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Bakugaiden VI Fourteen

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(The earth trembles and trembles. The animals living nearby flee in fear not wanting to find out the source of the trembling. Then a triceratops b-da dino stomps out of the forest, and towards b-da land, but just before it can get there the Flare Dragon and Yellow crusher appear.)


Aka: It's the end of the line!


(The flare dragon fires a red hot b-da at the Triceratops and hits it dead on. Then the Yellow crusher moves in and takes the dino by the horns. The dinosaur roars and tries to struggle free, but to no avail. The Yellow crusher then flips it on its side and fires a warning shot. The dinosaur now knowing that it has been defeated retreats back into the forest.)


Aka: That was a victory for us wasn't it?


(Then the Yellow crusher lands and opens to reveal Michiko)


Michiko: Whoo! That was exhilarating. No wonder you like this so much.


Aka: I know. It would be nice to have another girl on the squad too.


(Then Melody comes running up.)


Melody: That was SO cool!


Aka: Melodybon? Where did you come from?


Melody: I was on my way to the park, but then I saw you and wanted to watch.


Michiko: You shouldn't hang out this near the battles. So watch it okay?


Melody: Okay. I want to be a pilot just like you two!


Aka(Laughs.): Reach for the stars eh Melody? Unfortunately you're too young.


Melody: Akirabon is only 4 years older than me!


Aka: I know but he has "It" What ever it is.


Melody: No fair!


Michiko: I'd better go before Kiiro gets grumpy.


Aka: Something tells me that he won't care.


Michiko: Akabon is there something you want to tell me about Kiirobon san?


Aka: I think you'll find out in time.


(Michiko stares at her for a second and then flies away.)


Melody: What about me?


Aka: I'll give you a ride home if you want.


Melody: Can I fly halfway?


Aka: No.


(Melody groans and then gets inside the Flare Dragon, and Aka starts the engines and flies toward home. Once there Melody gets out and Aka flies away.)


Melody(Opens door.): I'm home.


Akira's mom: Ah I see that you are. I thought you were going to the park.


Melody: I was, but then I changed my mind.


Akira's mom: I see. Well anything you need?


Melody: Where's Akirabon?


Akira's Mom: Upstairs I think. He might have gone out.


(Melody races up the stairs and heads to Akira's room. Akira is there and it looks as if he's about to leave.)


Akira: What are you doing here?


Melody: I wanted to know if I could use your robot.


Akira: MY robot?


Melody: I won't use it for anything bad, honest!


Akira: I can't just LET you use it. You have to know how to fly it.


Melody: You didn't know how to fly either!


Akira: But I proved myself in a battle!


Melody: You have to share!


Akira: Nuh-uh. I share everything else with you but this is one thing I don't!


Melody: Pleeeeaaaaaaassseeee?


Akira: No. Now excuse me while I go to Ken's house to play some Gamecube!


(Akira exits.)


Melody: He thinks I can't do it either! Well I'll show him!


(That night, As Akira is sleeping, Melody gets out of bed and undresses out of her pajamas and then gets into normal clothes in the moonlight.)


Melody: If I can't get it from him the nice way I'll get it the other way!


(She makes a rope out of bedsheets and slides down the rope into the front yard. Then she sneaks away in the night.)


Melody: I hope no one sees me..


(She creeps into Dr. Grey's lab, and soon finds her way to the basement where the robots are held.)


Melody: Which one is Akirabon's?


(Then she notices a bot in the shadows with a huge gun-arm.)


Melody: Bingo!


(She climbs inside the robot and feels around in the darkness. Soon she hits a button that illuminates the whole control panel)


Melody: Now that's helpful.


(Then Melody remembering the controls manages to get the robot's engine started.)


Melody: Now how do I make it fly?


(She notices the button with the wings on it and presses it then the robot begins to lift and fly away.)


Melody: I did it! And it wasn't that hard.


(The hangar opens automatically and the Flying Dragon Slayer flies through the night.)


Melody: Wow! No wonder Akirabon likes this so much!


(She looks downward and sees that she is flying over the ocean, and soon she desends downward close enough to the water that the robot gets a little wet.)


Melody: This is fun! But I'd better get back home before everyone begins to notice I'm gone.


(She puts the robot back in its place in the hangar and heads back home, gets back in her PJs and hops back into bed.)


(The Next morning Akira and his Mom are in the kitchen discussing plans for that bright Sunday morning.)


