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Jikan (2002) Episode 43

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Opening Song: Kimi no Te ni Boku no Te (Your hand in mine.)


And so we go off on a grand journey….

Armed only with determination


And a dream that refuses to be forgotten!


A rainbow of one color, birds that sing the same song

While it feels safe I gotta open my cocoon and fly someday


It was raining this morning so I thought I could sleep in

But then trouble started and friends and foes….


Fought as one!


I decided to have my journey with you

Because of the cool way you took your hand out of your pocket and showed it to me!


And so we go off on a grand journey

Armed only with determination.


And a dream that refuses to die!



(Last time on Sakaki’s journey through time, Sakaki’s inevitable showdown with Boss Tengon finally happened! However the Tengon leader was in a flurried rage after supposedly witnessing Sakaki kill off his beloved. Sakaki, who is still weak from his battle with Grawl, could do nothing to fight off Boss Tengon and tried to buy some time so he could get in better condition,. However this didn’t turn out too well for our hero either and soon he found himself staring down the barrel of Boss Tengon’s wrath. Sakaki however was able to talk him down, making him come to his senses. Boss Tengon then turned his anger to the evil Dr. Sinister who had planned out all of this in the first place. However Dr. Sinister as usual had an ace up his sleeve and after revealing the terrorist weapon "Terror Iron Dragon” soon also revealed the mighty mechanical beasts most cruel function. The ability to fully absorb those who are unlucky enough to pilot it, and Boss Tengon found out about this the hard way as Terror Iron Dragon takes his life and all hope for Sakaki to stand up against the evil doctor. Now with Atsuko by his side has Dr. Sinister finally gotten to his goal of universal domination? We can only sit back and see as yet another chapter of this exciting exodus through time and space continues!)


Sakaki: Sinister! Why would you do this to him?! Among all other things he believed you were his ally!


(Dr. Sinister stares at Sakaki unmoving and uncaring.)


Dr. Sinister: So are you telling me that if your ally attacked you, you wouldn’t do anything to defend yourself?


Sakaki: Huh? Wait!!!!!!


Dr. Sinister: I simply acted out of self defense.


Sakaki: Don’t you DARE compare the two of us! That was cruel and you know it you sick psycho!


(Dr. Sinister puts up one finger and wags it nonchalantly at Sakaki.)


Dr. Sinister: No no no Takahashi-san. That’s no way to talk to someone who is about to become undisputed leader of the universe.


(Dr. Sinister spreads his hands wide and smiles evilly.)


Dr. Sinister: all that can be conceived and that will be conceived will become one and that one will be mine!


Sakaki: Episode 43: Universal Conquest?! Dragon the Reaper!


(Gato, Liu, her father Hiro and mother Carmen run down the halls of the Tengon mothership headed towards Dr. Sinister and Sakaki. They know that something awaits them in the hangar, but they no…no one could fully comprehend just how much danger they actually are in.)


Gato: Hey how far is it now?


Liu: We should get there pretty soon. I remember being here before!


Hiro: Heh I’m actually looking forward to seeing this weapon, though I guess it doesn’t really concern me what the Tengons plan on doing with it.


Carmen: Dear, how can you be so nonchalant about this? It is the universe’s fate at stake here.


Hiro: Yeah I know, but I’m not a believer of “One man can make a difference.” Besides that we were only hired to take care of that Sakaki fellow. Whatever this thing is has got to be big bad news if they so desperate to get it done that they’d ask us to take care of one guy.


Gato: So you guys were specifically hired to kill off Lunkhead? (Sighs) If that moron were here he’d probably take that as a compliment.


Liu: Look alive people! The hangar is right ahead!


(They all run into hangar and stare dumbfounded at the huge mechanical dragon above them.)



Hiro: If I had to take a guess, probably bad news.




Hiro: I was just kidding.


(Gato sees Sakaki on his knees and Atsuko standing beside Dr. Sinister.)


