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Jikan (2002) Episode 25

Page history last edited by Sakaki 13 years, 6 months ago

Opening Song: Ano Michi wa Bokura arukidasu (That Road we walked on)

You and I searched for our best place

Following that star every single day, and creating a new story on the way


When another boring day was born it was a place to escape to

I knew that when the time came we’d all go there together…


Memories that we had and those that have yet to be made

The rain and sunny days too I wait for them all…


Even if I was alone certainly…I had my way to walk

Running down a dream road time almost reversing to follow me I had so much fun…


Even recalling times I was hurt


Like that star I wanna shine for eternity and remember your fading voice…

Its my wish that time didn’t forget…I wish every day


Let it shine on.….. The path we walked together…



(Last time Sakaki and Atsuko had been separated by the Tengons. Dr. Sinister an evil and crafty Tengon had somehow figured out that Atsuko had Master Technology. Using a plan that completely overwhelmed our heroes, they were able to get Atsuko, and leave Sakaki and Gato stranded in the prehistoric era. Now hope seems to have been completely crushed and it looks like the Tengons have had the final laugh….of course Sakaki wouldn’t be much of a hero if he just gave up like this…..)



Sakaki: Episode 25: Towards the Center of Time!



(Sakaki sits on a rock with a thoughtful expression. He looks down at the ground and then at his own feet. Even though this situation looks hopeless, our hero isn’t one to give up.)


Sakaki: Ok, if we could find someway to get into the Time flow, most likely we could try to find Atsuko again.


Gato: That’s pretty hopeful you know, I mean the Tengons could have taken her anywhere…




(Gato backs off.)


Gato: Ok ok! Mr. Personality. Look we all miss Toots but without a way to go time jumping we’d might as well consider it a lost cause.

Sakaki: What about the sabertooth tiger family? Are they ok?


Gato: Yeah, they were pretty shook up by this whole thing…so they’re resting back at home.


Sakaki: Good. We’ll leave without bothering them again. We’re in their debt as is already. We shouldn’t keep insisting on their help.


Gato: Well that’s all fine and dandy…but how in the world do you plan on getting in the Time flow?


Sakaki: I’m already trying to figure that out! That mad doctor really pulled a number on us…. next time I see him I really want to teach him a lesson!


Gato: IF we see him you mean.


Sakaki: You know…if you weren’t so useless……


Gato: What are you getting at?!


Sakaki: All you can do is talk! I mean a talking cat is one thing….but a useless Talking cat is another thing completely!




Sakaki: W---wait! What did you say?


Gato: Huh? I’m not useless I said!


Sakaki: No! You said you came from the future!


Gato: Yeah…I did….I told you that when we met on episode 4.


Sakaki: Hmm? Really? Wait you did I remember! You said YOU could enter the time flow as well!


Gato: Well I can, but the thing is I have NO idea where I’ll end up next.


Sakaki: Hmm that is a problem…..but it’s a risk we’ll have to take.


Gato: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Look, I know that you’re pretty new to this whole time traveling thing, but the time flow is not like interstate 95 or something like that! We could end up jumping around through it for the rest of our lives and never find toots!


Sakaki: I believe that we can do it.

Gato: And what basis do you have to believe this on?


Sakaki: Because…. Atsuko and I…are friends.


(Gato groans.)


Gato: You know you’re just an idiot, but if I don’t help you I’ll have to deal with you in this place with no TV or good looking women. So I’ll take you to where you wanna go.


Sakaki: Thanks Gato, you sure you don’t mind traveling around the time flow with me?


Gato: Well I suppose you two are entertaining, and a trio isn’t a trio with just two people.


Sakaki: Heh that’s one way to look at it.


(Sakaki stands up.)


Sakaki: Ok lets leave now.


Gato: Right now? You sure?


Sakaki: Not really. But if I stop to think about it I won’t wanna do it anymore.


Gato: Acting on impulse…how in the blue hell did I get caught up with you?


Sakaki: Hold on actually.


(He runs and finds a stick and then scribbles something in the sand.)


Sakaki: Hopefully they’ll get the message before it rains. So Gato is there anything you I need to do to get you to time travel?


Gato: Nope, just hold on to me.


Sakaki: Ok….


(Sakaki holds on to Gato tight and then Gato begins to count down.)


Gato: Three…. two….ONE!


(Then Sakaki and Gato flash and disappear. They reappear in the Time Flow and begin to fly forward.)


Sakaki: Whoooooa! This is a LOT different from using the Time Gate……


Gato: You’d better hang on or you might get lost in the dark ages or something.

Sakaki: Right…sorry.


Gato: What did you leave back there anyway?


Sakaki: Well….


