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Jikan (2002) Episode 38

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Opening Song: Kimi no Te ni Boku no Te (Your hand in mine.)


And so we go off on a grand journey….

Armed only with determination


And a dream that refuses to be forgotten!


A rainbow of one color, birds that sing the same song

While it feels safe I gotta open my cocoon and fly someday


It was raining this morning so I thought I could sleep in

But then trouble started and friends and foes….


Fought as one!


I decided to have my journey with you

Because of the cool way you took your hand out of your pocket and showed it to me!


And so we go off on a grand journey

Armed only with determination.


And a dream that refuses to die!




(Last time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito, an array of events took place. Sakaki Gato and Kiki managed to make it aboard the Tengon ship to try to save Atsuko, only to become separated and lost. Kiki and Gato however managed to find Atsuko first, only to realize that she had become completely become one of the Tengon’s partners. Meanwhile Sakaki met up with two of a family of four mercenary assassins, and found that they were the parents of one of his own rivals Grawl. Sakaki managed to barely evade being done in by the pair and found Atsuko, however before he could do anything……..a third member of this deadly family appeared! Soon Sakaki found himself in yet another bad situation as the ship he was on plunged into a black hole. While Kiki was able to escape safely, Sakaki and Gato have seemingly both plunged into a black hole and supposedly to their deaths in the center….)



Liu: Well that takes care of that.


Kiki: They’re…really…….gone….


Liu: Serves them right I suppose.


(Her tone changes from one of hardened indifference to one of reflection even a little bit of sadness.)


Liu: I figured as much I’ve heard about them that they’d be able to pull it off at least.


(Then suddenly the formerly dormant Atsuko strikes at Liu causing her to leap back.)


Liu: Huh?! What’s with you so suddenly?


(Atsuko stands up and reveals that one of her hands is now clawed up in wolf form.)


Atsuko: This host body inhibits a large amount of rage towards you.


Kiki: ‘Tsuko-chan…


Atsuko: You are lucky however; because I am in control I am able to hold it in. I’m not too sure of your fate if I were to lose control….


(Her hand turns back to normal and she begins to walk away. Liu clenches her teeth and stands up almost as if she plans to attack Atsuko from the back.)


Atsuko: That would be bad what you are about to do. I am under Dr. Sinister’s supervision. If you attack me and manage to injure this host body, he would very well have your head.


(Liu growls and then spies Kiki sitting helpless.)


Liu: Well I’m in the mood to kill someone…how about you?


(Kiki gasps and begins to move back.)


Atsuko: This host body’s rage has resurfaced….


(Suddenly she charges back at Liu and grabs her by her throat and forces her to a wall.)


Liu: What the……..?!


(Even though Atsuko’s tone of voice and demeanor hasn’t changed, her eyes are full of tears as she speaks.)


Atsuko: Allow that girl to have a ship so she can go home. This host body will NOT permit you to take anymore of its precious things.


(Liu begrudgingly nods, and Atsuko lets her down. Liu walks down the corridors to do as she was told, but not before she gives Atsuko one last scornful look.)


Kiki: ‘Tsuko-chan, I knew it….you are still in there somewhere….i just have to get you out…but…without Sakaki-kun and Gato, its impossible…I can’t do it alone..


(Kiki can only hang her head in shame as Atsuko stands over her with the same emotionless look on her face. Her eyes however……..tell a different story.)


Episode 38: The bell of death tolls….

(Boss Tengon is sitting in his quarters mulling over his position on this new plan of Dr. Sinister’s, and even the usually malicious tengon is beginning to have second thoughts.)


Boss Tengon: I’m really wondering what Dr. Sinister is up to, first he becomes all buddy buddy with that girl with the Master Technology, then he changes my plans around, and now it seems like he wants to eliminate anyone who gets in our way with very messy means. I had an inkling before not to trust him so much, but with Sakaki being so irritating….i didn’t know what else to do….


(Then a Tengon guard runs in.)


Boss Tengon: Hey! Where’s the fire?! You have to knock! Who knows what kind of evil things I could be doing in here?


Tengon Guard: What….kind of evil things could you be doing here that would require me to knock if it’s important Boss-sama?