Gato: Toots! Lunkhead! What’s going on! What’s that huge flying thing?!


Sakaki: Gato….and them?


Liu: Sakaki-kuunnnnnnn! We came to help!


Sakaki: No! Go away! You can’t stop this thing!!


Hiro: Hey hey now, I wouldn’t count us out until the very end kid.


Atsuko: You cannot interfere. The Terror Iron Dragon is perfect in every way because of the master technology. If you do still want your lives you will have to submit to Dr. Sinister.


Dr. Sinister: Hmph. I suppose now that boss-peon is gone, I can drop this “doctor” guise.


(Terror Iron Dragon then stares down at its victims. Dr. Sin---no Sinister looks at them as well with no mercy, and then points at them.)


Sinister: Dragon, hear your master. Destroy them all and leave no trace.


(Terror Iron Dragon responds by opening two cannons at its sides and also powering up a cannon in its mouth.)


Sakaki: Wait! Won’t you destroy the Tengon Mothership too?!


Sinister: Well eventually, but not until I’m safely off of course.


Hiro: Hey now buddy, it sounds like you’re gonna do something that’s a little dangerous.


(The dragon then fires its triple threat cannons at our protagonists, which causes a large portion of the hangar to get destroyed. A fire burns seemingly incinerating all of them, however Atsuko suddenly dashes in front of Dr. Sinister and grabs a dagger which was headed right his neck, and then from behind Hiro comes out of the smoke and tries to strike down the doctor, when Atsuko takes the same dagger and throws it at him. He manages to grab it, but then is hit in the stomach by Atsuko’s clawed hand. He coughs up blood and flies backward a couple of feet as Atsuko stands resolute. Carmen’s shadow then grabs her and keeps her from moving as the real Carmen appears with another dagger and prepares to charge Atsuko. Atsuko manages to get free before getting hit and then kicks her hard in the side.)


Hiro: Whoo man, this little princess definitely does her own laundry doesn’t she?


Sinister: Hmph, the foreign antibody that I created seems to be serving me well does it not? Too bad you two, I was thinking I’d let you live seeing that you did do your job to a tee, but since you want to interfere so bad, I’ll give you a different honor.


Carmen: And what honor would that be?


Sinister: To be the first victims of Kaiser Sinister, the new ruler of this universe.


Hiro: Looks like you need to be taken down a couple of notches huh? That’s my specialty and today its on the house.


Sinister: Lets see your best then. If you can stop my esteemed princess, then perhaps I will consider not destroying you.


Carmen: Dear, seems that the odds are quite uneven aren’t they?


Hiro: Yep, but a job wouldn’t be a job if it were easy would it?


Carmen(Playfully): You’re hopeless as usual.


Sinister(Thinking): Hmm, so that’s it is it? Give the main event some time to prepare and then go on with the show? That’s just fine, I’ll play warm up with these two. (Looks up at Terror Iron Dragon.) I’ll save my main event for then too. (To Atsuko.) Make sure that they both realize how foolish their mistake is.


Atsuko: As you wish.


(Their fight rages on, as Sakaki, Liu and Gato run away from the hangar.)


Sakaki: I owe your folks one, letting us escape like that…


Liu: Yeah, they’re really great when they want to be, which is why I really want to quit this assassin business and live normally with them…


Gato: Well we can sit and have a “Moment” later!! Lunkhead what are you gonna do?! Boss Tengon may have not killed you, but he didn’t exactly heal you up either!


Sakaki: Yeah I know I know! I figure that they must have a healing unit around here or something like that right? If we could find it and even give me back half of my strength I know I could do something!




Sakaki: Wh-What?


Gato: That’s not just Sinister you’re fighting against it’s a huge dragon thing! You could be 100 percent and not do a thing to it! You realize its over no matter what we do right?!


Sakaki: Haven’t you learned anything from all that we’ve been through?


