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Jikan (2002) Episode 40

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Opening Song: Kimi no Te ni Boku no Te (Your hand in mine.)


And so we go off on a grand journey….

Armed only with determination


And a dream that refuses to be forgotten!


A rainbow of one color, birds that sing the same song

While it feels safe I gotta open my cocoon and fly someday


It was raining this morning so I thought I could sleep in

But then trouble started and friends and foes….


Fought as one!


I decided to have my journey with you

Because of the cool way you took your hand out of your pocket and showed it to me!


And so we go off on a grand journey

Armed only with determination.


And a dream that refuses to die!




(Last time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito, a tragedy occurred. One that can be measured in multitude with the loss of our hero Sakaki and it was all at the hands of the nefarious Dr. Sinister. The DCW unit of the future tried their best to try to take down the mad scientist just to lose the battle and subsquinently their lives. After this it seemed like there was no way to defeat the seemingly invincible Tengon Empire. However, far away our hero was revived by the T.S.M. and now sets out to turn the tables on the Tengons once again just as he has done many times in the past. However with the revelation that Dr. Sinister is actually behind the plot to take over the universe and not Boss Tengon, have the stakes become too high for our favorite pair of felines? Watch now as Sakaki filled with determination heads back towards the Tengon mothership.)


Sakaki: T.S.M. I can’t let them get away with the evil things they’ve done to me Atsuko and now are planning to do to the universe.


T.S.M.: I understand that but do you really believe that you have what it takes to defeat the Tengons?


(The T.S.M. looks at Sakaki briefly as he flies his ship towards the Tengon mothership.)


T.S.M.: You do realize if I were just a normal person that you would have died in there right?


Sakaki: Yeah I know…


Gato: Not to sound ungrateful, but how in the world did you save us anyway? I don’t know much about a black hole other than being around one is like being around a fat guy who is in a buffet line. We shouldn’t have been able to get out right?


T.S.M.: Yes, and I had to resort to drastic measures to pull you out.

Sakaki: Drastic measures?


T.S.M.: That’s right. I had to reverse time, and reverse the spin of the Black hole to free you two. I reversed time in that area only so now things are a little bit out of synch. However its not so bad that it will leave permanent damage, however It was something that I shouldn’t really do.


Sakaki: I get it, thanks a lot T.S.M.


T.S.M.: “I get it” and “Thanks” aren’t enough here.


(He gets a dark expression.)




(Sakaki is taken aback by his sudden seriousness.)


T.S.M.: That’s why I asked if you wanted to go back. If you don’t there are other options for you. No one would think badly of you. However if you really intend on heading back to fight you have to do it seriously this time.


Sakaki: I understand, and I can’t back down. Atsuko is still on that ship, and even if she were safe somewhere, the Tengons intend on taking over the future now.


(Sakaki clenches his fist.)


Sakaki: Even though I don’t live here, I can’t fathom walking away from people who are in danger!


Gato: Hey masky, what are the chances of you coming to save us again?


Sakaki: You say that as if you have no confidence in my abilities….


Gato: Well its always good to have insurance. I wouldn’t drive without any insurance, and I don’t plan to go attack a hoard of space beings with a conquering streak without any insurance either.


T.S.M.: A smart philosophy, But I don’t intend on saving you again.


Sakaki: We have to fight them all by ourselves?!?

Gato(Under his breath): All by YOURSELF.


T.S.M.: Yes that’s about right.


(Then Sakaki looks out the window and notices that they are about to ram into the Tengon mothership.)


Sakaki: T…S….M?!?!?


Gato: HEY! What are you doing masky?!?!


T.S.M.: Oh I guess we’re here aren’t we?


(He steps on the breaks of the ship suddenly and this causes Sakaki and Gato to fly forward and hit the windshield.)


Sakaki: Oog…..


(They both slide down slowly from this hit and lie on the floor of the ship.)


T.S.M.: Well heres your stop men! I wish you the best of luck!


Gato: Wait! Do I have to go ----


(The T.S.M. presses a button and a hole appears under our heroes. They fall into the hole and out a capsule outside the ship. The capsule then flies into a hole in the Tengon mothership created in the space fight last episode, and therefore escorts our heroes safely onboard.)


T.S.M.: Well men, goodnight and good luck.


(The T.S.M. flies off into space again leaving our heroes to fend for themselves.)


Sakaki: Episode 40: The central 4! A Fiery Showdown!


(Sakaki and Gato awaken onboard the Tengon Mothership, and quickly find a place to hide.)


