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Jikan (2002) Episode 30

Page history last edited by Sakaki 12 years, 7 months ago

Opening Song: Ano Michi wa Bokura arukidasu (That Road we walked on)


You and I searched for our best place

Following that star every single day, and creating a new story on the way


When another boring day was born it was a place to escape to

I knew that when the time came we’d all go there together…


Memories that we had and those that have yet to be made

The rain and sunny days too I wait for them all…


Even if I was alone certainly…I had my way to walk

Running down a dream road time almost reversing to follow me I had so much fun…


Even recalling times I was hurt


Like that star I wanna shine for eternity and remember your fading voice…

Its my wish that time didn’t forget…I wish every day


Let it shine on.….. The path we walked together…



(Last time Sakaki and Gato came to the Whirlpools of time and space, and met up with the guardian of this sacred space Cain. After a quick battle with the Tengon forces yet again, Sakaki soon finds out that Cain isn’t quite as fond of his job as it seems. Cain turns on our heroes and now it looks like Sakaki is going to end his journey prematurely…..or will he? Find out on this episode of Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!)



Sakaki: Episode 30: The whirlpools of time and space! Lucky guessing?!


(Sakaki stands up and faces Cain. His whole body is covered with the weird markings that once covered Cain. Sakaki glares at Cain and begins to walk towards him angrily.)


Sakaki: What did you do?!


Cain: I thought I told you! You are now the new guardian of this time space! Which means you have to stay here forever!


Sakaki: What?!


Cain: Heh, the only way to get out of that job is to find someone to exchange spaces with like I just did, and since almost no one comes here you’ll be lucky if you find someone else to switch ever! Well it’s not that bad! You are immortal now, though your friend there will still die however, leaving you all alone like I was!


Sakaki: YOU BASTARD!!!

(He tries to grab Cain who simply jumps backwards and then begins to run off.)


Cain: All I have to do is find the whirlpool that’ll take me to my time! Then I’ll never have to deal with this place again! So long suckers!


(He runs off.)


Gato: H—HEY! What’ll we do now?!?


Sakaki: Drat it…I doubt we can catch him even if we start running now…..but suddenly I know which portal will take us to Atsuko!


Gato: Really? How did you find out?


Sakaki: I dunno…I didn’t know just a second ago, but now I do…..


Gato: Well I suppose we can go find out if what Cain said was true…


Sakaki: Yeah…and if it is….I think that we may have to decide which one of us will go save Atsuko…


Gato: ….and which one will stay here?


(Sakaki nods, and then they both run off in the direction of the whirlpool that would take them to their destination. Meanwhile a bend in time and space far away opens up and 3 figures come out. While two of them are normal sized, one is huge and seems to have four arms. The bend closes and we can see the three figures clearly. It seems to be Bash, Crash, and a huge ogre type creature.)


Crash: oooooooookay! This time we’ll be able to get rid of Sakaki for sure! Last time was unfortunately my fault seeing that I wasn’t able to make it in time! However now that the brave warrior Crash-sama is here theres NO way we can fail this time! Of course as extra insurance, I brought the Thunder Drum ogre-bot.


(Thunder drum roars.)


Crash: That’s right we’re both ready for action Thunder drum! Heheheheh! I can’t wait to see the look on that Sakaki’s face! We’ll crush him for sure this time!


(Then he stops talking and scratches his chin.)


Crash: Though…I can’t help but think that something is missing here….


(Then he realizes something.)


Crash: Oi! Bash-chan?! Bash Chan?! Where are you?

(Crash runs behind Thunder drum and stops.)


Crash: Ba---ACK!!!!!!


(Crash sees Bash’s arm sticking out the sand and waving futilely.)

Crash: Bash-chan! You really need to be more enthusiastic! Especially when you need help!


(Later Crash is walking in front of Thunder Drum who is holding Bash in its large hands. Bash has a cast over her left leg and without glasses.)


Bash: I’m….so…um…sorry….Crash-san….


Crash: Don’t worry about it I said! You tried your best last time and that’s good enough!


Bash: But….i…..um…like….wanna…..help….um….too..


(Crash turns around and starts poking her forehead.)


Crash: And…what would you do without your glasses and a broken leg?


(Bash flinches, and Crash stops.)


Crash: Look Bash-chan, I know you’re just trying to be a good Tengon, but that won’t matter if you’re dead.


Bash: I’m…um….sorry….


Crash: Would you quit apologizing? (Sighs) You can be quite annoying with that sometimes.


(Bash looks down forlornly.)


Bash: R….really…..? Crash-san?


Crash: Yes! But, I guess that’s what makes you, you. And I wouldn’t change it at all I like you just the way you are. (To Thunder drum) ok! Make sure she’s confortable ok? When we get to Sakaki you do the fighting and I’ll take care of her then!


(Thunder drum nods.)


