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Jikan (2002) Episode 39

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Opening Song: Kimi no Te ni Boku no Te (Your hand in mine.)


And so we go off on a grand journey….

Armed only with determination


And a dream that refuses to be forgotten!


A rainbow of one color, birds that sing the same song

While it feels safe I gotta open my cocoon and fly someday


It was raining this morning so I thought I could sleep in

But then trouble started and friends and foes….


Fought as one!


I decided to have my journey with you

Because of the cool way you took your hand out of your pocket and showed it to me!


And so we go off on a grand journey

Armed only with determination.


And a dream that refuses to die!



(With our heroes Sakaki and Gato currently being nothing more than another object inside of a black hole in the universe, it seems that the Tengons will be free to pursue whatever nefarious deeds they want to. Or is that really the case? A fleet of ships currently head towards the Tengon mothership and its obvious that they don’t intend to just visit with the Tengons. The leader of this fleet is one cigar smoking man who seems to have a past grudge against one Doctor Sinister. What could kinds of things hide in the stormy past of both of these men? The only way to find out this is to continue as you have been, and plunge once more into the world of Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!)



Sakaki: Episode 39: The all out attack! Tengon Mothership’s Merciless Regime!



(The cigar smoking man sits in his own ship leading the other ships to battle. He has a grim expression, as he thinks about the opponent he is about to encounter.)



Cigar smoker: I really thought that I had heard the last of you at that time Sinister.


(Then on a screen that is at his side blips indicating that he has a message from one of the men in his fleet. The Cigar smoker presses a button on the panel so that the message can be patched through to him.)


Cigar Smoker: Yeah?

(On the screen a picture of one of the men that is in the fleet that is accompanying him appears. In a minute a bar with the words “Sound processing” appears, and once the bar becomes completely full the sound from the other ship comes through.)


Man: Sir, we’ve sighted the Tengon mothership. Awaiting further orders.


Cigar smoker: Hold fire. I want to see if they’ll go peacefully.


Man: Do you really think that they’ll do that?


Cigar smoker: Of course I don’t. But H.Q. won’t permit us to do anything unless we do this first.


Man: I see.


(He disappears from the Cigar smoker’s screen, and the Cigar smoker faces foreword and stares at the Tengon mothership in the distance.)


Cigar Smoker: I’m sure he wants to end it as bad as I do anyway.


(Inside the mothership Dr. Sinister is reading a holographic data reel that is filled with old news. He looks at them with a look of extreme apathy. That is until he gets to a certain day, when he reads this report his eyes light up and he cracks a half smile.)


Dr. Sinister: Who could forget a day like that?


(He stands up and walks over to a computer in his quarters. Logging online very quickly he soon looks up the same day that is on his data reel. This date has an innocuous enough title…October 14th. Dr Sinister reads the online news report and continues to read with a sense of security and smugness that can only come from one who has had good luck in the past.)


Dr. Sinister: It certainly has been a while hasn’t it? Part of me wishes that I had just a little bit more time to run away. However….


(He closes the Internet explorer dialog box and opens up another dialog box. This one has what seems to be radar. On the radar are an abundance of small yellow boxes converging on one large yellow box. Dr Sinister counts the yellow boxes by hand almost lyrically, as if he is making a game out of it.)


Dr. Sinister: Wow, almost a fleet of 50 ships is it? Lets see if each ship has on average 1 pilot and 2 inflitrationees… that’s….150…..


(Then he smiles broadly…evilly…….)


Dr. Sinister: Victims.

(Then a blip comes from his desk, and so he goes to investigate it.)


Dr. Sinister: And this must be that much awaited phone call?


(He answers it and the Cigar smoking man appears.)


Dr. Sinister: Its been a while hasn’t it? Quentin-san.


Quentin: You smug bastard. What do you think you’re doing alive again?


Dr. Sinister: My my my, aren’t we the pot calling the kettle black? I was very sure that you’d be the dead one. Then again you were always the mannerless one, that’s why I’m not at all surprised that you haven’t made one effort to call me or contact me since then.


Quentin: Be quiet. What are you masquerading as now? Some kind of Doctor?


