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Jikan (2002) Episode 37

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Opening Song: Kimi no Te ni Boku no Te (Your hand in mine.)


And so we go off on a grand journey….

Armed only with determination


And a dream that refuses to be forgotten!


A rainbow of one color, birds that sing the same song

While it feels safe I gotta open my cocoon and fly someday


It was raining this morning so I thought I could sleep in

But then trouble started and friends and foes….


Fought as one!


I decided to have my journey with you

Because of the cool way you took your hand out of your pocket and showed it to me!


And so we go off on a grand journey

Armed only with determination.


And a dream that refuses to die!



(Last time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito, our Heroes Sakaki and Gato met up with Atsuko’s old friend Kiki. After visiting her home for a bit, the two became a three as she joined them in their determined journey to bring Atsuko back and to stop the Tengons. It was at this point that Sakaki made the decision to sneak into the belly of the beast literally, and try to destroy the Tengon threat from the inside. Unfortunately some unseen problems hindered the plan that Sakaki painstakingly thought of and thus the plan was only about half a success. Nonetheless our heroes managed to get on the Tengon ship before it launched. However Gato and Kiki are in a tight spot as they are about to be discovered by Atsuko her self! What will the future hold for them? Is Atsuko really converted totally to the Tengon cause? All questions that will hopefully be answered with another chapter of Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!)



Sakaki: Episode 37: An in body experience! Atsuko’s double trouble!


(Gato and Kiki hide behind some crates in the room that they entered the Tengon ship on during the last adventure. Outside Atsuko stands inches away from opening the door and discovering her two former friends. Atsuko’s hand trembles a bit before she opens the door, but finally she does and turns on the lights. She sees nothing there, but Kiki and Gato are hiding behind a crate in the far corner of the room. Atsuko glances around the room once and then stares into the dead center of the room.)


Atsuko: The two of you. Come out now.


(Kiki and Gato don’t make a sound or move an inch.)


Atsuko: Do you two really believe that you haven’t been discovered? I know that the two of you are in this room. Come out now and perhaps we can discuss a merciful way to punish you.


(Still nothing.)


Atsuko: Perhaps you need more proof that I know that you are there. Fine. One of you is human, just like this host body. The other is a small mammal. Perhaps a cat or tanuki or something like that. You are hiding behind a crate in the corner of this room that has gasoline for the mothership in it. The human’s heart rate is twice what it normally is, because of the fear of being caught.


(Gato and Kiki begin to sweat profusely.)


Gato(Whispering): Just perfect! That lunkhead isn’t here when we need him to be the most! What do we do now? Give up?


Kiki(Whispering): Wait a second! That voice! It sounds like ‘Tsuko-chan! I’m sure of it! Sure she’s using some words that she’d never use, for fear of being the source of a social faux-pas but….its defiantly her! Maybe we could reason with her!


Gato(Whispering): Wait! If it IS her, she’s not the same person that we all used to know! She’s different! Who knows if she’ll even recognize you?


(Kiki stands up anyway.)


Gato: Hey!!! (Stops) NOW I’VE BEEN DISCOVERED!!


(Atsuko stares at the both of them with a serious expression.)


Kiki: ‘Tsuko-chan! It’s me! Don’t you remember? You fixed my hover-bike! You always were the first one I’d come talk to with my problems! Please ‘Tsuko-chan remember me! I know you can reverse whatever those Tengon guys did to you! Just remember me!


(Gato stares up at Kiki and sweatdrops.)


Gato: Well, its either we do or die….and right now the second one is the most likely avenue for this conversation to go down….


(Atsuko walks over to Kiki.)


Atsuko: You called this host body, ‘Tsuko-chan right?


Kiki: Yes! It is you isn’t it! That’s your name!

Atsuko: I don’t have a name. I only inhabit this host-body.


Gato: Are you kidding me?!? So…. this is only a shell of toots we’re talking to?


Atsuko: However….this host-body…..Remembers someone like you.