Crash: Ok! Tengon Victory parade….MARCH!


(Crash begins to walk triumphantly, and Bash can’t help but smile at what Crash said to her. Speaking of Sakaki, he and Gato have finally made it to the whirlpool that should take them to the future.)


Gato: I can’t help but feel it’s really weird you suddenly knew which one to take.


Sakaki: Same here…but I am REALLY sure this is it.


Gato: Well I guess you should try jumping in first.


(Sakaki nods and tries hopping into the hole, but instead hovers over the top.)


Sakaki: Drat it….it seems like what Cain said really is true…


Gato: Which means….only one of us can rescue toots?


Sakaki: Yeah…looks that way.


Gato: Jeez….I never thought I’d have to make this decision….but I think you should go.


Sakaki: Huh? Gato…that’s actually really nice of you.


Gato: NICE?! Look lunkhead, you’re the one with the weapons and smart moves. If I had those things maybe I’D go rescue toots. However since I’ve only got my charm to work with here you’d be the better choice to get her.


Sakaki: Gato….


Gato: Don’t start with the mushy junk either. Once you rescue toots, you come STRAIGHT back here and figure out how to get me out of this mess!


Sakaki: You got it buddy.


(Sakaki prepares to transfer the guardianship to Gato but then stops.)


Sakaki: I can’t do it.


Gato: What? Why?


Sakaki: I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I left you here…no matter how annoying you are.


Gato: Uh….thanks?


(Sakaki sits near the whirlpool and puts his head in his paws.)


Sakaki: But…. Atsuko needs to be rescued…


Gato: So what do we do?


(Meanwhile Cain is walking through the desert and surprisingly enough he looks lost.)


Cain: Damn it! I’ve been here so long!! So why can’t I remember where the whirlpool leading to my time is?


(He stops and mutters to himself a bit and begins to walk again.)


Cain: Why can’t I remember?! (Remembers something.) What if…. those powers actually enabled me to know the contents of every whirlpool here? Then…..Now that I don’t have those powers anymore….I lost all memory of that?


(He looks back in the direction that he came from and grits his teeth.)


Cain: That means the only one who knows how to get out of here is that guy now! Even if I were to threaten his life it wouldn’t matter…because I’d be in the same mess anyway! Why was I cursed like this?!


(Cain bends to his knees, takes some of the sand and runs it through his fingers.)


Cain: I’ve given up so much, and now I get nothing for it…….why can’t it be fair for once?


(Flash back to some time ago. Cain is walking through a desert but he is not alone. His traveling companion is a girl that is about his age wearing the same Chinese style attire. She has black hair that is wrapped up neatly in two buns at the sides of her head, and hazel eyes. She walks closely to Cain which suggests that their relationship is close too.)


Cain: Man! How did we end up out here?!


Girl: I told you that we should have had our time cycle repaired sooner.


Cain: Jeez Makiko you nag too much.


(This is the same girl from Cain’s recollection the episode before.)


Makiko: Well if you’d listen I wouldn’t have to nag.


Cain: Yeah I guess I need to work on that.


Makiko: Not “I guess” “I will”!


Cain: Ok ok! I promise I will start to listen more often!

Makiko: That’s better. (Smiles) I’m sure you can really do it if you try.


Cain: Hey why are you smiling?


Makiko: No reason.


Cain: Huh? Don’t lie. Tell me the truth!


Makiko(Playfully): No!


Cain: Ok then I’ll be forced to get rough!


(He advances in on her and she playfully runs ahead of him.)


Cain(Playfully): No fair!


Makiko: You’ll just have to catch up with me then won’t you?


(They run through the desert for a while forgetting their current situation. Soon however Cain looses sight of Makiko and begins to look around for her.)


Cain: Hey Makiko! Makiko! Where did you go?


(Then he hears something nearby.)


Cain: Huh! Makiko! Is that you?


(He darts over to the source of the sound and is shocked to find another man holding Makiko by her neck against a rock.)




Man: Tell me wench! Tell me how you got here!


(Makiko says nothing as she tries to struggle to be free.)


Cain: You put her down right now!


Man: Another one! This must be my lucky day!


Cain: Funny that you say that because from over here it looks like things aren’t too lucky for you!


(He jumps into action and lands a kick in the man’s face sending him stumbling back. Cain then follows up with a punch in the stomach and another kick in the leg.)


(Makiko who is now free is on her hands and knees in the sand coughing. When she finally gets her composure back she stands and tells Cain.)


Makiko: Wait Cain! Don’t attack him!


(Cain is too busy to heed her words and finally knocks the man off his feet and then prepares to land the finishing blow.)


Cain: I’ll teach you to treat Makiko that way!




(Its too late and Cain sends a devastating blow to the man’s torso and the snap can be heard echoing throughout the desert. The man winces but surprisingly doesn’t scream out in pain or even grimace.)


