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Jikan (2002) Episode 45

Page history last edited by Sakaki 12 years, 10 months ago

Opening Song: Kimi no Te ni Boku no Te (Your hand in mine.)


And so we go off on a grand journey….

Armed only with determination


And a dream that refuses to be forgotten!


A rainbow of one color, birds that sing the same song

While it feels safe I gotta open my cocoon and fly someday


It was raining this morning so I thought I could sleep in

But then trouble started and friends and foes….


Fought as one!


I decided to have my journey with you

Because of the cool way you took your hand out of your pocket and showed it to me!


And so we go off on a grand journey

Armed only with determination.


And a dream that refuses to die!



(Last time on Sakaki’s continuing adventures, Sinister had started his attack on the universe by attacking the nearby planet Terrasno. However like Napoleon before him, Sinister underestimated both the terrain and his enemy. What no one saw coming was the sudden appearance of the T.S.M. With his help, Terrasno was able to see victory. However Sinister isn’t down and out yet, and is already scheming for his next strike. This is where we come in along with Sakaki who has finally had all he can stand of the villain’s treachery. So the final battle is going to start here! Sakaki V.S. Sinister, Light V.S. Darkness, and Truth V.S. Despair. This is a Jikan not to miss!)


Sakaki: Episode 45: Instant Healing Property! Atsuko’s Present!


(Sakaki and Sinister stare at each other anticipating the other’s move. Sakaki has drawn the Midnight blade and the look in his eyes indicates that he means business. Atsuko and Gato sit on the sidelines watching this showdown that is until Gato notices that he is standing beside Atsuko.)


Gato: Eh…? Toots! Hey lunkhead! Shouldn’t we save her first?

Sakaki: No its no good. Even if we save her, Sinister will stand in our way until he’s defeated.


(Sinister looks at Sakaki with a disdainful look.)


Sinister: Now that’s mean, acting like you know all of my moves before I can make them.


(Without moving he presses a button and suddenly Sakaki, Gato and Atsuko begin to sink into the Dragon’s innards.)


Sakaki: What the?! I thought this thing was metal!!!


Gato: What did that Sinister do?

Sinister: I can’t believe for a second you figured that you could defeat me. Its MY job to know your moves and then stop you two moves ahead of time.


(Sakaki and Gato try to struggle but they soon are head deep in the dragon’s innards and finally they disappear. Inside they fall down a series of tunnels and pipes until they land outside the dragon, and in a moment Atsuko joins them as well)


Sakaki: Why did he eject us like that?!


(Atsuko walks to the side of the dragon and stands resolute. The Terror Iron Dragon roars mightily and then stares hungrily at Sakaki and Gato.)


Gato: Ok if you’ve got an anti-dragon strategy lunkhead, now is the time to tell me about it!


(Sakaki then drops to his knees and begins to breath heavily.)


Sakaki (Thinking): Drat it, Gato was right it would have been better for me to heal up in one of the chambers rather than run here worrying about the others….now I don’t have a way to get better and Sinister is staring me right in the face….


Sinister(From intercom in Dragon.): Hah! I knew it. You bark about it “Being over” but you don’t even have the strength to fight me anymore do you? Well it seems that “they” were able to accomplish their job anyway.


Sakaki: What? Who are “they”?


Sinister: Hmph. Must I spell everything out for you Takahashi-san? “They” are the hired assassins I gathered on the Tengon mothership.


(Sakaki instantly gets flashes of Liu, Carmen, Hiro and finally Grawl in his head.)


Sakaki: So what? What do they have to do with anything?


Sinister: I do rather hate repeating myself. Their presence on the ship was at first determined to erase you so the Tengons could continue with their plan. However I planned that someone as persistent as you might still be a problem. So instead I changed the plan around. I decided that instead I would throw them at you to learn your fighting style so that when the Terror Iron Dragon was activated it would be easier to destroy you with my own hands, and even if they weren’t able to find out anything about your weaknesses and strengths. They would be able to at least weaken you, after all they are trained assassins, and you are a boy who probably hasn’t swung a sword for very long. Theres no way you’d be able to make it through fights with all of them unscathed.


Sakaki: So you….toyed with them just to make me too weak to fight back against you?


Sinister: Toyed…..i rather like that word. May I use it Takahashi-san? Of course I didn’t tell them because that may have impacted the plan. Well even though they’re all gone now, they managed to do what I needed them to do.




Sinister: Well you could have just given up and then they wouldn’t have needed to go through all of that…..so you’re really the one to blame here aren’t you?