Akira's Mom: So what do you have planned today?


Akira: I was going to go to the carnival with Shoizu since he says it's in town only for a little while.


(Then Melody enters the kitchen.)


Akira: Good morning.


Melody(half asleep): Good morning.


Akira: Did you get a good night's sleep?


Melody(yawns.): Kind of.


Akira's mom: We were just talking about plans for today, and I'm wondering if you have any.


Melody: No. I was just going to stay home.


Akira: Shoizu and I are going to the carnival. Wanna come?


Melody: No thank you.


Akira: If you're mad that I won't let you use my bot, I'm sorry but you might get hurt and that worries me. So please don't be mad.


(Melody allows this to sink in and then shakes her head.)


Melody: It's okay.


Akira: Great! Then I'd better get going.


(Akira exits.)


Melody: He apologized...


(Later on Melody is leaving the house.)


Akira's mom: Where are you going?


Melody: I wanted to take a walk.


Akira's mom: Okay get back ASAP.


(Melody nods and exits.)


Melody: I really know I shouldn't but I have to! I love flying in that thing!


(She heads to Dr. Grey's lab and knocks on the door. After no answer Melody just steps in and sees Dr.Grey in a chair reading a book.)


Melody: Dr.Greybon san! Um I was just coming to visit...


(Then she notices that he didn't look up when she came in.)


Melody:  Dr. Greybon san?


(She walks over to him and lifts up the book. Dr. Grey's eyes are wide open but he is snoring.)


Melody: EEK! How is he doing that?


(Then the eyes on Dr.Grey fall on the ground revealing glasses with eyes painted on them, and a sleeping Dr.Grey.)


Melody: Whoa. Looks like Dr.Grey wanted to fool someone.


(She tip toes to the hangar and finds Akira's bot again, and gets inside. Once inside she starts the ignition and begins to lift off.)


Melody: Up up and away!


(She flies in the air, and doesn't notice Dr.Grey watching the liftoff.)


Dr.Grey: That's odd...


(Melody flies over the landscape and looks for something to do.)


Melody: *Sigh* I wish that something would pop up about now.


(She moves over a mountainside and doesn't notice Kurobon camouflaged in the side. Kurobon sits in the Black Devastator in a meditate like state until the Flying Dragon Slayer flies by.)


Kuro: It's that kid again.


(He activates the Black Devastator and pursues the Flying Dragon slayer.)


Melody: This isn't any fun. Why doesn't something cool happen?


(Then the computer in the robot activates and begins to whine.)


Melody: Uhh what's going on?


(Then she hears Kuro.)


Kuro: It's time I paid a debt kid. I didn't kill you before but I will now!


Melody: Oh no! He thinks I'm Akirabon!


(Kuro begins to fire, and Melody dodges the shots.)


Melody: He's too fast and strong!


(Kuro then disappears and reappears in front of Melody.)


Kuro: Say bye-bye.


(He fires right into the robots head and blows it clean off. Luckily for Melody, the pod in the robot manages to stay untouched and flies off like a cap on a bottle.)


Kuro: That's about it. So long.


(Kuro flies away, as the robot falls to the ground and falls apart. The pod containing Melody bounces harmlessly to the side.)


Melody: Must...call..for...help..


(She manages to hit the panic button on the pod before blacking out. Later on, Melody wakes up again and is surrounded by Akira, Shiro, Aka, and Ao.)


Akira: She's awake!


Shiro: You okay?


Melody: Yeah. Just tired.


Akira: As soon as Shiro called me I came as fast as I can.


Shiro: Dr.Grey got the panic call.


Ao: What were you doing out here anyway?


Melody: I'm sorry, I wanted to be just like Akabon and Michikobon. Everyone said I was too young but I didn't listen.


Akira: Hey as long as you're okay.


(Then Akira looks at the smoldering remains of his robot, and tears weld up in his eyes.)


Akira: WAHHHHH!!!!


(Cries into Shiro's shoulder.)


Shiro: It's okay...It's okay we can salvage that bot and make another.


Akira: but..(Sob) it won't be the same...


(Then he begins to cry again.)


Melody: I'm sorry Akirabon I really am.


Aka: I think this is the time that we should leave him alone.


(Akira crawls on his knees to his robot and cries on the remains.)


Shiro: He's taking this better than I thought.


(Everyone watches Akira and shakes their heads. And Melody silently says.)


Melody: One day I'll make this up to you..


-To be continued...- 



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