Makiko: Cain! Why did you do that?


Cain: You saw what he did to you! I had to do that!


(The man grabs Cain’s hand and smiles.)


Man: Now you’ll be cursed with the fate I’ve been cursed with! By giving me death you’ve finally set me free!


(Cain finally sees the man’s face closely and sees that he has black markings all over his face.)


Cain: Wh---what are you?!


(In a minute the Black markings are passed over to Cain and the man is nothing more than a skull and bones.)


Cain: What…just happened….?


(Makiko suddenly feels cold and clutches herself.)


Makiko: I don’t know…but suddenly I have a bad feeling. Let’s get out of here….


(Cain nods and they begin to run for a while until they realize that they have no idea of where they’re going.)


Makiko: We’re lost!


Cain: Wait…no….I suddenly know which way to go!


Makiko: How?


Cain: I don’t know….but its that way!


(They both go in that direction and soon end up at one of the whirlpools.)


Makiko: What is that?


Cain: It will take us to our time period.


(He tries to jump in but only floats over the surface.)


Cain: What the?


(Makiko tries the same and nearly sinks inside. She manages to get back to the surface and beside Cain.)


Makiko: Why can’t you hop in?


Cain: I don’t know!


Makiko: Cain, I can get in that thing and you can’t! That means that you could be here alone forever….


Cain: That doesn’t matter! You have to go!


Makiko: Cain I won’t leave you! As long as you’re here I won’t leave!


Cain: Don’t be stupid! Both of us don’t have to stay here!


Makiko: Why do you have to be so stubborn?!


Cain: Because I don’t want you to suffer because of me!


(They’re both silent for a second.)


Makiko: It’s not suffering when I want to be here beside you Cain.


(Cain groans and stands up.)


Cain: I can’t have you do that Makiko. It’s my fault I didn’t listen to you, and my fault that we’re here in the first place.


Makiko: Cain….


(She stands too.)

Cain: Because of that….I’m sorry…but I have to do this.


Makiko: Huh?


(Cain turns and shoves her into the whirlpool.)


Makiko: Cain! Cain!!!! Why?!


Cain: I will get out of here and meet you again! So don’t worry about me! Makiko live a full life!


Makiko: It won’t be full withou----


(She disappears into the whirlpool leaving Cain alone.)


Cain: Makiko….


(In the present Cain still on his knees looks down into the sand. Sakaki and Gato meanwhile are still sitting beside the whirlpool that’ll take them to Atsuko.)


Gato: So lunk-head…what will we do?


(Sakaki says nothing and simply growls.)


Sakaki: But I have to know….what would drive Cain to do something like this?


Gato: What? You’re worried about him?


Sakaki: He doesn’t seem to be the type of person to behave like this….


(Then Sakaki and Gato are almost shocked by a bolt of electricity.)


Sakaki: What was that?


Gato: I have a feeling that I know….


(They both turn and see Bash, Crash and their robot Thunder drum.)


Sakaki: You two again!


Crash: You’ll pay for what you did to Bash-chan last time! And well…for being a jerk in general!


Sakaki: I didn’t do anything! And I’m not in the mood to deal with you two!


Crash: Sounds like a personal problem! Go Thunder Drum!

(Thunder Drum runs at Sakaki, who draws the midnight blade.)


Sakaki: Go AWAY!!!!!!!


(He uses the Midnight blade on Thunder drum which simply catches it and throws it aside.)


Gato: AH! Lunkhead!!


(Sakaki’s head is down and suddenly he stares at Thunder Drum with a look of intense hatred.)


Crash: Huh?! Is that the same Sakaki?!


(Then the black markings come from Sakaki and wrap around Thunder Drum.)


Crash: Wha…..Thunder Drum!


Sakaki: CRUSH!


(Nothing happens.)


Sakaki: I said CRUSH! CRUSH!


(Nothing continues to happen.)


Gato: That idiot doesn’t know how to do what Cain did…..


(Thunder drum smacks Sakaki away.)


Sakaki: Ow……..


(Then it begins to run towards him.)


Sakaki: Crap….what do I do now?


(Then it shocks him.)


Sakaki: OWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(He lies on the floor electrocuted.)


Crash: Hahah Sakaki! It’s over for you!


(Bash who is sitting beside Crash looks up and sees Cain approaching.)


Bash: Um…..Crash-san?……someone’s…..like…..coming…..

Crash: Eh? Who else could possibly be here?


(Cain jumps over them and lands in the fray with Sakaki and Thunder Drum.)


Sakaki: Cain?


Cain: Give me your hand.


Sakaki: Huh? Why?




(Sakaki obediently does so. Cain’s hand glows and in a minute he has the black markings on his body again.)


Sakaki: Huh?! I’m back to normal!


Cain: Leave this stuff to the big dogs ok?


