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Jikan (2010) Episode 1

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Cold Front.



No way I could say good bye forever,

Without feelin' like I left something behind.


No way I could ever forget her.

Without feelin' like I left something behind.


Nights without dreams,

Reasons to fear all I knew was gone.


I resolved to stop acting out of desperation.


Despite the cold front biting at me, I keep on goin' on.

Anything to see it again, that empty night preceded by a special cold front.


This year it'll be our winter long.

All winter long.


All journeys have their beginnings, and this one begins in the time flow.


The time flow is as the name suggests, a place where time flows and links time periods to one another. To travel this literal port to different whens and wheres, one needs to utilize a time traveling unit. While not immediately available in some time periods, the further one goes into the future, the more marvelous technology becomes. Marvelous to the point of making what we would consider pinnacles of science, commonplace items. Such as a 'Time gate' that can travel through the time flow, such as the one we follow now.


The time gate looks similar to a small space ship, it's wings tipped in red, it's body a solid titanium silver. The ship is big enough to house a person, but still small enough to sleekly surf the time waves. No one is currently at the helm, but the steering wheel dips and turns on a per-determined route. On a couch adjacent from the wheel, a girl sits on a couch backwards looking out of the window looking out into the flow. Her hazel eyes have an unmasked boredom in them, and she sighs deeply. She's wearing a pair of cerulean flannel pajamas, with matching sippers. After toying with her middle-of-back green hair, she sighs again.


Girl: I wonder what periods I should focus my report on?


She slides down into the brown couch and picks up a pad and pencil at her side. Chewing on the eraser for a moment, she draws a line through something on the paper.


Girl: Hmm....I've been to the futures and pasts of several planets. Still, the prof isn't going to be happy with what I found.


She tosses the pad and pencil aside and leans into the couch. The steering wheel suddenly emits a sound similar to door-bell, and a voice echoes through the Time gate.


Voice: Approaching Earth; year 2010. Permission to land?

The girl approaches the wheel and after staring at the planet's name, she shrugs and inputs the command for the gate to land.


Girl: Not like I have anything else to do.


The Time gate slows, and descends. As it does, the night sky materializes into focus and the girl is greeted by the gentle twinkle of stars. She yawns and after setting the landing coordinates, walks back into her bedroom. Outside, the Time gate descends into a field, camouflaged as a shooting star.


Maybe if she had known what she'd encounter here, she would have taken more time to prepare. What would start as a typical story of boy meets girl would become a time space escapade the likes of which would never be forgotten.






Sakaki: Launch one: Appearance of the Time Gate.


(The early morning appears punctually, but still too soon for many people. Even on this fine Saturday morning, people still run about to work and leisure as if they're on fire. Still, some lazy souls manage to make the most of their day off, wandering to the park and watching the river ripple as the wind dances on it's surface. One such person lies underneath a tree with a deck of cards at his side, and his red hat covering his face. Along with his red baseball hat, he has a black shirt and brown cargo pants, complete with a pair of blue tennis shoes. The wind lifts his hat slightly, and for a moment his unnaturally orange hair is visible; although his eyes aren't as they are closed. The boy takes a deep breath, and before the wind can change his peaceful rest into a game of fifty-two pick up, he takes the deck of cards and thumbs through them.)


{Takahashi Sakaki, Age 16 Role: Protagonist.}


Sakaki(Quietly): Calm…overwhelming calm….just let it wash over you…


(Sakaki thumbs through the cards, flipping them when he gets to the top of the deck, and repeating this process.)


Sakaki: So that I can feel everything…I have to be calm and quiet.


(He takes a deep breath, and then several small, slow ones.)


Sakaki: If I can learn this I can be at peace with myself. Then nothing will be able to shake my exterior!


(Sakaki stops shuffling and sits with his eyes closed. The sounds around him become muffled, and he is surrounded by an imaginary ink-jet world.)


Sakaki: I think I got it!




(Sakaki falls over.)


Sakaki: What's the big idea?! I was almost at peace with the universe!


(A girl looks down on him with an annoyed expression, one that's obviously seen plenty of use on this particular target.)


Sakaki: Egh…Hau….


