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Jikan (2002) Episode 21

Page history last edited by Sakaki 13 years, 9 months ago

Opening Song: Ano Michi wa Bokura arukidasu (That Road we walked on)

You and I searched for our best place

Following that star every single day, and creating a new story on the way


When another boring day was born it was a place to escape to

I knew that when the time came we’d all go there together…


Memories that we had and those that have yet to be made

The rain and sunny days too I wait for them all…


Even if I was alone certainly…I had my way to walk

Running down a dream road time almost reversing to follow me I had so much fun…


Even recalling times I was hurt


Like that star I wanna shine for eternity and remember your fading voice…

Its my wish that time didn’t forget…I wish every day


Let it shine on.….. The path we walked together…



Sakaki: Episode 21: Prehistoric dilemma! Father Gato?!



(The time gate is flying through the time flow as quickly as ever. What destination does it take our heroes to this time?)


Sakaki: Atsuko…haven’t you finished that report yet?!


Atsuko: NO! I have more research to do!


Sakaki: Atsuko….you’ve never told us how MUCH research you have to do. I mean we’ve been out here for what seems to be like…eternity and you still aren’t done?


Atsuko: What are you getting at?


Sakaki: I’m getting at the fact that you seem to be having more fun then actually doing work.


Atsuko: For your INFORMATION….I’m keeping a log of where we’ve been and what I researched there.


Gato: Well then, maybe its presentation time! Lets see what kind of “Work” you’ve been doing!


Atsuko: Uh….what?


Sakaki: Ok Gato! If we split up we can be sure to find that log!

Gato: Heheh and maybe some other feminine untouchables?


Sakaki: Err…you do your search and I’ll do mine….


Atsuko: Wait! Fine fine! I’ve been keeping it all here!


(Points at her head.)


Sakaki: WHAT?!


Atsuko: I’m kidding I’m kidding! But I can’t have you two searching through my stuff. I’ll go get the log.


(She gets up and heads to the back of the Time gate.)


Gato: She’s a tough one to figure out.


Sakaki: Yeah…


(Atsuko comes back with a labtop.)


Atsuko: There! Now we can watch everything!


(She boots it up and sure enough video feed of their adventures comes up.)


Sakaki: Wow! When did you record all of this?


Atsuko: The Time gate automatically records all of this stuff for me! I just sort through and find out which things I want and which I don’t! however….


Sakaki: What?


Atsuko: When we got shot down by the Tengons in the time flow a while back I lost quite a bit of tape. Even when Wind-san and his friends fixed the Time Gate the tape was still lost…so I need to research at least one more time period before I can call it quits.


Sakaki: I understand…well ok just ONE more place.


Atsuko: Thanks for being so supportive guys!


Gato: So where are we headed? The bronze age?


Sakaki: Why…there?


Gato: Just think about it! “BRONZE.” It sounds like something interesting was happenin down there.

Atsuko: Well…actually I was thinking of going to somewhere a bit earlier….


Sakaki: Well pilot away captain!


Atsuko: Will do!


(She pilots the Time Gate out of the time flow and soon lands in a grassy field in a new time period.)


Sakaki: Wow…so we’re here…but where is here?


Gato: At least its not polluted…now if the women are sexy we’ve hit paydirt.


Atsuko: Welcome to the prehistoric age!


Sakaki: Prehistoric? You mean with dinosaurs and stuff?


Gato: HOLD ON! You mean with plants and birds bigger than me?!?


Atsuko: Probably.


(Gato is back in the Time Gate locking himself in, and just as quickly Atsuko is throwing him out.)


Sakaki: Whoa…


(Atsuko and Gato look back and shriek as Sakaki is standing eye to eye with a sabertooth tiger!)


Sakaki: Is this really what cats looked like back then?


Atsuko: Be careful! It could hurt you!


Sakaki: I don’t think it will.


(True enough the big cat looks at Sakaki inquisitively but is otherwise harmless.)


Atsuko: Really?


(She and Gato edge closer to the big cat.)


Gato: If this is a trick I’ll haunt you until you die and burn in hell.


Sakaki: No tricks! Trust me!


(Gato gets close and looks at the tiger.)

Gato: Yo. I guess you evolve into me or something right?


(The tiger pays no attention to him and viciously eyes Atsuko.)


Atsuko: Ulp…why Is it looking at ME like that?