Gato: Huh?


Atsuko: But….I am in control of this host-body now, and anyone who dares to meddle with the Tengon empire’s ambition must be eradicated.


Kiki(Tearing up.): ‘Tsuko-chan….they really have gotten you….


Atsuko: This host-body is sorry…


(Then to the surprise of everyone she transforms only her right hand to wolf form.)


Gato: Whoa….could she do that before?


Atsuko: No, I have augmented this Host-body’s transformation ability.


(She bares the wolf’s claws.)


Atsuko: Please take solace in the fact that I will kill you and not a Tengon guard.


(Tears run down Kiki’s face as she stands helplessly, and Atsuko slashes down at her. Meanwhile in a different hallway on the ship Sakaki opens the door to the room he’s in a crack so that he can see what’s going on outside without being caught.)


Sakaki: Ok…seems like the coast is clear.


(He opens the door and slips out. The door slams and then the edges recede into the wall. Sakaki tries to open it again but to no avail. To add to his misfortune, he hears the footsteps of a heeled individual walking down the hall towards him.)


Sakaki: DRAT IT!


(He looks around for a place to hide and sees a vent slightly over his head. Sakaki climbs up to the vent, uses the midnight blade to pry it off and then climbs in. Not long after he’s gone the person who was walking towards him appears and stops at the place he was just located at. It is a woman with long silver hair and blue eyes. She’s wearing a black skirt and top with long heeled boots. She has daggers in sheaths at both of her sides and appears to be probably in her late 30’s. However she looks really good for her age, and those blue eyes of hers glance up to the vent that Sakaki just crawled into. She smiles and rubs her chin. Strangely enough after taking a good look at her we see that she has no shadow….)


Woman: Not too bad. He knows how to think on his feet doesn’t he?


(Then her shadow comes from the OTHER side of the hallway and takes its place at the soles of her feet.)


Woman: I thought I’d scare him a bit, but now I have to chase him down….*Sighs* Hiro will probably be upset…


(She shrugs and walks down the hallway once more. Meanwhile Boss Tengon and Dr. Sinister are communicating via monitor screen, which is via satelight.)


Boss Tengon: So Dr. Sinister, you have all the supplies we’ll need for this plan right?


Dr. Sinister: Of course. Now if the construction on the Dragon Castor Iron Shells is on schedule, we should be able to spread fear and evil throughout the universe in a couple of days.


Boss Tengon: Yeah…I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that, um…do we really NEED to spread fear and stuff like that all around the galaxy? I’m happy just having the master technology. You talked me into getting the Dragon castor iron shells, however I don’t really see the need to threaten the universe like this…


(Dr. Sinister seems to be deep in thought.)


Boss Tengon: We’ve exhausted a lot of expenses on this project….and I don’t think that it’s worth it….if the authorities were to…..


Dr. Sinister: We’ll just crush them.


Boss Tengon: Eh?


Dr. Sinister: If anyone gets in our way we’ll crush them. What is the point of having the master technology if we’re only going to sit on it?


Boss Tengon: That IS a good point however….


Dr. Sinister: Boss-sama, please leave everything in my capable hands. I will deliver you a result so fantastic that you will forget all of these silly doubts of yours.


Boss Tengon: Well…you haven’t steered me wrong before…


Dr. Sinister: That’s right.


Boss Tengon: Ok fine, when will you meet with us?


Dr. Sinister: In a couple of hours supposing that nothing hinders us.


Boss Tengon: Ok.


(They both cut feed to their connection.)


Dr. Sinister: He’s really getting suspicious now….however…..its just a little bit more, and then I’ll have what I need to free myself of his meddling, and be rid of him once and for all.


(Dr. Sinister stands at attention and gets a dark look.)


Dr. Sinister: Where is the girl who carries the master technology? She said she was going to take a walk….but she hasn’t returned yet….


(Then a voice can be heard behind Dr. Sinister.)


Voice: Would you like me to go look for her? Sinister hakase?


