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Greyashe volume guide

Page history last edited by Sakaki 9 years, 8 months ago




This page lists volume descriptions for Greyashe volumes 11 through 29. Volumes 1 through 11 have been covered in the summary guide list which is here. After Volume 29 is released, it is our hope to have short summaries of chapters as they are released weekly.


To return to the compiled chapters themselves, please click here.


Volume 11.

Nino Sus ojos.


After the events at GMAGY including a new God being born, Claire being sheltered by the Goddesses, and Libby being kidnapped by the collector Desmond Larter, The world seemingly begins to move. The Goddesses discuss what to do about the ex-goddess killer, while back home in Greyashe, Nancy finds herself the recipient of interesting news. Meanwhile, Anna Rose and Libby talk, which leads to a conversation about Van’s father and the circumstances leading to the unfortunate separation between father and son, and Anna Rose’s reasons for marrying Larter.


Volume 12

Bad girl and Edge Valley.


Van, Kani and Guy continue their journey north as Ancasta had instructed them. There they find what appears to be the ruins of farseers generations past. This alone is an important find, but Van is surprised to find a young girl nursing her wounds there. The girl; Frieda Shen is a farseer from a eastern family hense some of her language differences from Van. Even at her young age she is a heretic searching for a book of ‘evil’, and thus was exiled from her own clan. Unfortunately for her another party is interested in the book and pursues her for the clues she has –pursuants that now have Van and his friends in their cross hairs. Van’s courage and some smart maneuvering gets the gang out of harm’s way, and Frieda joins the group for protection. Kani then returns to her friend who taught her about broomstick flying, and finds out about a group of pirates who have been terrorizing the skies. She takes it upon herself to stop them with some help from Van.


Volume 13

Who’s that guy?


Van and Kani take on the broom stick pirates, and a battle ensues. Just when it looks like the two may be out matched, Van activates DA and manages to turn the tables on the pirates. Kani witnesses this, and realizes that the power is developing in him at an alarming rate, and implores Van to use it only when completely necessary. After the pirate problem is handled, Guy reminisces about his past as a normal Police officer in a world where magic is law. Upon finding out that discrimination, cover ups, and tragedy occurs whether one has high agape or not, Guy finds himself displaced and dissatisfied with how those in power are handling law and order, which eventually puts him on the path he’s on now. Could his reason for following Van have to do with destiny…?


Volume 14



Far and near from Van and his journey is the beginning of another story. A boy not unlike Kani is born with no inclination towards agape whatsoever. Due to this, he lives an extraordinarily hard life, especially in the shadow of his extremely talented brother who has high agape, despite him being younger. With the wars calling young men into combat, the boy found himself increasingly without a place in an agape loving world. That is until the nation he lives in is ravaged by military attack. The ones who survive the initial strike are then killed by diseases and mental strain, leaving only the young man who had no agape to begin with. He begins to believe that he is a god because of this, and leaving his country decides that the whole world will acknowledge  him as a survivor. Due to his upbringing however, his malicious intent is unfathomable. Van and he do not meet now, but in the future…meanwhile Frieda and Van pick up on Anna rose’s presence, and Van immediately tries to pursue her. Kani and Guy meet Larter, and realize that his power is too great for them to face him now, so they stop Van, despite his insistence on meeting his mother. Kani makes Van promise that he will stop putting himself in dangerous situations, for both her and his mother, and the journey continues. Finally, the group meets up with a mother who has a baby born with DA, and because it has not yet gained emotions that would keep DA from being held back, there is a certain man who wants to kidnap and study this child…


Volume 15

Can’t stop the rage.


Van, Guy, Kani and Frieda are up against one Ricther McCullough, Rage Killigan and Sahpan. Ricther reveals that he has met Van and his friends before, as he was the party after the book of evil. Van declares his intent to keep Ricther from taking the child, as his own feelings of abandonment begin to bubble in him. Kani on the other hand knows of Killigan who was a former WITCH who killed his squadron when they failed a mission he was spearheading. Her own rage burning, she decides to take both him and Sahpan on, despite Killigan’s reputation as one of the ‘Untouchables’, a group of mages who could kill a target before it could even touch them. Kani manages to win against them, but not before sustaining serious injuries. Meanwhile Van, Guy, and Frieda take on Ricther, who uses alchemy. Alchemy is undetectable to the farseer’s eyes, leaving Van and Frieda at a disadvantage. The battle takes place on a train, which while the battle ensues gets derailed and comes to a screeching crash, seemingly killing everyone on board, including the mother and her child…


Volume 16

Oath of the sword.