(Then it pounces and Atsuko runs for her life.)


Sakaki: Atsuko!


Gato: Boy…I was thinking at least she’d get a good vibe from them…


(The sabertooth tiger chases Atsuko around for a couple of minutes and Sakaki can only watch helplessly…..but then he thinks of something.)


Sakaki: Try turning into your wolf-form Atsuko! Maybe it might go easier on you!


Atsuko: Ok! Its gotta be better than this at least!!


(She does as Sakaki recommended and the tiger stops chasing her.)


Atsuko: Ok…I guess I’ll be staying like this for now.


(Later Atsuko is working on a tool and the three cats watch her.)


Sakaki: She’s been working on that since the tiger chased her…I wonder what it is?


Gato: Probably her revenge?


Sakaki: Not everyone thinks like you.


Gato: And that’s why the world is in the horrible state its in.


(Atsuko turns around and shouts.)


Atsuko: Its COMPLETE!


Sakaki: What is it?


(She walks over the tiger and pats its head.)


Atsuko: Ok! You don’t mind if I add this to you do you?


(The tiger looks weary but eventually lets her put the device on. When its on the device looks very much like a hi-tech collar.)


Atsuko: Universal translator activate!


(She takes out a remote and presses a button on it causing the collar to blink.)


Tiger(Female voice.): What is this?!


(Sakaki and Gato’s eyes bulge.)


Atsuko: Yes! It is unbelievable isn’t it?!?


Sakaki: He’s a SHE?!


Gato: Man….says a lot about prehistoric looks.


Atsuko(Thinking): I just invented something cool…..and they’re more into the gender of the animal? What’s the use of being brilliant around them?


Tiger: You understand me?


Sakaki: Yeah! Thanks to that thing Atsuko put on you.


Tiger: You mean that thing there that used to smell delicious?


Gato: Hahah so she only was interested in toot’s nutritional content…….


Atsuko: Shut up.


Sakaki: We’re just here exploring…don’t mind us…


Tiger: Oh…well I was looking for something for my children to eat….


Sakaki: You have kids?


Gato: Wow you didn’t look that old to me……


(Atsuko’s eyes gleam at the prospect of making more translator collars.)


Sakaki: Let’s meet ‘em!


Atsuko: Yes…lets do that.


Gato: Hey toots? You ok there?


(Meanwhile on the Tengon mother-ship Boss tengon is trying to call on yet another one of his henchmen to put the rain on Sakaki’s parade.)


Boss Tengon: So where is he? That fool Secret Tengon?


(He looks around his empty control room for his missing minion but to no avail.)


Boss Tengon: I called him a HALF-HOUR ago and he still hasn’t shown up! No one stands me up like this! He’ll be demoted so fast his head’ll spin!


(Then a voice says.)


Voice: I’ve been here the whole time Boss-sama.


Boss Tengon: What? Where are you?


(Slowly a shape takes form in front of Boss tengon, and finally it is complete revealing a Tengon in suave party attire and a slicked back hairstyle. He looks like a certain secret agent that will remain unnamed.)


Boss Tengon: Whoa…how did you do that? Tell me! Secret Tengon!


Secret Tengon: A small cloaking device. I am the best Tengon when it comes to hiding my true identity you know.


Boss Tengon: I know…but I had no idea you were THAT good….


Secret Tengon: I know, I amaze everyone.


Boss Tengon: Anyway you have a mission you know! You have to go stomp that Sakaki flat! If you can do that then you will get high honors in the Tengon regime!


Secret Tengon: As usual your wish is my command.


(He disappears again.)


Boss Tengon: Man…the henchmen are just getting cooler and cooler as this story goes on….(Gasps) What if they over shadow me?!


(He talks into his intercom.)


Boss Tengon: Send out a search for lackluster henchmen post-haste!


(Meanwhile Atsuko, Gato, Sakaki and their new sabertooth tiger friend have come to a cave and Atsuko has more translator collars ready.)


Sakaki: Boy you sure mastered building those fast Atsuko….


Atsuko: Yeah….its weird I always was good at fixing and making things…..it almost seems like someone else is doing it for me!


Sakaki: You have been pretty handy throughout this adventure of ours….heh, it must be good to have such an important ability.


(Atsuko nods and the Sabertooth tiger calls for her kids. Soon three sabertooth tiger cubs show up.)


