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Jikan (2002) Episode 23

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Opening Song: Ano Michi wa Bokura arukidasu (That Road we walked on)

You and I searched for our best place

Following that star every single day, and creating a new story on the way


When another boring day was born it was a place to escape to

I knew that when the time came we’d all go there together…


Memories that we had and those that have yet to be made

The rain and sunny days too I wait for them all…


Even if I was alone certainly…I had my way to walk

Running down a dream road time almost reversing to follow me I had so much fun…


Even recalling times I was hurt


Like that star I wanna shine for eternity and remember your fading voice…

Its my wish that time didn’t forget…I wish every day


Let it shine on.….. The path we walked together…



(Our heroes are still residing in the prehistoric age where Atsuko is on the final leg of the report that she has to do to pass history. However previous events have made our main character Sakaki begin to worry about the safety of this voyage. However our story doesn’t begin with him, it actually begins with Gato and his three “Children” as they are doing some exploring. Suddenly the clouds grow dark and menacing meaning only one thing.)


Gato: Crap…its gonna rain.


Slash: What do we do now pops?




Heiya: I don’t like being wet….


Gato: For once I agree with you kids. Let’s find some shelter.


(They run for a bit until they find a cave that seems to be uninhabited. Gato checks it out and after making sure no prehistoric baddies are hiding in the cave directs the kids to follow him in.)


Saber: So what happens now? Po--…sir?


Gato(Thinking): SIR? They could have tried harder than that…..am I really that old?


Heiya: I suppose we wait till the rain ends.


Gato: This sucks…I’m stuck out here in the rain while Lunk-head and toots could be doing who knows what?


Saber: Don’t worry pops! You’ve got us!


Gato: Don’t call me…. Nevermind.I just want to die here quietly.


Sakaki: Episode 23: Atsuko’s troubles and the Tengon’s involvement.


(Sakaki sits in Atsuko’s room glancing from the window to Atsuko who is still sleeping.)


Sakaki: Rain…. I hope Gato and the kids are ok….


(He stands up and walks over to Atsuko’s desk. He glances at the items on the desk that include a video tape, some papers with Atsuko’s writing on them, a hairbrush and some pictures of different places. Some visited before Atsuko met up with Sakaki and Gato, and some that the three had gone to together.)


Sakaki: It’s been fun…but could that all be about to end?


(Sakaki picks up the hairbrush and gasps quietly. Then behind him Atsuko gets up.)


Atsuko(Yawns): Man that was a good nap! Sakaki? What are you doing there?


Sakaki: Er…nothing just waiting for you to wake up….


Atsuko: Really? Well you didn’t have to…I’m fine!




(True enough Atsuko is in her pajamas now.)


Atsuko: Well I woke up in the middle of the night…and its not proper to sleep in the clothes you wore during the day.


Sakaki: You woke up…then went back to sleep? Don’t you remember what happened during the day?


Atsuko: Now that you mention it…no.


Sakaki: I thought so.


Atsuko: What? Did something happen?


Sakaki: Yeah…but theres something more important to discuss now.


(Sakaki takes the chair by the desk and sits in it, and this prompts Atsuko to sit upright in her bed. For the first time in a long time Sakaki can see Atsuko’s very long hair. It almost reaches to her bottom, and is currently very messy from tossing and turning all night.)


Sakaki: Your hair is sure long…..


Atsuko: Yeah…I don’t think I’ve ever cut it.


Sakaki: And that green is an unnatural color….


Atsuko: I guess it is…I never thought about it like that.


Sakaki: Funny thing Atsuko…the hair in your comb is a different color though.


(Sakaki shows her the hairbrush that does have some green hair on it, but also some red hair lingers on the brush.)


Atsuko: That is…


Sakaki: Ordinarily I’d just pass this up thinking that you just don’t like your natural hair color. However after a certain event yesterday I got to thinking that we don’t know ANYTHING about each other. I mean I know where you came from and why you’re here but that’s about it, and Someone came yesterday that is gonna use that against us.


Atsuko: A….tengon?