Gato: Other than the fact that if I ever live through this somehow that I’m NEVER traveling outside of my time period again NO!


Sakaki: Now you’re missing the point! We’ve always found a way through it and this time will be no different! Now all we need to do is find a way to heal me up and then defeat that dragon!


Liu: Sakaki-kun (Tears up.) You’re the best!


Sakaki: That’s the spirit!


(Sakaki then shifts his gaze forward.)


Sakaki: Oh yeah theres one more important thing.


(The others look at him.)


Sakaki: We have to tell the other Tengons to get out of here. I’m no mad scientist but I am pretty sure that the next step is to destroy this ship.


Liu: What?! Then….Daddy and….


Sakaki: We won’t let it get to that, we’re gonna evacuate everyone and take care of him.


(They find a corridor and start to go down that hallway too but before they can get anywhere Tengon guards confront them.)


Tengon1: You! You were the reason why this happened weren’t you!?


Tengon2: That’s why everything is going to hell like this!


Tengon3: If it weren’t for you we could have all managed to get out of this unscathed!


Sakaki: Damn! Of all the rotten timing!!


(The guards draw their rifles.)


Tengon1: Now Sakaki the least you could do is die for us!


Sakaki: Wait!


Gato: Hold on a second! Why are you pinning all of this on lunkhead?!


Sakaki: Its normal, to look for a scapegoat when something this tragic happens, and I suppose I do deserve some of this for assuming that you guys were completely evil, but at this time do we really have time to stop for this?


Tengon3: Shut your damn mouth!


Sakaki: Your Boss wouldn’t want you to die like this!


Tengon2: What do you think you’re doing? Dragging Boss Tengon’s name into this?


Tengon1: That’s a ticket to hell if I’ve ever heard of one!


(They are about to fire when two figures appear behind them.)


Figure1: Hey! Wait a second! He seems to know something! Wouldn’t it be much better to question him than to kill him?


(The guards turn around.)


Figure2: Um…please…um give us a like…chance to….sort this…um….out peacefully….please?


Sakaki: Those two?!


(Yes behind the guards are none other than Bash and Crash.)


Crash: Things have been getting hectic, but theres no need for us to become barbarians! If he knows something about Boss Tengon, we need to question him!


Tengon3: Who the hell do you think you are? Telling us what to do?


Crash: I’m an intern pal! And proud of it!


(The Tengons begin to take out their frustrations on Crash by jumping on him and physically beating him up. Bash walks over to Sakaki and stares at him questioningly.)


Bash: Um…do you…..like…….really…like…know what happened…to…Boss-sama?


(She blushes slightly, and Sakaki sighs heavily.)


Sakaki: I really didn’t want to stop now but….since you guys did technically save us….


(Meanwhile Carmen and Hiro are still locked in their showdown, with Atsuko seemingly having the upper hand. Atsuko attacks Hiro with a clawed hand to the face, and he ducks underneath this swing and attacks with an uppercut. Atsuko moves to the side and then punches him in the stomach twice and then grabbing his arm throws him into Carmen who was on her way to follow up with an attack. Both of the assassins fly back and land on the floor of the hangar. Sinister sits watching with a bored expression one akin to a child who has received new toy but is being forbidden to play with it.)


Hiro: You know, while I know the kid was trying to save this girl, she’s really getting on my nerves.


Carmen: Dear you aren’t saying….


Hiro: Well unless you have other ideas I don’t see what else we can do.


Carmen: Ok…..but I don’t think Koneko-chan will like this….


Hiro: Eh he’ll be ok, he’s at an age where girls flock in like cicadas in summer.


