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This page houses information on missions two two twenty six of the 'Theory of World Destruction'  series. As more volumes are released, this information will be updated, so please watch this page. After mission 27 is complied and released, it is our hope to have short mission updates for each week.


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Mission Two.

Men and Women are from the moon.


Meifa and Lukas end up taking in a giant robot, which has a literally ‘killer’ sense of humor. Meifa forges a bond between the robot and herself, which results in the mecha comedian to self-destruct in order to save her….right? The robots are actually part of a media scam, which hopes to make a citywide snuff film. To stop the robots is an easy task...just find the guy who built them….or it would have been easy if said inventor weren’t in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Sector seven has to prove him innocent, stop a reality TV mass killing, and fix Meifa’s robotic buddy. They say stand up is difficult, but this probably isn’t what they had in mind. After that is all said and done, Lukas has the thrill of writing his first mission report while being the leader of these cut ups (a lot easier said than done.), and bribing a former enemy to change sides and considering employment with section seven.


Mission Three.

People don’t go up in smoke.


Starting the volume is Meifa’s journey to be a woman. Even though she’s more concerned with kicking ass rather than having a nice one, sometimes a girl gets a little down when strangers and friends alike mistake her as a boy. Its advice from the even more gender ill defined Heike that keeps her from completely becoming one of the guys. After that, a friend from Italy comes to see Ricca, and brings past memories with him. The blond bomber has quite the past when it comes to her dad’s death and the subsequent bomb scare that lead to her incarceration. Jax comes to her rescue, and the gathering of Sector seven that gives her the support she needs. Even if one can’t love, one can definitely appreciate and be appreciated. Finally Jax isn’t a just a know it all, but a know it all in charge. So when he disappears, is it Lukas’s chance to finally run things the way he wants? On the other hand, will a new boss make him realize just how good he had it with Jax?


Mission Four.

Unfriendly people need friends too.


Just as Lukas is getting the hang of the spy business, another monkey wrench is thrown at him from an angle he could have never fathomed. Apparently, Meifa has a sister….a twin sister, who’s as homicidal as she is beautiful. Will Sector seven fall when it gets involved in what could be the most violent sibling rivalry known to mankind? Or will Lukas’s quick thinking get them out of another jam? When that’s said and done, the gang has to get together to save their favorite chillaxing spot at school…by studying. Yeah, if it sounds bad, you’d be right. Finally, when fellow spy R.U. friendly (Really Un friendly) appears and kidnaps Heike, you’d think the gang has seen it all…until RU gives them a mission that involves Lukas facing his past at a school that he once went to and was thrown out of because of a bad decision he made. When the mission begins to go sour, Lukas has to face his past, or lose his present.


Mission Five.

Take today over yesterday, and tomorrow over now.


Upon finding out that, his old enemy is involved in a scheme much deeper than he thought; Lukas has to act quickly before the school is put into danger. Luckily, Meifa is there to make sure he has his priorities straight, and in her way assure him that she does have his back. After the heat is off, Ricca finds that the others don’t like risking their lives in normal outdoor games, and so she tries to learn how to dial it down a notch. Soon after, Meifa’s robotic buddy gets a makeover and a date with the femme fatale, while Lukas in turn realizes he has no one to hang out with. A late night work stay starts a new friendship for the spy, but upon finding out his friend’s secret, maybe something deeper will begin? Lukas will have to find time between telling the higher ups to screw off, and let him run things his way, Meifa’s first period (not kidding), and school drama in the drama club.


Mission Six

What the blind can’t see, they feel twice fold.


When a confession at work goes awry, will the spies have to step in and stop a gang war to bring two people together? It sure is looking that way. Meanwhile Jax finally explains a little bit more about the world destruction theory, and it’s not what anyone expected. Lukas doesn’t have time to think about it since Jax’s attempts to kill him have begun in earnest, and after that, a pretty blind stalker leads Sector seven on a wild goose chase that involves the mafia, and a potent truth serum. Some secrets shouldn’t be shared, and one Nydia palmero finds this out the hard way when she forces her way into a special circle that doesn’t keep members for too long. That’s right, the exclusive club of those who know the world destruction theory and are still alive. A club that loses members all of the time….


