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Jikan (2002) Episode 27

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Opening Song: Ano Michi wa Bokura arukidasu (That Road we walked on)


You and I searched for our best place

Following that star every single day, and creating a new story on the way


When another boring day was born it was a place to escape to

I knew that when the time came we’d all go there together…


Memories that we had and those that have yet to be made

The rain and sunny days too I wait for them all…


Even if I was alone certainly…I had my way to walk

Running down a dream road time almost reversing to follow me I had so much fun…


Even recalling times I was hurt


Like that star I wanna shine for eternity and remember your fading voice…

Its my wish that time didn’t forget…I wish every day


Let it shine on.….. The path we walked together…



(The T.S.M. sits in the dining area at the fancy table sipping tea while reading a newspaper. He flips the pages after taking a long time to read each one. He sighs and looks around to see if anyone is there. Then when the cost is clear he gets up and checks the oven for something. Inside the oven are cookies that are still baking.)


T.S.M.: Geez I’ve been waiting forever to have these, today WOULD have to be the day that the maid decides to take off.


(Sakaki and Gato walk in on this scene, and the T.S.M. looks at them. What follows is a long moment of awkward silence, which is finally broken by Gato.)


Gato: I don’t care, I just want some.


(Sakaki and the T.S.M. sweatdrop.)


Sakaki: Uh….i didn’t know that someone like you would be interested in baking…..


T.S.M.: Well I have to be able to fend for myself just in case I end up being alone for a while right?


Sakaki: I guess. Well Gato and I are gonna go start looking for ways to find Atsuko. Thanks a lot for your training.


(The T.S.M. closes the oven and walks over to them.)


T.S.M.: Oh? And how do you plan on fighting the Tengons once you meet up with them?


(Sakaki sighs and scratches his chin.)

Sakaki: I was SURE I could find out something……just leave it to me.


Gato: Well I’m not sure if I want to leave my future in the hands of someone who could so stupidly and recklessly throw away his ONLY weapons.


Sakaki: Well you could stay here.


Gato: Don’t tempt me.


T.S.M.: Well actually I was going to have a little event later today that might interest you. You should stick around a bit longer.


Sakaki: Hmm? (Gets an incredulous look.) It’s not more training is it?


Gato: He barely handled the training you gave him yesterday.

Sakaki: Shut up you.


T.S.M.: Sort of, but it’s completely voluntary. I think you should stay but I can’t force you to, however it would be highly recommended that you do stay.


(The T.S.M. checks on his cookies once more and then leaves the room.)


Sakaki: So Gato, what do you think we should do?


Gato: Look for oven mitts?


Sakaki: No…I mean…..Should we stay and find out what he’s talking about?


Gato: ACK!!!


(Sakaki looks and then groans. While he was contemplating his next move Gato had already tried to go to the oven and get the cookies out. The only thing he succeeded in getting is burned however.)


Sakaki: You dunce. Anyway I suppose since it’s not like we have any leads we should stay and try to find out more about this event that he’s talking about.


(Gato runs around the room trying to cool his paws but hits a table stool, which then falls on him.)


Sakaki: And it looks as if you’re gonna need medical attention anyway.


Gato(Muffled under stool.): Shut up and get me the jaws of life.


Sakaki: Episode 27: Special Gift Midnight Blade!

(Later on Sakaki and Gato walk outside and see a huge circus type tent set up not too far away from the T.S.M.’s house.)


Sakaki: Wow! When did that get put up? I was just outside this morning…


Gato: Well I heard masky say something about the center of time earlier.


Sakaki: Huh? What does that have to do with anything?


Gato: Fool, besides the far off future, the center of time is the most technologically advanced civilization to ever exist. Building something like that wouldn’t take them very long at all.


Sakaki: I see. Well I suppose we should go look at it, maybe that’s what the T.S.M. meant by a special event.


Gato: Yeah I suppose so.


(They both head over to the tent and peer inside. Inside the tent are people gathered as spectators and a center ring much like the aforementioned circus. They see a few people on the side all talking with each other, and the T.S.M. getting things set up with a couple of his employees in another corner.)


Sakaki: Looks like a big event.


Gato: Well lunkhead, let’s go in already.


Sakaki: I REALLY wish you wouldn’t call me that.