(They suddenly both get up and run towards Atsuko. Atsuko gets into a battle stance preparing to block any attacks they might conceive. However rather than running straight at Atsuko they split up and go to two different sides of the room. Carmen turns back at Atsuko and throws a dagger across the room. Atsuko sees this and ducks under it, then starts to run towards Carmen, but then another dagger comes from underneath her, and she barely has enough time to move out of the way, so the dagger nips her leg, and then her face on its way up to the ceiling. Atsuko starts moving again but then two daggers appear from her left and she ducks and weaves to avoid these. Two more come down from the ceiling, and this time Atsuko’s left arm is grazed. Atsuko then looks around the room which now has daggers flying from different directions. Atsuko begins to avoid them by ducking sliding and running forward. She turns suddenly and sees Carmen running beside her.)


Carmen(Winks): Us girls have to work out don’t we?


Atsuko: The time for playing is over now.


(She tries to lunge for her when suddenly Hiro grabs her by her neck and shoves her into the wall.)


Hiro: My policy is usually not to fight with girls, but someone like you breaks a lot of rules.


(Hiro then tightens his grip and raises his other fist.)


Hiro: Now little lady, please don’t be too upset with me.


(Atsuko looks over at Sinister; Sinister doesn’t say anything but Atsuko seems to have received the message. Hiro finally brings his fist forward with full force, and the force from the resulting blow is so powerful that it leaves a crater in the wall. Hiro lets go and stands over Atsuko’s lifeless body.)


Hiro: Something about doing a job like this doesn’t make me feel good at all.


Sinister: Are you quite done?


Hiro: I’m beginning to dislike you buddy.


Sinister: Well aren’t I the lucky one? I would take my turn in the ring with you, but unfortunately your last fight isn’t done yet.


Hiro: Huh?


(Carmen then yells at her husband.)


Carmen: WATCH OUT!


(She shoves him out of the way and is hit by a clawed attack. She lands a few feet away with slash wounds on her back and torso.)


Hiro: What the hell……?


(Though we can’t see her attacker, we see the shadows on the wall reflect a huge and horrible beast. Hiro turns and sees this then smiles ruefully.)


Hiro: Wow princess, what CAN’T you do?


(As Hiro gracefully accepts his fate the Tengon guards, Bash, Crash, Gato and Liu all stare at Sakaki with their mouths hanging open.)


Sakaki: That’s really what happened, I’m…I’m sorry. I was right there and couldn’t do a thing!!


Bash: That’s….that’s….impossible….right…?


Crash: Boss Tengon is dead and….the doc killed him?!


Gato: Well…..that takes care of one villain, THE ONE WE HAD AN ACTUAL CHANCE AT BEATING!!!!!!


(Gato buries his head in his paws.)

Gato: We just HAD to be left with the capable villain! Why? Why us?!?!


Sakaki: Your lack of sympathy knows no bounds….


Liu: So what do we do now? Sakaki-kun?


Sakaki: Well at least by meeting all of you our job is a little bit easier.


Tengon1: Who us?


Sakaki: That’s right. You guys have to go tell your buddies to get out of here as soon as they can.


Tengon2: Huh? Why do we have to do that?


Tengon1: Is this some kind of trick?


Sakaki: Look! Don’t start doubting me now! I’m almost positive that Sinister is gonna destroy this ship without any regard to what or who is on it!


Tengon3: What?!?


(The three Tengons gather together, having a huddle on whether they should listen to Sakaki or not. Suddenly Bash and Crash stand up and nod.)


Crash: You got it Sakaki! We’ll go warn everyone!


Sakaki: Thanks.


Tengon1: What? Why are you listening to him? Have you forgotten your Tengon pride?


Bash: Um…no…uh…like offense….but…um…pride…like…is…no…good…when you…you’re…dead….is…it?


(The guards look at each other and stand up.)


Tengon1: Ok you interns we’ll go to the intercom room and you can start rounding up ships.


Sakaki: Thanks, we really appreciate it.


Liu: I’ll come with you ok Sakaki-kun?

Sakaki: That’s fine; (Gasps in realization) Wait! Do you know where to find a healing chamber or something like that?


Crash: I think that theres something like that down the hallway. Just keep going in the direction you were headed in, and you can’t miss it.