Dr. Sinister: Its you.


(Then out from the shadows a figure leaps, and lands. This person bows on one knee to the evil doctor and he smiles.)


Dr. Sinister: I figured you would come eventually.


Person: Of course Sinister hakase, I am supposed to serve you am I not?


(This person is also female, and has black hair that goes to her shoulders. She is wearing a Japanese schoolgirl outfit, with some modifications. There is no handkerchief, and the white blouse seems to have had its sleeves torn off. In its place are red and black sleeves, and she wears a plaid short skirt with stockings that are the same color as her sleeves. She wears work boots, and has a backpack slung over her shoulder that has a decal of a teddy bear with two big x’s for eyes and a creepy smile. Her eyes are hazel and seem to have a great deal of michiviousness lurking in them. Finally to complete this ensemble she has an umbrella strapped to her back.)


Dr. Sinister: Yes, it would be nice if you could find her. Liu-kun.


Liu: As you wish.


(She disappears into thin air.)


Dr. Sinister: I almost forgot about those guys I hired. (Chuckles) If any unseen problems wrinkle up things they should be able to smooth them out.


(Meanwhile back on the Tengon mothership Boss Tengon stares at his control room which is a huge mess with chip bags, comic books and action figures strewn about. Boss Tengon sweatdrops and then presses a button. The door to the room opens and Bash and Crash walk in and nearly trip over the mess.)


Crash: Who-ah!! Wow! This place is trashed! I feel sorry for the suckers that get stuck cleaning this up!


(Boss Tengon walks over to him and hands him a broom.)


Crash: Boss-sama?


Boss Tengon: Dr. Sinister will be back soon, try to get this place cleaned up a bit won’t you?




(Boss Tengon stares into the distance and walks out. Bash notices this new change in her leader’s attitude but says nothing until the door is closed.)


Bash: Crash-san?


Crash: Huh? What?


Bash: Did…you…um….notice….Boss….sama….was…like….acting….differently..?


Crash: Now that I think of it….Not really.


Bash(Blushing): Yes….um….i…..i…imagined….it.


Crash: Yeah that’s it! Well anyway Bash-chan lets get started! We can’t less Boss-sama down!


(They get started cleaning up the control room, and Boss Tengon walks over to the huge bay where the Tengon techs are building what seems to be a huge robot.)


Boss Tengon: I suppose Dr. Sinister is right,…but why do I get the feeling that this is no longer under my control?


(Meanwhile back on the other Tengon ship, Sakaki is crawling through the ducts trying to find his way to Kiki and Gato.)


Sakaki: Darn, I think I’m completely lost…..maybe I shouldn’t have jumped in here like that.


(He continues to crawl around until he comes to a place where there are two paths to take.)


Sakaki: Oh great, as if I wasn’t already pressured….


(After a little bit of thought he decides to take the right path (right as in direction.) and continues to crawl a bit until he reaches the end of that vent.)


Sakaki: I suppose this is my stop…


(He pries the vent off, but doesn’t let it fall to the floor so not to alert any guards. After he climbs down he closes off the vent again and begins to walk around the ship once more.)


Sakaki: But this place is so huge! I wonder if I’ll really be able to find Kiki and Gato here?


(Sakaki hears footsteps getting closer to him again.)


Sakaki: Crap! Not again!


(He sees a door open nearby, and jumps in that room. He watches from the side of the doorway and sees who the footsteps belong to…and gasp in shock and horror when he realizes that he knows this individual.)


Sakaki: GRAWL!!!!


(It is indeed our silver haired antagonist from before that nearly killed our protagonist. He walks down the hallway with no hesitation proving that he has been here and walked this way many times before.)


Sakaki: What the heck is he doing here? Is he a Tengon? Better question….should I fight him now?


(Grawl gets closer to Sakaki’s hiding place.)


Sakaki: NO WAY!