Sakaki: T.S.M.! Darn it, you could have given us much more time to prepare than this!


Gato: Well Lunkhead this is another fine mess you’ve gotten me involved in.


Sakaki: Eh? Are you serious? You make it sound like I forced you to come here and save Atsuko!


Gato: Well I’m fond of toots, but not so fond that I’d fight a whole army to get to her.

Sakaki: You’re so cold hearted…


Gato: And you’re warm headed! What kind of person is so abnormal that fighting an army for one person seems okay to them?


Sakaki: The kind of person who values friendship! That’s who!


Gato: And what has friendship gotten us so far? Sucked up in a black hole, chased down by some assassins and heres the icing on the cake, attacked by the person we’re supposed to save!


(Sakaki eyes his partner.)


Gato: Right now to be honest I think maybe we should beg the Tengon’s for forgiveness and ask them to let us borrow a ship to go home on.


(Sakaki stands up and begins to walk away without saying a word.)


Gato: What? Lunkhead? Where are you going?


(Sakaki doesn’t answer and keeps walking down the Tengon mothership corridors.)


Gato: The silent treatment huh? That’s fine; I’m used to that from where I came from anyway! So do your worst!


(Sakaki continues to walk away until he is out of sight. Gato instantly gets worried about him however and begins to wonder what will happen to our hero.)


Gato: Lunkhead really left……..but now….I’m alone and defenseless….


(Ok fine, he’s more worried about what will happen to himself. However Sakaki comes back into view and walks towards Gato.)


Gato: Oh good! You came to your senses! Now let’s get out of here shall we?


(Sakaki walks past him.)


Gato: Huh? So why did you come back this way?


Sakaki(Without turning to him.): Dead end over there.


(Gato watches him disappear around the adjacent corner, and this time he doesn’t come back.)


Gato: That……..GAH! Fine then! I’ll just go find someway off of this ship! Who needs you anyway?! I hope those Tengon’s give you what’s coming to you!

(He sticks his tongue out and follows up with an “oshiri pen-pen”* and then goes his own way. Sakaki meanwhile is thinking about what Gato said in a more objective sense.)


Sakaki: What he said……it’s exactly what Hau and the others yelled at me for the day that I left home….it hurts to hear two people say that…..


(Sakaki then shakes his head.)


Sakaki: But I know its right to do this! Atsuko was very kind to the both of us, and if Gato wants to repay her by leaving that’s perfectly fine! I on the other hand will do what it takes to ensure her freedom!


(He smiles broadly and then walks around the corner. Suddenly laser gunfire is heard and Sakaki runs back around the corner followed by three irate Tengon guards.)


Sakaki: GYAHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Tengon Guard 1: Hey you there! STOP RUNNING!


Tengon Guard 2: He looks kind of familiar I’d say…..


(The three of them stop and then take out what seems to be a small PDA device. They turn it on and find that under the file “Public enemy number one” Sakaki is prominently featured.)


Tengon Guard 3: I could have sworn that he was dealt with a while ago…..


Tengon Guard 2: Yeah…..so if he’s here now…..


(They all look at Sakaki who has stopped to catch his breath. Their faces all turn white and they begin to edge back, all mumering out of fear. Sakaki notices this and sweatdrops walking forward to find out what the problem is.)


Sakaki: Hey, um not that I’m complaining, but shouldn’t you be chasing me?


Tengon Guard 1: You’re some kind of ghost from hell here to avenge Sakaki’s soul aren’t you?!


(Sakaki has a blank expression.)


Tengon Guard 2: That’s the only way you could have survived that! The fact is you didn’t! You’re here to curse us right?!


Tengon Guard 3: Please don’t touch us! We’re sorry!


Sakaki: Ahahah…..so that whole ordeal has its advantages doesn’t it?

(Sakaki then gets a monstrous look.)


Sakaki: Grahhhhhhhh……..I’m here to avenge him alright…if you don’t get out of my way I’ll send you to hell for eternity!


(He begins to walk towards them slowly. The guards scream and then run as fast as they can away.)


Sakaki: Heheh that was lucky. If all of them are this stupid I should be able to find Atsuko and Dr. Sinister in no time!


(Sakaki begins to walk down the corridor again. The three guards run and run until they get to the end of the corridor. They then open the door and inside the assassin family waits anxiously for their next orders from Dr. Sinister.)


Carmen: What’s this? Dropping in unannounced?


Tengon Guard 1: We’re sorry………


Carmen: Well what is it? You boys look like you’ve seen a ghost.