(They head in and decide to talk to the people on the side first. This group contains a young and buxom woman with red hair and a revealing short skirt, an older man white Grey hair and a long beard, a young man who is dressed like a knight and finally a figure in a cloak, who is standing near the others but isn’t actually contributing anything to the conversation. When Sakaki approaches them the others stop talking and face him.)


Sakaki: Uh….hi? What’s going on?


Girl: You don’t know? Well it’s a competition of sorts it’s said that a secret weapon of untold power will be given to the winner!


Young man: Of course since this competition is being held by the T.S.M. everyone would rather watch the show than be in it. That T.S.M. has a history of being really harsh on people.


Sakaki(Thinking): I’VE experienced that first hand.


Girl: It really sucks though. I wish we could use our time partners to help us out in this match, but the T.S.M. is forbidding it.


Young man: Yeah as a time guardian I feel kinda lost without my partner here.


Older man: Back in my day we fought alongside our partners, and not behind them. You kids should learn better than that.


Young man: Right (laughs heartily) we youngun’s can’t hold a flame to you more experienced guardians right?


(Sakaki listens to them talk and then remembers that he’s heard their strange vocabulary before somewhere else.)


Sakaki: Wait! Didn’t Punk say something about them?


(Our Hero thinks back to when they first got to the center of time and had that conversation with the evildoer Punk.)


Punk: Fine since you guys are suddenly so interested….that was a Time Guardian….


Sakaki: Time? Guardian? What’s that?


Punk: It’s a lowdown rotten sneaky person who takes away people’s freedom to do what they want! They’re downright evil.


(Sakaki flashes back to the present and looks at his company.)


Sakaki: The more I think about it the more I think punk is wrong. These guys don’t look at all evil. Besides that they don’t even seem to have anything in common.


(Then he notices the watch they’re all wearing.)


Sakaki: That watch….


Girl: Huh? Oh these? Well they’re kinda useful tools for a time guardian. But I really can’t tell you much more than that without getting in trouble.


Sakaki: Oh that’s ok. Thanks.


(Gato starts purring and rubbing up against the girl’s leg.)


Girl: Oh a kitty!


Gato(Thinking): I got her EXACTLY where I want her.


Girl: I HATE kitties.


(She lunges to catch him and he dashes behind Sakaki.)


Gato: Save me!


Sakaki: Ehehe…..you are hopeless.


Girl: Sorry no offence to you, but I’m definitely against the stereotype that girls like cute things.


Sakaki: Ok.


Young man: Are you entering the competition?


Sakaki: Well, I guess I could, a new weapon is just what the doctor ordered for me.


Girl: Well then, since we’ll be opponents soon, I’ll introduce myself! I’m Daminna, a time guardian.


Young man: I’m Jikoro and I’m also a time guardian.


Older man: I’m Ooji a time guardian.


Sakaki: Well nice to meet all of you. I’m Sakaki, and I’m just passing through the time flow.


(Then suddenly the lights go out.)


Gato: Looks like even circus tents have electric bills.


(Then a spotlight hits centerstage and in a chair on centerstage sits the T.S.M. in an outfit that looks strangely like Stalker’s from G Gundam fame. Which is a dress shirt, purple slacks and black shoes. To complete this outfit is one eyepatch over one of his mask eye holes.)


T.S.M.: In this dark century, people only have their desires to cling to as they try to sift through this empty existence. But in a sea of tears and a storm of emotion desire alone is not enough to keep their head afloat in a sea of nothingness and despair! Of course that is what this competition is all about! Giving those certain brave few a chance to realize their desire and grasp it at once!


(He stands up and takes off the eyepatch, then raises both hands in the air.)


T.S.M.: The stage for today’s event has been set! All right ONE TWO THREE! READY GO!!

(Then a black screen appears with the title of today’s episode printed on it, accompanying this is a guitar solo. Apon seeing this Sakaki holds up his paw in protest.)


Sakaki: HOLD IT!


(Everything abruptly stops.)


Sakaki: Along with having that type of intro, and that kind of competition, you’re dressed like that T.S.M.?! That small bit there has TWO unauthorized anime parodies! Are you trying to get us into trouble?!


T.S.M. Why Sakaki, I knew about this, which is why this competition is much different from the one you speak of.


Sakaki: Thank goodness!


T.S.M.: This competition will test something a bit different than most.


