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Jikan (2002) Episode 33

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Opening Song: Ano Michi wa Bokura arukidasu (That Road we walked on)


You and I searched for our best place

Following that star every single day, and creating a new story on the way


When another boring day was born it was a place to escape to

I knew that when the time came we’d all go there together…


Memories that we had and those that have yet to be made

The rain and sunny days too I wait for them all…


Even if I was alone certainly…I had my way to walk

Running down a dream road time almost reversing to follow me I had so much fun…


Even recalling times I was hurt


Like that star I wanna shine for eternity and remember your fading voice…

Its my wish that time didn’t forget…I wish every day


Let it shine on.….. The path we walked together…



(Deep space, a lonely place especially if you’re there against your will. The sleek and cold Tengon mothership cruises along the black inkyness we call the universe. Inside this mothership are the Tengons we’ve grown to detest, and generally dislike. Now with the Dragon Iron Castor Shells that Boss Tengon managed to recover, they can begin working on their newest and most evil creation. Possibly this is the one that will allow them to take over the universe or do something else that’s too nefarious to mention. In one work station, many Tengon Techs are analyzing the Dragon Iron Castor Shells, while in yet another work station, many are putting together a blueprint and data for something that is apparently very huge. In one last workstation, there are Tengons building this huge being in the aforementioned blueprints. These are the fellows that are underneath Atsuko’s watchful eye. She walks down the corridors of the Tengon mothership as if they had become her new home. Under her arm she has a clipboard, that shows various work schedules and approvals from Boss Tengon. After getting to the Tengon Techs that are building this huge monstrosity, she stops and watches them closely.)


Atsuko: Be careful. One wrong move and Dr. Sinister will punish you.


(The workers all stop at this, and then work harder. Atsuko continues to walk down the hallway with her new serious and cold expression. She turns the corner and then as if something is attacking her from the inside of her body leans against the wall and begins to breath heavily. Finally she slides down to her knees and holds her head.)


Atsuko: This other personality in me……the heart hurts……too much….


(The scene fades to the outside of the Tengon Mothership, and finally back at the planet that Sakaki and Gato currently inhabit.)


Sakaki: Episode 33: The world’s number one guy!

(Sakaki and Gato walk down a sun-parched path in silence. Sakaki stares at the tickets given to him for the victory of the contest just a couple of hours ago. Besides the fact that Sakaki doesn’t feel he deserves such an honor for a victory he truly didn’t win, he is bothered by something else. Flashes of Grawl, the boy he fought against and seemingly got lucky enough to survive and get away from inhabit the theater that is his mind.)


Sakaki: That guy defiantly knew a whole lot about me. A little TOO much, and I can’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t luck that I got away from him, more like he allowed me to escape.


(Sakaki clutches the ticket and begins to run suddenly which surprises his traveling mate.)


Gato: Hey! Where are you going to so suddenly?!


(He runs after Sakaki.)


Sakaki: I suppose theres no way to really understand anything unless we go forward. And I’m gonna do just that! Theres nothing that can stop me now!


(Then Sakaki hears something, and using amazingly quick responses grabs Gato and jumps backward. A bullet pierces the ground that the two of them once stood, and lies there harmlessly.)


Gato: What the….someone just shot at us?


Sakaki: Who is it? Who did that?


(Sakaki looks around in every direction hoping to find their mystery assailant. However it isn’t until he gives a second look behind himself that he sees a man sitting on a porch at an nearby house with a smoking rifle in his hand.)


Sakaki: hey you! Why did you do that?


(The man was chewing something and then spits it into a nearby waste basket. He gets a cocky grin and looks down at our heroes.)


Man: You were trespassing you little brat! Now go back if you know what’s good for you!


Sakaki: I can’t do that! I have something I need to do in the next town!


Man: Well isn’t that a sob story? But as long as this is my house and my land I make the rules! And the rule is no one gets by here as long as I say so!