Tengon Guard 3: We did! That kid that was our enemy that was supposedly killed is back on the ship walking around as a zombie!


Tengon Guard 2: We saw him with our own eyes!


(Liu and Grawl both perk up at this news.)


Carmen: Kid? You mean Koneko-chan? I was sure that Liu killed him though.


Tengon Guard 1: Well he’s back!


Carmen(To her husband): Darling, what should we do?


(Hiro is fast asleep.)


Carmen: Darling?………*sighs* He’s so unreliable sometimes….


(She turns to the kids.)


Carmen: Do you two---


(They’re already gone.)


Carmen: Seems like they already have the upper hand today….I wonder just how well they’ll do against a ghost?

(The guards stare at her awestruck.)


Tengon Guard 3: They’re not even afraid of ghosts?


Tengon Guard 2: How awesome….


(Grawl and Liu run down the hall hoping to find our hero.)


Grawl: Sister, what are you so excited for? You seemed like you didn’t care about our new mission.


Liu: Mind your own business! I’m going to see if the rumor is true!


Grawl: Hmph. And what will you do if it is true?


(Liu for the first time in a while smiles.)


Liu: I wonder what I will do then?


(Grawl scoffs and then turns up his speed a notch so that he out does his sister.)


Liu: That little…….


(She then speeds up too. Meanwhile Gato is sauntering around the ship, looking around for a way to exit.)


Gato: This place is needlessly huge. I mean why do villains make such large hideouts? I know its to confuse intruders, but if they have any confidence in themselves, wouldn’t they make a hideout that’s easy to maneuver, and just have a superweapoon ready for their enemies?


(Then he sees the infirmary.)


Gato: Huh, well I guess even Badguys need HMO’s don’t they?


(Out of curiosity he peaks inside and sees something that makes him gasp.)


Gato: Toots?!


(True enough Atsuko lies on an operating table as a tengon nurse prepares a needle.)


Gato: What is she doing there?


(The nurse walks over to the table and then puts a mask filled with anesthetic over Atsuko’s mouth.)


Nurse: I’m going to need to put you to sleep for a minute. So that the control will be administered correctly.


(Atsuko says nothing but then goes to sleep.)


Gato: What does that mean?


(The nurse then uses the syringe and Atsuko trembles a bit but then remains still. The nurse sterilizes the area and then walks out. Gato manages to hide before he is caught, and once the nurse is gone he goes in the room and begins to check things out.)


Gato: All this sciency stuff…..I don’t know what any of it means….


(Gato then notices one bottle in particular.)


Gato: “Foreign Antibody”? What the heck is that?


(He begins to ponder this but then he hears something behind him. He then turns around and sees that it’s Atsuko awakening….Gato tries to hide, but she sees him and this is followed by a moment of awkward silence. Finally Atsuko reaches out to him, and though Gato tries to run he is caught.)


Gato: Gah! Hey toots! Don’t do what I think you’re gonna do! We’ll both regret it!


(She then pulls him closer…..Meanwhile Sakaki is walking the corridors of the ship feeling very lost…)


Sakaki: Man…Without a clue of where they’re keeping her its gonna be tough to find out where she is.


(He then appears in a hallway hub leading down four different corridors.)


Sakaki: Great….now which way?


(Then down one corridor he heres something approaching quickly.)


Sakaki: What the……..what is that?!?


(He prepares the midnight blade for battle and faces down that corridor. However he is surprised when an attack from behind topples him over.)


Sakaki: Gah!


(He manages to right himself and come face to face with Grawl.)


Sakaki: Not him again……not now…….

Grawl: How nice it is to see you again. I was really heartbroken when I heard you might have died. I thought we wouldn’t have time to redo our match.


Sakaki: I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t feeling the same way.


Grawl: Oh? Well then, I’ll kill you quickly!


(He runs towards Sakaki and then brings down his hand hard. Sakaki manages to parry this and get behind him. He brings down the midnight blade but Grawl then frees one hand and grabs him. Sakaki kicks him away and then swings again and again. Grawl backflips and runs out of the way, and then begins throwing weapons knives, shiruken, daggers, and other kinds of sharp objects at our hero. Sakaki starts to run so that a trail of these is in his wake. The two of them grapple again both of them trying to use their weapons to subdue the other. However the other is always one move ahead and therefore all of the attacks fail. Grawl then using momentum from his movements begins to transverse the ceiling. Sakaki however can’t do the same and is vulnerable when Grawl jumps downwards and tries to attack him with an unseen weapon. Sakaki however parries this and sends him flying to his side. Sakaki then follows up with another sword strike in which Grawl catches the blow and uses it to force Sakaki forward. Sakaki then feels the hit of one blow, followed by another and yet another that sends him up towards the ceiling. Sakaki is in midair for a moment when Grawl lands a mighty kick to his stomach sending him flying downward quickly. Sakaki bounces back up from the impact which allows Grawl to hit him with a side kick which sends him flying into a wall. Sakaki slides down and slumps into a corner. It is at this point that Liu appears, flustered from apparently getting lost in the corridors of the mothership. She sees the battle at hand and then grows upset at her brother.)