Dr. Sinister: Such harsh words! Now it seems that because you’ve become a little higher in rank you feel like you can talk to anyone anyway you like don’t you?


Quentin: Hmmph. You plan on treating me like garbage until the very end don’t you?


Dr. Sinister: If the hat fits…..


(Suddenly Quentin starts to yell at the doctor.)




(Dr. Sinister sits silently.)




Dr. Sinister: Are you quite done?


(Quentin gasps slightly.)


Dr. Sinister: I’ll take that as a yes. Well to answer your question, my goal has and always been complete and utter domination on anything I set my eyes on.


(Quentin’s expression changes from one of hurt confusion to intrigue.)

Dr. Sinister: It seems obvious to me that this world, no this universe needs order and restraint or things such as wars, crime, and disgrace will continue to occur. So I plan to take care of everything.

Quentin: How?


Dr. Sinister: Quite simply by making my own laws, and destroying anyone who disobeys them. That in and of itself will make uprising impossible, because no matter how evil an individual is and how much they may maraud and murder, they value one thing before all others. Their lives, and if they want to keep them, they will have to bow down to my supreme power.


Quentin: Is this why you betrayed us?


Dr. Sinister: Betrayed? You are quite the naive one. How can one betray something he was never a part of in the first place?


Quentin: What?!


Dr. Sinister: I’ll spell it out for you. I never thought of myself as one of you in the first place.


(Quentin begins to growl.)


Dr. Sinister: You shouldn’t think so highly of yourself. All you are is a small branch of the universal police. The only people you’re assigned to catch are the most dangerous criminals. So in the end the only person that really should feel any of an ego boost here is I, because the universal police feels that I’m such a threat that they send their strongest men out here.


(Suddenly like a dream the scene is thrust into a flashback. It is several years earlier, in the DCW (Dangerous Criminals Wing) of the Universal police. Quentin is scarless and a little bit younger. He is reporting in for yet another job that he must do in order to uphold the peace and justice of the universe.)


Quentin: Lieutenant Quentin reporting for duty!


(The current chief of that time looks up from his desk at Quentin and smiles.)


Chief: Hey! What’s up there Quentin-kun?


Quentin: Sir here for my assignment sir!


Chief: No need to be so stiff man! You can relax, and you don’t have to call me “Sir” either.


Quentin: Sir! Its more respectful to refer as thus sir!


Chief: Ok ok! You win. Well for now we’re pretty slow, so you should probably take a little break.

Quentin: Understood sir!


Chief: Ok then I’ll see you later!


(Before Quentin can walk out however two men enter, one who is a stranger with a universal police uniform and a long trenchcoat, and the other being Dr. Sinister. Dr. Sinister looks the same as he does now albeit his hair is a little bit longer.)


Chief: Oh hey there, Kernel.


Kernel: Hey yourself! I just wanted to bring this transfer here.


(Dr. Sinister bows at this acknowledgement.)


Dr. Sinister: It is nice to meet all of you.


Chief: Another guy around here? Do I really need that much help?


Kernel: Well the higher-ups say you do….


Chief: Say no more, I know how they can be.


(He walks over to Dr. Sinister and shakes his hand.)


Chief: Nice to meet you um….er…um…


Dr. Sinister: Just call me Sinister. Its fine.


Kernel: Ok…. Sinister. Nice to meet you.


(Quentin is still there watching all of this, and thusly the Chief notices this and beckons him to come over.)


Chief: Quentin meet Sinister!


Quentin: Nice to meet you.


Dr. Sinister: Likewise.


(They shake hands and then Kernel gets an idea.)


Kernel: How about Quentin-kun shows Sinister-kun around?


Chief: Not a bad idea, Quentin is just waiting around for something to do anyway.


(The Chief turns to Quentin.)

Chief: Quentin, do you think you can do that?


(Quentin salutes and says.)


Quentin: Yes sir! Right away Sir!


(Soon Quentin and Sinister are walking the halls of the DCW building.)


Quentin: So why did you become part of this unit anyway?