Mission Seven.

A genuine friendly gesture can overcome anything.


If kidnapping Lukas wasn’t bad enough, Nydia finds herself the target of a mafia killing spree. The one she depended on betrays her, and the barrel of a glock doesn’t know between friend and foe. When Sector seven comes blazing in, will it be too late to save the misguided girl? Can a promise to protect really overcome anything? Meifa then finds out that giving certain flowers to certain people can lead to some hilarious consequences, while Lukas finds out that God does exist, even if he doesn’t recommend spending your life trying to find Him. RU is back in the house with some info on the world destruction theory, and the gang finds out that Lukas has a…..girlfriend?! Are they ready to accept the girl of the boss? And more importantly…is she ready to deal with them?


Mission Eight.

Pay close attention to your friend’s anatomical structure.


Ever had an experience where someone saves your life, and then turns and bills you? Apparently, it’s becoming more and more common, and Sector seven has to start out their eighth mission determining whether these disasters are of the man or nature made variety. Then it is another normal day at HQ, except Heike is acting weird, running away from the guys and acting extra girly. Little does everyone know that like Meifa he has hidden family, and a hidden past. Heike used to be in line to be a top govt operative, but because of family, he got burned and lost everything….that is until he joined Sector seven.


Mission Nine.

There’s always someone who has it worse than you.


Lukas wakes up one morning to not only have Meifa in his house, but her mercenary Goth loli older twin sister as well. Apparently, she is the inadvertent witness to a drug deal gone bad, and now the dealer wants her erased. Lukas is less than willing to help of course, but when Karoline makes him an offer he can’t refuse, he doesn’t. Unfortunately things go from bad to worse when the dealer (known as code name Pepsi), believes Meifa is his target, and tries to assassinate her. Then the Mafia gets involved, and things go from worse to abysmal. Karol comes close to losing her life, and realizes that her henchmen are more than hired help; she needs them as much as they need her, and that she has much more in common with her little sister than she thought.


Mission Ten.

People who disappear into the shadows never actually leave.


After dealing with a close scrape with the mafia, Sector seven figures that they can take a wee bit of time off. Course the life of a spy means being constantly vigilant, even if it means against a rip off of your group. That’s right, this time the gang is up against a ‘bizzaro world’ version of themselves, from a girly-guy informant to a pyromaniac. A contest quickly develops between the two groups, and it becomes apparent that the leader of the other group ‘Vestige experience’, is interested in more than a rivalry with Sector Seven’s leader. Meifa too learns that the way she’s been fighting up until now will leave her in dire straits if she doesn’t change….Meanwhile when Jax decides to take a day off, he realizes that his days at work are actually better than vacations. On that note, the team (sans Nolan) decides to head off into the Amazon for some well deserved R&R, just to find themselves getting involved in a brewing conflict between two tribes…


Mission Eleven.

World destruction is an alternative not an absolute.


Nolan upon finding out about his friends’ troubles quickly arrives to save them….as fast as a guy in a jungle with a hazmat suit can go anyway. Meanwhile the team has made nice with the natives, and finds out that a long dispute over a lost treasure is at the core of their dispute. Heike gets separated from the group and finds Nolan, and they end up finding out the OTHER side’s story, and the tragic misunderstanding that threatens to engulf a nation. Just when things seemingly can’t get worse, they do and when a war breaks out, the team finds themselves picking sides against each other just to survive. Will they be able to lead the warring states into a compromise? Because the alternative is none too pretty…


Mission Twelve.

Dreams have to be conveyed, not spoken.


Nolan and Heike start off their respective battles, and despite themselves manage to strike decisive victories, while Lukas and Ricca find out that the treasure that both sides were seeking is actually an ancient death trap. Meifa helps the side she’s chosen in battle, but even the plucky heroine can’t last for long by herself.  Meanwhile the leaders of both tribes find that the people are not happy with how their pappies ran the country before them. It soon becomes apparent that treasure is not what will make or break this war, but the strongest leader. Tragically, this selection goes from one to two when during combat one leader gives up his life to ensure that there will be a tomorrow for the people, a selfless act that does not go unnoticed. The war ends, and Sector seven has time to finally get some rest and head back home…that is until they find out a nasty secret about the plane taking them home…


Mission Thirteen.