Gato: Gee, take away the oversized teeth and those kids look like me.


Atsuko: Hehe yeah you have a point Gato….well anyway kids its time for a fashion upgrade!


(In a minute the kids are wearing the collars too.)


Cub 1: What are these weird things?!


Cub 2: I dunno but they look cool at least….


Cub 3: Mine’s kinda itchy…


Sakaki: Wow now I can understand them too!


Tiger: That’s amazing, now we can all speak your language!


Atsuko: So what are your names kids?


(They all look at each other and finally one speaks up.)


Cub 2: I’m Slash.


(He prods his sibling and finally the first cub speaks.)


Cub 1: I’m Saber.


Sakaki: And you? What’s your name?


(The third cub seems shy and stays quiet.)


Slash: Don’t mind sis, she’s always like that.


Cub 3: Am not! (Sighs) My name is….Heiya


Atsuko: Nice to meet the three of you! I’m Atsuko.


Sakaki: I’m Takahashi Sakaki!


Slash: And what’s gramps’s name?


Gato: Ehehe I KNOW you aren’t talking about me….


Saber: He’s not that old Slash…..i mean he doesn’t walk all funny or smell old….


Gato: Thanks a lot…I think…


Atsuko: That’s Gato.


Heiya: That’s a strange name….


Gato: Who asked you three?


Tiger: I should really go out to find food for dinner…


Atsuko: Hunting? Hey this is my chance to get this kind of ritual on tape! Do you mind if we follow you?


Tiger: I guess not….


Sakaki: I’d better come too…. to make sure Atsuko stays focused on her work.


Atsuko: Hahah…Don’t push it.


Slash: Can we come too mom?


Tiger: You three can’t keep quiet and that scares away the prey.


Heiya: Who will watch us then?


Atsuko: I know! How about Gato?


Gato: WHAT?!


Sakaki: Yeah all THREE of us don’t need to go Gato…you can watch the kids.


Gato: NO WAY!


Atsuko: Its already been decided. Have a good time!




(Sakaki, Atsuko and the mother tiger are already leaving.)

Sakaki: You can get one when we come back.




(The three kids stare at him intently.)


Gato: And what do YOU three want?


Heiya: Nothing….its just that our dad was killed…so this is the first time we’ve been watched by a guy.


Gato: Oh….no……..don’t say that…..




Gato: I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaa diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee……


(Meanwhile Secret Tengon has just appeared in the prehistoric age, and looks around for our heroes.)


Secret Tengon: According to this report Boss Tengon gave me…I’m looking for an orange cat, a white cat, and a seemingly human female.


(He looks to his left and right.)


Secret Tengon: Of course in a place like this it might be impossible to find them in an efficient time.


(He takes out a wristwatch and presses a sequence of buttons on its face and then a small satelight pops out.)


Secret Tengon: This thing will make things easier….when beings travel in the time flow they have a small harmless coating around them…that takes a little while to fade completely….so as long as I can find one of them I should be able to find all of them.


(The satelight faces in a southern direction and Secret Tengon smiles.)


Secret Tengon: This works just nicely.


(He heads in that direction, and meanwhile Gato and the three cubs are by a riverbank.)


Gato: First matter of business is this.


(He points at the lake.)


Slash: What do you mean pops?

Gato: Don’t call me that. And you kids stink, so if you’re gonna hang around with me then you have to bathe.


Heiya: Don’t look at me, it’s the two of them that don’t like baths.


Slash: Eww….we have to jump into that cold river?


Saber: Where dangerous fish and stuff might live?


Gato: Are you two men, cats, or chickens?!


Saber: Depends….what’s a man?


Gato: Never mind….look I’LL go in just to prove how safe this is.


(Gato walks over to the riverbank and puts a paw in.)


Gato: Brrrrr! Man those kids were right about cold….maybe I won’t do this…..


(He looks back at the kids who stare at him expectantly.)


Gato: Dammit….i hate being a role model……


(He dives in and then waves at them.)


Gato: SEE?! Nothing wrong!


(The three cubs are staring at something behind him.)


Gato: What’s your problem?!


(Then something lifts Gato up by the back and soon Gato is face to face with his assailant.)


Secret Tengon: You look like the cat from the report.


Gato: And you look like a Tengon.