Dr. Sinister: I like to delve into the psyche of the criminal. What makes them do what they do? You know that money isn’t the only thing that they want, sometimes they commit crimes for things that we take for granted.


Quentin: You sound like you’ve been studying this for a while.


Dr. Sinister: Yes I have been. I feel that this universe is becoming more and more corrupt. If one person could rule with an iron fist, then we wouldn’t have so many problems.


(Quentin hears this and shakes his head.)


Quentin: If you did that then people wouldn’t be able to live freely. Without freedom what point is there in living?


Dr Sinister: Hmm, well I can’t say I agree with you but….(smiles) I do agree with your right to say it.


Quentin: You sure are cheerful.


Dr. Sinister: Well that’s only because I know soon I will be able to get something that I’ve been longing for.


Quentin: Is that the reason why you were transferred here?


Dr. Sinister: Among other reasons yes.


(Dr. Sinister walks away from a confused Quentin. Probably if Quentin had known the events that would come to occur he would have probably reacted differently to this calm and cheerful new partner of his. Weeks go by and Dr. Sinister and Quentin are so busy with numerous other things that they barely see each other. However, one day a strange prison breakout riles up the peace around the DCW. Quentin who hears about this from one of his fellow officers runs over to the Chief to confirm it.)


Quentin: Chief! Is it true that one of the most heinous men that we’ve put behind bars has escaped?

Chief: WAS true…..he was apprehended rather quickly.


Quentin: That’s a relief.


Chief: And right after that killed in his prison cell.


(Quentin’s eyes widen.)


Quentin: Wha—what?!


Chief: That’s right, he was let out by someone…and---


Quentin: Hold on a second sir! How do you know he was let out? I thought they said he escaped!


Chief: The evidence points out that he was let out. The cell was unlocked from the outside, there seemed to be no struggle, and it was during a time where the guards were preoccupied with other prisoners.


Quentin: But they caught him sir, so it was fine after that?


Chief: Sure was, but then….we bring him back in jail like we do everyone else but strangely enough he’s going on and on about a man who betrayed him…allowed this to happen. We don’t think much of it, however two days later we find him dead in his cell, killed by means of firearm.


(The Chief looks wistfully at the ceiling.)


Chief: I want to forget about it, but something is telling me that I shouldn’t.


Quentin: Yes I agree sir. This whole thing is way too strange to be left alone. Who would let him out knowing what he did?


(Both men puzzle over this, not knowing all the while that Dr. Sinister is watching them from the shadows nearby. The next morning Quentin is flying his ship to the DCW, and when he gets there he instantly notices something amiss….VERY amiss.)


Quentin: Oh……no….


(The whole DCW HQ has been torn apart. People of all kinds are lying on the ground, deceased. Fires are lit in the windows and on the front grounds of the building and the door is ripped clean off.)


Quentin: How did this happen? Who did this?


(Then from behind someone hits him and he falls to the ground hard.)

Quentin: Agh!


(One of the criminals who once inhabited the cells of the building has knocked him to the floor. Quentin is still conscious though and sees the face of his assailant.)


Quentin: You! We put you in a cell so long ago!


(The criminal smiles evilly and is about to deliver the final blow, when a gunshot is heard and he falls to his knees. Another gun shot follows and soon the criminal is no longer on the plane of the living. Quentin looks up and sees Dr. Sinister gently walk up to the criminal and after checking if he is really dead turn to Quentin.)


Quentin: Sinister?


Dr. Sinister: Oh you’re still alive, I figured that he had already finished you off.


Quentin: We have to help the chief and the others! They might still be in there!


Dr. Sinister: My dear boy, anyone still in there has died.


Quentin: No! Who would do this?!?!


Dr. Sinister: Well since you are going to die soon anyway….since I can’t have you see anything…I suppose I can tell you.


Quentin: I’m going to die? But…


Dr. Sinister: It should be obvious by now that I was the one that caused all of this.


Quentin: But why? (With a shocked expression.) Were you always planning this?