(Then one of the T.S.M.’s attendants walks over with a arm brace for all of the competition’s competitors.)


Attendant: Please put this on.


(All 5 of the competitors do so.)


T.S.M.: Now, the thing you just put on was a excrusator pulsator!


Daminna: What? What’s that?


T.S.M.: I’m glad you asked young lady! I’ll explain it! That device measures your bodily output, which in short is how you’re feeling right now. Normally it’s used in hospitals in the center of time to help mentally unstable patients, however I’ve made a new tweak to those devices.


Jikoro: This sounds bad……


Sakaki: I feel really insecure now….


T.S.M.: If at all during this competition you exhibit any thoughts or physical reactions of pain your body will become completely paralyzed therefore disabling you from participating any further! So in short I am testing to see just how much you can withstand before you reach your breaking point!


Ooji: That sounds extremely harsh for these young kids. T.S.M. I know you like to be harsh on people but this might be taking it too far.


T.S.M.: Perhaps, but this is my competition and so things are being run MY way. Now this will be a battle royal, which means you can attack as much and whoever you want. However the last person who is not paralyzed and standing will be the winner so be sure to keep that in mind as you battle!


Daminna: Heh, this guy isn’t kidding at all.


Sakaki: Drat it, I didn’t even think about weapons at all. Even if I manage to keep dodging it would be easier with a weapon of my own.


T.S.M.: Well everyone? Do you understand the rules?


Jikoro: Understand yes, agree with? No. But I suppose it can’t be helped.


(The cloaked figure simply nods.)


Daminna: Ok let’s just get this started.


Ooji: Its now or never.


Sakaki: Yeah (Gulps) I’m ready.


T.S.M.: OK! Start!


(And once the T.S.M. says this all five of the competitors look at each other and dash away from each other. Gato takes this chance to retreat from them and head into the stands.)


Gato: I hope lunkhead knows what he’s doing—


(Gato then sees two girls sitting by themselves.)


Gato: Meh, he’ll survive….oh ladddiiiiiiiiiiiessss….


(Daminna is the first to attack. Reaching for something behind her she soon produces four small orbs that can fit imbetween her fingers and tosses each one of them at her opponents. They all explode, causing the whole ring to be covered in smoke making it hard for the competitors to see.)


Sakaki: Drat it! But doesn’t this effect her too?


(Suddenly Sakaki’s fur stands on end and he ducks apparently for no reason. However the reason becomes apparent as Ooji stands over him with a whip type weapon.)


Sakaki: The old guy?


Ooji: You should have more respect for your elders boy!


(He cracks the whip over Sakaki in mid air, and at this Sakaki begins to run away. The whip however wraps around his neck and drags him back. Sakaki grits his teeth to hide the pain, and then turns around and starts pulling the whip in his direction.)


Sakaki: I really hate to do this, but I have to save a friend! Losing her is more pain than I can take!


Ooji: You’re pretty strong! If we weren’t opponents I suppose I could give you a bit of advice on how to use that strength.


Sakaki: Thanks! I’ll take a raincheck on that though.


(He yanks VERY hard bringing the old man forward, and then turns quickly to notice Jikoro coming with his blade.)


Sakaki: Teaming up to attack me?!


Jikoro: Sorry Sakaki-kun (Winks) But its survival of the fittest right?


(He brings his sword downwards HARD but Sakaki manages to move out the way, the only thing that he manages to cut is the whip’s hold on Sakaki, which sends both him and Ooji flying backwards. Jikoro turns towards Sakaki and makes a broad swing at him. Sakaki gets up and moves backwards to avoid this swing and the 3 more that follow it, but soon he stumbles over and is defenseless against the next strike. However just as it looks like he’ll be hit, a hand comes and grabs Jikoro’s arm.)


Jikoro: What?


(It’s the cloaked figure, and he has taken hold of Jikoro. Jikoro tries to wrench himself free but cannot do so against this stranger’s strength.)


Jikoro: Who knew this guy was so strong?


(The stranger says nothing, but then uses his other hand to snap Jikoro’s arm.)


Sakaki: You…..


(Jikoro screams out in pain and then he goes limp as the paralysis takes over his body.)


Sakaki: Jikoro….


(Ooji then yelps and goes limp.)


Sakaki: Old man!?

(Daminna appears from behind him with a bloody dagger.)


Daminna: Heh that was almost too easy.