(Sakaki nods.)


Atsuko(Sighs): I suppose you are right, and its no mistake that you don’t know anything Sakaki, because I’ve made sure not to tell you very much. I don’t like talking about myself very much….


Sakaki: Why is that?


Atsuko: Because…things happened that I wanted to leave alone….but I suppose it would be unfair to keep them from you seeing that you’ve been so loyal to me over this long time we’ve been traveling.


(Sakaki nods and moves closer to her bed.)


Sakaki: Whatever happens Atsuko, we’re still friends ok? Remember that.


(She nods and claps her bed-sheet squeezing it hard and finally relaxing her grip.)


Atsuko: Just as you suspected…green isn’t my natural color. Red is, and that’s not all I have to say about that….the reason why I was afraid of the Tengons before I met you is also locked up in my past, but I will tell you Sakaki…..Everything.


(Atsuko gets a wistful look, and smiles weakly.)


Sakaki: Atsuko……


Atsuko: Don’t worry about it….well anyway it was a couple of years ago….


(The scene gently fades into the past or more accurately the future where Atsuko is on her home planet living peacefully with her parents and friends. Currently Atsuko is fixing a hoverbike for a girl who is standing beside her.)


Girl: A…are you almost done ‘Tsuko-chan?


Atsuko: Yeah, it just needs a little bit of tweaking here and there.


Girl You’re the best! I thought I’d have to buy a new one when this one broke down…


Atsuko: Good thing you brought it to me first then huh?


(She gets out from underneath the machine and uses a nearby rag to wipe her hands. Her face has oil stains all over it and so do her clothes. Atsuko looks about the same as she does now, just that she is wearing old overalls and a white bandana, which covers her hair.)


Atsuko: All done Kiki-chan. You can ride this thing again!


Kiki: Oh that’s so great ‘Tsuko-chan! You’re so great at machines!


(Kiki is about Atsuko’s age and has short blue hair that covers her green eyes so she repetitively has to lift her hair out of her eyes to see. She wears a yellow sundress and black sandals around her otherwise barefeet.)


Atsuko: Yeah I am really good at fixing stuff. Daddy thinks that’s great but mom wants me to be more of a…well you know….girl.


Kiki: Well not that I blame her for thinking that. I mean you are pretty, it just seems a shame for you to slave on machines all day.


Atsuko: Is that the way to speak to someone who just fixed your stuff?


Kiki: I’m just saying! Anyway Atsuko, have you noticed that that the boy who just transferred to our school has been eyeing you?


Atsuko: He has? I wonder why?


(Kiki gets an indignant look.)


Kiki: Really! You’re so hopeless!


Atsuko: Heh, just because I’m not a boy crazed maniac like you?


Kiki: I am NOT boy crazed. At least not all the time.


Atsuko: So is that a confession?


Kiki: Whatever. Why not show off your pretty hair Atsuko? You either have a hat on or something covering it.


Atsuko: Because all it does is get in the way.


Kiki: You’re good at science, good at machinery and even good at getting out of trouble…but you’re no good at fashion. Its sad for a girl your age to be this way.


(Atsuko groans.)


Atsuko: If I take off my bandana will you shut up?


Kiki: Yes.


(She takes off the white bandana and her shoulder length red hair comes spilling down. Kiki fawns at the sight of this and begins to run her fingers through Atsuko’s red hair.)


Atsuko (Mildly amused.): What are you doing?


Kiki: Your hair is so pretty….I wish mine were half has nice as yours.


Atsuko: Well I don’t do anything to it….so its not like I work hard.


Kiki: And I work so hard! But my hair is no where near as nice as yours!


(Then Kiki’s cell-phone rings, and she puts on her earphone then clicks a button on the phone and answers.)


Kiki: Yes?…I was just having my bike fixed…..whaaaaat? Right now? Fine…I’m coming…


(She hangs up and sighs.)


Atsuko: What is it?

Kiki: Its gramps…he wants me back home right now to help out.


Atsuko: Heh, ok. Tell the old man I said hi.


Kiki: Sure. Thanks again!