Reid who had been looking for Van since their run in at the night club has tracked him to his current location. The swordsman ends up meeting up with two hired guns known as the Kurasu Kyoukai, who have the reputation for being thoroughly ruthless. They have orders to get the baby, and Reid partially misunderstanding engages them in battle. He stumbles across Kani and has to protect her and fight on his own, something made even more difficult upon the discovery that the assassins are actually high leveled farseers, but the kyoukai underestimates his prowess with swords, and the oath he made to protect those who cannot use agape, even if it costs him his life. Once the battle is over, Kani awakens and the two investigate the train wreckage to find no bodies.


Volume 17

Dark Blood.


Not able to understand what happened to everyone, Reid and Kani begin trying to look for Van and the others. They soon find them, but the situation has become critical. The evil contained in the book that Frieda is looking for is so strong that it secretes an evil ‘essence’, that when injected can augment some magics. Frieda had done this and changed the range and power of her eyes, but when her life was in danger, the essence activated and saved her and everyone, at the cost of her sanity. Now the essence has become ‘dark blood’ that threatens to indiscriminately kill everyone in close vicinity. Van uses DA to absorb the ‘dark blood’, and with some help from Guy, Kani and even Ricther, he is able to…but then he becomes corrupted. Kani relies on a long lost magic known as ‘Life light’ or ‘Detox’ to drain the dark blood from Van, which succeeds. Van awakens later but now his body has forcefully aged a few years. Even with that however, he thanks Kani, and Ricther is taken by the authorities…though he doesn’t stay captured long, as Kutkh soon releases him for his own needs. Reid tells Van that he will recoop what he owes the boy by accompanying him on his journey, and Van agrees, while Iselia, Damien, and Harrow start an assignment from Kutkh to find the ‘prototype’. They arrive to find someone is waiting for them…..Claire.


Volume 18.

The Annunciation.


Claire is waiting at the location of the ‘prototype’, which happens to be a bunker belonging to the Challengers of eternity. The students and ex-goddess killer get into a fight, Claire believing them to be challengers returning, and they believing her to be an enemy of Kutkh. The battle awakens the prototype, which is an earlier version of a girl with the ‘terra flame’. She appears to be no more than a parasite on a human’s body however. Lupine interrupts the fight, and reveals that he’s much more than a mere mad scientist, and proceeds to capture Claire and the others, until the fall goddess Anu comes to rescue her comrade. Lupine is able to kidnap the students and Anu, but Claire escapes to warn the others.. Meanwhile, Kutkh meets with Larter and decides that he will ‘borrow’ Anna Rose for a little while…borrow and bring her to Van. Mother and son are reunited for just a short while before Kutkh once again takes her away. Van is enraged and starts a fight with the information God, but he proves too powerful for the group, even accidentally transporting Kani with a device he borrowed from Ricther. The point of this exercise is to teach Van that what he has can quickly become what he has lost, and he should keep his eyes on the bigger picture. Van starts to mull things over, while Kutkh leaves Anna Rose with his new ‘buddy’ Ricther, who has to protect her from a very unhappy Larter.


Volume 19

The Word.


Ricther and Larter’s fight is underway. At first the collector wants to take Anna Rose back, but she reveals that she can no longer have children because of complications with her first pregnancy and delivery. As Larter wanted a child with farseeing capabilities, he deems her useless and seeks to destroy them both. Ricther realizes that he’s been avoiding agape because of the things he’s seen it do to people, and just a little bit of potential is born within him, which gives his alchemy enough power to defeat the collector, at the expense of mechanizing half of his body. Anna Rose watches over him, but then she is confronted by a mysterious youth named ‘Faulkner’. Within his eyes, Anna rose sees nothing but a void, and Ivan reveals that he is the ‘judge’ who will decide if the world is destroyed by agape or lives, and that her son may be the only ‘defense’ the planet has. Meanwhile, Kani is found by a off kilter priest and his young ‘apprentice’, who is actually an angel sent from above to monitor the world’s ‘end’. Akariel’s message can break down a person, but when Kani is able to withstand it, she realizes that the young witch may be who she’s looking for. Meanwhile, Iselia decides to exact her revenge against the fall goddess, and a certain man is revealed to be a double agent…


Volume 20

For the love of goddess.