{Kaneda Hau Age 15, Current mood: Irked. Role:….being irked -mainly because Sakaki can be a scatter brained do gooder.}


(Hau's slightly shorter than Sakaki, who edges slowly away from her green eyed glare of doom. She wears a pink T-shirt, with blue jeans and black tennis shoes.)


Hau: I figured you'd be wasting time when you're supposed to be helping someone!


Sakaki: Hold on a minute! I'm not wasting time, I'm trying to find my center!


(Hau’s eyebrows creep up slowly.)


Hau: What? Your center? What’s that?


Sakaki: Its when you’re at peace with yourself and everything around you.


Hau: Sounds like garbage.


Sakaki: ITS NOT! I heard it on TV some martial arts guy was doing it right before a huge fight with a rival, and he blew the other guy out of the water!


Hau: I saw that SAME movie on TV last week. It’s fake!


Sakaki: How do you know unless you try?


(Hau gets angry again.)

Hau: SHUT UP! I almost forgot I was angry with you! You’re supposed to be at the convention center!


Sakaki: Why?!


(Hau points to the cards in his hand. Sakaki has an “Oh-crap” expression now. Written on the back of the cards is “Battle Monsters.”)


Sakaki: GAH! I borrowed these from Toshiro so that I could see their art!


(Flashback to the conversation. Toshiro eyes Sakaki as he stares at the cards, and with a sigh hands them to Sakaki.)


Toshiro: Fine you can see ‘em. But remember to bring them back for my tournament.


Sakaki: Quit worrying! I always remember to do things like that.


(End Flashback.)


Hau: You have them with you…why didn’t you return them?


Sakaki: I was….then I saw this tree and decided to practice…..


(Hau sighs.)


Hau: You’re hopeless. I knew this would happen though, so I came looking a half-hour before the tournament. You’ve still got a good amount of time Sakaki-san.


(Sakaki sighs with relief.)


Hau(Sweetly.): Only…if ….you…. HURRY!


(Sakaki jumps at the last part and runs away. Hau stares in his direction, and in a few minutes he comes back for the cards, and then departs again. Sighing the girl turns and crosses her arms.)


Hau: He means well. But that’s all for nothing if you’re a scatterbrain.


(She blinks and gasps in realization.)


Hau: Ah! I wanted to ask him about that weird falling light last night! I guess I'll have to wait till I see him again....


(Sakaki runs through the city at break-neck speed, almost getting hit by cars when he doesn't stop at traffic lights. Some people wave at the young man as he darts by, already knowing that when Sakaki runs, it's usually because Hau chewed him out. Sakaki doesn't seem too upset with this though, as he's grown used to it. The boy has a penchant for playing hero both when he is and isn't needed to, and this is often the result. Crossing through back alleys, Sakaki maneuvers the city with the unmistakable finesse of an expert. He stops however, when he sees a small boy sitting on a bench, his expression fragile enough to break into tears at any second. )


Sakaki: Yo kiddo! Couldn't help but notice you're e a little bit down. Anything that big bro can do to help?


(The boy wears shorts and has bowl cut. His bangs hide his eyes, but not the moisture threatening to drip from them.)


Kid: No..no, there's nothing you can do to help me...


Sakaki: Never say never! What’s the problem?


Kid: Well you see….I’m supposed to be out running errands…I’m from the next town over though so I don’t know where anything is....and I'm completely lost...


Sakaki: Huh….that is a problem. Well I’ll tell you what. If you can tell me where you wanna go I can try and take you there.


Kid: Really? You’d do that?


Sakaki: You kidding? It's what I was born to do!


Kid: Thanks so much!


(He takes out a list and shows Sakaki, and the errands read more like a laundry list of pick ups and drop offs. Sakaki quickly realizes that the boy was probably sent to do these things, simply because he was needed out of the house, but decides not to mention this.


Sakaki: Huh…this is long….but manageable. Lets get started shall we?


Kid: Yes! Thanks so much!


(Sakaki nods and they go off in search of the places. Before long, the day has changed hands to the afternoon shift, which is then handed over for evening's run. Sakaki watches the boy get on a train back home, and waves after him. After the train disappears into the distance, the young man smiles and begins to walk.)

Sakaki: Heh that was fun. It's true, you never know what's in town till someone comes to visit.


(Then he stops.)


Sakaki: Hmm...wasn't I supposed to be somewhere though?