Liu: What are you doing?!


Grawl: What I should have done sooner.


(Sakaki coughs and begins to stand up, but Grawl throws a dagger at him. While it doesn’t hit him it is enough to scare Sakaki into a sitting position.)


Grawl: You know you are making me really disappointed that I didn’t finish you off earlier.


(He begins to walk towards Sakaki.)


Liu: Don’t you dare!


Grawl: Dare what sister? (He glares at her.) What are you trying to say?


(Liu doesn’t say anything at this point, but glares back at her brother.)


Liu: You can’t hurt him!

Grawl: Shut up and watch. This will be the last time I waste my time on trash.


(Grawl begins to reach towards Sakaki, but then he stops.)


Grawl: You………LITTLE!


(Sakaki has pulled out the midnight blade and has stuck it into Grawl’s torso.)


Sakaki: I’m not done yet…..!


(Sakaki stands up and then uppercuts the fearsome villain in the jaw. This sends him flying back towards where his sister is standing. Liu looks at this and back at Sakaki with an amazed expression.)


Liu: After all that, he…he can still stand and…attack! (She smiles micheviously) He is the one!


(Grawl however is not so enthralled with this turn of events.)


Grawl: What do you think you are HUH?!


Sakaki: I’m here to stop the Tengons and save Atsuko. If you are a wall in the way of me doing that I will crush you! It’s as simple as that!


(Grawl stands up slowly.)


Liu: Huh? Why is he so angry suddenly?


Grawl: You disappoint me not once but twice, and then you want to make it sound as if I’m wasting YOUR time? You have gotten a little too big for your shoes haven’t you?!


(Sakaki stands alert, but far from panicked.)


Sakaki(Thinking): He’s angry now, which means his attacks will be much more powerful, but at the same time he won’t be thinking rationally. If I can take that to my advantage I can win! (Glances at Liu) That’s the girl who tried to kill me before….though she doesn’t look too strong….perhaps if I can take out Grawl she might back down….


(Grawl now begins to wobble to and fro.)


Sakaki: Eh? Is this some kind of attack?

(Suddenly at great speed Grawl runs at Sakaki and outstretches his arm. Sakaki having no time to react is caught and dragged to the wall by this. Grawl then hits the wall with tremendous force and crushes Sakaki into it. Liu looking shocked puts a hand to her mouth. Grawl picks up Sakaki who is barely conscious now, and begins to whail into him with a flurry of punches and kicks.)






(She tries to get close to him, but then he turns and hits her with a blow to the stomach hard.)


Liu: Guh….


(She then hits the floor hard, unconscious.)


Grawl: This is between me and this peon!


(Grawl turns back to Sakaki who is in severe shape now.)


Grawl: I’ll take my time now, and crack your ribs and then your legs, and finally your skull. No one does what you did to me you little peon!


(Sakaki lies there unconscious.)


Grawl: What’s this nonsense you’re saying about saving someone? You can’t save anything as weak as you are! People like you should accept their weakness and go to serve someone that is strong and hope that one day you can stand in their shadow! Why would a weakling such as yourself want to oppose a pillar of strength such as the Tengon regime? I heard you haven’t even known that girl for more than 3 months, and yet you want to throw yourself into this kind of danger for her sake?! You IDIOT! (Calmly) Well don’t worry I won’t tell her about how you died. It will be our little secret.


(Even though Sakaki is unconscious deep within his body he hears every word of Grawl’s tirade. Sakaki begins to burn with rage, and just as he’s about to snap the T.S.M.’s words come back to him again.)


T.S.M.: That sword can become deadly to your opponents if used correctly. However used INCORRECTLY it can be just as deadly to you.


