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Greyashe chapter 259

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Greyashe chapter 259 is entitled 'We are but the sum of our pasts'.


Previous chapter 258: I will not let the world wear me down.

Next chapter 260: Chance.

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


As memories of generations of farseers and magic floods into Van, Claire's own memory leads her to summon the deities, revealing that she is in fact one of them. They welcome her with open arms as Aimend and Aine look on. Van realizes that the weight of being able to use magic is a heavy one, and asks himself (and his friends) how they can possibly stand to live in a world where they are so powerless.


-Long summary-


Claire, Aimend and Aine happen upon a grassy knoll. Apparently the two latter had been following the former who requests they stop here. Claire then prays in a language that she hadn't given any indication of knowing before and suddenly a light surrounds the three women, and a being decends from above.  Upon seeing Claire, he smiles broadly and addresses her as 'Most precious one'.


Meanwhile, Van nearly drowns in a sea of memories from generations past. Although he wasn't raised as a farseer, blood alone connects him to generations past of those who are spited by magic and unable to utilize agape. His new eyes don't help him avoid being swept away, as the clear images only add to the overwhelming wave of images from generation past. His friends rush to his side trying to stop Candle, but Van wards them off and warns them not to stop him. He laments their lives, and asks now with agape flowing through his body how they could possibly live in a world and be happy when they are so powerless.


Aine instantly recognizes the being that Claire has summoned as being a true deity unlike she and Aimend. Claire reveals that not only have her memories of her travels with Van have been restored, but her life before she even came to this world as an envoy of the gods. The being promises the women no harm, and sweeps Claire into a long embrace. She remembers that has been too long since someone has simply wanted to see her for being herself, and never wants to let this feeling go again.

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