(Sweat drips from Sakaki's forehead as realization punches him in the gut.)


Sakaki: Awwwwwwww MAN! I have to give Toshiro these! I hope it’s not too late!


(He turns and sprints to the convention center, which to his luck ends up being close to his current position. As he draws closer though, people brush by him, talking about the winner of the tournament, and he grows very aware that they are not talking about Toshiro. He starts to slow, the knowledge that he let a friend down becoming ball 'n' chains that drag his feet along. Sakaki starts to leave, hoping to avoid Toshiro, but a familiar voice calls out to him.)


Voice: Well well, if it ain't him now.


(Sakaki gulps and turns around slowly. He notices two young men staring daggers at him; and responds with a goofy grin of his own.)


Sakaki: So um, how did things go guys?


(One boy wearing a grey hoodie over his head and blue jeans sprints over to him, and grabs his collar, the hood falling away to reveal dusty brown hair and piercing blue eyes. This boy is shorter than Sakaki by a few inches, but his intensity makes the orange haired boy shrink back.)

Boy: How did it go? How does the phrase 'not-at-all' sound to you? Or do you think it's okay to go to a card game tournament without your cards?! Where were you man? I tweeted, I called, I even left you a few thumb-space messages!


Sakaki: Yeah, I got caught up with some things...


Boy: You were helping people again, weren't you?!


Sakaki: Maybe?


Boy: Okay, One you SUCK at lying. Two, you knew the date for this showdown and that you had Toshiro's cards, so why the hell didn't you come on time?! Three, everything else that's wrong with this!


Sakaki: Listen Cyclone, it's just...


Cyclone: Save it!


(Cyclone lets go of Sakaki's collar and steps back.)

Cyclone: It's not between you and me, but you and him!


(Sakaki and Toshio lock eyes, and with a huff Toshiro strolls over to Sakaki. His black hat is backwards, and his short sleeved white t-shirt shows a well defined figure. Toshiro takes good care of himself, and plays physical sports, so he is a little bit more muscular than Sakaki. He has dirty blond hair, and his eyes are black-bluish. He finally stops several inches from Sakaki, and puts his hand out.)


Sakaki: Toshiro....sorry about the tournament...


Toshiro(Calmly): Yep.


Sakaki: Listen, is there anything I can do...?


Toshiro: I'd rather you didn't do anything.


Sakaki: I’m REALLY sorry…


Toshiro: If apologies could solve problems then there would be need for cops.


(He sighs and shakes his hand, indicating where the cards should be placed. Sakaki sighs and hands the deck over.)


Toshiro: Thanks.


Sakaki: No problem....


(Upon getting his cards back, Toshiro puts them into his pocket and then strolls away. Cyclone sucks his teeth, and watches his friend go. Sakaki sighs sadly and watches him go too. He and Toshiro had always been rivals, but the two had always been close enough to at least be able to depend on each other.....until now that is. Cyclone on the other hand had only recently come to live in the city, his penchant for getting in and out of trouble with his fast talking earning him his nickname. A few of his friends knew his actual name, but Cyclone had become so ingrained in the city's culture that everyone young and old had gotten used to calling him as such. Today Cyclone had been in Toshiro's corner when it came down to the battle monsters technique and playing the game, but that's all in moot point right now...)


{Hikari Toshiro Age 16 Current mood: Unknown? (Always cold.) Role: Rival to Protagonist.}


Cyclone: Hey! How about me?


{Yamaguchi Cyclone. Age 16 Current mood: Annoyed. Role: Friend to protagonist.}


Cyclone: That’s better.


(He then turns to Sakaki and groans.)


Cyclone: Man…he really wanted to win. Dude, Hau went looking for you too...did she find you?


Sakaki: Uh she did….but I got kinda sidetracked.


Cyclone: Normally this helping people thing is pretty cool. In fact is the reason you’ve got so many friends. Lately though it’s been downright annoying. You’re always late or losing something why? Because you stopped to help someone or gave it away to help someone. If you keep this kind of stuff up no one will wanna hang out with you. Speaking of which, didn't you lend your phone to some old lady? I KNEW I forgot something....no wonder you didn't call me back!


Sakaki: C'mon Cyclone, you know that I don't mean anything by it, I'm just a helpful guy that's all.