Dr. Sinister: Yes of course. I had to plan all of this beforehand, and it’s all quite elementary. I plan on taking over this ugly universe and changing it so that things will be much more efficient. How you ask? By reviving the Terror Iron Dragon, and using it to rid this universe of all that’s immoral. These pathetic people with their wars and violence, I want to be rid of them all. Unfortunately I have to cause a bit of violence in the end to get to this goal but so be it.


(He bends on one knee so that he is at Quentin’s level and smiles as he speaks.)


Dr. Sinister: Of course in order to revive the dragon I need to have the Dragon Castor Iron Shells. One of the convicts here happened to also be a time traveler, and happened to see something like what I was looking for. So I made it so I would be transferred here, and I granted him freedom once he told me what I needed to hear. Of course he made the mistake of getting caught again after I let him out. So to make sure he didn’t tell anyone of my secrets I dealt with him.


Quentin: So it was you who killed that prisoner?

Dr. Sinister: Now you get it! Since I got what I wanted I decided to make this place disappear. So I let all of the other convicts out, and of course they got their revenge on all the officers that locked them away. I can’t have them run around free however so I set a bomb in the HQ and then set it off destroying all of them and any evidence of what I did. Well almost none….


(He pulls out the gun once more and points it at Quentin’s head.)


Dr. Sinister: Please think of yourself as a martyr for the new world.


(Quentin uses all of his strength to lunge at the evil doctor and knock him over, knocking the gun away from his grasp. The two of them struggle for a while, before Dr. Sinister pulls a knife from his pocket and brings it down with full force on Quentin. Quentin manages to move enough so that no vital points are hit but his face is scarred by this attack. However as Dr. Sinister collects himself, Quentin reaches for the gun and with no hesitation at all pulls the trigger. Dr. Sinister lies limp, and Quentin stands above him clutching his wounds. He can only look at Dr. Sinister grimly and then face the sky. Back in the present time, Quentin clutches the scar on his face and angrily looks at Dr. Sinister on his monitor.)




Dr. Sinister: I of course plan for everything. That gun had a solution in its bullets that would make the victim seem dead. Though it wouldn’t kill them, unless followed up with a second shot of that same solution. When the authorities came you were so busy with your own wounds that you didn’t notice me slipping away. I considered that day a setback, unfortunately since my name was now known in the criminal world I had to lay low for a while seeking other opportunities to try again, which I got now with Boss Tengon and his lackeys.


Quentin: So you aren’t a Tengon? As I thought, you plan to use them just like you used us.


Dr. Sinister: Good you finally get it. I know you rebuilt the whole DCW by yourself and for that I congratulate you. However today I will erase that unit once and for all.


Quentin: You’re losing your touch Sinister!


(Dr. Sinister looks up at Quentin and an intrigued look creeps over his face.)


Quentin: While you were so busy reminiscing, I already had some of my men fly towards your mothership. These are the toughest men that the DCW has to offer, so even if your Tengon regime is strong they won’t stand a prayer against them!


(True enough inside the ship Quentin’s men have already infiltrated the mothership and many defeated Tengons lie in their wake. They slowly but surely make their way to the room that Doctor Sinister is currently inhabiting, using the signals being broadcast in his conversation with Quentin.)


Quentin: This time it really is over for you Sinister. I will take revenge for the people you killed that day!


(Dr. Sinister snickers.)


Dr. Sinister: You are so naive. Just as always, I’ve already told you I always think of everything. Just like a good game of chess all the moves are always worked out before anything even happens!


Quentin: Oh? So you mean to tell me you have a plan for this too?!


(Quentin then motions for his men to move in on the mothership. Boss Tengon then pops up on Dr. Sinister’s screen and looks frantic.)


Boss Tengon: There are a bunch of really strong guys running around the ship beating people down!! Are they friends of yours or something?


Dr. Sinister: Boss-sama…please do not worry, I have everything worked out already.


Boss Tengon: But---


(Dr. Sinister then cuts feed to Boss Tengon and faces Quentin again.)


Dr. Sinister: Sorry about that annoyance. No doubt you’ve heard that I got the Master Technology right? Well even I can’t plan for fate so I don’t plan on taking credit for fate’s work. However….its what’s done with what fate gives me that I think I deserve praise for don’t you think?