(Sakaki goes further into the room and hides in something that looks very similar to a closet. The room he hopped in has another door in it possibly leading to another way out and the doors to what seems to be a closet. Grawl walks by the room without stopping and continues down the hallway so it seems our hero is in the clear for now.)


Sakaki: Whew!


(Just as he’s about to leave the closet like space the door opens and a large man with black spiky hair appears. He’s only wearing a towel, which leads us to believe he just got done with a shower. He is very muscular, and has hazel eyes which complement his muscular build. He has a bit of a beard going, and looks to be in his late 30’s early 40’s. He looks down at Sakaki for a minute, and Sakaki looks at him.)


Man: Hey…you mind handing me a clean pair of slacks and a shirt in there?


Sakaki: Uh…sure….


(He gives the man what he asked for.)


Man: Thanks a lot kid.


(He closes the closet door, and after a couple of minutes opens it again.)


Man: Hey…what the hell are you doing in there anyway?


Sakaki: Uh…hiding?


Man: Really? From who?


Sakaki: Uh…I suppose it would be you.


Man: Nah…I’m not someone to hide from. I’m a pretty nice guy once you get to know me.


Sakaki: Oh, well can I go now?


Man: Sure!


(Sakaki gets up and begins to walk outside the room, but then the man stops him.)


Man: Wait!


(Sakaki gulps and turns around.)


Sakaki: Y…yes?


Man: I’m Hiro. Nice to meet you.


(He extends his hand.)


Sakaki: Uh…hi….I’m Takahashi Sakaki.


(Sakaki shakes his hand.)


Hiro: Nice to meet you Sakaki.

Sakaki: Same…I guess.


(Hiro smiles.)


Hiro: Well you’ve got places to go right? I guess that means I’ll see you later.


Sakaki: O…k….


(Sakaki walks over to the door, takes one look back and then darts away.)


Hiro: So that’s the one who’s got Grawl all excited is it? Well before I decide to stick my neck out there, lets see how he handles the rest of the family.


(Hiro yawns and lies on the bed in the room.)


Hiro: Until then…..(Yawns again) I’ll take a bit of a catnap.


(Sakaki runs down the halls.)


Sakaki(Thinking): Well…that was close….but who was that guy and why didn’t he attack me? Maybe he’ll tell the Tengon guards later? Perhaps, but why not just get rid of me himself?


(Sakaki runs into someone because he is so deep in thought. He starts to apologize, but then is stopped once he sees who it is.)


Sakaki: So---who are you?!


(It’s the woman from earlier, the one who almost spotted Sakaki the first time.)


Sakaki: I’ve been discovered….


Woman: So there you are Koneko-chan. I was hoping we’d meet again.


Sakaki: Again?


Woman: You didn’t know? I was the one who nearly found you before.


Sakaki: So you KNEW it was me?!


Woman: Of course, but I didn’t want the others to find out, because I’ve claimed you as my quarry.


Sakaki: Quarry?!


Woman: That’s right. I’m going to kill you right here and now Koneko-chan.

(She takes out both of her daggers and dashes towards Sakaki.)


Sakaki: AUGH!!!!!


(He takes out the midnight blade and manages to block both of her swings at him.)


Woman: Not too bad. Now I can see why Grawl-kun was so happy when he got back from fighting you.


Sakaki: You know Grawl?


Woman: Of course. That child is very close to me.


Sakaki: Wait, are you the reason why he’s here?!


Woman: Well of course, I wouldn’t want my son to be too far away from my side you know.


Sakaki: Your…SON!?!


Woman: That’s right. My whole family and I, we’re all assassins. My husband Hiro, my son Grawl, and my daughter Liu. Of course I’m Carmen. We specialize in dealing death for the highest bidder, and today someone has given us a hefty sum to close your casket personally Koneko-chan.


Sakaki: That…..that….


Carmen: Yes?


Sakaki: You don’t seem very mother like at all….


(She sweatdrops.)


Sakaki: I mean from the way you talk, and the way you dress, and the way you behave…and of course your job description….that doesn’t scream mommy to me. Are you sure you aren’t just his older sister or something?