Sakaki: You killed him?!?


Daminna: No way! But he’s defiantly out of this competition.


(Now Daminna, the mystery cloaked figure and Sakaki all stare at each other.)


Sakaki: This is bad, I’m imbetween the both of these guys…..


(Daminna and the cloaked figure both lunge for each other and Sakaki takes this chance to dive out the way. The two of them grapple for a bit and then both jump backwards at once.)


Daminna: Man, you’re pretty awesome, but I want that weapon more than you!


(The cloaked figure says nothing.)


Daminna: So should I take that as an invitation to kick your butt?!


(She charges at him, and it looks like the cloaked figure is going to do nothing to resist this attack but just as she gets to him, he grabs her by her neck.)


Sakaki: AH!


(The cloaked figure takes one of the smoke bombs, tosses Daminna back, and then steps backwards. Daminna catches herself before she hits the ground, and looks for the cloaked figure who has disappeared. The audiences simply watching in awe all of this time now mummers among themselves wondering where he went.


Gato: Hey! Where did that guy go?


(Then the two girls begin stroking him.)


Gato: I mean…. where were we again ladies?


(Daminna looks left and right for the cloaked figure.)


Daminna: Where the heck is he? I know he didn’t just disappear….


(Then she is pushed from the back by an unseen force.)


Daminna: Is that YOU!?


(But before she can turn and attack she feels a small weight on her back.)


Daminna: What the….


(Then a small bomb goes off right on her back.)


Daminna: Guh…….that…..bastard….


(She falls over limp as well.)


Sakaki: Hey! Daminna! Hey!!


(Then Sakaki stands up and turns slowly. The cloaked figure is standing behind him now.)


Sakaki: This was your doing…..


(The cloaked figure then reaches for him, and he moves out of the way. The figure keeps grabbing and kicking the speed of his grabs up a notch. Sakaki keeps moving until both the cloaked man’s hands and Sakaki’s body are just a blur. Finally Sakaki lunges at him, but ends up being smacked back by the cloaked figure….well UNCLOAKED now…because Sakaki managed to grab his cloak.)


Sakaki: Now lets see who you……aaaaaaaaaARGHHHHHH!


(Gato in the audience is shocked too.)


Gato: Well not really shocked as….more VERY annoyed.


Sakaki: its its…YOU!


(The cloaked figure is none other than silent Tengon guard C. The guard Sakaki had assaulted with his yo-yo on episode 2.)


Sakaki: Wow I thought I’d never see you again.


(He remembers the whole incident….)


Tengon Guard B: I can hit you from this distance….ready to die brat?


(Sakaki clutches the Yo-yo and sweats.)


Sakaki (thinking): Here goes….


(He swings the Yo-yo and manages to knock out the silent and unlucky Tengon guard C.)


Sakaki: Whoa….


Tengon Guard A/B: Whoa….


(C instantly gets back up however, and isn’t too happy looking at all.)




(Sakaki stands up and looks angrily at him.)


Sakaki: While this is a weird competition it was still no need for you to go that far! I’ll take you down here and now!


(Tengon C reaches for him again, and he jumps on his arm, runs up and punches him in the face.)


Sakaki: Take that!


(Tengon C doesn’t even react, and simply plucks him away, Sakaki grimaces trying not to think of the pain, and lands on his feet.)


Sakaki: Damn it! He doesn’t seem to feel anything!


(Tengon C then runs towards him.)


Sakaki: What is it that he does? What makes him so invulnerable?! What makes him different from me?


(Then Tengon C lets fire with rapid punches that Sakaki has to muster all of his strength to avoid.)


Sakaki(Thinking): Think think think! What is it that makes him this way? I mean I’ve never even heard him talk, much less show any emotions…wait…Its stupid but maybe it might work…


(Sakaki stops and holds his breath. Tengon C stops and looks at him weirdly, and finally decides that this isn’t amusing and tries to punch him. Sakaki moves out of the way and then exhales.)


Sakaki: Ok then…. Here we go…..


(He jumps and grabs onto Tengon C’s arm. With all the strength he can muster he bites down HARD on his arm. The mighty Tengon Warrior looks annoyed now but still doesn’t show any painful emotions. Then Sakaki leaps off his arm and lands on his toe hard. Now Tengon C hops up and down on one foot, but still doesn’t show any real pain. Finally Sakaki headbutts him in the stomach. Tengon C still shows no pain but utters something out of his mouth before his body goes limp and falls.)