(Boss Tengon stops to think for a minute.)




(The Tengon guard sweatdrops.)


Tengon Guard: I’m…very sorry. But it is important news.


Boss Tengon: What is it then?


Tengon Guard: Half of the ship was deployed just now by one of the assassins that Dr. Sinister hired.


Boss Tengon: WH—WH----WHAT?!

Tengon Guard: Its true. However it is reported that Sakaki was on that part, and was obliterated along with that part of the ship.


Boss Tengon: Sakaki? Here? And you’re telling me that he’s been dealt with now?


Tengon Guard: Yeah, that about sums it up.


Boss Tengon: I see…


(Boss Tengon stands and begins to pace around.)


Boss Tengon: Hmm..


Tengon Guard: What could be the matter Boss-Sama? I thought you would be overjoyed by this news.


Boss Tengon: That’s the funny thing; I thought I would be when this day came too. However, it feels…..empty.


Tengon Guard: My deepest apologies Boss-Sama.


(He bows and then takes his leave, and after he’s alone Boss Tengon flops into his seat and groans.)


Boss Tengon: Why do I feel so listless now? Sakaki is gone; I’ve got the master technology and an elite guard at my feet…..


(He sits alone as this scene fades out. We open again this time on Sakaki’s native planet of earth. Its nighttime now, and so everyone is preparing for a goodnight’s sleep. All for one Kaneda Hau, Who sits looking out her bedroom window looking anxiously looking at a lone star in the distant distant night sky.)


Hau: It’s strange, that one really bright star just appeared like that.


(She gasps softly and then moves back from her window. The image of Sakaki on that day they met resurfaces in her mind, and just as quickly as it appears it disappears again.)


Hau: Just now, what was that? I pictured Sakaki-san for a quick second….but why?


(She looks out the window again at the star and then realization sits in.)


Hau: Could it be that that bright star in the distance has something to do with Sakaki-san’s current whereabouts?


(She laughs a little and flops back on her bed.)


Hau: That’s silly, why and how would he have gotten all the way out there?


(Then suddenly she hears something at her window. Hau doesn’t move from her bed, and thinks nothing of it until the same sound is heard again. It sounds like someone is throwing things at her window.)


Hau: Huh, who’s out there?


(She walks over to the window and opens it, and just as she does that another object flies past her.)


Hau: HEY! Knock it off!


(Then a larger rock hits her in the head and knocks her out. Cyclone who was the one throwing objects at her window to get her attention winces and sweatdrops profusely.)


Cyclone: Gah…oops….


(Later Hau walks down the street with Cyclone. She has a Band-Aid on the side of her forehead where the rock hit her, while Cyclone has a huge lump at the side of his head. Apparently Hau wasn’t too pleased with his method of playing messenger.)


Hau: Its called a PHONE dummy. Use it.


Cyclone: I was walking by cause I couldn’t sleep! Its not like I came out specifically looking for you! Theres no point of me running all the way home to call you if I’m passing your house anyway is there?!


Hau: ANYway…why did you call me out now anyhow? If you can’t sleep that’s your problem not mine isn’t it?


Cyclone: Geez, come off of your pedestal for a minute your highness, I saw that big star in the sky and suddenly thought of Sakaki, and then I couldn’t sleep anymore. So I started walking and I figured since you’re literally his girlfriend that you’d probably be up too.


(He turns to Hau who is cracking her knuckles at the last comment Cyclone made.)


Cyclone: GAH! Look! I just thought maybe something happened to him and so I wanted to talk to you about it!


Hau: Wait, you thought of Sakaki when you saw that big star too?


Cyclone: Yeah! I said that!


Hau: Yeah…so did i. I didn’t know what it meant however…..you think something bad happened to him?


Cyclone: Well originally I thought I was just me being weird, so I didn’t really think much of it, but after I couldn’t sleep for a bit I decided to take a walk and when I came to the park….


(Hau looks up to notice that they are at the park now, and after a little bit more walking she sees that Toshiro and Kirasake are there.)


Hau: You guys are here too?


Toshiro: Yeah.


Kirasake: Hau onee-chan! You’re still awake too?