Put everything off until next Tuesday.


Vestige experience decides to spy on the spies, and finds that their everyday life is every bit as dangerous as their missions. Meanwhile Meifa seeks guidance from one of their members, Tarique. These lessons threaten to become something more, but is Meifa ready for these type of feelings…? The spies also quickly realize they have encountered more than one hundred rules, and decide to do something to celebrate. After that, Jax then decides to help the team out with team building exorcises, but finds that the group needs a lot more help than that; and Meifa has no problem going in the buff if it means winning an outdoor game. The team then addresses topics of dark humor, and naming Meifa’s mechanical buddy. Ricca discovers the allure that is late night television, and Lukas finds out that procrastination is one of the greatest sins.


Mission Fourteen.

We’ve all got strings to pluck.


An unusual opening finds Lukas’s dad Clarkson ‘big shot’ Diethel hanging out in china with a boy who has an unusual likeness to a certain protagonist.. scene shift back to America where upper management has finally decided that Jax’s ‘day care scheme’ needs to have its plug pulled, and assigns them a definitely dangerous mission in hopes they can intimidate them into quitting. Sector seven doesn’t know how to back down however, and accepts. Little does Lukas know that his family ties are going to cut deep, as this mission brings them into direct confrontation with the Mafia, and the leader of the enemy team this time is his own father. Even with his master plan, Lukas is unable to touch the man who brought him into the world, and as a result, Meifa and Heike are gravely injured, and worse yet Meifa goes MIA. Lukas trains himself after this loss, but is reminded by Nolan that he can’t ignore the people around him for the sake of one person. Meifa meanwhile awakens to find that Clarkson has saved her life, and after an exchange, he disappears with the goal of bringing down the Mafia from the inside….


Mission Fifteen.

All the best plot twists come from long lost family members.


Lukas is still dealing with the loss of his partner in crime, but an accident that lands Heike in the hospital again reunites the group with the missing Meifa. Meanwhile upper management sweeps the whole incident under the rug, and Jax begins to question if he’s working for the right side. Lukas and Meifa head back to school, just to find that everyone there knows of the incident, which leads back to an unlikely informant….Lukas’s own older half Chinese brother. Jia and Lukas are at odds with each other as soon as they meet, and a fight ensues. Jia doesn’t understand what their father sees in Lukas, but after witnessing the closeness of his team and the richness of his life all gained without any parental help, he begrudgingly admits that his little brother may be all his father says he is. Lastly, the team deals with increasingly creepy phone calls to HQ.


Mission Sixteen.

Try writing that song stuck in your head.


When the guys are victim of identity threat, the girls figure it’s their just deserts until they find out just what the money is being used for. With Vestige’s help, can they clear the guys names before they lose everything? Then, Jax is mailed a mysterious painting with cryptic clues alluding to the world destruction theory, but no leads the mystery remains unsolved. Meanwhile Meifa decides to start up a band to perform a song that has been appearing in her dreams since she was a child. Lukas however decides that this is a great time to get back at her for all of the mocking and physical violence, but he soon discovers that within the notes of this song lies a path into his partner’s past….


Mission Seventeen.

The easiest way to determine someone’s importance is by the length of their vacations.


Thanks to Jax pulling some strings, the team is able to get a venue for their first gig, and they bring down the house, not before Lukas realizes that Meifa has some connections to Brazil. Next, the Mafia begins to move, and their first target is the newly found Arthur Penbur, aka the man behind the world destruction theory. When negotiations break down, they’re forced to bring the scientist in using violence, but is this all part of his plan? After that, a strange mute girl named Chiaki appears at HQ and she and Nolan have a history. Apparently, something is happening in Ireland to Nolan’s aunt who brought him up after his mother died, and as such, he wants to rush home to get to the bottom of things. The team offers to go with him, and they leave right away (sans Ricca who is vacationing in Italy.) What Nolan and the group doesn’t know is the world destruction theory is going to hit really close to home in this mission…


Mission Eighteen.