T.S.M.: Oh? So Sakaki managed to win? How interesting. Maybe having interest in that boy was the right idea after all.


(Sakaki stands and breathing heavily throws his hands up in triumph. The crowd cheers at the winner and Gato comes down to him his face covered with kisses.)


Gato: Looks like we were both winners today huh?


Sakaki: Yeah….


Gato: Well when I wasn’t busy with the girls I managed to see your match. So what did you do to that guy? I mean he still didn’t look like he was feeling your attacks.


Sakaki: Heh I don’t think he felt them. But do you know what the strongest and weakest person have in common when they’re in pain?


Gato: What? No….


Sakaki: The word “ouch”. My folks always said that it’s because of that word that things hurt more…so I wanted to test that out.


Gato: Lunkhead…and if that didn’t work you would have lost.


Sakaki(Indignant): But I didn’t lose so its ok!


(Then the same attendant from earlier comes to Sakaki and offers him a box.)


Attendant: Your spoils of victory sir.


Sakaki: Thanks.


(He opens the box and looks inside, the only thing in the box is a light-sabor esc sword that glows with a red aura, then Daminna, Ooji and Jikoro come to Sakaki’s side.)


Daminna: Drat, I wanted that so bad….


Jikoro: Well as you said it earlier, it looks like Sakaki wanted it more.


Daminna: Hahaha…shut up you.


Ooji: I keep what I said earlier. I could give you advice on how to hone in that strength.


Sakaki: Thanks a lot! I hope to learn something from all of you.


(Sakaki then accidentally drops the box on his foot.)


Sakaki: OW! Oh…crap.


(His body goes limp and he falls over.)


T.S.M.: Looks like I spoke too soon….but with that weapon, the Midnight blade he should be able to make a difference now.….IF he can master it without it destroying him…


(Meanwhile on the corridors of the Tengon mothership, the clicking of heeled shoes can be heard walking down the hallway. These footsteps belong to Atsuko who now is wearing a white lab-coat, a purple dress underneath that and high-heels. Her hair is now tied up in a bun, and she now has small glasses on her face. She now looks like a woman in her early twenties rather than a teenage girl who hasn’t yet seen sixteen. She walks towards a lab room, and when she gets there she opens the door and Dr. Sinister sits waiting for her. He already has classical music playing, and is examining something. Atsuko bows apon entry, and Dr. Sinister smiles.)


Atsuko: Just as you said Sinister Hakase, I had myself immediately transferred under your supervision. I am readily looking forward to making the Tengon empire’s dream come true with my talent of master technology. All those against the Tengon empire will perish, and we shall region supreme.


(Dr. Sinister welcomes her in and closes the door, meanwhile around the corner Boss Tengon watches.)


Boss Tengon: They’re getting a little too buddy-buddy for me…. she’s supposed to be MY slave dammit! Dr. Sinister…. what are you up to?


(The classical music reaches its climax, and then begins to softly play its end.)


Ending Song: Ai wa Jikan o tomarenai (Love can’t stop time.)


You’re late for our promised time again (Now)

There’s so much on my mind I can’t be mad (Now)


Am I really into you? Or is this one of those flings?

The first time we held hands, wasn’t it on that rainy day?


Yeah…..I’m Really in love


Its so annoying but yet so true I can’t stop time or you


What will happen now? (Will we take a step forward or back?)

Will I still love you when you hurt me? (It’s too much now)


Can we really keep what we believe and be in love?

With all of this on my mind maybe its better if you’re a bit late…


Can’t Stop time now…….Can’t stop our love





Sakaki: So now I’ve got to visit myself in the past to cheer myself up?


Gato: Try saying that five time fast.


Sakaki: Wait…this isn’t some kind of trick is it? We’ve already done one of those flashback episodes a little while ago.


Gato: Well is it a flash back when the current characters actually make an appearance in it?


Sakaki: YES! I mean…NO! I mean….drat it!


T.S.M.: Next time on the confusing adventures of Sakaki Jikan Tabibito




Sakaki: I’m sure I know what a flash back is…but then what’s this?


Gato: A steaming pile of..


T.S.M.: Shut your mouth!


Gato: Just talkin’ about the next episode….




















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