(Cyclone makes a face.)


Cyclone: Well you could have helped Toshiro get a 'W' if you had been here in time.


(Sakaki looks down dejectedly.)


Cyclone: Oh well….I gotta jet man. Stuff to do, people to see. We good for later?


Sakaki: Yeah.


(Cyclone leaves and Sakaki watches him go.)


Sakaki: I wonder...does everyone think the same way he does about me?


(Sakaki smiles weakly as the never-easy-but-true answer comes to him. He then turns in the opposite direction that Cyclone exited from and begins to walk, until his form disappears into the crowd.)


Sakaki: I guess I should head home and see how little bro is doing.


(Sakaki leaves the busy city for the suburbs, each of the townhouses looking similar to the last, only differing in their hue. Sakaki stops in front of a white town house and after jogging up the stairs, takes his keys out of his pocket and lets himself in. Once inside, he tosses the keys aside on a nearby table; and saunters into the kitchen where he finds his brother standing and clearing the table.)


Sakaki: Hey little bro, what's up with you?


(It would be easy for one to guess that the two are siblings, what with the same orange hair, and facial features, although Sakaki's little brother has blue child-like eyes, unlike his black ones. He has on blue shorts and a black t-shirt that has 'Shinobi' written in Japanese, and his sandles flap against his feet as he walks around the kitchen and stand in front of his brother.)


{Takahashi Kirasake. Age 13. Current mood: Chilled. Role: Protagonist's brother.}


Kirasake: Not a whole lot, just polishing off dinner before I go hang out with Cyclone. We're having a stargazing camp out.


(Sakaki raises his eyebrow.)


Sakaki: Um, that's nice and all...but why didn't he mention this to me?


(Kirasake turns away.)


Kirasake: We sort of made the plans a little while ago? A little five minutes while ago?


Sakaki(Sighs): Let me guess, he's still peeved about what happened today isn't he?


(Sakaki's brother nods slowly.)


Kirasake: I've been wanting to do this for a while, and Cyclone figured since they aren't having a victory party, we could do it now.


Sakaki: I see.


Kirasake: Bro, I'm not going to lecture you, since I know Cyclone already did...but everyone just thinks you could spend a little bit more time thinking of yourself.


Sakaki: I know, I know.


(Kirasake frowns, and heads upstairs. Sakaki follows him, and the brothers end up in his room. Kirasake tosses things into a duffel bag, while Sakaki leans against a wall.)


Sakaki: Bro, does it get on your nerves...? Me being, you know...a nice guy?


Kirasake: I'd be lying if I said I was completely fine with it, but I think that's just how you are.


Sakaki: Hmm..

Kirasake: I'm just afraid you'll get into something that might end up with you getting hurt or worse. You know it's just the two of us.

(Sakaki stands up and nods.)


Sakaki: Yeah, I know.


(Kirasake smiles and picks up his duffel bag.)


Kirasake: I'll try talking to Cyclone. I'm sure after he calms down he'll come and apologize.


Sakaki: Thanks.


(The brothers tap their fists against one another, and then Kirasake heads back downstairs.)


Kirasake: Try to get some rest bro!


Sakaki: Okay.


(Sakaki waits until the door shuts and then heads over to his room. He flops onto his bed and closes his eyes.)


Sakaki: I hate letting people down, but by not letting some people down, I'm doing exactly that to others....


(He groans and nods off to sleep. What he doesn't notice -and to be fair, it really isn't a lack of observational skills that's at fault, is a small camera sitting right outside his window. The camera is about the size of a fly, and in all actuality has been watching our hero since the convention center incident. The eye at the other end of this feed is none other than the girl from the beginning of the tale. She's now dressed in a white sleeveless top, and capri jeans, and has a monitor feed on Sakaki's plight.)


Girl: Aww, poor guy. He's just trying to be helpful, and it's backfired on him in a big way. Earthlings have interesting relationships, although I'm pretty sure this doesn't help me.


(She glances over at a control panel and sighs.)


Girl: Makes me kinda miss my own friends.


(She shuts off the feed and stretches.)


Girl: I guess this time-period's time zone has gotten to me....I'm feeling sleepy...