Atsuko: No problem!


(She starts up the hover-bike and rides away, and Atsuko stares at her until she’s out of sight and then cleans her tools and begins on her way home too. In a little while she is at home and is greeted by her mother apon entry. Atsuko’s mom is a red headed human who looks very kind and currently is wearing an apron proving that she was just cooking.)


Atsuko’s mom: Hello, sweetie…how was your day?


Atsuko: Not too bad mom, just fixed Kiki’s hover-bike for her.


{Anna, Age: Early 30’s Mood: Stable Role: Heroine’s mom.}


Anna: With talents like yours you could become a famous mechanic.


Atsuko: What no “Act more like a girl” lecture today?


Anna: I got tired of talking about that I guess.


Atsuko: ‘bout time.


(Her mother mock-glares at her.)


Atsuko: I mean….that’s fine. Um, where’s Daddy?


Anna: You know your father…he always works late.


Atsuko: Yeah…


Anna: We should be thankful that we haven’t been hit by any alien attacks though.


Atsuko: Huh? You mean those space-bullies hit another helpless planet?


(Anna hands her daughter a newspaper that has “SPACE ATTACK” as the headline. Atsuko reads it for a minute and tosses it away in disgust.)


Atsuko: Those Tengon fellas think they’re pretty big just because they have big space ships and stuff.


Anna: Yes, it seems that way.

Atsuko: I think someone needs to stand up to them.


Anna: Would you?


Atsuko: I guess if I had the weapons.


Anna: My you’re brave.


(She goes to finish her cooking while Atsuko eyes the newspaper that she threw aside.)


Atsuko(Thinking): Not that those guys would come anywhere near here…..I hope.


(Little that Atsuko and her mother know that their lives were about to change dramatically and in a very short amount of time. The next day starts normally enough with Atsuko and Kiki on their way to school.)


Kiki: Did you watch the news?


Atsuko: You’re talking about that space attack thing right?


Kiki: How horrible…those people were completely taken over by those Tengon people.


Atsuko: I was telling my mom that someone needs to stand up to them.


Kiki: Don’t talk like that! I hope that they never come here!


Atsuko: I wonder why they’re doing these types of things anyway?


(Then they hear a sound not unlike a low passing airplane. Soon three ships pass over the two girls and towards the countryside.)


Kiki: Who was that? I don’t recognize those designs….


Atsuko: Those designs are the same as the ones in the paper!


(The girls look at each other and gasp.)




Kiki: What should we do?!


Atsuko: I know what I’M gonna do! I want to see them up close!


Kiki: Atsuko?! Is that really a good idea?


Atsuko: You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. Just tell the teacher I was sick!

(Atsuko darts after the ships.)


Kiki: Wait! Atsuko! Don’t leave me here with your problem!


(Kiki finally gets the courage to follow her friend, and they both go to the countryside to see that the ships have docked and the Tengons have come out. Atsuko and Kiki get close enough to see the action but hide far enough away so that they aren’t seen. The Tengons don’t get too far before a group of men who are native to this planet meet them. The group of men are led by a wolf man, and stop the Tengons from moving from their spot.)


Kiki: That wolf! Isn’t that your Dad Atsuko?


Atsuko: Yeah…he is part of the government…..


Kiki: Maybe they will stop the Tengons before they do any real harm!


(Meanwhile the Wolf man begins to speak.)


Wolf-man: Who are you? And what do you want?


{Scar Age: Unknown. Mood: Cautious Role: Heroine’s father.)


Tengon Solider A: We ain’t telling you. Only our leader can give us clearance to tell you that!


Scar: Well tell me where he is.


Voice: I am here.


(A figure steps out of one of the Tengon ships to reveal none other than Boss Tengon himself.)


Boss Tengon: What seems to be the problem here?


Scar: You and your men have been going around the universe terrorizing people, and if you plan on doing the same to our planet then I will be forced to stop you.


Boss Tengon: How tiresome. We only did what we had to do to those planets because they wouldn’t tell us what we wanted to know. If you cooperate then we won’t have to result to such tactics.


