Jikan (2002) Episode 26

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Opening Song: Ano Michi wa Bokura arukidasu (That Road we walked on)


You and I searched for our best place

Following that star every single day, and creating a new story on the way


When another boring day was born it was a place to escape to

I knew that when the time came we’d all go there together…


Memories that we had and those that have yet to be made

The rain and sunny days too I wait for them all…


Even if I was alone certainly…I had my way to walk

Running down a dream road time almost reversing to follow me I had so much fun…


Even recalling times I was hurt


Like that star I wanna shine for eternity and remember your fading voice…

Its my wish that time didn’t forget…I wish every day


Let it shine on.….. The path we walked together…



(Last time on this story, Sakaki and Gato had been looking for our heroine Atsuko. However they weren’t able to get very far in the time flow because well…they don’t know anything about time traveling. They ended up in a strange city and were being led around by a strange man who turned out to be a monster in disguise. Just when it looked that our heroes were finished a strange masked man came to their rescue. What kinds of things does this man have in store for them? Lets see if we can find out on the next episode of Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!)


(Sakaki is lying in bed and suddenly wakes up. He glances around the room and sees his hat at the foot of the bed. Slowly he turns his head to the right and sees the face of a horrible monster with venom dripping from its lips and beady red eyes.)


Sakaki: WAH!!!!!


(He dives under the blankets of the bed.)


Sakaki: Get…get away! I don’t have any money or anything like that!


(Then the beast raises a fairly human looking hand and removes its face to reveal a…. well run of the mill male human.)


Sakaki: You’re not….WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!


Man: Sorry, some guy in a mask told me to stand over you wearing this mask until you woke up.


Sakaki: Guy in a mask?


(Then the door opens and a woman dressed in a French maid outfit walks in.)


Woman: Mr. Guest? So you’ve awakened. Your friend and the host of this house wait for you downstairs in the dining area.


Sakaki: Friend? Gato! Wait, did this host guy save us? Last I remember we were about to be eaten….


(The Woman turns to the exit and without facing our hero says.)


Woman: Please follow me.


(She leaves and leaves the door open for Sakaki to follow.)


Sakaki: Well….they sure are pleasant around here aren’t they?


Man: You probably shouldn’t keep him waiting….


Sakaki: Yeah…


Sakaki: Episode 26: The T.S.M.’s Greatest Lesson! To be beaten?!


(Sakaki walks down the stairs after the maid and soon arrives in the dining area. The dining area more looks like an expensive restaurant with chandeliers decorating the ceiling and a fancy table sitting in the middle of the whole fancy decorum. Ballroom music accompanies this whole ensemble, and the walls are occupied by paintings of various nobles. At the table sit a man in a mask, and beside the table is Gato chowing down on what is no doubt expensive cat food.)


Woman(To masked man): Sir, our guest has awakened.


Masked man: Thank you for your help. You may retire to your quarters now.


(The woman bows and walks out. The T.S.M. looks over at Sakaki, and we get to see that he is a man with a white and golden mask wearing a nice white suit, we can’t see his eyes because of the mask but we can see that he has long flowing orange hair, and a somewhat kind and mysterious voice. )


Masked man: Welcome to my humble abode.


(Sakaki sweatdrops at this and looks around the room.)


Sakaki (Thinking): What is humble about this whole place?


Masked man: We’ve been waiting for you for a long time.


Gato (Between bites of food.): Yeah lunkhead! What’s been keeping you? I’ve been up for eons now.


(Sakaki glares at him.)




Gato: Geez, get out of the past. This is now that was then.


(Sakaki growls at his companion, but stops and suddenly turns around and bows to the masked man.)


Sakaki: Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. Thank you for saving me.


Masked man: It was no problem. I needed some exercise anyway. It’s just nice to see that you’re ok.


Sakaki: Not to be mean, but why’d you save us? I mean I figure you have millions of other things you could be doing….


Masked man: You’re very right. However I need you, or lets say (Darkened expression) I WILL need you later.


(Sakaki stares at him expectantly.)


Masked man: But on to other things.