(She turns off the lights and heads to the back room when she dresses for bed and like Sakaki heads to sleep. The next morning, Sakaki wakes up and after spending a few minutes gathering himself, gets out of bed and shambles over to the shower. Once he's clean and decent, he decides to eat breakfast out, and maybe talk to Toshiro again.)


Sakaki: Though, I don't really feel like I did anything wrong, and there's nothing worse than a forced apology.


(He closes his eyes to think.)


Sakaki: I need more time to think about this....


(He shakes his pocket, and after listening to the change ramble around for a moment, comes to a decision.)


Sakaki: I'm going to head to the beach!


(The next morning, Sakaki decides on a beach visit. Hopping on a bus, Sakaki leans back and watches the scenery of the suburbs give way to the sandy shores of the beach district.)


Sakaki: It'll be nice to have a change of pace for a bit, maybe I’ll be able to get my mind off of my problems back at home.


(Sakaki gasps and smacks his forehead.)


Sakaki: Crap. Not only did I forget my problems, but my swim gear!


(The bus arrives at the beach, and Sakaki walks out slowly. He stares out at the blue ocean and sandy fields, and groans.)


Sakaki: Not that I can swim that well anyway, but it would have been nice to at least wade in the water.


(He shrugs.)


Sakaki: I'll just stroll around then, who knows? I might even find buried treasure!


(Sakaki laughs dryly at his own joke and begins to walk along the coast. The splashing of the waves has the opposite effect on him though, as he can only think about how much more fun this would be if his friends were with him. Eventually he comes along to a cove, and at first doesn't give it a second thought; but a sparkle catches his eye. Sakaki takes a detour, and making his way around small rocks and puddles, comes face to face with what seems to be a small house. Sakaki frowns and notes that the sun reflecting off a window is probably what the sparkle in his eye was.)


Sakaki: Though, I’m pretty sure I've never heard of anyone living out here before...


(Glances around.)


Sakaki: It wouldn't hurt to knock right?


(Meanwhile, inside the house-gate-thing, the girl wakes up and glances over at an old fashioned wall clock, and upon realizing that it's 11:45 leaps out of bed and runs to the control panel.)


Girl: Geez! I totally overslept! That's a whole morning of research I could have been doing that's lost now!!


(She glances at a monitor, and stares in slack jawed shock upon seeing Sakaki out front, contemplating a friendly greeting, or leaving.)


Girl: And it just keeps getting better....now one of those earthlings is standing outside of the Time gate, and I'm sure that him discovering me here will bring me more trouble than a failing grade in history...


(The girl bites her lip, and taps her finger on the panel.)


Girl: Wait, it's that guy who was abandoned by his buddies! I guess he got lonely and wandered out here.


(She smooths a bit of her long green bed-hair out of her face and sighs.)


Girl: Honestly, I'm a bit lonely too.


(She grins mischievously.)


Girl: All right, I'll test him. If he passes, his reward will be hanging out with me! If he fails, then....


(The girl stands up straight, and closes her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she opens them again slowly. Gone are her friendly hazel eyes, replaced with the slanted eyes of a predatory animal. Her face begins to distort and change, and her soft skin is covered by grey fur. Her pajamas remain on, but wit the extra mass of the fur cause it to bulge. The new she-wolf grins and utters a low pleased growl, and she creeps to the door to the unsuspecting Sakaki.)


Sakaki: I really don't know what to do. I want to knock, but I feel like that would be rude. But a house being here is worth at least investigating.


(Sakaki is surprised when the door to the 'house' creeks open. After a moment of thought, he gathers his courage and tip toes over to the open doorway.)


Sakaki: Hello? Anyone home?


(What happens next is a blur to the hapless boy. He sees a blur of yellow and grey, and in the next moment finds himself on his back, pinned by something heavy.)


Sakaki: Ugh! What the heck is that?!


(He opens his eyes and is face to face with what seems to be a wolf! Not being one to go from zero to freak out at the drop of a hat, Sakaki struggles against his captor and quickly tries to think of a way out of this predicament.)


Sakaki(Thinking): This doesn't make any sense!! There's a wolf person in that house? But why, and where did he come from?


(He shakes his head.)


Sakaki: This isn't the time to comprehend the situation. I just need to get out of here!