(Then the men who were making good progress in the ship begin to slow down, their numbers decreasing. Quentin hears the transmissions over his mic of their screams of anguish, and begins to yell….)


Quentin: Guys! Report! What’s going on?!?


Man(Over intercom): There’s a shadow attacking us! It just sliced through our numbers! And…..


(The feed is suddenly cut.)


Quentin: Hey! What happened! What are you doing?!?


(The men all have stopped as two figures stand in front of them. These two are none other than Grawl and Liu.)


Grawl: Sister, let me handle this.


Liu: Do whatever.


(She stands to the side as he runs towards the group of men. Grawl singlehandely takes down one by one of the men. They do begin to converge and try to smother him, but then they fly in different directions and land harmlessly away. Grawl then turns around to Liu and throws a dagger at one more man who was planning to attack her from behind.)


Grawl: Sister, you should watch out, or leave if you aren’t going to do anything.


(Liu turns around and begins to leave, and then Carmen walks up behind Grawl soon followed by her shadow.)


Carmen: Your sister sure has been acting strangely since Koneko-chan bit the dust.


Grawl: Hmph. It doesn’t concern me.


(Meanwhile outside Quentin has already begun thinking the worst has happened to his men and so he decides for a full frontal attack on the ship.)


Quentin: Open fire on the mothership!


(The fleet flies in and begins to fire at the mothership seemingly causing major damage to it. Dr. Sinister sits at his desk calmly as the ship begins to vibrate and shake from the shots being fired apon it.)


Dr. Sinister: So he really is truly prepared to end it this time is he?


(Dr. Sinister then seems to be talking to himself as he says the next line.)


Dr. Sinister: Now if only we could attack somehow….


(He smiles and over the intercom Atsuko’s voice can be heard.)


Atsuko: I understand sir.


(Atsuko is standing with two other Tengon Techs at the ship’s tip and once they hear Dr. Sinister say this they begin to go through a sequence of commands on a computer.)

Tengon Tech1: Preparing to Fire main cannon 1!


Tengon Tech2: Preparations compete! FIRE MAIN CANNON 1!


(Outside the ship one of the wings opens up revealing a hatch which then opens up to reveal a huge cannon. The cannon whines as it collects energy, and then fires. This shot heads straight to the fleet, and cuts right through more then two dozen of the ships. They all explode in a loud and bright array of colors as they are hit.)


Quentin: So you think you’ve won do you? Well then I’ll show you!


(He presses a button on his control panel and on his ship a missile appears underneath. He locks on to the main cannon and then allows the missile to fly. It flies and hits its mark blowing up the first main cannon. Boss Tengon who is in his quarters bounces around from this hit and flies out of his chair. He quickly gets up to his knees and sees the fleet outside.)


Boss Tengon: What the……who are they?!?!


(Meanwhile at Dr. Sinister’s location…..Atsuko’s voice comes over the intercom.)


Atsuko: Main cannon 1 destroyed.


Dr. Sinister: I see.


(Quentin then prepares another missile, locks on again and then aims for the second wing, destroying the spot where the main cannon appeared on the first wing.)


Quentin: How’s that?! You don’t have any fire power do you?


(Dr. Sinister looks intrigued, and then says again to himself seemingly….)


Dr. Sinister: How about we spread things out there?


Atsuko (Over intercom): Understood.


(She turns to the two Techs and they nod.)


Tengon Tech 1: Preparing main cannons plus and minus!


Tengon Tech 2: Preparations Complete! FIRING MAIN CANNONS PLUS AND MINUS!


(Then outside the Tengon mothership, a cannon appears out of the nose of the ship and then one more at the top of it. Quentin looks at these in horror.)


Quentin: How…….how did he?!


Dr. Sinister: Game….set……


(These two cannons are different because instead of firing a beam they both instead use a clip of missiles much like a machine gun uses a clip of bullets. They both fire their ammo in a straight stream, and even though the ships try to avoid being hit they end up being destroyed with the barrage of firepower. Quentin can only stare as he hears the screams of anguish as his men live out their last moments. Finally this drives him mad, and screaming he prepares one last missile and pilots his ship straight into the Tengon mothership.)




