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Jikan (2002) Episode 42

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Opening Song: Kimi no Te ni Boku no Te (Your hand in mine.)


And so we go off on a grand journey….

Armed only with determination


And a dream that refuses to be forgotten!


A rainbow of one color, birds that sing the same song

While it feels safe I gotta open my cocoon and fly someday


It was raining this morning so I thought I could sleep in

But then trouble started and friends and foes….


Fought as one!


I decided to have my journey with you

Because of the cool way you took your hand out of your pocket and showed it to me!


And so we go off on a grand journey

Armed only with determination.


And a dream that refuses to die!




(Last time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito, a truth was discovered. Boss Tengon wasn’t always the nefarious villain that we love to hate? From the mouth of one of his close friends who was being kept in confinement, we learn everything that was once known about Boss Tengon was actually the result of a past tragedy. Sakaki found that Boss Tengon wasn’t too different from himself, and began to be moved by pity. Liu and Gato soon appeared on the scene and it seemed like that this could be a changing point. Perhaps Boss Tengon could be reformed, and perhaps this whole universal domination plan could be stopped. However, as things go in the journey of Sakaki Jikan Tabibito, tragedy almost always follows triumph, and in this story tragedy has another name. Better known as Dr. Sinister, and the mad doctor who could not have a hesitant Boss Tengon change the course of his plan. So in order to stop this, he perpetrated a crime using the most heinous means, using Sakaki’s own weapon.)


Dr. Sinister: I can’t believe it……!


Boss Tengon: What? Wh---


(Boss Tengon’s mouth opens in an “O” shape. He stares at the once beautiful Serena’s body, now nothing more than a corpse. He bends down and scoops her into his arms, pleading with her not to leave him.)


Boss Tengon: Serena! Please! I will change! Just for you! Just please don’t go!!


(She opens her eyes one more time and says something silently into his ear. Then her body falls limp. Never to exist on this plane again. Boss Tengon puts her down slowly, and then notices the bloody midnight blade on the floor and Sakaki who has just gotten his sight back. He sees the midnight blade and Serena’s body, and immediately stands to his feet.)


Sakaki: Serena-san?!? Who……


(Sakaki turns and looks back to where the guard once was. He is gone now, oddly enough, and its at this moment Sakaki realizes everything.)


Sakaki: SINISTER! You planned this! I KNOW IT!


(He picks up the midnight blade and begins to run towards him. However Boss Tengon steps in front of him and lands a HUGE blow to his stomach. Sakaki goes flying back and lands on the floor beside Gato. Boss Tengon turns, and yells at Sakaki……)




Sakaki: Crap……



Sakaki: Episode 42: The final rush! Blade to Blade and Back to Back!


Sakaki: Boss Tengon! Come on and regain your senses! The real culprit is Dr. Sinister!


Dr. Sinister: The words of the guilty Boss-sama. Wouldn’t it make much more sense for your enemy Sakaki to be the murderer?


Gato: You know more than anything that you did it you sleezy geek! Only I can pin that kind of stuff on lunkhead!


Boss Tengon: Sakaki, I’m not taking back my words. We WILL have our duel to the death now! I will never in a million years forgive you for what you’ve done!


Sakaki (Thinking): This is not good at all! He’s totally out of it!


(Sakaki stands up and suddenly the room swirls around him. He feels dizzy and suddenly falls to his knees. He’s panting heavily and doesn’t seem to be able to move.)


Gato: Hey lunkhead you don’t look so good….


Sakaki: Damn, I’ve been looking forward to a fight with him, but not in this way not with him like this in this situation! And besides that I’m in no shape to fight anyone!


Dr. Sinister: Boss-sama look at him, begging for mercy. Do NOT spare him. If he continues to live he will continue to hinder our plan.


(Boss Tengon says nothing. Dr. Sinister smiles a dark smile and adds almost as an after thought…)


Dr. Sinister: Or do you plan on letting him get away with murdering your beloved?

(Boss Tengon grits his teeth and bites down on his lip so hard it begins to bleed. He pulls back the sleeve on his shirt and there lies a communicator watch.)


Boss Tengon: Bring me a travel mech NOW!


