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Ai wa Jikan o tomarenai

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Ai wa Jikan o tomarenai (Love can't stop time)  is Sakaki Jikan Tabibito's 3rd ending from it's 2002-2003 run. The song's duration lasted from episode 25-36.



 Ai wa Jikan o tomarenai (Love can’t stop time.)


You’re late for our promised time again (Now)

There’s so much on my mind I can’t be mad (Now)


Am I really into you? Or is this one of those flings?

The first time we held hands, wasn’t it on that rainy day?


Yeah…..I’m Really in love


Its so annoying but yet so true I can’t stop time or you


What will happen now? (Will we take a step forward or back?)

Will I still love you when you hurt me? (It’s too much now)


Can we really keep what we believe and be in love?

With all of this on my mind maybe its better if you’re a bit late…


Can’t Stop time now…….Can’t stop our love now……

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