Hau: Yes something like that.


Toshiro: I just got to thinking of Sakaki once I saw that large star in the sky. Then I couldn’t sleep.


Hau(Thinking): All of our stories sound so similar….


Cyclone: When I met up with these guys, that’s when I figured something might be up with ol’ Sakaki.


Hau: You can’t be saying that you think something bad happened to him can you?


Cyclone: Its just about the only thing that explain why we all are out here with the same story right?


Kirasake: I hope nothing happened to him, he’s the only family I have….


Toshiro: He hasn’t been seen for a while now, even he’s back after adventures by now. Or he would have made some attempt to contact us letting us know where exactly he is.


Cyclone: Yeah its not looking good at all is it….




(They all look up at this outburst.)


Hau: Are we such fair-weather friends that we’d just give up on him after a couple of weeks of no shows? Hasn’t Sakaki-san been with us through all of our problems? And seen them through until they were over?


Cyclone: Yeah Hau, but lets face facts now, he’s been gone for quite a long time now. Even if you were right last time we met, and he is mad at us that guy is not the type of person to hold a grudge, and even if he were this is kind of over doing it isn’t it?


Hau: Yeah but….but I know Sakaki-san won’t have us worrying like this! I’m sure he’ll be back soon! We just need to be patient!


Toshiro: And what will we do when that patience runs through?


Kirasake: Toshiro, you aren’t saying that we really should give up are you?


Toshiro: When the time comes. I’d rather forget about it now and be able to live my life the best I can than to dwell on it and have to live suffering because of it later.


Hau: Toshiro! How can you be so cold about it?


Toshiro: I’m not being cold about anything. This is real life here, and if you remain in the past it won’t wait for you.


Cyclone: I agree with him….


Hau: What?! You too Cyclone?


Cyclone: Not about everything…I want to wait for Sakaki too, but if something bad did happen to him he wouldn’t want us to sit around and mourn for him….


Toshiro: If even Cyclone is able to face facts maybe you should too for your own good Hau.


Cyclone: What did you mean by that “If even Cyclone” part?


Hau: I don’t WANT to face facts! I want to keep waiting for him! I want to believe that we’ll see him again!


(Then a bell begins to toll somewhere far from their location. Its faint sound cuts through their conversation like a knife through bread, and Cyclone sighs sadly.)


Cyclone: It’s from the next town over, looks like another funeral just ended.


Kirasake: Huh? What do you mean by that?


Toshiro: It’s a bell that rings once a funeral has successfully been completed. It’s said in this town’s folklore that the bell allows the gates of the afterlife to open so that the recently deceased can be allowed through. They say if the bell doesn’t toll that the soul of the deceased person will wander for eternity in purgatory.


Kirasake: I understand….how sad…


(Hau listening to this suddenly has an uncontrollable burst of flashbacks of her and Sakaki. When they met, the fun times they had, the sad times they had up until the first Episode of this series when she had Sakaki run to return Toshiro’s cards. She holds her head as if its in pain and finally sinks to her knees.)


Hau: What if…he really is…


(Then tears form in her eyes and she begins to sob loudly.)


Cyclone: Hau! What…whats wrong?


Hau: I won’t! I won’t allow him to leave us! To leave me! He can’t! I wont’ allow it! He…he’s important to us! He…..


(She can’t speak anymore as she just sobs even more loudly. Cyclone goes to her side to confront her as Toshiro stares up in the night sky once again.)


Toshiro: The truth hurts…..though probably not as much as finding out that someone you like is in pain far away and you can do nothing to help them…


(Meanwhile back in the future in space, on a space station, more events are beginning to turn. A lone man walks alone down corridors and soon arrives at a door that simply only says “Chief” on it. He opens the door and walks in to be greeted with a desk and a sparsely decorated room. Behind the desk is a large chair turned away from the man who just walked in, and a stream of cigar smoke coming from one side.)


Man: Sir.


(The chair slowly turns around and reveals an older man with a large scar at the side of his face. He has black nicely trimmed hair and big black eyebrows. He puts the cigar out in an ashtray on his desk and looks at the man that just walked in.)


Cigar smoker: Yeah?


Man: It has been confirmed.