Hearing the voices of those you care about in your head isn’t insanity, its humanity.


As soon as the gang arrives in Ireland, Nolan quickly finds that his aunt is involved in an anti-world destruction movement. This is all well, until he also realizes that this group is a vigilante organization that will resort to anything to stop the theory from becoming fact…including mass murder. Meanwhile, Lukas, Meifa and Heike get embroiled in a fight with a very familiar foe…Duarte. Meifa takes Duarte on while Heike and Lukas try to catch up with Nolan. Through Chiaki, Nolan is able to understand the painting that Jax got earlier as a message to those who find the theory, and he also finds out that Chiaki is actually one of Penbur’s many sexual liaisons, which means she knows the theory as well, which is why upon finding out about her, Nolan’s aunt tries to eliminate her. Meifa manages to beat Duarte just as Lukas and Heike find Nolan and his aunt. During their showdown, the leader of the anti organization calls in for a status report, and refers to herself as ‘Lady’. Meifa catches up and immediately recognizes Lady’s voice as the woman who brought her up from infancy. Lady quickly gets away, leaving Meifa emotionally distraught as the building self-destructs. Nolan reveals to his aunt that it is thanks to her that he lives the rich life he lives today, and the two reconcile as she is taken into custody. Meanwhile Lady decides it may be time to reach out to Meifa again, and the group slowly gets back to normal. Ricca finds that there are still people who fear her dad in Italy even after his death, the group struggles with labels for each other, and Ruka discusses the Mafia’s intentions with Tyrell as well as revealing a secret about herself.


Mission Nineteen.

Love is something that never ‘ends’.


Chiaki goes to school with Lukas and Meifa, but an over protective Nolan is sure to ruin things if Lukas doesn’t stop him. Chiaki finds that she is a major book worm, while Nolan realizes that he’ll have to let go if he wants her to be happy. Later, Meifa loses her DS in the HQ trash heap, and finds a man has been living there for a few days. Upon bringing this man to the others, they find that he is Yelena (Lukas’s GF)’s dad. Her grandmother recently passed, and her distraught Dad has come to take her home. After some thought, she decides to accompany him to Russia, much to Lukas’s chagrin. The two spend time with each other before she goes, and Lukas strives to keep himself collected –that is until Ruka appears at HQ the next day, hoping to replace Lukas’s missing girlfriend. After losing a gaming match to Meifa however, she reveals the true reason for her appearance is because the Mafia has kidnapped her team and she has no idea where they have been taken….and she’s afraid she is the next target.


Mission Twenty.

Unluckiness is the worst sickness of them all.


As the tension between Lukas and Ruka builds, the two realize that there’s nothing wrong with them caring for each other. Next, the team does some spring cleaning and finds a past file detailing Jax’s creation of Sector seven, and most of all how he came to be Meifa’s guardian. Upon finding out that Jax started this team for youth who would otherwise head down the road to ruin, Lukas goes and expresses his gratitude and appreciation. Meanwhile, Chiaki and Ruka strike up a friendship, and the team finds out that the room they’re using was the HQ for another much more awesome team.


Mission Twenty One.

If one can die smiling, the gettin’ rich part hardly seems to matter.