Dr. Sinister(thinking.): Heh this situation was unexpected but defiantly to my favor. However even I can’t predict how this will conclude. Boss Tengon is now in a furied craze, and this may allow me to be rid of Sakaki once and for all who knows what Boss Tengon may do after that is done.


(He glances left and right quickly, almost as if he is looking for an exit out of this situation.)


Dr. Sinister: I have to find a way out of this quickly, and hasten my plan before Boss Tengon should get too wise.


(Suddenly a mech not too much bigger than the people in the hall roars down towards them and stops beside Boss Tengon. A tengon solider hops out and allows Boss Tengon to enter the mech. Boss Tengon starts the mech up again and then turns to Sakaki. His eyes are dark and menacing. Today the cat and mouse game that they have been playing will come to an end. No doubt about that.)

Sakaki: Now what? I can’t possibly fight him in that and expect to win……


(The mech suddenly jumps at Sakaki and swings downward at him. Sakaki moves out of the way and hits the wall behind him causing him to yell out in pain.)


Gato: Hey lunkhead!!!


Sakaki: Gato! I’m gonna take this fight elsewhere. Look after Liu, and Serena-san’s body. Please just do that for me!


(Gato stares back at the two girls and then nods quickly.)


Gato: Ok you got it. Just don’t die you idiot!


(Sakaki smiles the best he can manage.)


Sakaki: You got I—


(Then the mech slams Sakaki as hard as it can knocking him through a wall. Gato stares back with eyes wider than they usually are. Realizing that he has been left alone with Dr. Sinister, he turns to where the evil doctor once stood to see that he has already fled.)


Gato: Great……well it doesn’t matter I suppose not much I can do while I watch over these two…..


(Gato stares forlornly at Serena.)


Gato: Scratch that…one….


(Liu stirs and sits up.)


Liu: Damn it….i wasn’t done talking to Sakaki-kun yet…..


Gato: Eh…don’t you realize you were shot just now?


Liu: Shot? Me?


(She feels her body for the bullet and shakes her head.)


Liu: Nu-uh. I haven’t been shot.


Gato: But…the guard?


(Liu smiles sheepishly and sticks her tongue out.)


Liu: Well….I think I may have just fallen asleep.


Gato: Whaaa?


Liu: I did get hit my brother pretty hard….and the docs said that while I’m not seriously injured I’m not fully recovered either. True enough I have been kinda falling asleep in and out since then. They said I should fully recover in a couple of days.


Gato: So it was just a coincidence that you fell down just as that guard appeared.


Liu: Seems like it.


Gato(Sighs): Well I suppose that’s to be expected…..NOT! But lunkhead….i wonder how he’s gonna do on his own?


(In the next room Boss Tengon looks around the rubble for Sakaki. He begins to get frustrated and starts using laser blasts to find his opponent. Meanwhile Sakaki has already managed to make his way out and starts to sneak away to plan, but Boss Tengon doesn’t let him get far before charges a shot and tries to blast him. Sakaki manages to dash towards the doorway and down the hall. The blast takes out a wall nearby, and Sakaki continues to run away. As he runs he tells Tengons to start evacuating, though most of them try to hinder his process.)


Sakaki: Gahh!!! Let go of me! Your boss is gone completely insane! If you don’t move you’ll get mowed down!!!!!


Tengon guard: Yeah right intruder! Just stay still so we can capture you!


Tengon guard2: We’ll defiantly take care of you this time!


Sakaki: It’s just as I’m saying you idiots!! We’re gonna all get fried if you don’t let me go!!


(Boss Tengon’s travel mech appears and begins to open fire on the group.)





(They all begin to scramble around and run in different directions. Boss Tengon follows Sakaki exclusively though. It seems that his anger won’t subside until our favorite Alleycat is resting un peacefully. Sakaki continues to run as fast as he can, trying his best to make sure no Tengon warriors are caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately his injures start to catch up with him and so he starts to slow down.)

Sakaki: Drat it, I’m really tired….if I were up to my full strength this wouldn’t be a problem….

(Boss Tengon’s mech appears above him, and begins to fire again. Sakaki tries running some more but his leg is grazed and he ends up bumping into a wall and then subsequently landing on his stomach. Sakaki gasps for breath and then begins to crawl away. Boss Tengon is about to fire on him some more, but then the gun clicks indicating that it is out of shells. He throws the weapon away in disgust and then from the back of the mech a sword hilt pops out. He grabs this and now the mech is armed with a sword.)