(Before he can make it though the Mothership suddenly begins to turn and the wing of the ship easily cuts through the little ship of Quentin, and causes the missile to explode taking him along with it. Before he is erased out of existence however he chokes out one last sentence.)


Quentin: Sinister……someday……..you will get yours………..


(Dr. Sinister smiles.)


Dr. Sinister: ……Match.


(He then turns off the radar on his computer and says over the intercom…)


Dr. Sinister: Have the repairs to the mothership start immediately. Tell the princess to get back to working on our large friend.


(Once he is done with these orders Dr. Sinister stands up and begins to walk out of his quarters. Outside Grawl and Carmen stand waiting, and he acknowledges them.)


Dr. Sinister: Thank you very much for your services. I will have the Tengon guards clean up the mess.


(They nod and Dr. Sinister then walks away.)


Grawl: That guy….


Carmen: Eh?


Grawl: He’s going nowhere good fast.


(Carmen nods. Meanwhile in another part of the ship Liu sits alone looking out the window, and sighs disappointingly.)


Liu: I was testing him…….he………he was supposed to be the way I got out of this…..why didn’t he live up to the legend everyone spread about him?


(She looks out into space and sighs this time sadly.)


Liu: I wanna be free….


(Meanwhile, somewhere far away from all this at a black hole, the T.S.M.’s ship sits, and inside the ship he drums his fingers on the control panel.)


T.S.M.: Well I suppose now is a good time to start the show.


(He then presses a combination of buttons and then he flies his ship into the black hole. Once inside his ship begins to spin against the hole’s force, and slowly he backs out, and as he does the part of the ship that was destroyed when Liu set it free comes out. Its in almost perfect shape, and after pulling just its back out T.S.M. then flies to the back of it and then using his ship rams it so that it opens. Donning a spacesuit he hops out of his ship into the other and walks around for awhile. He then finds our heroes Sakaki and Gato unconscious and picks them both up. After this he walks back towards his ship and as he does this the other ship recedes back into the black hole. He then gives both Sakaki and Gato oxygen masks and activates them. In a minute they awaken, though not after coughing a bit.)


Sakaki: Where….where are we?


Gato: Whoa….I think I just saw all nine of my lives flash in front of me….and they were…all shockingly similar….


Sakaki: T.S.M.? What are you doing here?


T.S.M.: Its my ship of course, I decided to come tow you two out since you got into trouble.


(Sakaki gasps as he remembers what happened to them.)


T.S.M.: Now I’m not forcing you…….but……do you want to go for a round two against them? You can back out if you want to.


(Gato looks up at Sakaki who gets a look of determination.)


Sakaki: Of COURSE I won’t give up!


T.S.M.: ‘Atta boy.


Ending Song: Kaze wa yatte kuru bashou (The place where the wind comes.)


When the wind whispers its secrets

Where will you be? And who will you be with?


All the glittering dreams will become real just temporally

What will you wish for?


You who is unable to wait for anything

Will the gentle dawn come fast enough?


If the clouds part and you leave…

Where will the wind take you?


Your scent, it’s carried gently along the wind,

No matter how far you think you’ve gotten


Is drifting drifting, the fate that you were given?

Or simply the one you accepted?


When the wind speaks its story….

Will you listen? And will you believe?


All of the empty feelings will disappear

What will you wish for?





Sakaki: I’m back in the story again! It sure has been a while hasn’t it?


Gato: I still feel like we’re forgetting something important though.


Sakaki: Now more than ever we need to find those Tengon and beat them down!


Gato: Something important….


Sakaki: Especially Dr. Sinister! I’ve always gotten the feeling that he was behind this whole thing! Once we beat him up we can get Atsuko back!


Gato: Gee….i guess if I can’t remember it, it must not be important.


Sakaki: Think about it later!


Gato: WAIT! HEY LUNKHEAD! Remember what masky said about not using emotion to fight with that midnight blade thingy?!


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




Sakaki: What’s happening to me?!?!?!

























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