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Greyashe chapter 258

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Greyashe chapter 258 is entitled 'I will not let the world wear me down'.


Previous chapter 257: Memories off. II

Next chapter 259: We are but the sum of our pasts.

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


Van recalls to the group how Kutkh made it clear that seeing his mother was and still is of the lowest priority in the scheme of things. Up until then, that had been the boy's driving force, but now he's found something much more important. Van swears to protect his friends and the world they live in, even at the expense of himself.


-Long summary-


Kutkh had brought Anna Rose to Van once, but then just as quickly took her away. He then fought Van and his group, and easily defeated them and even separated Kani from the others without even a second thought. Van should have been getting stronger rather than simply looking for his mother. If the world is destroyed again by the sentient 3, what would it have mattered that he found his mom?


Van then answers Guy the best he can. Although it appears that he's letting the world wear him down, it's the opposite. It's because he has been able to explore the world, and meet so many people that he's become determined to save everyone, even if it means that he will be sacrificed. It's without a doubt that his plan will kill him, but it's the only chance they have at this point. The sentient 2 will stop at nothing to destroy the humans they hate so much, and Candle can't benefit from the same power up they received because they've more or less shut her out. Their small group that doesn't rely too much on agape are the only ones who can do anything, and it's that hypocrisy that makes them unable to do anything. Sure they cannot be killed by magic since they do not have agape, but it limits what they can do to the enemy.


Candle agrees and tells the group that Butcher will have absolutely no mercy, and he is extremely powerful. If they can't do anything about him, they'll all die. Reid then asks about Baker, and Candle surprises the group when she replies with little information on the second sentient being. Apparently he had never once voiced an opinion on Candle or Butcher's point of view. Kani wonders if this had been planned by the deities as well? Just like they had sent Akariel down to meet Kani and ultimately weaken Candle's resolve by having her delve into the witch's memories, could their new task be to gain Baker's favor by appealing to his neutral nature? Guy and Reid agree with this, and optimistically hope that if they can convince Baker, maybe Van would not have to sacrifice himself.


Van surprises everyone by grabbing Candle and initiating the memory recall. He agrees with their plan, but adds 'we don't have the luxury to gamble on someone else.' He intends to get magic awakened in him just in case Baker doesn't agree to help them. Being able to risk death is his way of showing that the world has not worn him down.

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