(Sakaki’s rage finally reaches its peak and even though he’s still in a weakened state he runs towards the Terror Iron Dragon, and leaps up ward slashing the midnight blade at it. Sakaki’s rage manifests itself as a huge energy slash that cuts right through the dragon’s neck, and then once it cuts through it flies off and dissipates. The Terror Iron Dragon’s neck now hangs dearly for life off its left side and seemingly Sakaki has managed to defeat it. However inside Sinister still looks as calm and collected as ever.)


Sinister: Hmm, you really are quite strong though…even in this weakened state aren’t you?


(Sinister looks down at Sakaki from inside the dragon. He has an emotionless expression now, and says nothing. Outside Atsuko comes to life again and walks over to the side of the Dragon. She puts her face on its leg and rubs it with her hands in a circular motion. She then takes out a small blade and cuts her wrist just a little, letting the blood drop on the space she just rubbed. The space suddenly turns green, and then the green color envelops the whole dragon. Once the green color fades, the dragon’s neck is fully repaired.)


Sakaki: W-what??!


Gato: How the hell did he do that?!?


Sinister(From intercom): Its my best creation yet. The foreign-antibody inside princess’s body was also injected in the dragon’s makeup. You see while this dragon is mostly mechanical, it also is slightly organic too. So all princess needs to do is put some of her DNA on the dragon and like that the living antibody in her body heals any damage that the dragon takes.


(Sakaki is back on his knees again panting heavily.)


Sinister: Of course, you could still defeat it if you could gather more of that strength to use another attack like that, and then use it to kill her. Then I wouldn’t be able to heal anymore and the battle would be in your hands. Of course, I doubt you could kill her, even if you had the strength. Or you could just keep attacking and letting her cut herself until she bleeds to death and defeat me that way. Either way the ball is in your court Takahashi-san.




(Sakaki tries standing up but then just falls on his side.)


Sinister: Ooh…so the spirit is willing but the body is weak? Well then I’ll go then.


(He takes the mike and says into it.)


Sinister: I want to take my time enjoying this dragon! Use weak blasts to torture him and then move up to bigger blasts to erase him once and for all!


(The dragon complies and begins to open fire with small torrets loaded in its wings. Sakaki starts running and manages to avoid some of the smaller blasts but is knocked off of his feet with one blast and lands a few feet away.)


Gato: Hey lunkhead!!!


(Gato turns to Atsuko and runs towards her.)


Gato: Toots!! How long are you going to help that evil bastard out?!


(She doesn’t respond to him.)


Gato: Come on!!! Even he doesn’t deserve to be beaten like this!!


Atsuko: If he were wise he wouldn’t have gone this far in the first place. Kaiser-Sinister wasn’t trying to take over his time period. We exist in a time where he would be long dead anyway. He could have kept his nose out of it and perhaps lived a normal life.


Gato: Well….You’re right!! But…since he’s here and our friend, should we help him?


(Atsuko doesn’t answer him.)


Gato: Toots….you….


(Sakaki runs from the dragon which has taken flight, but can’t avoid the huge cannon fire that comes from its mouth. He isn’t hit directly but the force of the explosion burns him and sends him flying even further.)


Sinister: This is a time pocket. The space is infinite so we can play cat and mouse forever, but I don’t intend to even spend more than 2 minutes on you. (Laughs maniacally.) Now I will do what Boss Tengon couldn’t! Kill Takahashi Sakaki!!




(Atsuko seems not to care about her fellow time traveling companion, but the truth is much much more complex. We are thrust deep deep into her subconscious, and after some time we see the form of Atsuko lying on the floor with her eyes closed She is only wearing a long white shirt, and her long hair is free which is abnormal for her. Suddenly they open, and she sits up quickly. She looks around and sees her surroundings are an inky darkness of infinite space. A door appears to her side suddenly, and as if she was being pulled to it Atsuko gets up and opens it. On the other side of the door is a hallway that seems to go on forever. On each side of the hallway are doors that have windows oddly placed in the center of them. Atsuko looks down the hallway and begins to walk, and while the floor is barren and cold it doesn’t seem to bother her though she’s barefooted. Atsuko stops at each door and peering inside the window sees a part of her life unfolding. One door shows her learning to ride a bike, another shows the first day of school, and yet another shows a birthday party that wasn’t too long ago. )


Atsuko: These are….my memories?


(This seems to be the Atsuko we know, her voice is filled with bewilderment and awe unlike the Sinister version who is emotionless.)


Atsuko: Then….I’m…..