Sakaki: Ok! Thanks! Good luck everyone.


(The groups all separate and go to accomplish their different missions. However on top of the mothership a hatch opens. Slowly but surely the Terror Iron Dragon appears and then launches out into space. The giant dragon remains stationary outside of the mothership eyeing it like a hungry beast who has just found its prey. Sinister stands at the control panel of the mothership and stares at the Terror Iron Dragon. Suddenly he hears a voice on the intercom and then grows an annoyed expression.)


Tengon1: Everyone! There is no time! We have to evacuate the ship! There is no time to explain just get moving to escape ships that are being prepared!


Sinister: Those fools………


(Meanwhile Sakaki, Gato and Liu are looking for the units that will allow Sakaki to get his strength back, when they look out the windows of the ship and see the Terror Iron Dragon.)


Sakaki: Drat it….its already out there! We don’t have much time!


(At the escape ships Bash and Crash help the Tengons on the ship board the escape ships to save their lives from the harboring onslaught that will be coming from the dragon looming outside.)


Crash: Let’s get moving! We’re low on time here!


(The last few Tengons get on a ship and then Crash ushers Bash on the ship too.)


Crash: Ok Bash-chan we’re gonna get out of here too!


(She nods and just as Crash is about to get in he suddenly stops and has a horrified expression on his face.)


Bash: Crash…san?


(He is bleeding from the back and suddenly flops on the floor. Bash looks up in horror as a large wolf demon stands in front of her. The wolf monster has a look of vicious intent in its eyes, and is about to strike Bash too when it is shot in the back by something and then it turns around. The three Tengon guards from earlier are there with their rifles and are firing on the beast.)


Tengon1: That’s far enough!!


Tengon2(To Bash.): Hey girl! Drag your friend in already!


(Bash nods and tearing up drags Crash in. The wolf monster smacks the three guards away with one arm and using this same arm begins to mercilessly beat them down, and just as its about to land the last blow Sakaki appears and yells)


Sakaki: STOP!


(Surprisingly enough it does and Sakaki runs over to the guards.)


Sakaki: Hey you guys ok?!


Tengon1(Weakly.): Yeah kid…


Liu: Why didn’t you run away?


Tengon2: Because…..we have taken so much already….


Sakaki: Taken a lot?


Tengon3: The reason why we respect the boss so much is….we let him down a long time ago.


Sakaki: Huh?


(Then his eyes widen in realization)


Sakaki: Then…you are the…ones who took the ship from those bird people…and….caused him to….


Tengon1: Yes…that was us….and yet…he didn’t hold a grudge.


Tengon2: He kept saying that this is how things were supposed to be and we weren’t to blame….


Tengon3: So we wanted to make it up for him….and..Now…. he’s gone…the least we could do is help his people escape….


Sakaki: You guys….


(Liu shrieks, and runs to the wolf beast.)


Gato: Hey! What are you doing?!


(Liu begins to tear up.)


Liu: Daddy….Mom…..


(In the other unused arm of the beast are the bodies of her parents.)


Sakaki: No….they….


Liu: DADDY!! MOM!!!


(She goes to them and the wolf beast prepares to swing on her but before it can, Liu stops and turns around.)


Liu: Hey! You Tengons! Did you see a boy around my age? Is he on one of the ships?!


(The others on the ship look around then shake their heads.)


Liu: He’s still on the ship….


(Liu turns to Sakaki.)


Liu: Sakaki-kun, you have to go with them. I have to find my brother and bring him here!


Sakaki: Liu….ok…..Just hurry up!!!!


(She goes further into the ship to find her brother as Sakaki stares at the wolf beast.)


Sakaki: Just what is this thing?


(Then the window breaks and the Terror Iron Dragon’s claw bursts through.)


Sakaki: Sinister is gonna start now!!!


Gato: Give us a few minutes dammit!!