(He grabs some soil and tosses it into the wolf's eyes. The beast reacts, lowering it's guard just enough for him release a kick to get it off of himself. The wolf lands on it's legs with a huff, but Sakaki doesn't slow down to find out what it has planned next. He begins to run away, but the wolf is faster, and nips at his legs to cause him to trip over a few rocks. Landing with a thud, Sakaki tries to pick himself up quickly, but the wolf is already upon him again. Sakaki glares at it, and tries to slip away again.)


Girl(Thinking): He's' really stubborn, but I don't sense that he's scared.


(While she's thinking, he gets up again and begins to run, but she stops him again easily.)


Sakaki: What do you want?! If you wanted to finish me off, you could already, right? So why are you toying around with me?


(The girl blinks twice.)


Girl(Thinking): He's annoyed? Now this is new, most people are afraid of me like this....


(Sakaki turns to escape again, but this time a more human hand tugs his pants. He whirls around and nearly jumps ten feet in the air to see a girl dressed in flannel Pjs holding his pant leg in her hand.)


Sakaki: Y—you....That was you?!


(Although he asks this, he knows that his pursuant has to be this girl, since she has the same pajamas. It's just hard for our hero to digest this new bit of info. She smiles wryly and nods.)


Girl: Aww, don't be such a spoil sport, I was just having some fun. Besides, you don't have anyone else to hang out with today, do you Sakaki?


(Thoroughly confused, the boy lifts an eyebrow.)


Sakaki: How do you know that? More importantly, how do you know my name?


(The girl gets up, adjusts her pj's and clears her throat.)


Girl: Follow me. You passed my test, so you deserve some answers.


Sakaki: What's keeping me from running away now and telling everyone?


(She shoots him a grin from across her shoulder.)


Girl: 'Cause, I know you're curious about me. Besides, you wouldn't be at the beach on a Sunday all alone if you weren't having problems with your friends, would you?


(Sakaki frowns and mutters to himself.)


Sakaki: I'm sure you know that no one likes know it alls.


Girl: I've got nice iced tea~.


(Sakaki gets to his feet and huffs.)


Sakaki: Fine, ONE minute. After that, I reserve the right to run away, okay?


Girl: A minute is all I'll need.


Sakaki(Thinking): What does that mean?


(He follows her back inside the Time gate, and once inside the door locks. Sakaki is uneasy, but he doesn't let this bother him, and instead tries to gather in his surroundings. The Time gate has it's lights turned down in an apparent energy saving mode, but with no windows, it's only a step above pitch black. The girl instinctively heads to a monitor and presses a few buttons. In a few moments, the whole ship lights up, and Sakaki can see that his captor(?) is a bit of a slob. Old and new clothes are strewn across the floor in a type of discord waltz, and the room to the back is wide open, revealing an overflowing hamper.)


Sakaki: Bachelorhood treating you well?


(The girl shoots him a mock glare, and she begins to pick up after herself.)


Girl: Feel free to talk while I walk.


Sakaki: Who…or what are you?


Girl(Smiling): Atsuko at your service!


{Atsuko Age: 14 Current mood: Unknown. Role: Stranger from space.}


Sakaki: Atsuko? Well I’m Takahashi Sakaki….nice to meet you.


Atsuko: Nice to meet you too. (Drops a shirt.) Hand me that?


(Sakaki does so, and blushes when a bra drops out of her pile o clothing. Atsuko glances at it, and using a spare toe flicks it back into her pile.)


Atsuko: So you wanted to know how I knew your name, right?


Sakaki: Oh yeah, I do.


Atsuko: All right, I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to get mad.


Sakaki: …..How about you tell me, and I'll decide whether I want to be mad or not?


Atsuko: You don't need to know then~.


Sakaki: Fine! I promise not to get mad.


Atsuko: Allrighty. See, the thing is I've been observing you for a while. So I know allll~ about your friend problem.


(Sakaki can feel his face turning red, as he finds an empty spot on the floor to sit on.)


Sakaki: I think I'm going to need that ice tea.

Atsuko: 'Kay.


(She takes the clothes in the back room, and tosses them on the bed. After hearing a satisfactory thump, she then goes through that room into a small fridge and opens it up. Several different types of soda are there, along with ice tea and water. She takes a soda for herself, and brings her guest the ice tea.)