(Sakaki falls over.)


Sakaki: You shouldn’t bring peoples expectations up like that sir…..


Masked man: Oh yes, while I know your name Sakaki…you probably don’t know mine.


Sakaki(Thinking): How did he know my name? Did Gato tell him?


Masked man: I am the Time Space Master. But since that’s a lot to remember and quite frankly a bit to type, you may call me T.S.M.


Sakaki: O…Ok….T.S.M. So what do you have in mind for me?


T.S.M.: Well Sakaki, this might come as a shock to you but I know quite a bit about you. I know when you entered the Time flow, why you entered it, what you’ve been doing while inside of it, and of course (Another Darkened Expression) what you plan to do next.


Sakaki: Uh….and how would you know all of that?


T.S.M.: As the Time Space Master, it would be pointless for me NOT to know those things. I have to have a handle on what’s going on in the Time Flow or I’m not doing my job. Of course I AM human and allowed to have my own interests aren’t I? You and your friends have been the most interesting things to come across the Time Flow in a long time, and so I felt that if I could help I should in any way I could.


Sakaki: So then you know about…the Tengons and…(Forlornly) the Master Technology….


T.S.M.: Theres no need to worry about all that. You did your best for the limited resources that you had, and it’s not over yet. I not only brought you here to save you from that threat but to make you stronger.


Sakaki: Stronger? Really?


T.S.M.: Eat, and rest up. When you feel up to it meet me in the room adjacent from this one. There is where we will begin training, and you should realize that I won’t go easy on you.


(The T.S.M. excuses himself from the table and walks away.)


Sakaki: Get Stronger…huh?


(For the first time in a while Sakaki smiles.)


Gato: Hey Lunkhead what’s your problem?


Sakaki: Heh, I haven’t felt this excited about something since I first met Atsuko! I know that we just met that guy but I get a feeling from him like he really can help us.


Gato: Well just don’t get too happy, we still need to think of a plan to rescue toots.


Sakaki: Yeah, but we don’t have to worry about the Tengon’s hurting her, because since they need the Master Technology from her they won’t bring harm to her.


(Meanwhile Atsuko sits in her cell with a expectant yet grim expression on her face. She thinks back to hearing Boss Tengon talk to two Tengon Techs about her fate.)


Boss Tengon: So in short, since she doesn’t exactly remember how to activate the Master Technology, we’re gonna put something on her body so that what’s on her subconscious becomes her conscious?


(The Techs nod)


Boss Tengon: Sounds complicated! But if you guys can pull it off you’ve got my full support!


(The three of them exit, and Atsuko’s thoughts fade back to the present.)


Atsuko: What they said is possible, but I’d probably end up being different than what I am now….and I’d lose most of my memories.


(She thinks back to how she and Sakaki met, and some of the adventures they had together. Such as the green castle incident, and the time they went toe to toe with Isis. Of course she couldn’t forget the time that she and Sakaki met Gato, and Wind in the Rain country. Even their most recent adventure in the prehistoric period still left its impression on her mind.)


Atsuko: I’d forget it all, and become someone new.


(She stares at her open hand and clenches her fingers into a fist.)


Atsuko: I want to be selfish and keep my memories, however…my planet, my people…..They’re all going to be at risk…..Why? Why does all of this have to rest on my shoulders? (Stops) I’m an idiot…(She smiles weakly) How about Sakaki and Gato who are stuck in the prehistoric times for all eternity? How do they feel? They probably hate me, especially Sakaki who I promised to take home and never did…I guess I deserve it….


(Then the cell door opens and Boss Tengon stares eagerly at our young heroine.)


Boss Tengon: Its time little princess!


(She stands at her full height and walks over to Boss Tengon. Meanwhile Sakaki walks into the room that he was told to come into by the T.S.M. he looks back and forth and notices that it is like the dining area but with no furniture and a little bit bigger.)


Sakaki: Gee, I wonder what kind of training he plans on giving me anyway?


(The T.S.M. comes in through the same entrance that Sakaki came in a couple of minutes earlier and stands a couple of feet in front of him.)