(Back at the prehistoric ages the sabertooth tiger family come out to look for Sakaki and Gato just to find the note Sakaki left, that simply says “Thanks for everything and please stay healthy. –Sakaki. The big cats look at each other and smile knowingly.)


Sakaki: Lets just say that they won’t forget us that easily.


Gato: Right. Well anyway I’m getting pooped….so….


Sakaki: ALLREADY?!




Sakaki: Oh right…well I guess you can land and take a break….


Gato: Thank you sahib.


(Sakaki and Gato begin to descend slowly and then disappear from the time flow. They then reappear in a sort of futuristic city.)


Sakaki: Hmm…this place might be the future…..but are we on Atsuko’s planet?


Gato: Beats me. I need sustenance though!


Sakaki: Well where can we eat?


(They begin to walk down the street of this city looking at the sights. Its currently raining and therefore few people are outside other than street vendors and children playing in the rain. The city seems to have a sort of dingy and unsafe feeling to it making Sakaki feel uneasy.)


Sakaki: Hey this doesn’t seem like the type of place Atsuko would live in….


(Sakaki then sees a building with no door on it.)


Sakaki: First order of business should be to get dry.


Gato: Fine baby. But once we get dry I want food!


Sakaki: Yeah yeah I heard you the first time.


(Gato and Sakaki walk into the building and see a bunch of shady looking people, and the instant they walk inside all eyes are on them.)


Sakaki: Er…hi?


(One man grins and walks over to Sakaki and Gato.)


Man: So how can I help you?


Sakaki: Er…well we were looking for a place to get something to eat.


Man: Ahahah well if that’s all you are looking for then I’m the person that can help you!


(He walks back over to his partners and speaks to them.)


Man(To partners): These guys are obviously newbies. I’m gonna see if they have any money for us to take. And if they don’t then I’ll get rid of ‘em!


(The others nod and laugh.)


Sakaki: I wonder what’s going on?


Gato: I wonder why I suddenly feel really bad about this…….


(The man walks back over to Sakaki and Gato and rubs his hands together much like a used car salesman about to make a pitch.)


Man: So ready to go for a little walk around gentlemen?


Sakaki: Uh…sure…


Gato(To Sakaki only.): Hey I REALLY don’t think we should trust them…..


Sakaki(To Gato only.): We don’t have much of a choice! We don’t know what TIME period we’re in much less what city…..and we’re just gonna get something to eat. After that we’ll go time jumping again.


Gato(Sighs): Fine….


(They follow the man out and he leads them down the city.)


Sakaki: So buddy, what’s your name?


Man: Me? Um….I guess you could call me…….Punk! Yeah that will do it.


Sakaki: Ok….Punk..san….um what is the name of this city?

Man: Its called um…..well that’s not important at this time. You want some food right?


(Then they hear a call for help in the distance.)


Sakaki: Someone needs help!


(He runs off to the source of the call for help.)


Punk: What the…where is he going?


Gato: To (Sighs) Help, he’s a bit of a busybody….


(They follow Sakaki and find that two street vandals are harassing a boy.)


Sakaki: Ok! I’m gonna make them wish they had never bothered that kid!


(Before Sakaki can act however, a man shows up with a strange animal and easily defeats the vandals.)


Sakaki: What the?


Punk: Crap…a Time guardian! I’d better hide before he recognizes me!


(Punk runs off, and the man doesn’t notice him as he makes sure that the boy is ok. Then he taps a watch on his arm and his animal companion transforms into a new beast with wings and takes off with the man on its back.)


Sakaki: Woooooooahhhhh……what was that?


Gato: I’ve never seen anything like that……


Sakaki: Say where’s Punk-san?


(He suddenly appears from behind a wall.)


Punk: Sorry….! I had to use the bathroom!


Sakaki: In public?


Punk: Hey no one cares right? Who are you anyway? The neatness police?


Sakaki: No…well sorry then.


Punk: Apology accepted! Now lets go!


(Sakaki and Gato begin to follow Punk again. Sakaki is still mystified by the strange man and his even stranger animal however and begins to ponder what they could be.)


Sakaki: He just appeared out of no where and saved that kid! Man that was smooth! But who in the world was he?


Gato: Hey Punk? Who was that guy just now?


Punk: Sorry I’m afraid I have NO idea what you’re talking about!


Gato: Really? Funny how you disappeared the MOMENT he showed up. Seems like you were hiding from him!


Punk: WAS NOT!


Sakaki: Hey Punk-san…you seem to know a lot…do you know about people like that?


Punk: Fine since you guys are suddenly so interested….that was a Time Guardian….


Sakaki: Time? Guardian? What’s that?


Punk: It’s a lowdown rotten sneaky person who takes away people’s freedom to do what they want! They’re downright evil.