Anu and Iselia have a short fight, but the powerful student mage is subdued by the goddess. Curious, Anu decides to look into Iselia’s psyche to find the source of her hatred, and finds her past to be a difficult one, as even in childhood Iselia had a high agape and was revered as the ‘fourth’ goddess in her hometown. Unfortunately when a certain ‘oracle’ decrees that she is the source of a horrible sequence of events, the people quickly turn on her, and her status as goddess becomes the mark of a pariah. She is buried alive with her family, but her strong desire to live and get revenge against the goddesses that did nothing to save her allows her to survive…along with help from a mysterious figure. In Iselia’s delirium she thinks that the figure is Kutkh, but it in fact wasn’t.  He does show up to save the group however, but is subdued and killed by Lupine’s forces. The students and the goddess all escape thanks to his bravery, although Anu realizes her powers are waning…Meanwhile Cayden responds to an inquiry from none other than Van who seems to have an idea of how to use his eyes and agape to his advantage. More familiar faces appear when Frieda transfers to the school seeking protection. Cayden is glad to help, but soon after the school is attacked by mysterious monsters who seem to have one target….farseers.


Volume 21

Magic Theory.


Time seemingly freezes in the school, but through luck Cayden manages to avoid this mass ‘stoppage’ spell. Someone sent strange creatures into the school to target farseers, and not only that, the creatures are equipped with jammers that keep their eyes from detecting them. Cayden fights them off to protect the girls, but finds himself out numbered. Luckily, tutor Adele has also avoided the mass stoppage spell, and lends Cayden a hand with his strong and fast element magics. The creatures adapt to agape very quickly though, and it isn’t long until both are overwhelmed, and since Azha and Frieda cannot use magic, they are unable to help. Hope appears as Van detecting something wrong returns to the school with Reid and Guy. The three make short work of the creatures, and Van demonstrates his new strength….a power that allows him to ‘see’ magics and ‘apply’ their base forms to weapons and himself. Adele advises Cayden to watch, as this could very well be the future of magic. He then informs Van of his suspicions, that the world’s end may indeed be coming to pass, and sooner than anyone would have hoped, and now the farseers are the only hope –and target of the desperate that know the truth.


Volume 22

Hell Candle.


Kani and Akariel have teamed up to find the locations of the ‘Sentient 3’, beings of pure agape who could be considered the literal ‘parents of magic’. Akariel hopes to find and spy on them, to understand just how far along the world’s destruction is. They soon come upon one of the 3, a young humanoid girl known as ‘the candle stick maker’ or ‘Candle’ for short. Upon hearing her extreme hatred and disgust for humanity as a whole, Kani makes the decision to take her on. Due to the rule of interfering in human’s lives and free will, Akariel can do nothing but watch as Kani is soundly defeated by Candle. The agape being takes a curiosity to Kani’s inability to use or be affected by agape magics, and realizes it’s because her body while growing normally died as a stillborn, a strange anomaly that happens in some people. Candle tries to forcefully open her agape ‘nodes’, but when she does, she’s overwhelmed with images of human tragedy, despair, and most of all…hope. She finds herself unable to harm them anymore which was the higher deity’s plan…at the cost of Kani’s life. Akariel realizes the importance of a single sacrifice for the greater good, but she had become friends with Kani and becomes deeply shaken by her loss….but despite being injured heavily, and suffering burns all over her body, Kani lives her gratitude towards everyone, especially Van bringing her from the brink of death. Meanwhile, Harrow, Iselia and Damien have found their way back to GMAGY, and while Adele has them imprisoned for being traitors, they seem to be okay. Cayden and Iselia have a heart to heart, and the former finds that the latter has actually always been inspired by the former, despite her attitude. Meanwhile, Anu has completely lost her powers due to Lupine’s attack, and Ancasta sends her off to live a normal life in a village affiliated with GMAGY. Meanwhile the winter goddess heads off to war…


Volume 23

Witches at war.


The witches had been split between two sides, those who feel that magic is the only way, and those who feel that magic is stealing their identities. Aicha Nightshade is a young commander of a group who supports witches moving away with a mostly magic witch doctrine, while on the other side is Baikov, who wants magic to stay central in WITCH culture. The sticking point is one Peter Carcovich who has been captured by the pro-magic faction. As a powerful magic user who is with the anti-faction, the pro-faction  realizes they will need his assistance in order to come out victorious. Aicha goes to rescue Peter, while the two factions clash. Ancasta realizing how much life could be at stake if a battle like this should rage on appears as a soldier with hopes to diffuse the battle without breaking the laws of free will. While there she runs into Colin Rayleigh; Van’s father. He thanks her for looking over her son, suggesting that perhaps she has always been there to lead him in the right direction. Meanwhile Aicha is successful with her rescue mission, and Peter joins the battle, but to protect her he is killed in battle. Aicha is traumatized by watching Peter die in front of her, and her agape runs wild, threatening to level the warzone and destroy friend and foe alike.