Carmen: So besides being an enemy of the Tengon you’re a sexist?




Carmen: No matter, before my hubby or children get here, you will be dead.


(She attacks again with the two daggers, and Sakaki manages to block this attack too, however Carmen throws the daggers at him, and he avoids this to her seemingly dismay.)


Sakaki: You’ll have to do better than that if you want to beat me!


(Sakaki gets a weird feeling and then dodges. Behind him Carmen’s shadow has taken physical shape and is holding the daggers.)


Sakaki: What the heck?!


Carmen: Silly koneko-chan! If you fought Grawl, theres no doubt that he showed you a Sakki-jutsu. This is mine! Kagegiri futari. Or the two person cutting shadow. I can make my shadow a clone of myself and use it to attack or to survey someone.


Sakaki: So that’s how you knew it was me!


(The shadow attacks Sakaki silently and quickly, almost so he can’t avoid. He does however, and then dashes under Carmen’s legs and starts to run away.)


Carmen: Get back here!!


(Sakaki waves in the distance.)


Sakaki: I’ve got to find my friends first! Then we can finish this!


(Carmen sighs and then laughs to herself.)


Carmen: Such a nice boy…. perhaps Grawl-kun can learn a thing about manners from him.


(Grawl steps out from a door nearby and glares at his mother.)


Grawl: Why did you let him escape? I thought you called him as your prey.


Carmen: He’s going to be back I’m sure. He’s here to destroy the Tengons if what you said about him is true. So we’ll be seeing him again.


(Grawl scoffs and walks in Sakaki’s direction.)


Carmen: He’s so impatient.


(Sakaki runs around the ship until he finally finds a map that would lead him to the docking bay where Kiki and Gato should still be.)


Sakaki: So it’s in this direction huh? Good. I’ll rescue them and then deal with that lady.


(He runs towards the docking bay and sees Atsuko first.)


Sakaki: Atsuko?! She’s here?

(But then sees Kiki lying on the floor in front of her.)


Sakaki: Kiki?!?!


(Sakaki runs past Atsuko to Kiki and kneels at her side.)


Sakaki: Kiki! Kiki?!


(She doesn’t move.)


Sakaki(To Gato): What happened?!


(Gato is no where around however.)


Sakaki: Gato?!?


Atsuko: If you mean this creature….


(She dangles Gato in front of our hero.)


Atsuko: He was annoying so I shut him up.


(She throws him into Sakaki’s arms, and he’s unconscious.)


Sakaki: Gato?! Gato?!


(He glares at Atsuko)


Sakaki: I don’t care if the Tengons took over your body or not! You can’t do this to the people who came looking for you!


Atsuko: I don’t recall asking for you to come.


Sakaki: ATSUKO!


Atsuko: This host-body does seem to recall someone like you.


(Sakaki tears up a bit.)




(Sakaki calms down.)


Sakaki: And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I did all of this because…Atsuko….i want you to be happy, and I want you to be yourself again.


(He looks at her, a warm trail of tears going down his face, and then he gets that same grin he gets when he’s happy.)


Sakaki: This is what a true friend does for another true friend right?


(Atsuko simply punches him in the face. Sakaki falls to the ground, and stares up at Atsuko….who is crying too.)


Sakaki: Atsuko…


Atsuko: This….host-body…says that….she didn’t want you to suffer….and wants you to go…and forget about her…..this host-body is the Tengon’s property, this host-body has no salvation anymore.


Kiki: That’s not true!


(Sakaki turns around and sees Kiki rising to her feet.)


Sakaki: Kiki?!


Kiki: Sakaki-kun…she’s only putting up a front! She didn’t hurt me at all!


(Flashback to before where it looked like Atsuko would hit Kiki with her modified wolf claw. Just as the claw is about to slash at Kiki, it stops. Kiki stares at Atsuko for a minute and then begins to cry. She embraces her friend, who simply pushes her off. This push makes Kiki land on the floor, knocking her out, but not giving her any serious injuries.)