Jia visits Lukas and Meifa at their apartment, and finds that it’s more like a miniature village than anything, with each person contributing to the other’s welfare. The two spies realize that they’re quite fortunate to live in a place like this and hope for peace in the future….which doesn’t last long as later when they go to the immigration office to renew Meifa’s green card, (and inadvertently meet up with the other Sector Seven members) a mystery sickness begins to claim the lives of children there. The disease strikes close to home when both Nolan and Ricca succumb to it, and just when Lukas is about to give into despair, another agent –Omotayo ‘Mo’ Soyinka who is a professional double agent and Heike’s old parenter appears and informs Lukas that this virus is in fact a prototype of the world destruction theory. Lukas starts to understand who’s behind the attack, but he succumbs to the sickness before he can tell the others. Mo is able to give them an antidote, and she, Heike, and Meifa chase down the culprit. A fight ensues, and it’s only when Jax appears as backup that they are able to capture the culprit who’s identity is revealed as….Arthur penbur?! Upon recovering Lukas interrogates the scientist who drops another bomb on the group…he is Meifa and Karoline’s father! Not only that, but Meifa seemingly has built up an immunity to the world destruction virus! Through tricky maneuvering, he’s able to escape Sector Seven’s grasp, not before revealing that one person who knows the theory has disappeared from this world. Lukas realizes what he means, and makes a mad dash to find Nydia, but it is already too late. Lady’s forces have already tortured and killed her, and although she doesn’t tell them anything, Lukas still crashes into a downward spiral. The normally unflappable Lukas calls Yelena in Russia and for the first time breaks down. Yelena reveals that she was angry with Lukas for not showing any emotion when she left, but realizes that he too has moments of weakness. She tells him to be strong for everyone who looks up to him and that there will be a time where everything will be okay again.


Mission Twenty Two.

Money, power and respect are for those who are first in, last out. (FILO).


With Penbur’s escape and Nydia’s death, the team is down in the dumps. Mo suggests to Heike that they take up their old moniker ‘FILO’ and take a mission that she recently heard about. Heike does so, and they are tasked with guarding a priceless piece of art. Unfortunately, someone has also hired Karoline for the job, and she has a huge hatred for those who double book. In her rage, she nearly kills Heike and takes Mo hostage, but all parties are present when the employer reveals themselves as the ‘manifestation of evil’ ‘Satan’s child’ or the terrorist known as ‘Mugen’. Mugen invited both parties there to mass slaughter them, but Mo ruined that by only informing Heike of the job. Mugen believes in killing all of the members of sector seven at once, so everyone is spared. Heike does not know much about Mugen so he’s reasonably surprised when the unflappable Karoline allows Mugen to insult her without batting an eyelash. After that, Meifa realizes during Penbur’s interrogation that he referred to her mother in the present tense, and figures that she may be alive so she goes to Karoline for information and the mercenary reveals that she has known that their mother was alive for a long time now. She gives Meifa her damaged albeit readable birth certificate that reveals that the twins were born in France, and so Meifa decides to go there and search for her mother.


Mission Twenty Three.

Goodbyes are hellos to new beginnings.


Jax is wary of sending Meifa out on her own, so he asks a special agent to accompany her. Much to Meifa’s dismay, it’s Duarte that meets her in the airport. Undaunted the two head off to France and begin their search for Meifa’s mom, one Frederique Leroy. They first stop in a town she lived in as a girl, and find she moved in adulthood to another city. Her uncle won’t tell them her whereabouts however, as he wants to spare her the heartbreak if Meifa doesn’t turn out to be her child. However, Meifa exhibits the same behavior her mother did as a child, even fitting into her old tennis shoes to win a race against neighborhood boys. Now assured that Meifa is Freddy’s daughter, he tells them where to go, and it’s there that Meifa finds her mother, and through the unseen connection between mother and daughter is able to identify her at once. Freddy knows too that this is her daughter and the two have a short reunion before a sniper’s bullet separates them again. Meifa breaks down mentally as Duarte turns and promises to rain hell upon the snipers, who were hired by the Mafia to erase Meifa. When they try to escape before Duarte finds them, they are in turn stopped by Lady who had been following Meifa since she came to France. Duarte catches up with them, and a bombshell is dropped….the two were and still are married, and Meifa is their adoptive daughter. The two sides collaborate to bring down the snipers, but they are suppressed. Meanwhile Freddy is unhurt because of Duarte’s actions, and she urges her daughter to go help her friend. Meifa catches up with the others and evens the playing field until she gets injured, and just as things are looking bad, the snipers find that they have been betrayed by the Mafia for taking too long on the job, and everyone suddenly finds themselves in a death trap. Saving even the snipers, Meifa and the others escape, and make it to a hospital. Meifa confronts Lady –while she’s happy that Lady brought her up, her actions are inexcusable, and warns her that the next time they should meet it will be as enemies. Lady is unable to tell Meifa it is because of her catching the world destruction virus so long ago in Brazil that she became a vigilante, out of shame and respect. Duarte on the other hand decides to stay with his wife this time, even if it means losing his position in the govt. Meifa and Freddy catch a plane back to America, and although things have turned out this way, Meifa couldn’t be happier.