(He points his gun and fires two more rounds at our heroes. Sakaki manages to dodge all of the gunfire and takes this chance to rush at the mystery man.)


Sakaki: Please forgive me, but I have places to go!


(Then from different floorboards which suddenly give way, many different guns and other weapons appear. Sakaki stops dead in his tracks and slowly starts to back away.)


Man: Hahahah! You don’t get it do you? People who get too close end up regretting that decision if you know what I mean.


(Sakaki growls and gets a good look at this man. He’s wearing a blue button down shirt with jeans, and has black hair and brown eyes. He looks to be in his early 20’s and speaks very loudly even when Sakaki is standing close up. It seems like he has the same cocky grin etched into his face even when he’s deadly serious, and he doesn’t look like the sort to take any prisoners.)


Sakaki: Why?! Why can’t I go through?! Tell me!!


Man: Those reasons are top secret brat! I refuse to let anyone through ever!


(Sakaki gets an irritated look and then walks back over to Gato.)


Sakaki: He’s fiercely armed, though I could probably get to him anyway if I’m willing to take a couple of hits of my own.


Gato: So is it worth it though?


Sakaki: That’s what I’m not sure of. He looks really stubborn, and I’d probably have to rough him up to get anywhere….


(The man doesn’t like being left out of conversation, and fires a couple of rounds on our heroes again.)


Man: OI! If you’re gonna talk about me say it to my face! Unless you’re just a bunch of assfaced cowards! I’ll bet that’s it!


Gato: I know that this hick did NOT just call me ugly. I’ll bet he’s probably the prettiest person in his family. And that is in no way a compliment.


Sakaki: Gato…


Gato: So how was the fall loser?


Man: What? What fall?


Gato: The fall from the ugly tree you stupid redneck!


(This gets them a hail of gunfire and weapons.)




Sakaki: Ouch. He just called you fat.




Sakaki: Well anyway, lets go and try to find another way around.


Gato: You’re lucky we’ve got kids around buddy! Or I’d really tear you limb from limb!


(Gato moons him and then runs away with Sakaki.)


Man: That little…..


(Sakaki and Gato head through a path across from the man’s house. After some time they end up at a quaint little cottage buried behind a little bit of shrubbery. Sakaki sweatdrops, and says….)


Sakaki: Who would build something like that here?


Gato: That’s not really the issue here.


(Sakaki nods and heads in over to the house with Gato.)


Sakaki: Well lets hope that they’re nicer than the other guy is.


(Sakaki knocks on the door and after he does this they hear shuffling inside.)


Gato: Well it appears that someone lives in there.


(The door opens, and a very well groomed young man opens the door. His black hair is nicely combed, and he wears a nice white T-shirt with black jeans. His eyes are also brown like the ruffian from before, but they look much kinder. He has a sheepish smile even when he’s saddened it seems and lives alone.)


Man: Uh…hi there….how may I help you?


Sakaki: Yeah hi, I know this is going to sound a bit weird coming from strangers, but I don’t suppose we can go through your backyard to get to the next city.


Man: um…while I really would like to help you, I really cant’ allow you to do that.


Sakaki: What? But….


Man: I suppose I at least owe you an explanation.


Sakaki: Huh? Theres a reason for all of this?


Man: I’m sure you’ve met up with Ace who lives next door, and he probably chased you away.


Gato: You mean the gun-toting idiot? Yeah you could say we’ve crossed paths.


(Then the man motions for them to come inside.)


Man: Please come in, I’ll explain everything.


(Sakaki and Gato look at each other and shrug. They go inside the cottage where the man motions for them to have a seat on a couch. Sakaki and Gato do and then he sits on a couch that’s across from them.)


Gato: So why in the world can’t we just cross here?


Man: First off my name is Base. Pleased to meet you.


Sakaki: I’m Takahashi Sakaki.


Gato: And I’m well….Gato. The international interdimentional Playboy.


Sakaki: Your introduction seems to get longer every time I hear it.