T.S.M.: So Sakaki, what are you thinking about now?


Sakaki: Well I was wondering how exactly you plan on training me, but I suppose I’ll find out now right?


T.S.M.: Well you are defiantly a straightforward kid. That is a good attribute to have too, especially in the kind of training we’re about to go through.


(A Sakaki stare intently at the T.S.M., and at that second Gato appears in the door way and sits waiting for one of them to make a move.)


Gato: So am I gonna get some free “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” type kung fu actions here? (Smiles gleefully) Sometimes being the sidekick will do I suppose.


(The T.S.M. beckons at Sakaki)


Sakaki: Huh?


T.S.M.: Come on! You can get one free hit on me using (Deeper more sinister voice) Any one of those swords that you have to do it.


(Sakaki is shocked.)


Sakaki(Thinking): he knows about my WEAPONS too?!? And now he wants me to attack him? This has GOT to be some kind of trap.


T.S.M.: Well Sakaki? You want to become stronger right? So then attack me!


(Sakaki Hesitates again and finally takes out the Normal sword.)


T.S.M (Thinking): So he still doesn’t take me seriously…well I guess I’ll have to as they say “School” him.


Sakaki: Get ready!


(With a battle cry Sakaki lunges at the T.S.M. and swipes at him, the T.S.M. moves to the side and with no weapon of his own tries to grab Sakaki. Sakaki turns and manages to move to the side, and takes three more swipes at him. The T.S.M. darts to the sides of our hero and then punches him straight in the face. Sakaki flies up and its at this time the T.S.M. follows up with a drop kick. Sakaki bounces to the floor and lands on his side, the normal sword rolling out of his grasp.)


T.S.M.: Well now, that was entertaining….but no where NEAR good enough to beat me.


Sakaki(Coughing): Drat it, you are pretty tough! (He stands up) Ok I’m sorry! I won’t take you lightly again! This time I’ll come at you with my full strength!


(He takes out the heat sword.)


Sakaki: Ok! Now I’m gonna be serious!


(The fire sword burns along the floor and engulfs the T.S.M. in a wall of flames.)


T.S.M.: So he was serious about that, however this won’t do either.

(He puts his hand on the floor and then a small crack in time and space opens up.)


Sakaki: What is he doing?


T.S.M.: Opening a singularity, and of course if you know general Astronomy or Physics you’d be a little more scared now!


(The small crack eats the fire, and begins to grow in size. Suddenly it starts trying to suck everything in the room up except for the T.S.M.)


Gato: This guy is homicidal!!! What the heck does he plan to get done this way!?


Sakaki: Drat it! There’s got to be some way to stop this attack!


T.S.M.: Better watch out for the “Point of no return” Sakaki!


(The T.S.M. using his little finger forces the singularity at Sakaki. And soon it is so close that no matter how much he tries to struggle, Sakaki can’t escape from it’s grasp.)


Sakaki: Dammit!


Gato: Hey! He’s really gonna die?!?


T.S.M.: Of course not! If he can avoid being sucked in he won’t!




T.S.M.: Oh is it?

(Sakaki is slowly being sucked up by the attack, and tries to struggle valiantly against it, but is losing quickly. Finally he gets an idea and takes out the Quick sword.)


Sakaki: I refuse to lose like this!


(Now that his speed has been heightened he uses that to run away from the singularity, and grabs the Normal sword again. Thrusting the normal sword into a wall he uses the fire sword to spread more flames around the room heating it up to a super hot temperature.)


T.S.M.: Drat it, in this nice formal wear, its impossible to get proper heat ventilation.


(The T.S.M. is lowered to one knee and the singularity disappears.)


Sakaki: Here’s my chance!


(He runs at the T.S.M. Quick sword and Sword of flames in both hands prepared to slash his opponent to bits.)


T.S.M.: I think I remember saying that I was the time AND space master!


(With a snap of his fingers Sakaki comes crashing to the ground. More specifically, his two swords do.)


Sakaki: AUGH!!


(His paws are smashed under the two blades, which have suddenly become twice as heavy.)