(She continues walking and as she looks into the doors realizes that the further she goes the more recent the memories get. She gets to a door that shows the day she went to the store to rent the time gate, and the day she went to tell Kiki she was leaving. After a couple more doors we see it….the day she met Sakaki. Atsuko stares at this door for an extra long while watching the scene unfold.)


Sakaki: Hellloooooo?


(Then something jumps out on him, the force causing him and it to fly backwards a couple of feet.)


Sakaki: GAH!


(The thing is what seems to be a half wolf- half human hybrid and it tries to bite at Sakaki’s face. Sakaki tries to struggle against it but it seems like he’s going to lose the fight.)


Wolf: This’ll teach you to go trespassing you creep! You seemed like a nice guy too!


Sakaki: Huh? You’ve been watching me?


Wolf: You could say that…


Sakaki: Well then couldn’t I say that you’ve been trespassing into my life? You’re guilty of the same thing right?


Wolf: I never thought of that….


(In a second the wolf is off of him and bowing for forgiveness.)


Wolf: I’m sorry!


Sakaki: Uh…its ok? We’ll call it even.


Wolf: Oh good. I guess I can drop this form since you aren’t a threat.


Sakaki: Form? That’s not how you really look?


Wolf: As if! I look much nicer.


(Sakaki watches shocked as the wolf-human turns into a young girl before his eyes.)

Girl: See? Am I right?


Sakaki: I’ll say….


(The girl has long green hair that goes to her back which is tied with a white rope and light blue eyes. She has a red beret on with a white sleeveless top and jean pants. To finish the ensemble she has high-tops on.)


Sakaki: Who…or what are you?


Girl(Smiling): Atsuko at your service!


(In the present Atsuko smiles weakly.)


Atsuko(Present): That was one of the happiest days of my life…


(She then sees the final door of the hallway up ahead.)


Atsuko: This must be…..


(Atsuko’s hand trembles a bit before she opens the door, and finally she does and sees herself sitting in a chair by herself.)

Atsuko: You are….


Atsuko2: Host-body, you have awakened?


Atsuko: Don’t act like that. You know I’ve been here, and in fact lately you’ve let more of my true self-show.


Atsuko2: I’ve been careless. That’s all it is.


(This Atsuko is obviously the one that Sinister manufactured. She looks very professional and grown up, she’s wearing the labcoat that the one outside currently is wearing and has her hair done up in a bun.)


Atsuko: No I know it’s more than that now. You….you’ve begun to hate Sinister haven’t you?


(The other Atsuko says nothing.)


Atsuko: It was just a general dislike of him, and now…you hate him. That’s why you’ve secretly allowed me to have some control haven’t you?


Atsuko2: You have it wrong. I am not supposed to have feelings. I only do what Kaiser-Sinister asks of me. He is my creator and the subject is not supposed disobey the master.


Atsuko: But the truth is somehow you’ve begun to feel! You feel bad for the bad things you’ve done! You hate what Sinister is doing!


Atsuko2: Feel as you may, the truth is that I cannot allow you to have your body back.


Atsuko: I’ve always had the power to leave you know.


Atsuko2: Hmm?


Atsuko: I noticed it right after I was injected with you. Mr. (Mocks sinister) “I plan for everything” didn’t know that his foreign anti-body might work on humans and mecha, but isn’t as effective on hybrids like me! So I’ve only let you take over my body by choice.


(The other Atsuko looks a little bit intrigued at this.)


Atsuko2: So why did you let me do it? If you hated all of this why let me take your body?


Atsuko: Hmph. I’m not dumb. Even if I had ejected you initially Sinister would just make a more potent version, and even if I could get away from him, I was surrounded by Tengon Guards in space. I can’t exactly jump out and wait for a ride home.


(Then Atsuko gets a sad expression.)


Atsuko: And….


Atsuko2: And what?


Atsuko: I felt bad for you……you were created to do such evil things….and its not like you wanted to do this….I’m sure if you had the choice you would do something else right? Right?


(Atsuko looks pleadingly at her other self.)


Atsuko: Right?


Atsuko2: You claim you aren’t foolish, but the honest truth is that you are. I am an organism weaker than even a virus. Viruses can adapt and live airborne, I however cannot do that. If I am not injected inside of an organism such as you….I will die almost instantly. So even if I shared these feelings with you it doesn’t matter. Sinister determines where I go and what I will do.


Atsuko: I….I….didn’t know…


Atsuko2: You are lucky though I know that.


(Atsuko looks at her quizzically.)


Atsuko2: I’ve met so many people that want to help you so badly. So much so that they would throw away their lives. Even now one is fighting desperately to defeat Sinister and get you back.