Gato: If I don’t self indulge who will?


Base: Its nice to meet both of you. Now to get straight to the point, the reason why you can't cross is because of a contest Ace and I are having.


Sakaki: That’s it? I thought it would be something more…


Base: Yes I know it sounds really trivial when an outsider hears it, but its all of the world to Ace and i.


Gato: So do you mind telling us more?


Sakaki: If it wouldn’t trouble you.


Base: I suppose if I want you to understand I’m going to have to..


(He clears his throat)

Base: Well it all started a couple of months ago….


(Fade back to a couple of months earlier, where Base and Ace are reclining together at Ace’s home.)


Ace: Man your house is always so clean! Are you hiding a woman here that I don’t know about?


Base: Of course not Ace….


Ace: I thought not! As if someone like you could get a woman!


Base: That’s not fair to say Ace…..I can get a girl just as well as you can.


Ace: Oh really?


Base: In fact I’ve had my eye on someone for a while….I’m just waiting for the right time to pop the question.


Ace: eeeeh? Have you been hiding things from me you little sneak?


Base: Well….I didn’t think I had to tell you everything I did..


Ace: Don’t be that way! If you actually have the hots for a woman I’m impressed already! I always wondered if your hormones were working from the way you behaved.


Base: I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or not…


Ace: Well spill it! Who is this woman?


Base: Ok…


Ace: Well? Who is she?


Base: Its that nice girl who usually takes this path every day on her way back from her long walks.


Ace: You don’t mean….you can’t mean…..her….


Base: Kari-san! She’s so my type….don’t you think so?


(Suddenly Ace is burning with anger.)


Base: Ace?


Ace: DAMN IT! I’ve had my eyes on her too!

Base: Really?


Ace: Of course! And if you know what’s good for you you’ll stay away from her!


Base: Hold on Ace! That’s not fair! I’ve been pining for her too! And its not fair for you to say so suddenly that I can’t see her!


Ace: Oh so now you show some guts? In the whole time I’ve known you you’ve never stood up to me like that!


(Base looks resolute.)


Ace: You know while I like that you’ve got some balls, its annoying too! But I’m not completely uncivilized, so lets make a game of it!


Base: A game?


Ace: Of course! The first one to woo her into marrying him gets her and the other guy has to live with it!


Base: Ace….


Ace: Of course I don’t plan on losing so you’d better be prepared!


Base: Ace! Wait!


Ace: For what? The contest begins now! If you don’t get yer ass moving you’ll lose!


(He walks out and closes the door.)


Base: Gahh…what have I gotten myself into?


(Back in the present Base concludes his story.)


Base: While Ace acts all tough and everything, the truth is he has problems telling her how he feels too, so for the last couple of months we’ve been at a stalemate. No one has been able to do anything and so that’s why we haven’t let anyone cross that path.


(Sakaki and Gato stare back at him with blank expressions.)


Base: Huh? You don’t understand still?


Sakaki: So this is all over…a love competition over some girl?


Gato: What in the wide world of sports does this have to do with that path?


Base: Well we’re both really afraid if we let someone go down this path or the other main one that some other guy with more guts will get to Kari first.


(Sakaki’s jaw hangs open.)


Gato: Well…that’s an…interesting story…a lot well…more different than the stuff we’ve heard on this journey.




Base: Huh? Sakaki?


Sakaki: We’ve been through so much and suffered so much just to be stopped for a reason like this?!? It’s ridiculous! (Growls) I’m out of here!


(He storms out leaving Gato behind.)


Gato: As rare is this is I agree with him, we have been through a lot of crap, and at least if we were gonna be stopped I would hope that it would be for a reason that better than this…


(Gato shrugs and saunters after his partner. Base gets a thoughtful expression and stands up as if he plans to follow them, but instead watches the two of them leave. Meanwhile back on the main path someone else is making their way towards the outskirts of town. It’s a girl who appears to be around Base and Ace’s age wearing a simple sundress. She has red hair and beautiful velvet eyes. She walks with a small bounce in her step, making it obvious that she’s in a good mood. Before she gets to Ace’s house though she notices something in the bushes and stops to take a peek. Just as she does this she is grabbed and dragged in by something. A couple of seconds later Base walks down the path to head to Ace’s house.)