(He runs towards Thunder drum.)


Cain: Take this!


(The markings surround Thunder Drum.)


Cain: Constrict!


(They then surround Thunder Drum so that it cannot move.)


Crash: Don’t give up Thunder drum!


(It sends a shock towards Cain and hits him full on.)




(Sakaki stands up and grabs the midnight blade.)


Sakaki: I’m coming!




Sakaki: Huh?


(Cain strains and begins to tighten the marking around Thunder Drum even though he is being shocked.)


Cain: I won’t be beaten by you!!!!!!!!!!


(He finally crushes Thunder drum.)


Crash: No way!!!!!!


Cain: CRUSH!


(The Thunder drum is instantly crushed, and then explodes. The debris flies all over the place and apiece nearly falls on the helpless Bash. Bash can only put her hands up as another piece plummets towards her. At the last minute Crash scoops her up and runs out of the way.)


Crash: Are you ok? Bash-chan?


(Bash nods.)


Sakaki: Wow that was good work Cain!


(Sakaki stands beside Cain.)


Sakaki: I knew you’d be back!


(Cain only stares at Bash and Crash.)


Cain: Hey you two! Make sure that you listen to each other!


Crash: What?! Us?


Cain: Yeah you! You make sure that you listen well to each other! Or else you could end up like me…with no one……and miserable without any hope. Lost in a well of despair forever.


Crash: Uh….thanks?


Cain: You take care of your woman!


(Crash blushes slightly.)


Crash: You’re our enemies! You’re just lucky we didn’t bring a second mech or we’d teach you a real lesson!


(Then a hole in the time space continuum opens and Bash and Crash hop in.)


Sakaki: Cain? What did all of what you just said mean?


(Cain looks over at Sakaki and smiles half-heartily.)


Cain: Yeah….I suppose I should tell you everything.


(Later after Cain has explained everything, he Sakaki, and Gato are walking again.)


Sakaki: Why didn’t you just tell us that from the beginning?


Cain: And what would YOU have done for me?


Sakaki: Well….I don’t know….


Cain: Exactly.


Gato: You’ll have to excuse his stupidity. He still holds on to that whole “Glass half full” mentality.


Sakaki: Err…..ok….


Cain: Anyway…THERE is your whirlpool.


Sakaki: Thanks…but Cain won’t you miss your friend?


Cain: Look Sakaki, while I look young….I’ve actually been here for more than 150 years.


(Sakaki’s eyes widen.)


Sakaki: So….you mean….she’s….


Gato: Deader than dead?


(They both glare at him.)


Gato: What? What? What did I say?


Cain: So returning home has no meaning to me now.


Sakaki: Cain! That’s not true! It’s never true!


(Cain looks at Sakaki inquisitively.)


Sakaki: As long as you have memories of your home and the people that are there there’s always a place for you to return to! Someday I know that you’ll be able to go home again!


Cain: You’re so dumb…..


Gato: About time someone else realized that.


Cain: Well Sakaki, thanks a lot you idiot.


Sakaki: Huh?


Cain: Well you’ve gone and given me a resolve again. I had to save you…..I know that’s what Makiko would have wanted.


Sakaki: See! I knew you weren’t all bad.


Cain: Get going! Your friend is waiting right?


Sakaki: Oh right! Thanks Cain!


(Sakaki hops in the whirlpool.)


Gato: So um…..was she hot?


(Cain’s face is completely shrouded in darkness.)


Gato: Sorry I asked.


(He hops in too.)


Cain: Well Sakaki I’m gonna hold you to your promise…that someday I’ll get out of here, and when I do I’ll carry on Makiko’s memory……that much I can promise.


(He stares down into the whirlpool, and up into the sky of the desert.)


Ending Song: Ai wa Jikan o tomarenai (Love can’t stop time.)


You’re late for our promised time again (Now)

There’s so much on my mind I can’t be mad (Now)


Am I really into you? Or is this one of those flings?

The first time we held hands, wasn’t it on that rainy day?


Yeah…..I’m Really in love


Its so annoying but yet so true I can’t stop time or you


What will happen now? (Will we take a step forward or back?)

Will I still love you when you hurt me? (It’s too much now)


Can we really keep what we believe and be in love?

With all of this on my mind maybe its better if you’re a bit late…



Announcer: NOW ON DISPLAY! HURRY HURRY HURRY! It’s the strangest thing this side of the time flow! Stranger than the bearded lady, even more exotic than an Indian elephant! It’s the unlikely team of Sakaki and Boss Tengon! That’s right you heard me! Its Boss Tengon and Sakaki working together for a whole episode! How can it be you ask? What could have made things turn out this way? Well its all in the next one folks! So run don’t walk to the next Sakaki Jikan Tabibito! Of course when you get there you’ll need to know the title which is….




Announcer: One time only! Right?





















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