(Sure enough Secret tengon has found Gato first.)


Heiya: Do you know him?


Gato: Well no…but….


(Gato struggles to get down.)


Secret Tengon: Normally I have a thing against picking on stupid animals….but orders are orders.


(He kicks Gato hard sending him flying into the bank behind the cubs.)


Slash: Pops!


Secret Tengon: Tell you what though cat….if you tell me where the others are I’ll spare you for now.


Heiya: You can’t pick on him! It’s not fair!


Saber: Leave pops alone!


Secret Tengon: Interesting things you kids have on….tell me….who put those on you?


Saber: We won’t tell you anything!


Slash: Since you hurt pops you’ve gotta be a bad guy!


(The boys dive at Secret Tengon who simply sidesteps them, and then watches as they fall into the river and float downstream.)


Secret Tengon: Boy it seems like people just wanna throw their lives away today.


Heiya: Slash! Saber!


(Secret Tengon then begins to take steps towards Heiya, but then stops.)


Secret Tengon: Oh? A secret assault?


Heiya: What?


(Gato had some mud and was preparing to throw it at Secret tengon.)


Gato: Crap…this guy is like an eagle…..


(He takes out a small pistol and points it at Gato.)


Secret Tengon: Start talking.


Gato: Well, I was born at an early age to two very happy parents….


Secret Tengon: Wrong answer.


(He fires twice, and Gato slumps over.)

Heiya: Pops!


(Secret Tengon blows away the smoke from the pistol and sighs.)


Secret Tengon: Maybe you should just do as I ask.


(Secret Tengon tries to move but sees that he is stuck.)


Secret Tengon: What the?!


(Gato slowly gets to his feet and chuckles.)


Gato: You would have been Mr. Smooth if you didn’t talk so much chump. I noticed where you were standing and decided to just let you doom yourself.


Secret Tengon: Oh?


(He presses a button and he begins to rise.)


Secret Tengon: Rocket propelled shoes anyone?


(Gato charges in knocking Secret Tengon off his feet and out of his shoes into the water.)


Heiya: Oh no!


(Meanwhile underwater Gato and Secret Tengon sink.)


Secret Tengon(Thinking): Fool, he’s only succeeded in making himself die under here! While I will get away scot-free!


(He presses a button on his shirt, and the shirt begins to inflate….but then a huge fish attracted by this comes and snatches the Tengon and drags him down river.)


Secret Tengon: NO!!!


Gato(Thinking): Those stupid kids actually helped me out by reminding me of the fish around here…(Gasps for air) Damn….i can’t believe I’m gonna die like some charity worker for some kids….


(Then the heroic cat is snatched out of the water and soon finds himself on the riverbank with a very wet Slash and Saber.)


Gato: What….what happened?


Sakaki: Boy, I didn’t think you would save ‘em but you did.


Gato: Lunk…head?


Sakaki: Hey is that really how to thank me?


Heiya: Pops?! Are you ok?


Gato: Don’t call me….never mind…


Sakaki: These two boys floated near where we were hunting and told me what was going on….i thought I was too late but it turns out you were the hero for the day.


Gato: Dummy. I could have died.


Sakaki: Anyway I’d better tell Atsuko that the Tengons know where we are again….(To Gato) Where did the one who attacked you go?


Gato: If he’s lucky somewhere higher on the food chain.


(Secret Tengon has managed to get away from the fish, but is now standing between two VERY hungry dinosaurs.)


Secret Tengon: Mission….Failed….


Ending Song: “Kizen Hibiku” (Resolute Echo)


Every day I hear your voice echo goodbye

The words I never could say resurface


A new curtain draws over the sun

And a miracle springs out


(For Eternity)


I wonder about the magic of a smile

If it’s not permitted can it be forgiven?


The wondrous time that we were always laughing


(Just you and me)


Everything stops even the sky

And the wind carries a sweet scent


My heart skips a beat as I see you return

Even if it’s just your memory I wish to have…I want it to be stronger….





Sakaki: Man next time is brutal! We meet up with this new Tengon henchman right? But he is MUCH different from the guys we’ve fought before….this guy actually has us believing that we’re each other’s worst enemy! Atsuko Gato! We have to stay firm and most of all together if we want to beat this guy!


Narration: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito




Mystery Villain: Trust…Is so easily broken (Villainous laughter.)






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