Base(Thinking): Perhaps Sakaki is right, this is getting to be too far. I have to do something or else this will really start to effect people in negative ways…


(He walks up to Ace’s door and works on getting the courage to knock.)


Base: Most likely he’ll be angry with me, but I have to do this.


(Then the door swings open and Ace holds the doorknob in one hand and a loaded gun in the other.)


Ace: Thought you’d catch me while I was in the bathroom eh?!


(Base stands there shivering in fear.)


Ace: Oh. Its you. Why are you here?

Base: I….i……i…….need to talk to you about something…..


Ace: Well then? What is it?


Base: Please….pl….please put the g-g-g-g-gun away Ace….


Ace: Geez, what’s the problem?


(It goes off, but Base manages to duck before he is hit.)


Ace: Whoops! Guess I was a little trigger-happy (Laughs heartily.) I have got to be more careful don’t I?


Base: Please take Gun safety more seriously Ace!


Ace: So what do you want? To be my nanny?


Base: No, I was thinking that we’re taking this whole thing a little too seriously.


Ace: Eh? What are you blabbering on about?


Base: We’re blocking off this path for our own selfish reasons. There are people that might need to get through here for important reasons! We need to stop this madness---


Ace: So give up then.


Base: Give up?


Ace: That’s right, if you just say you’ll give up pursuing Kari we can end this whole contest.


Base: You know I can’t do that Ace….


Ace: Well then the fight goes on! And don’t try using your namby pamby logic either!


Base: Ace…please don’t be unfair….


(Base looks around)

Base: Funny, speaking of her she hasn’t come by yet.


Ace: Yeah she usually scoots her cute little self around her about this time everyday.


(As both of the boys look around for Kari, in the bushes the girl comes face to face with her kidnappers.)


Sakaki: Hi miss, Kari I presume?


Girl: Yes…but how did you know my name?


Gato: Wow she IS hot….i wouldn’t mind taking on those guys for her hand myself!


Sakaki: Calm down ragin’ cajun. We came to ask for her help.


Kari: Huh? My help?


Sakaki: Yeah….you see those two guys on that path…


(He explains the whole tale verbatim.)


Kari: So they’ve been fighting over me….and keeping people from going to where they want to go on that path?


Sakaki: Yes, and if you follow my plan this should all end today.


Kari: I’m willing to what you say. I don’t want people to be inconvenienced by me.


Sakaki: Good. Now, lets get busy.


(Base and Ace start to get a bit worried about Kari when she doesn’t show up like she normally does.)


Base: Do you think that something happened to her?


Ace: Maybe she’s just late?


Base: Its not like her to be late, she always comes here, even when she’s sick.


Ace: True, so where the hell is she?


(Then they see Sakaki walking down the path again.)


Ace: HEY! BASTARD! What are you doin’ back here again?


Sakaki: Hmm? Well I told you I have to go down here to get to the next town.


Base: Sakaki, please don’t do this! You know what’ll happen!


Ace: Damn straight! I’ll blow a hole through your head!


Sakaki: Oh? If you do that you’ll never find out where your little girlfriend is.


Base: Wh-what?


Ace: What ta hell did you just say?


Sakaki: I kidnapped her. Or lets put it like this, I’m blackmailing you.


Ace: Who do you think we are?


Base: Sakaki, please! You didn’t really do what you said you did did you?


Sakaki: Yep! Now if you don’t let me and my friend through then I’m afraid I’ll have to you know….get rid of her.


Base: Wait!


(Ace takes out his gun and points it at our hero)


Ace: You got ten seconds to talk before I send you to the afterlife.