Atsuko: Fighting….don’t tell me…


Atsuko2: Yes the one you call “Sakaki” is here…and he is going to die at this rate.


Atsuko: Sakaki……is here?…..and he’s going to die?


Atsuko2: His injuries before taking on Sinister were many, and of course Sinister hates him with all of his might so he’s slowly taking his time torturing him.


Atsuko: No…..Sakaki….


(Atsuko stands there silent, but then she looks at her other self with a serious expression.)


Atsuko: I’ll help you.


Atsuko2: Help…me?

Atsuko: If I help you find a way to continue to survive, will you give me back my body?


Atsuko2: That is impossible. I told you I will die instantly.


Atsuko: Did you forget you’re talking to the girl with Master Technology? I can build whatever I want whenever I want! I promise I’ll save you.


Atsuko2:………you can do that?


Atsuko: Of course girl! Just give me control of my body! I can help you and Sakaki but only if you do that for me.


(The other Atsuko seems to be deeply in thought about this, and then looks at Atsuko returning her serious expression.)


Atsuko2: Ok but I’m going to add one more condition.


Atsuko: Uh….Name it!


Atsuko2: You must give Sakaki the strength to pay for Sinister’s crimes. If you cannot make me that promise I will not grant you control again.


Atsuko: Hehe….you drive a hard bargain….but ok you got it!


(They shake hands, and for the first time the antibody-Atsuko smiles. Our original Atsuko has a big grin as well. Suddenly we are sent out of Atsuko’s body where Gato is still begging her to help Sakaki.)


Gato: Toots!! Toots!!! HEY!!


(Atsuko suddenly faints.)


Gato: What the?!? I said to help him! Not “Freak-out and faint”!


(Gato walks over to her and pokes her head with his paw.)


Gato: Or…did you die from guilt? I didn’t think people could actually die from that…


(Atsuko suddenly grabs his paw.)


Gato: GAHHHHHH! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!!


Atsuko: Man…you ARE noisy….I always thought Sakaki was being mean but he’s right…


Gato: Toots…..(realizes that she’s back.) Toots!!

(Atsuko sits up and rubs her eyes.)


Atsuko: Yeah….(smiles) Thank you for coming to save me Gato…


Gato: No problem! I mean…(smoothly) I ALWAYS come for the girl.


Atsuko: Hehe….don’t go overboard Casanova. (She stands up, and takes off the shoes she was wearing and lets her hair down.) Much better.


Gato: Huh? Why did you do that?


Atsuko: Those shoes with THAT hairdo? Get out of here. I’d much rather be barefoot.


(She looks in the distance where the dragon is rapidly firing on a now down and out Sakaki.)


Atsuko: Sakaki!!!!!!!!!!


(She runs towards him.)


Gato: Hey! Wait a minute!!! (Gato follows her.) Man…it actually feels nice to say that….


(Sinister notices her running towards our hero and already has figured out that he’s lost his only loyal supporter.)


Sinister: So the princess is gone huh? No matter, Sakaki’s casket is almost ready for him now.


(Atsuko turns half-wolf form to pick up her speed and then grabs Sakaki before Sinister can launch his final attack. She barely gets out of the way, but manages to avoid being hurt.)


Atsuko: Whew! That was close!!


(She looks at Sakaki who is now unconscious, and pretty much at the end of his life.)


Atsuko: Sakaki! Sakaki!! Please don’t die now….please!! I know you risked so much to come out here and save me, and I want you to know I’m really really really happy you came…..and that thanks to you I’m free…..


(She lies his body down and bends over him.)


Atsuko: What can I do…..you’ve come this far so I have to help you…..


(She suddenly gets an idea.)


Atsuko: It’s really risky….but….


(She sees the cut on her arm made earlier.)


Atsuko: It should work on him….since he’s not a hybrid….


(She squeezes her arm. Atsuko yelps in pain when she does this, but she continues anyway. Soon the desired effect of opening the wound again happens and blood runs down her arm. She takes two fingers and then rubs it on Sakaki.)


Atsuko: I’m not gonna let you die here! At least not before I can thank you for all that you’ve done!!


(She rubs it and then presses his body like one who is doing CPR.)


Atsuko: You’re going to LIVE!!! LIVE!!!!


(Gato gets there around this time unable to keep up with Atsuko’s speed earlier. He watches over this and also puts his paws together in an almost silent prayer.)


Atsuko: While I did eject the antibody, a little bit should still be in my system…..please let it be enough to heal him….


(She presses on his body again.)


Gato: Come on lunkhead live! I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to yell at you about!!


(Without them knowing Sinister has closed in on their location. He prepares the big guns for our heroes wanting to completely obliterate them.)