Mission Twenty Four.

Anxiety is one thing people should have, but should not share.


After arriving in America, Freddy’s first order of business is to kick Lukas out of his apartment, as she doesn’t approve of a boy sleeping under the same roof as her daughter. He has no choice but to stay with Ruka who defines the aforementioned statement. Meanwhile, Heike is worried with everything going on, ranging from the Mafia’s actions in France to the appearance of Mugen that the team is taking things too easily, but Ricca reminds him that taking things easy is only possible with self-confidence, and anxiety is just wasting time. Later tension rears its ugly head again as Lukas finds out that Ruka has never had a boyfriend and has never fallen in love until she met Lukas. Too bad that everyone still thinks that Lukas is a dog for staying with another girl when his girlfriend is out of the country. Ricca tries to cheer everyone up…using force, while Nolan expresses his distrust of Mo, until she, himself and Ricca get involved in a Nigerian scam that shows the professional double agent has a vulnerable side. Jax and Tyrell end up in a sticky situation when HQ’s lights go out, and Lukas manages to talk to Yelena on skype for the first time since she left. At last the team goes to Nydia’s funeral, and although at first it’s a solemn affair, a squabble turns into a fight. Lukas notes that this is just how they do things, and that no one wants a tearstained funeral.


Mission Twenty Five.

Foreboding is an emotion that comes over unannounced.


Freddy and Meifa try to find Karoline’s location so that the girls can sit down and talk, though even with Meifa’s contacts through the govt, this is proving difficult. The two then realize that even with Freddy in the country, they haven’t had a mother-daughter conversation yet. They talk about boys, school, and little intricacies that comes with being female in a male’s world, (although if they have their way this won’t last long) until one of Meifa’s contacts calls back with a sighting of Karoline in the UK. Although she’s already gone from there, the mother and sister of the mercenary are happy knowing that she’s okay. Meanwhile, Jax and upper management decide to shoot a training movie with the spies in order to raise some money, but things go awry when an actual terrorist crashes the set. Later, Lukas is weirded out when Ruka becomes very distant and moody towards him. When he finds her talking to another man, he thinks that she’s found someone else to dote on when in fact he claims that he’s family and that something big involving the two of them is going to happen soon. Lukas’s troubles don’t end there though, as the 13 year old leader of the snipers from France approaches him to convey his gratitude towards Meifa for saving his siblings, and to offer Lukas ‘protection’ in exchange for complete amnesty for any crimes they commit. Lukas is hesitant to honor such a request, but temptation creeps in when Nolan is imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. Worst yet, it is in a maximum security complex for the worlds nastiest criminals. The gang manages to get in thanks to Lukas’s planning, but they quickly find that an assassin is after one of the prisoners, and it’s the one guy who knows what Nolan’s fate is.


Mission Twenty Six.

Between the right people love, sex and hope can be born from a five second glance.


A fight against Sector Seven, the assassin and the criminal that his target erupts in the jail, and Lukas is caught in the middle. The others find that Nolan was actually only kidnapped as a cover to get them there, and that otherwise he’s fine. The assassin needed a way to get into the jail, and figured correctly that sector seven would be able to sneak in, so he just followed them. Lukas on the other hand is in-between a glock and a hard place as he fights off both the assassin and the prisoner. Just as it looks grim for him, the young sniper leader appears and kills both men, offering his services yet again. Later Jax calls Lukas and angrily asks why he’d go to the jail on his own. Lukas admits that after the young sniper made him the deal, he began to question his own authority and decided to take the mission for himself. Jax reminds him that they’re in this together, and if he needs anything to please ask. He then surprises Lukas by handing over the rights to sector seven completely to Lukas, becoming a mere consultant. Next, Meifa and Lukas head back to school to find that a girl fitting Meifa’s description has been really kind to even the mean girls. The two realize it’s Karoline who’s ironically appeared at the school to take a job as protection for a girl who is of ‘special interest’ to the govt. The description of the job is vague, so Karol had no idea it was set up by upper management for her little sister. Meifa demands that Karol come with her to see their mother, and she agrees after one more day of school, since she’s never had the opportunity to attend. The two daughters finally meet with Freddy and she begins to tell them the story behind how she met their father. She had wanted to be a school teacher and live in a certain house on the outskirts of town, until he had moved in one day. Despite the gap between their ages the two soon found themselves falling for each other, and she gives her virginity to him, despite the warnings her friends and family give her. Unfortunately it isn’t long after that she realizes the man she loves may have a deadly secret….