Sakaki: Thanks. (Glances over at wall.) I notice you don't have pictures of your folks and friends, so is this ship yours, or are you....


Atsuko: Oh, no it's a rental. I had to take one out to do my research on past eras.


Sakaki: Past...era's?


Atsuko Ah right. I didn't explain that part to you yet.


(She takes a swig of her soda, and sits on the couch on front of Sakaki.)


Atsuko: I'm failing history in my time period nearly one thousand years after this era. So, as an extracurricular activity, I rented a time machine to study past eras up close, and eventually ended up here on earth during your time period. Simple, huh?


(Sakaki nearly chokes on his drink as he digests (or fails to) this information.)

Sakaki: Future? Time machine? Failing History?! Though, that last one I'm all too familiar with...(Shakes head.) Are you trying to tell me you're from the future?!


Atsuko: One thousand years in the future.


Sakaki: From my point of view, that's hardly any different.


Atsuko: Hey, it's not my fault that the history prof is about as exciting as paint dry! I just want to spend my day in the science lab. Is that too much to ask?!


Sakaki: I'm relieved that there’s still school in this messed up future of yours, but why did you choose me to observe of all people? Is it because I'm so strong and handsome?


Atsuko: It's because you were the first person I saw.


(A silence is born and slaughtered during this moment, and Atsuko laughs politely.)


Sakaki: You could have lied and made up something more interesting....


(He sighs and holds his knees together.)


Atsuko: Hey, don't be sad! (Pat on the back) You're always welcome here!


Sakaki: Eh…yeah. Don't get 'mad', but I don't think I'll be coming back.


(Atsuko visibly pouts, but doesn't pursue the subject. More silence follows, and Sakaki finally decides to raise another question.)


Sakaki: So...the wolf thing...


(Atsuko smiles knowingly, as she expected this question.)


Atsuko(Merrily): What about it?


Sakaki: Can everyone in the future do that?


Atsuko(Scoff): As if. My daddy is a lycanthrope.


(Sakaki sips his ice tea, and stares at her blankly.)


Atsuko(Long sigh): A wolf-man.


Sakaki: Oh. Why didn't you say that the first time?


Atsuko: Lyconthrope sounds cooler.


(Sakaki makes a face, but nods in agreement.)


Sakaki: So, your Dad can turn into a wolf. How about your mom?


Atsuko: Nah, she's human. And Daddy doesn't 'turn into' a wolf, he's always like that. Apparently the ability has been in his family for centuries, and while they've figured out how to keep his family from going wild, their bodies still remain the same.


Sakaki: Oh I see. So since you're half, you can flip between the two.


Atsuko: Yeah. Keeps the boys in check back home.


(She flashes him a toothy smile.)


Atsuko: Which do you prefer?


Sakaki: Do you have to ask? Oh...wait, I just realized something...! Your name, do you come from Japan or something?


Atsuko: I don't live on Earth, so technically no. Though, my mom loves Japanese culture...so that's why my name is 'Atsuko' rather than something more recent.


Sakaki: So they've discovered other planets that people can live on in the future?


Atsuko: More like other universes. You'll at least live to see some of the initial discoveries, but space is a lot bigger than you think.


Sakaki: I'll live? Oh, right. It kind of sucks that I'll never be able to meet you in my life's cannon.


Atsuko: Well, we've got now don't we?


Sakaki: Hah...that sounds like a lame pick up line.


(Atsuko frowns.)


Atsuko: Puh-leez. Daddy doesn't even let me date yet, although I'm old enough to make my own decisions.


(Sakaki is about to laugh, but he can see that she's dead serious. He finishes the Ice tea and walks around the Time gate.)


Sakaki: Lots of weird gadgets and stuff. They all have to do with time traveling?


(He taps a button and a panel opens to reveal a bed.)


Atsuko: Hey! Don't touch stuff....before I can!


Sakaki: Huh?


Atsuko: I just got the Time gate. There's a lot of stuff even I don't know yet.


Sakaki: You seem...proud of that.


(Atsuko places her hands on her sides and grins)


Atsuko: Life is full of discoveries!


(Sakaki frowns and starts to edge to the door. Atsuko glares at him, and he puts his hands up in surrender.)


Sakaki: I'll admit that this is better than strolling around the beach alone, but your lack of knowledge of this space thingy is kind of....scary.