T.S.M.: Unfortunately for you, its time to say “Game Over”.


(The T.S.M. places his hand on the ground and then a huge black field appears under Sakaki. It engulfs him whole and after several long moments it resides leaving him completely white and out of breath.)


T.S.M.: See what a couple of minutes with no air, light or sound can do to you? Just imagine that but 5 time’s worse. That’s what will happen to you if those Tengon fellows catch you.


(The T.S.M. turns and walks out of the room, and Sakaki can only breathe heavily and curse to himself. Gato saunters over to Sakaki and sits beside him.)


Gato: Well, that was successful….


(Sakaki says nothing but slowly tries to get to his feet.)


Gato: Man, that guy didn’t let up on you at all did he? What was the point of that training? Seems like he was trying to kill you in my opinion.


Sakaki: I…(Coughs) guess so……


Gato: Well, at least we know what he’s capable of.


(Sakaki’s eyes widen in realization.)


Gato: Too bad that doesn’t help now.


Sakaki: It does! Gato! You’ve just helped me realize something!


Gato: Me?


Sakaki: I’m gonna fight him again. This time though things WILL be different

Gato: Well as much as I’d like to argue the wisdom of that choice theres not much I can do.


(Sakaki gets to his feet and starts to walk out, but then collapses in a heap by the door.)


Gato: You know….if you really wanna die, we could always go find Punk and his buddies….


Sakaki: Shaddup.


(Meanwhile Atsuko walks down a hallway towards her unknown fate. Boss Tengon and his guards escort her until they get to a door. One of the Guards opens the door and they all step inside. In the room is only one examining table sitting under one spotlight. Beside it a Tengon tech sits ready to start the unknown procedure on Atsuko.)


Boss Tengon: Well princess? Your public awaits!


(One of the guard’s beckons to the other and the other guard presses a button so that a monitor comes out from the floor. The monitor turns on and reveals the destruction and conquest of Atsuko’s planet. Atsuko bites her lower lip and finally starts walking forward.)


Atsuko: Everyone…..


(Meanwhile Sakaki is now outside of the T.S.M.’s house with the T.S.M. We now see that the T.S.M.’s house is a huge castle in the middle of a grassy field.)


Gato: So THAT’S what this place looks like from the outside! Man this guy sure knows how to live it up doesn’t he?


(Sakaki and the T.S.M. stare at each other.)


Sakaki: Thank you for agreeing to a rematch with me.


T.S.M.: Of course. But I really don’t see the point of this, you’re no where near strong enough to defeat me.


Sakaki: I’m not trying to defeat you, and I know that that’s not what you wanted me to learn from that training.


T.S.M.: Oh? And what did I want you to learn?


(Sakaki takes out the normal sword and has a different more serious expression on his face.)


Sakaki: Why don’t I show you?

(He charges at the T.S.M. who readies himself for Sakaki’s attack, but to his surprise Sakaki runs and sticks the Normal sword into the ground, and uses it to propel himself at the T.S.M. Because of all this force the sword snaps. However it gets the desired effect of getting Sakaki a bit more momentum.)


T.S.M.: A direct charge again? I don’t think you learned anything!


(The T.S.M. opens the singularity again this time right in front of himself where Sakaki is headed.)


Gato: What the?! This time that thing will swallow lunkhead whole!


T.S.M.: I’m afraid this time its goodbye.


Sakaki: Not yet!


(He uses the Sword of flame’s flame to propel himself upward several meters above the T.S.M., and then starts a downward decent. He fires the flames at the T.S.M. as he falls, but all the T.S.M. does is change the singularity’s position so that it sucks up the flames. Sakaki smiles and then takes out the Quick sword to quicken his decent.)


T.S.M.: What the?! He’s going to get injured that way!