Volume 24



Flashback to a few months earlier, Peter presents his suspicions and theories on agape, a study first started by Salem, better known as the ‘savior’ to Kani. The study theorizes agape is actually actively making each generation of children more powerful than the last to create soldiers that will effectively kill each other and rely on agape more and more to become eventual slaves that will slay humanity in an ever going chase for power. Agape isn’t magical love, but a form of magical slavery. Aicha overhears this and wonders about her own powers over black holes and gravity. She looked up to Peter who had dared to ask questions despite the danger of opposing the status quo. As he dies right before her eyes, she remembers what he had said to her in passing one day…that it’s her future. If it’s a dream worth fighting for, can’t it be one worth dying for as well? Aicha gains control of her agape again, and continues the battle. Oscar, one of Aicha’s friends who like Kani cannot use or be affected by Agape takes the reins of one battle while Aicha and Baikov continue their conflict. Aicha tries her best to defeat the commander, but realizes quickly that she doesn’t stand a chance. Baikov reveals that the soldiers agape level has spiked throughout the conflict, and he’s been straining himself. He Aicha what she intends to do should the conflict go her way, and she responds with ‘Live as a human should.’ With this Baikov seems satisfied, and admits that he had some ideas that Salem’s theory was correct. His over exerted body gives in, and Aicha is alone on the battlefield. Ancasta quickly comes to point her in the direction of the true enemy who has watched the battle from the beginning. The two women soon find one of the sentient 3, ‘The butcher’ and Aicha despite her wounds exerts all of her agape to stop him. The attack seemingly kills the agape being, and Ancasta is able to tell everyone about the agape scheme, putting an end to the war.



Volume 25.

Memento mori.


The war comes to a close, and humans begin to realize that a bigger nightmare has begun to unfurl. Magic as their enemy. As much as they would like to write off Salem’s report as nonsense, events during and after the war seem to dictate something much more sinister is on the horizon. Even Acheron has sworn revenge against those who would allow so many people to suffer. Free from magic, Aicha’s body begins to change, and she becomes similar to Kani, unable to use or be affected by agape. Scholars begin to think that this condition has to do with death, (or at least being close to it.) Meanwhile Ancasta brings news to Colin regarding his son, and the farseer is overjoyed that his son may usher in the change that humanity needs. Ancasta then begins her trip back home, but is killed unceremoniously by an unseen assailant. As she fades from this world, she notes that deities are afraid of humans, because they no longer fear death. Meanwhile, a severely burned Kani returns to her broomstick mentor, and after a brief stay leaves citing that there is no time left. Meanwhile Van, Guy, and Reid are discussing world events when a familiar girl appears to ask for their assistance. Last but not least, after Ancasta’s death, Faulkner takes it upon himself to invade the stronghold of Acheron, inciting a battle that even involves the goddesses, and states to Acheron his intent to start a war between magic and humanity.


Volume 26.

VS the plague.


The familiar girl Van and his party encounter is none other than Mist of the Silverwind. She requires their assistance, and sweetens the deal by offering Van information on Claire’s whereabouts, along with a picture that shows she is fine. Apparently she was one of the goddesses that appeared when Ivan assaulted Acheron’s stronghold, and Mist happened to be there as well. She claims to know that Van has what it takes to possibly stop the end of the world, and decides to help him.  A magical ‘plague’ is threatening a village, and Mist asks Van if he can use his new technique to stop it. If he can, she will offer her unconditional support. Guy and Reid want to help, but Mist quickly defuses them, letting them know that they won’t be able to do much as they are. When the plague appears, even Mist is immobilized by its massive agape. Van is swallowed whole by it’s strong magic, and despite her warnings, Reid and Guy attack the plague without hesitation. Meanwhile, from the inside Van realizes this agape mass is only a part of a larger whole. Using his new technique, he destroys it from the inside, while his friends do so from the outside. After the plague falls, Van is able to trace it’s source using his eyes, which grants him his first look at Ivan. After this, Van realizes that he and his friends have too much to lose by leisurely waiting for something to happen. Ivan is on the move, and they’ll need to gather themselves and brace for battle.


Volume 27.

An important confession.