Sakaki: Heheh, how about this? You wait until I get across the path and then I’ll tell you where she is.


Ace: Or…I could just shoot you and go looking.


Sakaki: But by then my partner would have taken her far away.


(Ace cocks the rifle ready to fire. Sakaki stares intently, and then Ace does something completely unexpected and fires BEHIND himself.)


Sakaki: WHA?!


Base: But….that’s your house!!


(He fires another shot into the door and then fires one more through the open window.)


Sakaki: Ace……!! Don’t you know what you’ve done?


Ace: Yeah.




Ace: Was she?


(They look inside the house, and only a very scared Gato is there.)


Gato: Do you ALWAYS shoot randomly in your own house?

Sakaki: But, where’s Kari?


Ace: Right there.


(Kari is still trying to remove her shoes before coming into Ace’s house from the backway.)


Sakaki: Huh?!


Kari: Sorry! My shoe won’t come off…


Ace: She’s very curtious, and wouldn’t enter my house without taking off her shoes first.


Sakaki: That means, you knew about my plan?


Base: To kidnap her, and then have us save her and make us both heroes, so that we’d put our differences aside? Sorry but we knew.


Sakaki: But how?


Ace: I have sensors all around this path. I can hear what’s going on from a receiver right here. (Shows an headset hidden beneath his hair.) So I heard your little conversation, and discussed with Base here the best way to handle it.


Base: Sorry Sakaki, but we had to.


Kari: You two! Sakaki told me about everything!


(They both look at her.)


Kari: You don’t have to act this way for my behalf! I like you two as equal friends!


(Both of the men are shocked for a moment but then both smile.)


Ace: Yeah!


Base: Yes…equal friends….!


(She nods happily, and begins to set off.)


Kari: Bye bye everyone!


(They all wave goodbye. Then Sakaki turns to the guys and asks.)


Sakaki: Why didn’t you go after her?


Ace: You heard her right? She only thinks of us as friends.


Base: If that’s all we are to her now then everything has been meaningless up until now. At least if she had feelings for one of us it would be different.


Sakaki: So….you’re giving up like that?


Ace: That’s the rotten part about love, rarely do you know what you’re getting yourself into.


Base: Nicely put.


Sakaki: So…can we go now?


Ace: Well ain’t no point to make ya stay here. Besides you two are annoying.


Gato: US?! YOURE----


Sakaki: Ok thanks bye.


(He drags Gato away and exits.)


Base: So Ace, what do we do now?


Ace: I suppose we have to find a new woman to idolize.


Base(Sighs): As much as I want to say no….


Ace: atta’ boy! Lets get out there and get busy!


(He puts his arm around Base and the two of them walks off. Meanwhile Sakaki and Gato continue down their path.)


Gato: So what did we learn today?


Sakaki: That stupid people in love suck.


Gato: Excellent.


Ending Song: Ai wa Jikan o tomarenai (Love can’t stop time.)


You’re late for our promised time again (Now)

There’s so much on my mind I can’t be mad (Now)


Am I really into you? Or is this one of those flings?

The first time we held hands, wasn’t it on that rainy day?


Yeah…..I’m Really in love


Its so annoying but yet so true I can’t stop time or you


What will happen now? (Will we take a step forward or back?)

Will I still love you when you hurt me? (It’s too much now)


Can we really keep what we believe and be in love?

With all of this on my mind maybe its better if you’re a bit late…





Sakaki: Next up! We get a Job!


Gato: A Job? Do we have the qualifications and paperwork?


Sakaki: Paperwork? We’re only doing this for a day or so…


Gato: So? I expect to get paid in full for anything I do.


Sakaki: Have you EVER heard of Charity?


Gato: Was that the name of the girl I ditched last week?


Sakaki: Why do I get the feeling that your death will be quick and messy?


Gato: Pshaw…you’re not the only person to say that.


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




Sakaki: Please make sure that you watch it! Our current jobs rely on it!










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