Cigar smoker: I knew that a long time ago. Just tell me what you came here for. Hopefully those idiots have finally come to their senses about this issue.


Man: They gave us permission.


Cigar smoker: Really. That was mighty quick. I guess they finally didn’t want to be seen as cowards. If they had handled this problem back when it was a simple matter we wouldn’t have to clean up after them now.


Man: Also it seems Sinister is behind most of this.


(The Cigar smoking man looks shocked for a second but that subsides as he opens up a drawer on the desk and takes out another cigar.)


Cigar smoker: So he’s there. Which means this isn’t just a matter of a simple attack….he intends to threaten the universe.


Man: It seems that way.


Cigar smoker: Damn it all. I never thought I’d have to see that guy again.


Man: So are you going to go ahead and tell the men?


Cigar smoker: Tell me though, does he have that THING?

Man: Yes. It has been confirmed.


Cigar smoker: Yeah go ahead and tell the men. (Rises from his chair.) Its gonna be a real hellfight.


Man: Where are you going sir?


Cigar smoker: I’m gonna have to inform some families that their husbands and daddies may not be coming home tonight.


(The other man looks disturbed at this comment.)


Cigar smoker: Once Sinister got involved, the situation changed. That guy isn’t going down without a fight.


Man: Isn’t just a simple reclamation mission though?


Cigar smoker: Not with him. We’re gonna need to throw every available resource at him if we even want to think about victory.


Man: I see….well I’ll inform the men….


Cigar smoker: Yeah.


(The other man leaves and the cigar smoker sits back down in his chair and looks out the window again.)


Cigar smoker: Why couldn’t you have just died? Sinister…


(Meanwhile on the Tengon mothership, Dr. Sinister looks outside the window in his office and smiles expectantly.)


Atsuko: Dr. Sinister? Did you hear what I said?


Dr. Sinister: Yes I did.


Atsuko: Since that moment that those two intruders were thrown into space, this host body has been rather unstable.


Dr. Sinister: I see, I think that probably we may have to apply more of the suppression technique that we used earlier then.


Atsuko: Are you sure that’s wise? Too much and this host body may become paralyzed.


Dr. Sinister: Of course I know that. We’ll apply just enough.


Atsuko: Understood.


Dr. Sinister: So what’s the completion status on our large friend?


Atsuko: Over half is completed. We just need to implement the finishing touches.


Dr. Sinister: Hmmph. Because of that annoying brat we were pushed even further behind schedule. However now that he’s gone, we should be able to finish things now.


(While his back is turned Atsuko gets closer and closer to him as quietly as she can. Finally she lunges at him with a clawed hand and Dr. Sinister easily turns and parry’s this attack and easily pins her to the floor with one hand. Atsuko’s expression hasn’t changed at all with all this action however, but her body seems to be trying to struggle against the doctor’s strength. With his free hand Dr. Sinister takes out a syringe and sticks it into her arm. Slowly her struggle quells itself until it stops. Dr Sinister gets off of her and allows her to stand.)


Dr. Sinister: She’s quite a feisty one isn’t’ she?


(He goes back to his seat and sits down.)


Dr. Sinister: I suppose we’ll have to get this done before any other outbursts like that happen.


Atsuko: That would be the wisest course of action.


Dr. Sinister: Be sure to stop by the infirmry before you head back to work. Tell them I sent you. They’ll know what to do.


(She nods and then leaves. Dr. Sinister sits back in his chair and stares out the window yet again.)


Dr. Sinister: I know more than anyone that soon THEY will be here. Once that man learns that I am still alive he will come and try to collect the revenge he didn’t get before. However this time this game that we have been playing will end.


(Dr Sinister picks up a pen on his desk and smiles.)


Dr. Sinister: Game set and match…..


(At Sakaki’s hometown Hau sits on her bed still wiping away tears. Kirasake waits infront of his house hoping that his brother will come back, Toshiro walks home alone and stops to take one last look at the large star in the sky, Cyclone arrives at his house and stands waiting expectantly for something, but when it doesn’t come he goes inside. Meanwhile up in space Boss Tengon boredly plays with the controls for his chair, all the while wearing a grim expression. Meanwhile Liu has gotten the ship that will take Kiki home and helps her board it.)