Boss Tengon: There is no escape for someone like you. I respected you as an enemy until you did something like that, now you are nothing more than common scum!

(He then takes the blade and prepares to stab it into Sakaki, when Sakaki says something which stops him in his tracks.)

Sakaki: I didn’t know. But now I get it. You liked Serena-san didn’t you?


(The sword stops inches from his face.)

Sakaki: I wouldn’t even have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. You were a good person once weren’t you? She believed in you up until your sudden change, and then the one person who was truly there disappeared. I get it now.

(He stands up and looks up at the mech.)

Sakaki: I understand now why she seemed to hold me in high regard, however I see something that even she didn’t. People can still change, she’s right about that. However Serena-san gave up and that’s why she allowed herself to be jailed like that, but I think in your case you don’t need to change, because you’ve been always the same!

(Boss Tengon gasps slightly.)

Sakaki: You did these awful things, but…..it all stemmed from that incident didn’t it? However you can’t let that get to you so much. People are all about their experiences, and that’s why we have to learn from them. That’s why Serena-san wanted me to help you.

(Sakaki points at the mech.)

Sakaki: If you so choose we can have a “fair” duel! Where people aren’t being hurt like this!

(Meanwhile Dr. Sinister is running down the hallways when he suddenly stops and then without turning around he starts to speak.)

Dr. Sinister: It seems as if you need more of that anti-body don’t you?

(Atsuko is behind him.)

Atsuko: I’m sorry, I thought that a quiet approach would be more efficient.

Dr. Sinister: What do you want?

Atsuko: I wanted to inform you that IT is completed.

Dr. Sinister: IT?……I see. How soon can it be deployed?

Atsuko: As soon as you give the word.

(Dr. Sinister smiles, a smile that would darken even the most illuminated room. He stands up and turns to Atsuko placing his hand on her shoulder. She doesn’t even flinch from this or look him in the eye.)

Dr. Sinister: You have the word. Bring it out.


(Atsuko nods and walks back down the hallway.)

Dr. Sinister: Well now I know exactly what to do about that annoying boss.

(Sakaki and Boss Tengon are still in their stand off, as Sakaki attempts to talk some sense into the angered Tengon leader.)

Sakaki: So? Did you want to settle this fairly?

(Boss Tengon appears to be deep in thought.)

Sakaki: I know you did something awful back then, but you can’t let that drag you down forever! Especially if it was to help the others!

Boss Tengon: Sakaki, I have been a bit jealous of you.

Sakaki: Huh?

Boss Tengon: You have the freedom of truth behind you. This is probably part of the reason why I have been pursuing you as such. You cannot understand the feeling of having something like that then losing it. (Wimpy voice) It’s saddening.

Sakaki: Well you can start over. Keep the memory of Serena-san’s wish alive and start over without all of the Tengon troops doing these awful things, and forget about the master technology for now.

Boss Tengon: ….hmph. You know what I’d rather do? (Smiles) I’d rather have that fair duel you mentioned earlier.

Sakaki: Oh? (Smiles back.) All right, we can arrange that.

(Suddenly a rumble is heard and a couple of Tengon guards run by. They’re in such a hurry that they don’t notice their arch-enemy Sakaki and keep moving.)

Sakaki: Huh? What’s going on?

Boss Tengon: That sounds like it came from the hangar!

Sakaki: What exactly is down there anyway?

Boss Tengon: Well Dr. Sinister mentioned something about a super machine, that’s the real reason why we’ve been looking for the master technology and the dragon castor iron shells.

Sakaki: By the way, Dr. Sinister is the real threat here! Not me or anyone else!

Boss Tengon: I’ve begun to get that feeling. However I’m going to go check things out myself.

(He zooms off in the travel mech before Sakaki can say anything more.)

Sakaki: Hey!

(Sakaki stands at the spot he’s in a while and then finally dashes after the mech.)

Sakaki: Something tells me this can be no good if I leave it alone!

(Gato and Liu have heard the rumbling and decide to head towards the hangar too.)