Scar: What do you want?


Boss Tengon: We are looking for something known as Master Technology. My men have tracked it to this planet so we came here in search of it.


Scar: What is “Master Technology”?


Boss Tengon: It is a person born with the ability to memorize complex machines and build working and complex machinery out of any material! If I had this I would be able to accomplish my goals.


Scar: I have never heard of that kind of person, and from the way you ravaged those other planets I can only surmise that you will use it for no good, and as part of the universal government I cannot allow you to pass.


Boss Tengon: You read about our exploits and you DARE to speak to me like that? Well consider your planet on the list of the destroyed.


Scar: I may be a government official but I am in no way weak. This will be your final stop!


(The Tengon soldiers leap into action with their rifles and begin to open fire on Scar’s group. The men in Scar’s group are also armed and begin to fight against them, and Scar uses his brute strength to try to take down Boss Tengon.)


Kiki: Look at them go at it!


Atsuko: That’s my dad! If he can take down the boss maybe the other Tengons will run away!


Kiki: I hope that’s what happens!


(Then Atsuko gasps, as she sees that a Tengon solider is sneaking up behind her dad about to fire a shot at him.)


Atsuko: DADDY!!!!!


Kiki: Wait!


(Atsuko runs over to her dad who turns around to see the solider about to shoot. The solider realizing that he has been discovered changes his target and decides to fire at Atsuko instead.)


Scar: Atsuko!!!!!


(He fires and Atsuko is hit in the torso and again in the head. She slowly slumps to the ground and lies there unmoving.)


Atsuko: I’m sorry…..Daddy….


(Finally she loses consciousness and the scene fades away. For what seems to be a long time Atsuko stays asleep. That is until she hears her mother and father talking to an unfamiliar voice. Atsuko is only half conscious at this time so she can’t see anything…but she can hear the voices.)


Scar: So how will she be doctor?


Doctor: It’s a good thing the rifle wasn’t used point blank on her. Or she would defiantly have died there on the spot. The passing air current absorbed most of the shock so she’ll live.


Anna: That’s a relief…my baby won’t die….


Doctor: Unfortunately her body was still affected by the radiation in the shot…so she’ll need treatment for that.


Scar: Anything, as long as she is healthy.


Doctor: The treatment has side effects though, and she may not be able to live a normal life after it.


(After this Atsuko starts to drift back asleep.)


Atsuko(Thinking.): No…I don’t want to sleep again…..Daddy, Mom….I want to see you again…..


(She falls into a deep sleep again and next time she awakens she is fully conscious and a doctor and nurse sit beside her.)


Atsuko: Whe…where am I?


Nurse: Oh you’re awake dear? You’ve been out for a good 3 weeks.


Doctor: You went through some treatment for the radiation that your body absorbed, and good news you should be fully healthy again soon.


Atsuko: Oh…where are my parents?


Doctor: Your mom was tired from sitting at your side for almost all of this time so your father took her home.


Atsuko: I see…


(Then she notices something wrong.)


Atsuko: Doctor….may I see a mirror?

(The doctor and nurse both quickly glance at each other.)


Doctor: Whatever for?


Atsuko: Please…I’d just like to see one.


(The Nurse looks at the doctor, and finally the Doctor nods and she leaves the room. Soon the Nurse comes back and gives Atsuko the mirror.)


Doctor: Now Atsuko….the treatment had its side effects but…..


(She looks into the mirror and gasps. Most of her red hair except for some strands had fallen out.)


Atsuko: Wha—what happened?


Nurse: A side effect of the treatment….


Atsuko: My hair….


Doctor: I’m sorry.


(Atsuko puts the mirror down, closes her eyes and begins to sob quietly, and this scene fades out. In a couple of weeks something surprising happens as Atsuko is recovering at home.)


Atsuko: Mom! Daddy! Come look!


(Both of Atsuko’s parents run into the room to see what their daughter is talking about.)


Scar: What is it?


Atsuko: My hair! It’s…growing back!