(The claw opens and reveals the palm of the beast which opens up pulling the wolf beast in. Before it does so it drops Carmen and Hiro, and this gives Sakaki an idea.)


Sakaki: Hey! You guys in the ship! Pull in these two here! I’m gonna go after the Dragon!


Tengon2: What?! Theres no way you could have recovered that much that quickly to go after it!


(Sakaki smiles.)


Sakaki: That’s right, but this is a golden opportunity!


Gato: Truth is we couldn’t find the units in time but lunkhead was too worried to keep looking so we came back here.


(Sakaki follows the wolf into the palm of the beast, as does Gato. The guards drag the two assassins into the escape ship, and put them down where they can receive medical attention. Meanwhile Liu has found the medical room and runs in to find her brother isn’t there. She looks around and suddenly is poked in the back by something. She turns around and sees her brother leaning against the wall for support and poking her with a knife.)


Grawl: Sister…what are you doing here?


Liu: Stupid! I came back to save you!


Grawl: What? Don’t be stupid! I know you can’t have come here for that!


(She slaps him.)


Grawl: Egh…what’s wrong with you?!


Liu: Quit being such a jerk! Why do you have to be so cold?


Grawl: That should be obvious! I lost to that brat Sakaki, I can’t face our parents or anyone this way!


(Liu then embraces her brother.)


Liu: We have to open up our closed hearts so we can change dear brother…..we have it in us I know it.


(Grawl at first resists and then finally accepts his sisters embrace. Outside the Terror Iron Dragon roars and then opens its triple threat cannon and fires it apon the Tengon mothership. The ship bursts into flames and finally explodes in a huge ray of light. Sinister stands at a control panel inside of the Dragon that monitors its output and smiles. He then taps the screen and it changes to a map to show the nearby planets and Sinister smiles.)


Sinister: I’m normally against this kind of behavior but….(snickers) today is a special day isn’t it?


(Then he turns to an intercom on the dragon.)


Sinister: Let’s send that planet there an RSVP shall we?


(The dragon begins to fly towards the nearby planet, and fires its mouth cannon at it. Down on the planet below a familiar person stands on a balcony and stares up at the sky. This person lives in the far outskirts of a town nearby so while they aren’t in the city they are close enough to see the buildings. Well…close enough to see when one of the buildings bursts into flames.)


Person: What….what was that?


(The police and emergency forces spring into action and sirens can be heard in the nearby city. People are waking up and lights are being illuminated all over, and as one ambulance goes by the person’s house the light illuminate them so we can see them clearly. It is Kiki standing on the balcony of her house looking out at the sky, though now she sees the building in town in flames.)


Kiki: ‘Tsuko-chan…


(She holds her hand to her heart and stares out into the distance.)


Ending Song: Kaze wa yatte kuru bashou (The place where the wind comes.)


When the wind whispers its secrets

Where will you be? And who will you be with?


All the glittering dreams will become real just temporally

What will you wish for?


You who is unable to wait for anything

Will the gentle dawn come fast enough?


If the clouds part and you leave…

Where will the wind take you?


Your scent, it’s carried gently along the wind,

No matter how far you think you’ve gotten


Is drifting drifting, the fate that you were given?

Or simply the one you accepted?


When the wind speaks its story….

Will you listen? And will you believe?


All of the empty feelings will disappear

What will you wish for?




Kiki: The Tengons slowly make their way to Terrasno, and it seems like everything is lost…


Kiki’s Grandpa: It’s not over yet little one. We aren’t the kind of planet to give up like that!

Kiki: Grandpa…what can we do though? Can we really fight against their forces?


Sinister: Just accept your fate! There is nothing that can be done about this. You will become Terror Iron Dragon’s nourishment as I take over the universe.


Kiki: ‘Tsuko-chan I can see your true feelings from your eyes! Come back to us!


Sinister: Now DISAPEAR!!


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito…




T.S.M.: It can’t be helped…I’ll lend a hand one more time.


























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