Liu: Come on kitty! We have to find out what that was! And more likely than not Sakaki-kun is there too!

Gato: Why am I following you? I mean you’re nice looking but a bit young…do you even have a driver’s license yet?

Liu: I never even thought to ask what the Tengons were building here anyway; I wonder what could be making that rumbling noise?

(She runs into someone and stumbles backwards.)

Liu: Hey! Watch it!

Hiro: My my my aren’t we the energetically rude one today?

Liu: Daddy?

(Carmen walks up beside her husband and sighs once she sees her daughter.)

Carmen: It’s not like you to run around like this Liu-chan. What’s going on?

Liu: I was following that rumbling noise. Daddy?, Mom? What exactly are the Tengons making here anyway?

Hiro: Hmm….I always assumed it was some type of superweapon of doom.


Carmen: Actually it’s some kind of giant Mecha if I’m correct.

Gato: Giant-mecha?

Carmen: Apparently so, I had a look at it seeing that I’d really like to know more about my jobs as I do them, and while I’m not sure of its purpose I know it’s in the hangar.

Gato: How much you wanna bet that lunkhead is headed right there?

Liu: Sakaki-kun is there?

Carmen: Koneko-chan?

Hiro: The kid?

Gato: Allright we all call him different things but he’s more likely than not in the hangar.

Liu: ALLRIGHT! Let’s go there!

(She runs off.)

Gato: Why….why does everyone I meet have to have that type of personality?

(Soon they all follow her. Sakaki is running down the hallways of the Tengon mothership, avoiding Tengons running in the opposite direction.)

Sakaki: What is down there? What is so freaky that the Tengon soldiers are running scared?

(He finally gets to the hangar, which the door has been torn off to. Sakaki gulps and slowly steps in. There he sees Boss Tengon’s travel mech standing near the center of the room where a huge pit leading to a seeming eternal drop is. The hangar has several different ships and weapons docked around making this seem more like a war room than anything. Sakaki slowly tiptoes towards the travel mech to find out what’s going on, and as he does he sees Boss Tengon talking to Dr. Sinister and………Atsuko?!)

Sakaki: Atsuko! She’s doing all right it seems…..

Dr. Sinister: Boss-sama. It is almost done, the fruit of our labor. All we need is one thing, a victorious rider to ride in our prestigious chariot. Boss-sama there can be no one else than you.

Boss Tengon: Dr. Sinister, why would you not take this honor for yourself? I mean it….(looks down into hangar.) WHOA! I get to ride around in that? Are you serious?

Dr. Sinister: OF course.

Boss Tengon: Well then! I’m going right down there and getting in!

(Boss Tengon hops out his travel mech and takes an elevator down the pit in the center of the hangar. This whole time while they’ve been talking Sakaki has walked around the pit and comes from behind slowly trying to get to Atsuko.)

Sakaki: If I can grab her, maybe I can find a way to return her to normal!

(He comes up to Atsuko and grabs her then tries to run away. Of course, seeing that he’s a lot weaker and because of the foreign antibody Atsuko’s a lot stronger, this is pretty much pointless as he grabs Atsuko and then falls flat on his face.)


Sakaki: I need a pick-me-up…now…..

Dr. Sinister: Takahashi-san, when will you learn? You can’t defeat us or get her back. You really should just count your blessings and leave.

(Sakaki grits his teeth and pounds the floor with his fist.)

Sakaki: DAMN!!!

Dr. Sinister: Well I’m in a pretty good mood so I’ll let him finish you off instead of doing it myself.

Sakaki: Him?

(Then the rumbling starts up again.)

Sakaki: Huh?!

(The pit expands a little bit and suddenly a huge shape flies out of it propelled by a rocket booster. Sakaki stares up at it with wide eyes. The reflection of this huge monster appears in Sakaki’s irises, and it slowly turns around we see that it’s a huge metallic dragon! The fearsome beast has artillery all over its body, and is propelled by a pair of rocket boosters on its back. It lands with a resounding crash in front of Sakaki, Dr. Sinister and Atsuko.)

Dr. Sinister: May I introduce you to Terror Iron Dragon?