Atsuko: I'm learning, okay? I mean it's like working on Windows 19. Everything pretty much runs itself!


Sakaki: Windows 19?


Atsuko: Oh right, (waves hand dismissively) you guys are still on 7 aren't you?


Sakaki(Thinking): 19...and this is a thousand years later....


(A monitor descends from the ceiling and a marquee of 'warning' marches across the blue screen.)


Sakaki: Is someone trying to break in or something?


Atsuko: Nah, this thing vaporizes anyone who gets too close when the alarm is on.


(Sakaki's eyes become saucer plates as Atsuko snickers mischievously.)


Atsuko: Kidding! I'm just kidding! The worst they'd get is a second degree burn.


Sakaki: That's...better?


(Atsuko is all smiles until the warning screen clears. She suddenly gets quiet, and her eyes are fixed on the screen. Walking over to her side, Sakaki looks at her face and then at the screen.)


Sakaki: You sure got quiet fast, anything the matter?


Atsuko: It's....them...


(Confused but alert, he prods her further.)


Sakaki: Who?


(Atsuko shakes her head and stares at the floor. Sakaki's confusion has departed and now full on concern has taken over.)


Sakaki: Who is it? Tell me.


(Her mouth struggles to form the words at first, but finally Atsuko is able to tell him.)


Atsuko: The Tengons...


Sakaki: Who?


Atsuko: They're evil aliens from the future....I wouldn't be surprised if they were here to invade earth...


(Shocked, he turns to the screen.)


Sakaki: What?! Why would they do that?


Atsuko: Your guess is as good as mine.


(Sakaki's expression grows grim, and he glances from the monitor to the alien girl beside him.)


Sakaki: That scenery....they're right over the beach!


Atsuko: They're that close?!


Sakaki: I may be one guy, but there's no way I'm gonna let some alien come and invade my planet!


(Atsuko's eyes widen and she speaks in a whisper.)


Atsuko: You're not thinking of...stopping them, are you?!


Sakaki: Of course I am!

(He turns to her.)


Sakaki: I'm not going to ask you to come since they scare you so much, but I'm not one to back down from a threat.


Atsuko: W---wait!


(Sakaki heads back to the entrance of the Time gate, and with a shove forces his way outside. Atsuko follows him to the doorway, but doesn't budge from that spot. She watches Sakaki dart across the beach, and can only admire his bravery from a distance.)


Atsuko: What a guy....he doesn't know me, or them....and yet....yet...


(The ships approach cause the skies to become cloudy, and the seas to change from calm blue to a warning grey. This is enough for most people to get the message and head back home, or where it's safe, leaving Sakaki standing on the shore alone. His expression is serious, and his stance a fighting one. Maybe for just a nanosecond Sakaki is scared, but that is shoved back by his desire to protect whats dearest to him. If that means taking on a horde of angry aliens, so be it.)


Nonsense ballad.



In the middle of a yawn while sky gazing.

I think of how unfair it is that we can't beam at sunbeams.


It's either in the middle of a sneeze or squinting,

I wonder if the sun laughs at these funny faces, or just feels lonely?


Honestly, I'm just spouting nonsense to annoy you, my truest friend.

Consider it a token of my appreciation.


While we're on the subject, I've been getting jealous,

Of how the wind plays with your hair on peaceful days like this.


So don't be surprised if without cause, I join in on the fun.


I don't expect us to keep promises made during rainstorms,

Since the first thing we do is splash each other in huge puddles.


After wrestling over who's fault it is that these new sneakers are ruined,

We lie down sprawled under spring's foliage.


Suddenly I realize that here, I can grin at the sun without being blinded dazzlingly.

Sure it can't really see me, but the gentle warmth on my face indicates that its an appreciated compromise.




Sakaki: Crap! I got so wound up in stopping these guys that I came on board without weapons!!


Atsuko: Can't say that was a smart decision.


Sakaki: You're not even helping!! How can you criticize me?!


Atsuko: It's pretty easy actually.


Tengon soldier: If you two are done with your lover's spat, we could do this preview.


Sakaki: Sorry, didn't mean to keep you waiting.


'LAUNCH' 2: Attack of the Tengons.


Sakaki: I'm not gonna let a handicap slow me down!



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