Mission Twenty Seven.

Sometimes it feels like we were born to sacrifice.


Freddy grapples with the true identity of her first love, as he reveals that he is the developer of the dangerous World destruction theorem; Arthur Penbur. To add to her worries, she finds that she’s pregnant with twins. Penbur in an act of selfish selflessness tries to flee the country from his pursuers, but Freddy finds him and the two have a falling out. Despite her heartbreak and the warnings of Penbur and her family she has the babies who are both female and will grow up to be Meifa (Ameile) and Karoline. However, Freddy knows if their existence gets out to the world, those who oppose the theorem will come looking for her and the children. With a heavy heart, she puts both sisters up for adoption, Meifa being adopted by Lady in Brazil, and Karoline by a family in Australia, all while knowing she may never see her children again. In the present, she explains to the girls that while she doesn’t have affection for Penbur, he is still their father…and in a strange way he was looking out for them. Meanwhile Jia has infiltrated the Mafia in hopes of finding he and Lukas’s father. Instead he happens upon Ruka’s team, and in an act of compassion frees them. While it is Lukas’s advice, which allows him to escape, he ultimately screws up by bringing them to see Ruka one last time. Kid twist and Antonio appear at her home, and after an explosive introduction turn to eradicate everyone there….or that was the plan until a mysterious man butchers them both and kidnaps Ruka. Jia knows the man as the Chinese serial killer Xunshi who once had his eyes on his mother. Worse yet, he’s joined a Chinese-Japanese cult known as the Li se xing zuo that not only think nothing of human lives, but encourages bloodshed….and now they have a reason to beef with the Mafia due to Penbur’s actions. Bad news never comes singly however; as Lukas soon learns from Jia that Ruka is the cult leader’s illegitimate child.


Mission Twenty Eight.

Its only when you lose everything that you can do anything.


Penbur soon receives the news about Kid twist and Antoino’s bloody demises, and how the leader of the Li se xing zuo would like to have a word with and possibly kill him. Luchiano has no interest in fighting a war that will more likely than not end up with his death, and decides to cut Penbur loose. Now with only a group of men who support him, and no more protection from the Mafia, Penbur wonders how things can get worse, when Mugen appears and informs him that he is the one who informed the Li se xing zuo about Ruka’s location and the mafia who was closing in. Apparently Mugen really hates Penbur, so much so that rather than just kill him outright, he would rather take everything from him and watch the scientist suffer. Penbur surprises Mugen however by taking this as a challenge and vowing to come out on top. Ruka is back in her father’s custody, although it is anything but a happy reunion. He regards her as no more than a product, and simply relishes that now he can fight in a war against the mafia. Ruka despairs as she knows Lukas will come to rescue her, even if he doesn’t stand a chance against the cult. True enough, Lukas is gathering Sector Seven for a rescue mission…even though he has no idea where the fight will take place. Jax warns Lukas against the rescue mission, as upper management will not look fondly on heading straight into a enemy war using their resources. When Lukas shrugs this off however, Jax chooses the team he gathered over the one he works for and begins to look for the date of battle. The team is tense while waiting, until Yelena makes a surprise return allowing them to relax. She informs Lukas that she’s only here temporarily, and will be staying with her Dad in Russia for a few years, and warns Lukas that Ruka’s onesided crush will only strengthen with his actions, so he should be ready for a fight after the war. Meanwhile, while out shopping for Meifa, Koro overhears the location of the war from some grunts, and tries to inform the others, but the grunts want to cover up their mistake by erasing him....will the group get to Koro in time?