Kiki: Uh…um…..thank you..


Liu: Don’t thank me, I would have killed you if it weren’t for miss high and mighty.


(Liu still has a saddened expression. She talks to Kiki while not looking straight at her in a condescending way. Kiki notes this and gets on the ship.)


Kiki: Sakaki-kun…..Gato……I wish there was more I could do for you than just leave you like this…


(The ship starts on its own accord and flies off headed back to Terasuno. Liu watches it leave and begins to walk away. Her pace is slow and even like one who is in thought, and she walks right by her brother Grawl without saying anything to him. Grawl watches his sister go and looks at Kiki’s ship in the distance. He scoffs to himself and follows his sister. Kiki takes one more look at the Tengon Mothership and then faces forward in the ship as it flies back to her home.)


Kiki: Sakaki-kun….i’m sorry it had to end this way….but I know that ‘Tsuko-chan is in there, and all we have to do is dig her out and it will be fine….but….how?


(The ship flies away into the distance, and then we see that someone is watching this on a monitor. This person is none other than the T.S.M.)


T.S.M.: This is defiantly not good at all, what kind of story ends like this?


(He turns off the monitor and gets up from his chair.)


T.S.M.: It seems like if I don’t want this thing to have a rotten ending I’m gonna have to intervene.


(He goes outside of his large luxurious castle and walks to the back where a maid stands waiting for him. She bows upon his appearance and opens the door to what seems to be a large garage.)


T.S.M.: Is it warmed up?


Maid: Yes sir.


T.S.M.: Thank you very much. I shan’t be long.


Maid: Yes sir. I will keep an eye on things here for you.


T.S.M.: Ok.

(He walks to the back of the garage to a streamlined blue ship which already has its motor running, and a ladder beside it for him to board. He climbs the ladder and then knocks it over so it lands on its side, and then donning a helmet and gloves shifts the ship into gear and then flies it out of the garage and into the air. In a little while he flies into space and out of distance.)


T.S.M.: I invested time and energy into you Sakaki! And my investments are ALWAYS right. Even if they need a little bit of elbow grease.


(Pressing a button on the ship’s panel he opens up a time rift and flies into it. Soon he appears in the space of the future and begins to fly straight-ahead. As he flies he sees a fleet of ships. He passes through them skillfully and then as they depart he looks back and sighs shaking his head.)


T.S.M.: Unfortunately theres nothing I can do about what is about to happen to that fleet.….but….if I could I would…..those poor men are throwing their lives away.


(The fleet of ships flies towards the Tengon mothership, and the leader ship contains the cigar-smoking man from earlier.)


Cigar Smoker: We are going to end this this time Sinister.


(He looks at his control panel.)


Cigar Smoker: Game….set….match.


(And the fleet of ships continue to fly until they see it in the distance….the Tengon mothership….and eventually…the battle of their lives.)



Ending Song: Kaze wa yatte kuru bashou (The place where the wind comes.)


When the wind whispers its secrets

Where will you be? And who will you be with?


All the glittering dreams will become real just temporally

What will you wish for?


You who is unable to wait for anything

Will the gentle dawn come fast enough?


If the clouds part and you leave…

Where will the wind take you?


Your scent, it’s carried gently along the wind,

No matter how far you think you’ve gotten


Is drifting drifting, the fate that you were given?

Or simply the one you accepted?


When the wind speaks its story….

Will you listen? And will you believe?


All of the empty feelings will disappear

What will you wish for?





Dr. Sinister: Aren’t you the anxious one? You bring everything you have just to be completely and utterly destroyed. I am much much better armed than I was at our last meeting you know. As long as that buffoon Boss Tengon continues to provide me with support I cannot be defeated. As long as the master technology is mine this plan of mine will commence. Soon enough I will be godlike---no I WILL be this era’s new god. So come if you really dare…..i will show you the fearful power of this regime. You will know the omnipotent power of darkness shortly before you die.


Narration: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito….




(All that can be heard now is Beetovhens Symphony number 5 accompanied by Dr. Sinister’s’ maniacal laughter.)





















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