Sakaki(Inner thoughts): I know that but….I’m SICK of it! Everyone keeps saying the same thing! Telling me how I should live my life and how every decision that I make is a stupid one! Its ANNOYING! I want to do what I want to do! And right now……I WANT TO SAVE ATSUKO MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Just as Grawl’s hand comes down to further harm Sakaki, Sakaki’s arm reaches up and stops his. Then Sakaki using inhuman strength begins to crack Grawl’s arm. However Grawl manages to yank his arm back before any permanent damage is done.)


Grawl: What the….?!


(The midnight blade that Sakaki was clutching very tightly suddenly begins to pulsate and turn black. As black as the midnight that its name was derived from. Grawl steps back and suddenly there is a small explosion. Smoke billows into the room, and covers Sakaki completely. In a little bit of time the smoke clears and Grawl is shocked to see what’s in front of him.)


Grawl: What is this?!


(Sakaki is standing now, but the midnight blade is now fused with his body. His eyes are devoid of life, because he is actually still unconscious. It seems now that the blade has taken his body and is going to continue the fight in his absence.)


Grawl: What kind of ability is----


(With speed even more than Grawl’s Sakaki dashes and stabs the boy in his arm sending them both flying into the wall. The sword begins to swing over and over again at Grawl who manages to barely avoid these attacks. But then as he comes to attack Sakaki’s body fakes him out by clutching a wall and then flying at him at an angle. Grawl is knocked aback, and while in mid air the midnight blade comes straight down and stabbing the boy in the torso yet again pins him to the ground. Grawl yells out in pain and can do nothing more because he can no longer move. Slowly deliberately the sword pulls itself out of him, and then prepares to deliver the final blow to his neck when another force from behind knocks Sakaki forward, which sends him flying into a wall and down to the ground. Two people have just entered the room, and they are none other than Carmen and Hiro.)


Carmen: Oh my……what happened here?


Hiro: Man, looks like we got here too late….


(Flashback to a couple of minutes before. Carmen is watching over her sleeping husband, with nothing better to do, but then suddenly Hiro wakes up and then dashes away quickly and without warning.)


Carmen: Darling! Where are you going?!


Hiro: To save our son!


Carmen: What? What is wrong with him?!


Hiro: Come with me and you’ll find out!


(Flash to the present where Hiro walks over to Grawl and grimaces at the sight of his own son. Carmen looks Liu over and then joins her husband.)


Carmen: She seems to be fine, just knocked out….but what happened to Grawl?


Hiro: HE happened.


(Hiro motions at Sakaki who is slumped over in a crater in the wall. The midnight blade has separated from him and lies harmlessly on the floor.)


Hiro: Well Grawl was right about one thing, that kid has almost no Sakki*. If he did then we’d have to make funeral arrangements for Grawl here.


Carmen: But he sure didn’t let up either did he?


Hiro: Probably because of that sword of his. I’m pretty sure that’s what caused Grawl to get beat up this bad. However that kid always has had a temper so it’s not exactly like he didn’t deserve it I guess.


Carmen: Darling! You aren’t trying to suggest that….


Hiro: Well not especially….but the truth is the truth.


(Hiro walks over to Sakaki and bends down so he is at his height.)


Hiro: Kid I have to give it to you though, you sure did work a number on ol’ Grawl there. The 4 of us……we’re known as the Central four. Why? Because any good organization whether they are good or evil has had us at the center. We’ve seen lots of combat, and so defeating us is really just a dream of the suicidal. However……Grawl is one of the strongest of our group, right below me. And I hate to brag but………hell with it, I’m pretty damn strong. So for you to be able to mess him up this bad must mean you’re one hell of a kid. Personally I’d love to take you on myself; however we’re being paid to defeat anyone who is opposing the Tengon Empire.


(Hiro reaches down to Sakaki and looks like he might break him in half but instead picks him up and then walks over to his daughter and does the same.)


Hiro: But today…..(Yawns) I’d much rather keep you alive.


Carmen: But why?


Hiro: I’ve got good feelings about this kid. Besides, they said “Defeat” not kill. So we’ll throw him in prison or something. I personally want to see if he’s really worth our time.


Carmen: How will you be able to tell?


Hiro: If he’s really as good as he seems to be I’m sure he will be able to break out of prison easily. If he does that I’ll be waiting.


Carmen(Mock irritation.): You’re really enjoying this secretly aren’t you?


Hiro: Maybe just a little heh.


Carmen: What of Grawl?


Hiro: Yeah I was gonna call the medics for him. These two I’m holding probably just need some rest.


(He begins to walk off, and Carmen stays with Grawl. Hiro takes one look back at his son and shakes his head.)