Kiki: ‘Tsuko-chan is in there somewhere! We just have to bring her out!


Sakaki: Yeah! You’re right!


(Then there is a loud creaking noise, and the ship begins to move.)


Sakaki: What’s that?!?


(They all turn to see Liu standing beside a switch that she just pressed. The part of the ship that Atsuko, Gato, Kiki, and Sakaki are standing on starts to separate from the part that she is standing on.)


Liu: That’s so moving, however….Sinister Hakase said that he wants the Techno-princess to get back to work, and that she doesn’t need hindrances like you to bother her.


Sakaki: What have you done?!


(Liu grabs Atsuko’s arm and drags her to safety, but she manages to grab Kiki’s arm, and pull her along too.)


Sakaki: Kiki!!!!


Kiki: Sakaki-kun!!


(She tries to grab his arm, but the part of the ship that Gato and Sakaki are on has already separated from the other side.)


Sakaki: Kiki!!!


(Its at this point Gato wakes up, and looks around.)


Gato: Huh…..Lunkhead?!? When did you get here?! What’s going on?!


(Gato then sees that they are drifting apart from the others. He notices that the other side of the ship closes up and so does theirs.)


Gato: What the…..LUNKHEAD?!?!


Sakaki: Gato…


Liu: Well…they’re doomed aren’t they? (Cheerfully) there’s a black hole pretty close by…so I doubt they’ll make it alive through that. Once they get past the event horizon, they’re as good as crushed soda bottles.


(Kiki begins to cry loudly.)


Kiki: SAKAKI-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Atsuko can only watch with the same expression she’s had this whole episode….meanwhile Sakaki has just informed Gato of their fate which sends the tabby into a panic.)




Sakaki: The important thing is that Atsuko is safe….as long as we’ve got that…..i’m sure there’s a way…


Gato: There’s a way?


(Sakaki looks at him and smiles half-heartily.)


Sakaki: I’m sure.


(Gato quiets down, and as the part of the ship they’re on gets sucked into the black hole it begins to get pressed together…and finally explodes. Since we are in space, the explosion is silent, but the brilliance of the flames and debris speaks for itself. Kiki, Atsuko and Liu watch the whole spectacle from their spot on the other side of the ship, and they see the bits of shrapnel falling through space as if the universe were crying…..mourning the loss of Sakaki and Gato….mourning the loss of hope for Atsuko…and lastly the loss of all hope for the stop of the Tengon empire.)



Ending Song: Kaze wa yatte kuru bashou (The place where the wind comes.)


When the wind whispers its secrets

Where will you be? And who will you be with?


All the glittering dreams will become real just temporally

What will you wish for?


You who is unable to wait for anything

Will the gentle dawn come fast enough?


If the clouds part and you leave…

Where will the wind take you?


Your scent, it’s carried gently along the wind,

No matter how far you think you’ve gotten


Is drifting drifting, the fate that you were given?

Or simply the one you accepted?


When the wind speaks its story….

Will you listen? And will you believe?


All of the empty feelings will disappear

What will you wish for?





Toshiro: So now Sakaki, you’ve gone and disappeared before any of us could understand you. Why is it that you’re happy just being an enigma to us? To all of the people at home, quit making us chase your shadow, become clear to us so we know you…as you.


Boss Tengon: My first real adversary. I don’t know what to say. While I cursed you many times, if it weren’t for you I wonder really what I would have done? Would the Tengon army be where it is? Would I be where I am?


Atsuko: Sakaki, please….for this once, listen to me and give up. I want you to be happy, and you were so happy before you met me…..please just give up and hate me…it would be easier that way…..


Hau: I don’t care! Sakaki just bring yourself back home! I don’t care how you do it or where you end up! Just come to me again….please….


Narration: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito




Sakaki(Through heavy static): Hello? Hello? Is anyone------












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