Sinister: Well its game over for all of you……but I will have statues erected in your honor in my utopia that will serve as examples for those who are foolish enough to oppose me.


Gato: Hey wait!! I don’t want a statue like that! Mine has to be badass looking at least!


Sinister: DISAPEAR!


(Atsuko grabs Gato and Sakaki’s body and then dashes out of the way. The blast hits and this sends them all flying forward.)


Atsuko: Aahhhhhhhhhh!!!


(They all land several feet away from Sinister, who simply advances on this location.)


Atsuko: Man! He’s really persistent………

(Atsuko prepares to run again but then realizes that the last blast has injured her right leg, and now it’s paralyzed.)


Atsuko: No…..we’re really……


Gato: Toots! Are you ok?!


Atsuko: Yes….but it’s over now……It hurts a lot to move, so I can’t help us avoid this next attack!


(Sinister closes in again and fires another smaller blast of energy at them, which knocks Atsuko and Gato off their feet. They land in a heap a few more feet ahead, and this time they don’t move again.)


Atsuko: Guh….


(She turns around and sees the Dragon about to close in again.)


Atsuko(Tearing up.): Sakaki traveled the universe, braved the Tengons, and risked his lives countless times to come and save me….so why….why can’t I do the same for him?


(She begins to weep silently realizing that this time the Dragon will finish them off.)


Sinister: Mmm, I think it’s about time I finished this, and got out of this time pocket.


(He fires the main cannon out of the Dragon’s mouth and seemingly hits the three of them head on. The blast creates a huge smoke screen, and from that we don’t see the heroes of this story anymore. Sinister smiles satisfactorily and then says.)


Sinister: A shame though, I really didn’t want to have to get rid of the princess too…her master technology could have served me well.


(He shrugs as if this is just a little mistake.)


Sinister: Oh well, back to the drawing board I guess.


(Sinister is about to command the Dragon again when suddenly he sees something on sonar approaching fast. Sinister barely has enough time to say….)


Sinister: Dodge!!


(The dragon flies upward and just barely avoids a small figure striking it down.)


Sinister: What the…who else could possibly be here?


(Then he sees that Atsuko and Gato are unconscious but are unhurt and still alive.)

Sinister: WHAT?! I couldn’t have missed so what could have happened?!?


(Then he realizes something.)


Sinister: Where is Sakaki?


(Suddenly a sensor goes off and the dragon lurches forward. Sinister looks at the damage readings and sees that one of the Dragon’s wings has been clipped off.)


Sinister: Who…WHO IS THERE?!!


(He turns in front and gasps at what he sees.)


Sinister: What…what is going on?!?!


(Sinister is now staring down at Sakaki who is awake now, but….he once again has the midnight blade replacing one of his arms, just like the time where he fought Grawl. The one difference this time is……Sakaki’s eyes are blood red, with small yellow dots as his irises. His teeth are sharp and jagged and he doesn’t speak, only makes a low growling noise like an animal.)


Sinister: Sakaki……..transformed?!


(Sakaki roars and then flies up at the dragon with such a great speed that Sinister can’t get the order out to move, and Sakaki swings down guillotine style on the dragon are other wing. Once that’s off Sakaki turns and aims this time for the head, and yet again Sinister’s smug look is gone and one of fear and confusion has replaced it. Sakaki swings and then…)




Ending Song: Kaze wa yatte kuru bashou (The place where the wind comes.)


When the wind whispers its secrets

Where will you be? And who will you be with?


All the glittering dreams will become real just temporally

What will you wish for?


You who is unable to wait for anything

Will the gentle dawn come fast enough?


If the clouds part and you leave…

Where will the wind take you?


Your scent, it’s carried gently along the wind,

No matter how far you think you’ve gotten


Is drifting drifting, the fate that you were given?

Or simply the one you accepted?


When the wind speaks its story….

Will you listen? And will you believe?


All of the empty feelings will disappear

What will you wish for?




Atsuko: Where did Sakaki get all of that fighting power?


Gato: This isn’t good at all, he’s attacking without any strategy!!


Atsuko: I know but……he’s winning isn’t he?


(Atsuko begins to cheer.)


Atsuko: Go go Sakaki!!


Gato: Sinister isn’t gonna back down so easily though…..why is the Dragon glowing like that?


Atsuko: Well normally…glowing like that means that….something’s over heating or…


Gato: Or…


Atsuko: SAKAKI!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!


Gato: Wha….Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito….




Gato: No way!!! I never thought we’d have to do THAT again!!!!!!!!!!!





















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