(Sakaki then uses his other arm to extend the sword of flames downward at the T.S.M. as he falls like a bullet to the ground. Unfortunately for the T.S.M. the singularity hasn’t sucked up enough energy to become a massive threat like last time, and Sakaki is falling too fast for him to charge it up himself, so Sakaki’s sword of flames is going to hit him head on, however just before Sakaki can hit the T.S.M. raises his arm as if to block the mighty sword with his arm alone. Sakaki crashes into his arm and it looks as if he’s scored a direct hit, but instead the sword of flames shatters, and we see that the T.S.M. is using an invisible shield on his arm. Sakaki grimaces as the T.S.M. then uses his free arm to punch him in the stomach. Then the T.S.M. prepares to use another attack on Sakaki when Sakaki then uses the speed of the Quick sword to go right THROUGH this attack. This force cracks the final sword our hero has, but he still manages to tackle the T.S.M. sending him falling on his back. Sakaki then stands over him with the shattered quick sword pointing in his face, with a dead serious expression.)


Sakaki: Its what I’ve decided. I’ll become strong enough to beat anything that comes my way and then save Atsuko.


T.S.M.(Thinking): So he did grasp what I wanted him to grasp. To watch the enemy closely and then devise techniques depending on what they do. However I not only wanted him to learn that, but also to be able to think on his feet. I know it was a lot to throw at this kid at once, but if he wants to save his friend he has to become strong quickly. (Chuckles to himself.) And now he’s ready for the next step.


(Sakaki stands over the T.S.M. not taking his eyes off of him for a second.)


Sakaki(Thinking): I know I can do it! Atsuko! Wait for me ok?


(Meanwhile Atsuko lies on the table with her eyes closed.)


Tengon Tech: Miss, you may experience a little bit of discomfort, but please do not move.


(The tech then takes a small needle and sticks it into Atsuko’s skin inserting something into her bloodflow.)


Atsuko (Thinking): To everyone I know…. just in case I don’t return to being myself…I’m very glad that I met you, and that…..Well…..i hope that you’re glad to have met my true self…..And especially to Sakaki. (Tears well up in her eyes) Please try to live your life without worrying about me, I know I don’t really deserve it.


(Then there is a sharp pain in her whole body causing Atsuko to scream out, and grit her teeth, finally after several moments, she lies still. Boss Tengon who was watching in the background steps up and stands over Atsuko.)


Boss Tengon: So….is she finished yet?


Tengon Tech: Well…..in theory, if she really has what we’re looking for…..


(Atsuko’s eyes open again, but this time they are a dark brown, and have no iris. Gone is the expression of innocence and playfulness that our heroine used to have, and now is a more mature look.)


Boss Tengon: Uh…will you help me with your talent?


(Atsuko sits up and turns to him. She replies, and though its her voice it still sounds like a different person speaking.)


Atsuko: Of course. I thank you for bringing me out Boss Tengon-sama. It was annoying being stifled up in that inferior personality for so long.


Boss Tengon: Ooooh! I like this version of her so much more! (To guard) Quick! Get me a mirror so I can see how majestic I look!


(In the back beside the doorway Dr. Sinister stands with a dark almost gleeful smile. The thing he had been waiting for for so long…. was here at last, and soon he’d get what he felt he really deserved.)


Ending Song: Ai wa Jikan o tomarenai (Love can’t stop time.)


You’re late for our promised time again (Now)

There’s so much on my mind I can’t be mad (Now)


Am I really into you? Or is this one of those flings?

The first time we held hands, wasn’t it on that rainy day?


Yeah…..I’m Really in love


Its so annoying but yet so true I can’t stop time or you


What will happen now? (Will we take a step forward or back?)

Will I still love you when you hurt me? (It’s too much now)


Can we really keep what we believe and be in love?

With all of this on my mind maybe its better if you’re a bit late…


Can’t Stop time now…….Can’t stop our love now……




Mystery voice: Come one come all! To the unveiling of a secret weapon so powerful, that its name brings fear to the hearts of evil! That’s right and it can be yours for IF you manage to win the tournament! But of course all kinds of people are after this type of power too! In this world where the person with the most ambition and power makes the rules over everyone else wouldn’t this kind of thing come in handy? OK EVERYONE!




Mystery voice: READY GO!


Sakaki: We are sooooooooooooo sued…
























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