that she will not be able to help those she's become friends with...whether she stays or goes. Now that she has memories of being a deity, she is bound by the rules of not twisting free will.


-Long summary-


Aimend asks the envoy from above about the land across the clouds, and the envoy is more than happy to describe it as paradise beyond compare. Angels and gods live upon this land, and peace is never in short supply. Aine describes it as 'extremely one sided', and the envoy responds with gentle amusement. He apologizes to the women for their roles as 'mediators', explaining the role of Ivan's judge. Aine is surprised by this, and reveals that she and Ancasta had once been good friends with Ivan. The envoy regretfully explains to them that Ivan is dead now, as is the sentient beings reason for restraint. They will stop at nothing to erase mankind, and as par the deal with them eons ago, the deities can do nothing.


Never one for appropriate timing, Claire inquires on the possibility of her returning home. Aimend is especially shocked, asking Claire if she intends to forget about their friendship. Claire wants to reply that she never thought of them as friends, but restrains herself. She informs the two women that she couldn't do anything even if she did stay. Now that she recalls being a deity, she can't do anything to humans, especially if it dictates anything regarding free will. She was able to before because for one reason or another, she had lost her memories of her heritage beyond the clouds. Now she's bound by the same rules as all deities.


Aimend and Aine are shocked, and the envoy sadly agrees with Claire's assessment of the situation. It would be better for her to come home with him, to avoid breaking this cardinal rule. Claire eyes the envoy incredulously and asks about another method. It's the envoy's turn to be surprised, as Claire states matter of faculty that the deities can also not lie. They can leave out details, but they have a duty to tell the truth. Had she not asked the envoy about another means of staying, he would have been well within his means to not tell her, but now that she has inquired about it, he has no choice.


The envoy ruefully acknowledges Claire, and replies that he didn't want to lose 'The most precious one' again. Though true enough, as Akariel technically has ceased to exist, Claire could take her place. Aine asks what this means, and the envoy explains about Angel fall. When Akariel had activated it, she became part of the huge energy blast and her physical body had become petrified. The energy remnance searched for the nearest vessel of deity origin, and that happened to be Claire. Once the energy manifested itself in Claire, her memories had returned as well. In one way, she is Claire and Akariel, although there isn't enough of Akariel's 'essence' to over take Claire's thoughts. Claire sadly calls her a foolish angel, but thanks her for helping her memories return.


The envoy does warn Claire that her decision to stay won't change the fact that she cannot help the humans or change their will. If she does, another angel fall will occur. Claire surprises everyone by asking what would happen if she acts against this advice and helps her friends? The envoy informs her that without another deity as a vessel, she'll simply cease to exist. Claire acknowledges this, and makes her decision to stay and support the humans and her friends. The envoy respects her decision, despite wanting her to come home with him. He does admit though, that she wouldn't be the 'most precious one' if she simply stayed locked up away from others.



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