Atsuko: This is the result of master technology and the castor shells. This dragon was once an overlord of time and space before it was deconstructed. The castor shells held the plans to rebuild this monster, and only someone with the know how or master technology could put it back together. Of course even with those things only a regime as powerful as the Tengons could wield such awesome power.

Dr. Sinister: I couldn’t have said it better myself. (Points at Sakaki.) Now you will have the dubious honor of being the first destroyed by it.

(However the dragon turns instead to Dr. Sinister and roars, however the evil doctor doesn’t seem to at all be affected by this.)

Boss Tengon(From intercom.): WRONG! I’m going to use this dragon to destroy you!

Sakaki: Boss Tengon!

Boss Tengon: Serena said it herself. Right after you took her life!

(Flashback right as Boss Tengon holds his dear friend’s body.)

Boss Tengon: Don’t go!

Serena: It is ok, I’m just happy that I was able to see you like this one more time. I am very happy. Please, all I ask is that…..you believe in yourself….and….the man known as Sinister….he is the only villain here. Become your true self and save your no our people from him.

(End flash back.)

Dr. Sinister: However it took you this long to figure out what it meant.

Boss Tengon: That doesn’t matter at this point! I can still atone! By ridding the world of you!

(Sakaki smiles and sits up.)

Sakaki: At least now I can rest up a little bit.

(Boss Tengon prepares to defeat the evil doctor and Sakaki takes his eyes off the fight just to take a deep breath, but then he hears Boss Tengon yell out. Sakaki looks up and gasps in horror at what he sees.)

Dr. Sinister(Mockingly.): You can atone? By ridding the world of me? Don’t make me laugh! As usual I planned for an uprising from you! You were too easy to read ever since the princess boarded our ship!


(From the cockpit of the dragon located in its belly we can see that cords are coming out and literally attaching themselves to the leader Tengon’s body. Wrapping themselves around him and dragging him into the center of the machine.)

Dr. Sinister: The thing that separates Terror Iron Dragon from other mechs like the traveling mech is that Terror Iron Dragon needs a brain. A working orgasm brain, and once it gets one it doesn’t want to let it go. Of course once the assimilation begins the organism with the brain loses itself. So…the Boss Tengon you know now will be…

(Sakaki grits his teeth and growls angrily.)

Sakaki: SINISTER!!!!!!

Dr. Sinister: …….no more. (Smiles.)

(Boss Tengon tries to struggle but soon loses out. He begins to fade into the machine and can only smile weakly.)

Boss Tengon: Serena, I didn’t think we’d meet again like this……..I would have done things differently if I could…..but…..I’m sorry…….(sighs) I remember the other thing you said….right before….

(Flashback. Serena says her last words right in front of Boss Tengon.)

Serena: I believe in you, and I believe in Sakaki. Please you must………do the same.

(End Flashback. Boss Tengon now is almost completely absorbed.)

Boss Tengon: It’s up to you……my dear dear rival….

(He finally is dragged peacefully into the Mecha. The dragon’s eyes glow a deadly crimson color and it roars. Its wings open up fully and it stares down at Sakaki with no remorse or pity in its eyes. Its do or die for our hero, and……..)


Ending Song: Kaze wa yatte kuru bashou (The place where the wind comes.)


When the wind whispers its secrets

Where will you be? And who will you be with?


All the glittering dreams will become real just temporally

What will you wish for?


You who is unable to wait for anything

Will the gentle dawn come fast enough?


If the clouds part and you leave…

Where will the wind take you?


Your scent, it’s carried gently along the wind,

No matter how far you think you’ve gotten


Is drifting drifting, the fate that you were given?

Or simply the one you accepted?


When the wind speaks its story….

Will you listen? And will you believe?


All of the empty feelings will disappear

What will you wish for?



Gato: What’s up everybody? Looks pretty bad now doesn’t it? I guess it does. Next time Sakaki tries to take on this dragon thing but of course he doesn’t stand a chance. Well At least Dr. Sinister decides to strut his stuff to the rest of the universe first, so Sakaki gets a moment to think. Well…..as much as he can while the Tengons begin to spread their evil and stuff all around the universe. Sakaki and I start trying to find a way to stop the big ol’ Dragon but…..just before we can another tragedy occurs….


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito




Dr. Sinister: So far so good wouldn’t you say?






















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