Hiro: I hope Grawl, that this teaches you not to underestimate someone based on your own strength.


(He walks away leaving Carmen to tend for Grawl until the medics come. Meanwhile Gato is still with Atsuko……being……petted?)


Gato: Toots…….I thought……..


(Atsuko speaks and this time though it’s not her normal tone its much closer to it. Her eyes even seem to be a little bit softer.)


Atsuko: Gato…I missed you…..a lot…


Gato: Yeah I missed you too toots….Lunkhead is around here somewhere looking for you…


Atsuko: You two….are too kind to me….


Gato: Nah…we….I dunno, we just don’t want to leave you here…


Atsuko: You have to run away though….please.


Gato: What? Why?


Atsuko: This…me won’t be here much longer….I don’t know what will happen once I revert back…so please run away…


Gato: Hey wait a minute!


(Suddenly Atsuko stops petting Gato and sits stiff.)


Gato: Toots?!


(Her eyes that before carried a remnant of illumination of life now begin to fade back into coldness. Gato realizes this and quickly runs away, though he can’t leave the room because Tengon guards who heard his voice are on their way to investigate.)


Gato: Crap! What do I do now? Hope they’ll forgive me?


(Then he hears one of them ready their rifle.)


Gato: And…….there goes that avenue of hope.


(Then he spies a vent in the room with the cover pulled off, probably a matienence mistake. Gato however uses this to his advantage.)


Gato: Toots, I’m sorry, but we will bring you back ok?


(He climbs in just as the guards enter.)


Tengon Guard: Ma’am are you ok?


(Atsuko turns to them and with a cold emotionless expression nods.)


Tengon Guard: My apologies.


(He closes the door, and Atsuko looks at the vent. Meanwhile Gato crawls down the vent hoping not to be caught by Tengons.)


Gato: It looks like Kiki was right! Toots is still in there somewhere, we just have to get the Tengons to stop pumping her with that stuff in there! I hate to say it but I have to find Lunkhead and tell him the news!


(Gato doesn’t know that Sakaki is in a cell in the Tengon hold unconsus and beaten badly. This leaves Gato as the only one to salvage this rescue mission. Meanwhile on the ship’s bridge, Dr. Sinister walks. He sees Boss Tengon waiting for him and stops.)


Dr. Sinister: You summoned me?


(Boss Tengon turns to him and for the first time in this whole adventure his face is grim and unforgiving. Dr. Sinister flinches slightly at this knowing that what Boss Tengon says next could very well cut into his grand scheme.)


Boss Tengon: Dr. Sinister…. I’ve been meaning to ask. What are your true objectives?


Ending Song: Kaze wa yatte kuru bashou (The place where the wind comes.)

When the wind whispers its secrets

Where will you be? And who will you be with?


All the glittering dreams will become real just temporally

What will you wish for?


You who is unable to wait for anything

Will the gentle dawn come fast enough?


If the clouds part and you leave…

Where will the wind take you?


Your scent, it’s carried gently along the wind,

No matter how far you think you’ve gotten


Is drifting drifting, the fate that you were given?

Or simply the one you accepted?


When the wind speaks its story….

Will you listen? And will you believe?


All of the empty feelings will disappear

What will you wish for?




Liu: Hello there! I’m in charge of doing the preview for the next Episode! I’ll bet you’ve been wondering what I have in mind for Sakaki-kun don’t you? Well it’s a secret until then! But I can tell you about me though! I’m into the fashion of today, and I made my own outfit! My mom and dad started the assassin business way before I was born, but I was the first one they acknowledged for it! Well until that little brat Grawl came along and ruined everything. I’m a Capricorn and my lucky number is 15! I like tall handsome boys who can beat me in sports, and my favorite color is pink! Um my favorite group/person is Gackt,* and his best song would defiantly have to be Vanilla oh and—


Sakaki: ENOUGH! Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito…..




Liu: You’re so mean Sakaki-kun…..but you’re cute so its fine.


Sakaki: Why am I not happy when I hear that from you..?




(Liner notes)




*Oshiri pen-pen: A form of verbal mooning in Japan. Pull down your eyelid, and then pat your behind while sticking out your tongue…be sure your behind is facing the person you want to do this to. (Preferably an enemy.)


*Sakki: In Japanese this literally translates out to “Killing intent.” When Hiro says that Sakaki has none its in reference to the fact that while Grawl was beat up badly he wasn’t killed.


*Gackt: A Japanese j-rock artist. Vanilla was one of his most popular songs.




















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