Anna: Really? That’s great! The doctor said that it wouldn’t!


Atsuko: But….


(She shows them a strand. A GREEN strand.)


Atsuko It’s green now…


(Later Anna hangs up after a phone call to the doctor.)


Anna: Well the Doctor says that its not harmful, and it probably is just a result of lingering radiation.

Atsuko: I see…will I ever get my red hair back?


Anna: The doctor says its not likely…..


(Atsuko looks down forlornly and even more time goes by, and her green hair is growing rather quickly. Soon it’s already down to the middle of her back.)


Anna: Atsuko? Aren’t you gonna cut that soon?


Atsuko: No….i want it as a reminder of that day.


Anna: Huh? What are you talking about?


Atsuko: I want it to be a reminder of the day that I nearly lost my dad, and…..almost was killed myself….because I want a reason to hate those Tengons…..And I don’t want Dad’s fight to be in vain.


Anna: But your father was able to get rid of those Tengons with almost no causalities…luckily they weren’t expecting a big fight from him, so the weren’t prepared.


Atsuko: I know….but this is what I want.


Anna: O…k…


(In the present time the rain hasn’t stopped and Sakaki still sits listening intently.)


Atsuko: Since that day I’ve hated and feared the Tengons. I grew my hair out so I wouldn’t forget how I felt about them….but slowly I am beginning to think hating them is wrong…..


Sakaki: Why’s that?


Atsuko: I dunno, partly because its my own fault for being out there, and partly because hating anyone isn’t why we were put here on earth. That’s another thing my parents taught me.


Sakaki: I understand. Atsuko I am sorry for making you remember that.


Atsuko: Its ok. You asked and I told you.


Sakaki: Now I feel like I know you a bit better. However…..the Tengon threat is still real.


Atsuko: I know, but I feel braver now that you’re around.


Sakaki: Good. Because next time we see them I have a feeling they’ll be stronger than ever.

(Atsuko nods and stares out the window.)


Atsuko(Thinking): I hope we can really do this Sakaki….


(Meanwhile On the Tengon mothership Boss Tengon is receiving a report from one of the guards, who is speaking on the phone to him.)


Boss Tengon: Uh huh….uh huh…..WHAT?!? Really?! One of them? But which one? (Listening) Oh. Well no matter…. we’ll just have to deal with all three.


(He puts down the phone and smiles evilly.)


Boss Tengon: EVERYONE! We now have a positive I.D. on the Master Technology! Thanks to Dr. Sinister! (Calms down.) Though I had to get a guard to spy on him to get this info…(Thoughtfully) why didn’t he come to me himself? (Excited again) NO MATTER! Lets ship out!


Solider: Where to?


(Boss Tengon stares into the camera intently.)


Boss Tengon: Oh I was thinking we’d go PREHISTORIC!




Ending Song: “Kizen Hibiku” (Resolute Echo)


Every day I hear your voice echo goodbye

The words I never could say resurface


A new curtain draws over the sun

And a miracle springs out


(For Eternity)


I wonder about the magic of a smile

If it’s not permitted can it be forgiven?


The wondrous time that we were always laughing


(Just you and me)


Everything stops even the sky

And the wind carries a sweet scent


My heart skips a beat as I see you return

Even if it’s just your memory I wish to have…I want it to be stronger….




Crash: Hey! Its our first time doing a preview! Please give us your support!


Bash: Um….please…


Crash: Try to sound more energetic Bash-chan ok? Anyway next time on this show us Tengon’s totally steal the spotlight! Its all about us and how we finally give that Sakaki guy exactly what’s coming to him!


Bash: Crash? Are you….um….sure that its…er…us that teaches Sakaki a lesson?


Crash: Huh? Of course it is! Who else?


Bash: Um….i think it was more…um…them who did the work.


Crash: AUGH!


Soldiers: Trying to take our credit you snot nosed intern brat?




Bash: I’m…er…sorry…the next episode of Sakaki…um Jikan Tabibito will be called….




Bash: Please watch it…if you can….um….thank you.


Crash: See you! OUCH!

















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