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Greyashe chapter 257

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Greyashe Chapter 257 is entitled 'Memories off II'.


Previous chapter 256: Memories off.

Next chapter 258: I will not let the world wear me down.

Summaries page.


-Short summary-


Despite her earlier boasting, Candle is still in the midsts of planning a new strategy. Guy continues to compare her to Claire much to her annoyance, while Van realizes something important. Sure his race had always been told through countless generations about how they cannot use agape, and by extention magic, but what about him? Could he be different?


-Long summary-


Candle doesn't want to reveal to her human companions that she really just didn't want to continue to be compared to this 'Claire' and that's why she boasted about being able to think of a new plan. Guy finds out and the Claire comparisons continue, while Van begins to think deeply about Kani's memory hypothesis. He then realizes his upbringing may actually prove to be beneficial. He hadn't been brought up as a traditional farseer, and therefore did not have multi-generational walls built between him and agape. To him, he had just never used magic, because the opportunity hadn't presented itself. What if Candle could use her ability to delve deep within him, and awaken memories of long ago? Could he then 'remember' a time where farseers could use agape?


After conferring with Candle, she reminds him about how magic doesn't trust a farseer's eyes. Even if he could awaken such memories, what good would it do? Van counters by reiterating that he wasn't brought up as a 'farseer' per se. To them, he's no more than a child with a power he can't fully control -which is technically the truth. Agape would jump at the chance to posses someone with his eyes and raw potential. Candle asks if he's prepared to be killed by the sentient 2, since as soon as they find out he can use magic, they will simply erase him from the inside out. She decides not to do anything until he discusses this with his friends, since she doesn't want them to hold her responsible if his stupidity should kill him.


Van discusses his plan to awaken his magic with his group, and as he expected, they're against it. Van elaborates that the two won't expect him to be able to use magic until the last moment, and by that time Kani would be able to finish them as she's the only one in the group completely invulnerable to magic. The simplicity of this plan is both it's best and most damning point. So much so that none of Van's friends can really argue against it, until Guy asks Van if he's really given up on seeing his mother? It's practically assured he will die if they go through with this. Van smiles ruefully, as he expected this question, and begins to answer Guy.




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