In order to ready themselves for combat against the sentiment 3, Van decides to take on both of his friends in order to evaluate their strengths. Reid is up first, and Van reminds him while they are in training, there can be no holding back. Reid attacks, and Van is able to see through him, right down to his ambitions; a world without a divide between humans who can use magic and those who cannot. Van agrees to help him realize his dream, as long as he lends him his strength. He thinks the same will occur with his training with Guy, but Guy is steadfast, straightforward. The two are dead even, only falling from exhaustion. Mist then tells them to keep hold of their ambitions and dreams, as when fighting agape it may be the only thing that keeps them from falling into the grips of insanity. Meanwhile, Acheron and Aschner meet, the former coming to terms with his long standing suspicion of the latter, and what seems to be a fight between student and teacher beginning, while Lupine finds the captured 'terra flame' prototype is becoming more powerful and deadly as it turns to attack it's creator. Van and Kani inadvertently bump into each other again, and after catching up, realize that they are irreplaceable to each other. Van remembering what Mist said about realizing their dreams and ambitions conveys to her that she too is one of his dreams and ambitions. She too conveys this to him, and their relationship changes and grows. With Kani back in the group, Van outlines his plan….he intends on surprising Ivan, as that is the only advantage they have against him. Akariel explains what she knows as well, and the group prepares to meet Ivan and the sentinent 3 in what could be a final battle with their…no the world’s greatest enemy.



Volume 28.

God’s wish (Angel fall.)


The battle with Faulkner and the sentient three begins in earnest. Van singles out Ivan and the two begin to fight, while Kani, Guy, Akariel and Reid take on the physical representatives of magic themselves. It is here that their sinister plot is revealed, along with the reality of Ivan’s relationship with them. The deities above even the goddesses have given the sentient 3 an ultimatum. With Ivan serving as judge, they are not allowed to lay a finger on man kind unless it is in defense of themselves or the judge. When the time comes, if Ivan –a man born human and raised by magic should decree humanity not worthy, magic can then do as they wish to humankind. Van and his group quickly realizes that Ivan has in fact been trying to keep the sentient three from unleashing their hatred on mankind, and in a way he has been their prisoner. Knowing this, Van seemingly falls into despair, and Faulkner takes advantage of this to give him cryptic hints along with beating him within an inch of his life. The sentient three (or two, as Candle is unwilling to harm humans.), are less than forgiving and threaten to destroy the heroes until Akariel uses an angel’s ultimate technique known as ‘Angel Fall’. The group is saved, but the angel is sacrificed in the process. The energy released from the ‘Angel Fall’ even reaches Acheron and Aschner’s fight, giving the latter an edge over the former, allowing him to strike a fatal blow to the Kaiser mage. Aschner’s mind begins to unravel though, as he realizes that the Kaiser mage may have been the only hope they had against the end of the world, a last hope he has just extinguished. Akariel’s past is revealed as well, and like Kani and Salem, she questioned the ways of the deities and chose humanity over her own kind. Her death however doesn’t seem to be completely in vain however, as after the ‘Angel Fall’ fades, Claire suddenly remembers ‘everything’.


Volume 29

Love Massacre.


While the heroes grapple with the aftermath of Angel fall, the sentient 3 have their own problems related to the mass release of divine energy. Ivan had taken the brunt of the blast, and now lies dying.  Butcher and Baker intend to use this to their advantage, using Faulkner’s fatal injuries as insurance against the deities. Since they are allowed to counter attack if the humans should choose to take up arms against them, and Ivan as the ‘judge’ is their charge, they decide to fly the flag of revenge to launch their massacre on mankind. Though truthfully, they could care less what happens to Faulkner, and intend to leave him and Candle who has completely become sympathetic to humans behind. Faulkner’s last words to Candle are to ‘support the future’, and with that she regretfully decides to join Van’s group against her former allies. Butcher and Baker have nothing holding them back, and recall agape to assume their true forms, and control those who rely highly on magic, which would include the Kaiser mage’s select group. Despite this, Luge, Grimm, and Mist still resist the two sentient beings and launch an attack against them. Meanwhile Van loses the agape that had changed his appearance, and reverts to his own true form, losing a large quantity of power in the process. Without his older appearance, his trump card is worthless, although his eyes begin to act strangely….The mages wage war against the sentient beings, and are no match for them. Just when despair has brought them to their knees, Butcher brings them a peg lower by mercilessly slaughtering Mist. Grimm who reveals himself to be her father cries out, which results in the young girl being brought back from the dead, supposedly on the side of the beings, however a line Acheron was fond of brings her some hope, that at least for mankind, ‘death isn’t the end’.  














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