Sakaki: Really? So why’d he save that boy?


Punk: To eat him.


Sakaki: …..


Gato: You’re not serious right?


Punk: As serious as can be!


Sakaki: But why would he be so evil and appear in public like that?


(Punk begins to walk faster.)


Sakaki: Hey! Where are you going?


Punk: To find the foodshop by myself since you guys don’t believe anything I’m saying.


Sakaki: Wait! We’re sorry!


(They run by a person with an umbrella who turns and looks at Sakaki and Gato as they run.)

Person: So they finally showed up? Looks like I can finally start with my plans.


(The person continues to walk down the street. Meanwhile Punk, Sakaki and Gato finally arrive at the restaurant that Punk had been leading them to this whole time.)


Punk: Here she is boys!


(The restaurant looks as run down as the rest of the city, and really not worthy of the walk that they took to get there.)


Gato: Dude, we passed like….4 restaurants that were just like this one.


Sakaki: Yeah Gato’s right. Why did you come to this one?


Punk: Would you shaddup and go in there already?


(Sakaki and Gato walk inside and Punk goes in last. When they get inside more sinister looking people just like punk are sitting at tables. Everyone looks up at the door when they enter and continue to stare at the newcomers of the restaurant.)


Sakaki: Wow, friendly greeting huh?


Gato: If looks could kill we would have been stabbed, shot, and drugged already.


Punk: You two have a seat! I’ve got some business.


(Punk leaves and Sakaki and Gato sit at a table that isn’t occupied.)


Sakaki: Uh so what do you wanna eat?


Gato: A large bowel of get out of here with a side of run the hell away.


Sakaki: Come on…you’re the one who was hungry…..


(Punk is watching them from the kitchen.)


Punk: If they can afford a big dinner then I’ll know if they’re worth my time. If they can’t then its over for them!


(His eyes gleam sinisterly.)


Punk: Although I really really hope they don’t have the money….because I’m hungry….


(He laughs sinisterly. Meanwhile Sakaki and Gato finally agree that they’re too creeped out to eat and decide to leave.)


Sakaki: Should we tell Punk-san that we’re leaving?


Gato: Screw him. Making us walk all the way out here and then leaving like that.


Sakaki: Yeah I guess you’re right.


(They both walk out the building. Punk sees this and comes running.)


Punk(To the others in the restaurant.): Where did those two say that they were going?


(The people all shake their heads.)


Punk: Damn…they got away. No matter, I’ll find them….and forget protocol, I’ll just take them as is!


(His eyes glow again and he runs after our two heroes. Sakaki and Gato glumly walk down the street of the city again hopelessly lost.)


Sakaki: So now what? We don’t know where we are at all.


Gato: And I’m still starved.


Sakaki: I just wonder who that guy was with the animal? Maybe we could find him and he could help us or something.


Gato: And what if what Punk said about him is right?


Sakaki: I don’t think so. I’ve never met that guy before in my life but he seemed really strong yet gentle and the title “Time Guardian” doesn’t scream evil to me.


Gato: Well the problem is we don’t know where he is either.


Sakaki: Darn…it just seems like we’re losing everything here….maybe you’re right…it might be hopeless to find Atsuko like this.


(Before our heroes know it they are outside the city in a grassy field.)


Sakaki: Whoops, I was thinking so hard that I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.


Gato: Not that it matters since we don’t know where we are.


(Sakaki smiles sheepishly.)


Gato: You’re hopeless.


(Then they hear heavy footsteps behind them.)


Sakaki: Who’s there?


(Its Punk.)


Gato: There you are you worthless dummy. Looks like we won’t need your services.


Punk: Oh really? Well I need you.


Sakaki: For what?


Punk: LUNCH!


(And suddenly right in front of them Punk undergoes a transformation into a huge winged half man half dragon!)


Gato: And….this is why I hate time jumping.


Sakaki: WH---WHAT ARE YOU?!?!


Punk: I suppose I could tell you that seeing that you don’t have much longer to live. I’m a Time demon! We usually hide out in another time zone but some of us got stuck here! It’s a pain having to survive around here especially with those time guardians hunting us! I was after your money, but since you don’t seem to have any I’m gonna skin you two alive and feed you to my friends!


Sakaki: No way!


(He takes out the Sword of flames, which the rain instantly douses.)


Gato: Dear god…I don’t wanna die with him……


Sakaki: Right…rain…so now I’ll use this one!


(He takes out the normal sword.)


Sakaki: Prepare to meet your maker!


(He rushes at the terrible beast, which swats him away.)


Punk: You little ant! Coming with your toothpick won’t stop me!


(He tries to snap at Sakaki with his powerful jaws but the intrepid Alleycat manages to avoid this attack.)


Sakaki: This is bad! He’s way too big for me to hurt with this!


(Punk then swings his mighty tail and hits Sakaki full force sending him flying and then hits Sakaki in mid air with his tail again. Sakaki goes tumbling to the ground and lands with a sickening thud. When the smoke clears Sakaki lies unmoving in the mud.)


Punk: Now you little appetizer! You……where is that cat?!


(Gato is running away in the opposite direction.)


Punk: His…treachery is only second to mine…..


(Punk flies over to Gato and lands in front of him.)


Gato: Eep…


Punk: Hi there.


(He plucks Gato with his clawed hand sending him flying back to where Sakaki is unconscious.)


Punk: Now lets see…should I make them filets? Quiches? Or just an ordinary sandwich?


(Then Punk realizes something and turns around. The person from earlier is standing behind him and seems to have been waiting for him.)


Punk: Oh? Another dish?


Person: I have your sandwich right here!


(He delivers a HUGE punch that sends the dragon-man flying back. Then the person follows up with a couple of strange hand gestures.)


Person: Dark time abyss!


(Punk is then absorbed in a dark time flow opening, and is swallowed screaming all the way.)


Person: “I’ve got your sandwich right here” corny yet effective, and now I can send some time guardians to root out the rest of his friends.


(The person walks over to the unconscious Sakaki and Gato. Finally we get a clear view of this person, and he is well…a male dressed in a white suit with a long white cape. His long hair is orange and probably the most unique characteristic of this man is his gold and while mask, who’s eyes are gleaming.)


Person: And now…the climax.


(Meanwhile Atsuko sits in a cell in the Tengon mothership. Boss Tengon walks over to her and taps on the bars.)


Boss Tengon: Liking your arrangements little girl?


(Atsuko doesn’t answer.)


Boss Tengon: You know you could get something much more comfy if you just agree to help us.


Atsuko: Knock knock.


Boss Tengon: Who’s there?


Atsuko: Buzz.


Boss Tengon: Buzz who?


Atsuko: BUZZ OFF!


(Boss Tengon gets infuriated and frantically tries to open the cell to get to Atsuko. Finally Dr. Sinister comes and pulls him away.)


Dr. Sinister: Most esteemed princess. I think it would be in your best interest to help us.


Atsuko: Why? So you can make some evil invention? I refuse.


Dr. Sinister: Really? Well Boss Tengon and I have something to show you.


(He opens the cell using a passcode on one of the bars and beckons to Atsuko.)


Dr. Sinister: Come princess. What we have to show you will change your mind.


(Atsuko is hesitant but finally follows them. They get to the main room of the ship where the window outside is and Dr. Sinister points outside.)


Dr. Sinister: Please look out there and tell me what you see.


(Atsuko falters but goes to the window…. and is instantly horrified at what she sees.)


Dr. Sinister: It is breathtaking isn’t it?


(Outside some Tengon army is blasting away buildings on a certain planet using their space ships, while some are on foot mercilessly killing and capturing the citizens of the planet. And some are even burning down fields and houses.)


Dr. Sinister: This of course is YOUR home planet princess.


(Atsuko covers her mouth to muffle the scream on its way up. She begins to tear up and cry.)


Dr. Sinister: Of course we will stop if you agree to use your ability to help us. If you don’t agree well you can go free…but I can’t say the same for this planet.


Atsuko: You….you monsters……


Boss Tengon: Flattery will get you nowhere! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


(Atsuko can only watch in horror as the carnage continues.)


Ending Song: Ai wa Jikan o tomarenai (Love can’t stop time.)


You’re late for our promised time again (Now)

There’s so much on my mind I can’t be mad (Now)


Am I really into you? Or is this one of those flings?

The first time we held hands, wasn’t it on that rainy day?


Yeah…..I’m Really in love


Its so annoying yet so true I can’t stop time or you


What will happen now? (Will we take a step forward or back?)

Will I still love you when you hurt me? (Its too much now)


Can we really keep what we believe and be in love?

With all of this on my mind maybe its better if you’re a bit late…


Can’t Stop time now…….Can’t stop our love now……




Masked man: Hi, you’ll be learning all about me in the next episode of Sakaki’s story. Of course its considered a “Spoiler” if you find out about me now so I won’t mention anything about the training I put Sakaki through, and the whereabouts of his friend who is about to accept the promises and ways of the Tengon warriors she hates so much. Neither will I mention that a lot of the things that we do are intrigal to a future showdown that Sakaki will have. And of course I can’t even mention where we are or else….


Sakaki: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!! You’re ruining everything!!!


Masked man: Oh really?


Sakaki: (Ugh) Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito






Masked man: In a word…. Yes.

















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