Jikan (2002) Episode 20

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Opening Song: Ano Michi wa Bokura arukidasu (That Road we walked on)

You and I searched for our best place

Following that star every single day, and creating a new story on the way


When another boring day was born it was a place to escape to

I knew that when the time came we’d all go there together…


Memories that we had and those that have yet to be made

The rain and sunny days too I wait for them all…


Even if I was alone certainly…I had my way to walk

Running down a dream road time almost reversing to follow me I had so much fun…


Even recalling times I was hurt


Like that star I wanna shine for eternity and remember your fading voice…

Its my wish that time didn’t forget…I wish every day


Let it shine on.….. The path we walked together…



(It’s a rainy night in Alleycat town, and everyone is rushing to get home. However one building is still occupied and well lit. Curiously this building is not an apartment complex or even a house…its an open meeting house….and inside is a meeting of Sakaki’s own friends. Inside everyone is talking amongst himself or herself until Hau sits at the head of the table they are all at and folds her arms. This causes everyone to stop chattering and come to full attention)


Hau: Ok everyone. I’m sure that you wanna know why I called you here tonight.


Toshiro: I figure it has to be something good, since you’re the only one I sorta respect around here.


(Cyclone growls.)


Hau: First off lets close the door so that we don’t have any interruptions.


(Cyclone is about to go and do this when yet another person bursts inside.)


Person: Wait! Don’t lock me out yet!!!!!!


Cyclone: Oh its you.


(The person who just entered is a cat who looks similar to our feline hero.)


Cat: Darn straight I look SIMILAR! I’m his brother and you left me out of the first episode!

(He points at the camera, which then moves to reveal that he is pointing to Hau, Cyclone and Toshiro.)


Cyclone: Hey…. Kirasake…we didn’t mean to do it on purpose pal…


(Kirasake crosses his arms and has an indignant look.)

Hau: Sorry, Kirasake-kun we’ll be sure to involve you this time…I promise!


Kirasake: Fine. But you’d better make good on your promise.


{Takahashi Kirasake Age 11 Mood: Mildly irked that he wasn’t in the first episode but cautiously optimistic about this development. Role: Protagonist’s brother.}


Hau: Now everyone, it’s about time I told you the reason that we gathered here.


Cyclone: And? What is it?


(Hau closes her eyes and seemingly goes into a deep thought.)


Hau: It’s about…. Sakaki-san’s whereabouts!


(Cyclone falls over.)


Kirasake: That reminds me! Where IS onii-chan? He hasn’t been around for a couple of weeks now.


Hau: Exactly! I want to know where he is and why he hasn’t tried to get in touch with us!


(Cyclone starts to chuckle and then goes into a full out laugh.)


Cyclone: Hau! You’re waaaaaaaaaaaay too worried about this! I mean he goes on adventures all the time! What’s so different’ about this time?


Hau: The difference is that THIS time we didn’t chew him out before he left!


Toshiro: Your point being?


Hau: Maybe this time he RAN away! And he won’t be coming back!


Cyclone: Hmmm, while that is a good point Sakaki won’t do that.


Hau: What’s your basis for believing that?


Cyclone: Intuition.




Hau: Keep your stupid comments to a minimum please.


(Cyclone is lying on the floor k.o’ed.)


Hau: I’m serious you guys! We really should go look for him!


Toshiro: I agree with Cyclone. Sakaki will come back, and you shouldn’t worry about him too much.


(Toshiro gets up.)


Toshiro: It’s just a waste of time.


(He leaves the building.)


Kirasake: Don’t worry Hau-nee-chan. He’s doing fine I’ll bet…and he’ll be back soon!


(He drags Cyclone out.)


Hau: Wait!


(The boys have already gone and Hau sits down at the table and heaves a heavy sigh.)


Hau: Maybe I am just worried too much? But…. Sakaki…where are you?



Sakaki: Episode 20: A memorial to Sakaki! Meanwhile in my home town…



(Hau has left the building as well and begins to walk home, and she opens her umbrella to shield herself from the rain.)


Hau (Thinking): The boys aren’t wrong to feel that way…. I mean he always does things like this…and comes back just fine…


(She stops and looks into a now abandoned playground.)


Hau: So why do I feel like this time that something is different? Like he’s farther away than he’s ever been before?


(She shakes off this image and begins to walk again.)


Hau: I guess I’m closer to him than everyone else…because he was the first person to make me feel like I belonged….


(She smiles warmly and sighs.)

Hau: You know…thinking like this makes me remember the day that I started calling him “Sakaki-san”


(Fade back to 6 years ago where a 7 year old Hau and her mother have just moved into the Alleycat town neighborhood. The moving truck has just stopped and the two women are helping put the things into their new house.)


Hau: Mommy?


Hau’s mom: Yes dear?


Hau: I don’t like this place.


(Hau’s mom chuckles.)


Hau’s mom: Why don’t you like it here?


(The little girl clutches her mother tightly as if she might fly away if she didn’t, and looks around at the unfamiliar settings.)


Hau: Its weird here and I wanted daddy to come too.


Hau’s mom: I know honey I know, but Daddy and Mommy couldn’t get along very well and so they decided to separate. You don’t like it when Daddy and I argue do you?


Hau: No….


Hau’s mom: And you want Mommy and Daddy to be happy right?


Hau: Yes…but I miss Daddy…


Hau’s mom: I know honey I know…but for now be a big girl for mommy ok?


(Hau sighs)


Hau: I’ll try…


(One of the moving men takes a lamp from out of the truck and starts to walk inside with it.)


Hau: Oh! I can do that!

Hau’s mom: Hau, please don’t bother the men…


(Hau stops and looks around, spying a small box in the truck.)


Hau: I’ll help Mommy!


Hau’s mom: Wait! Hau!


(She climbs into the truck and tries to lift up the box but only gets it a couple of feet before dropping it…right off the truck.)


Hau’s mom: Oh no!


(The box lands with a resounding crash.)


Hau: Oops…


(Hau’s mom sighs and picks up her little girl.)


Hau’s mom: How about you go exploring and find some new friends dear?


Hau: But I wanna help…….


Hau’s mom: If we need help I’ll come look for you right away ok dear?


(Hau grumbles but obediently leaves. She begins to walk around and take in the sights of the city, and finding that the cat-human population is more than she can bear.)


Hau: There are so many many kitties and people…. But who would wanna be friends with me?


(She sits at the playground from earlier in the episode and looks down sadly.)


Hau: I miss my old friends, my old town, and most of all Daddy….


(She begins to tear up until a shadow blocks her view.)


Hau: Who…


(She looks up and sees a cat standing in front of her.)


Cat: Yo! It’s a sunny day and everyone is out having fun! Why would you wanna cry little miss?


Hau: Eh?


(This cat is none other than our hero Sakaki in a rather diminutive 8-year-old size.)


Sakaki: So why are you crying?


(Hau wipes away her tears and gets belligerent.)


Hau: Its none of your business! I’m just fine!


Sakaki: Hmmm…? You’re lying.


Hau: What?! Go away!


Sakaki: You sure about that little miss? If I went away you’d be aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllll alone again…


(Hau thinks this over and sits up.)


Hau: Well….i guess you could stay for a little bit.


Sakaki: Hehee that’s good.


Hau: But why did you come over here? Don’t you have other friends to play with?


Sakaki: Yeah, but you don’t look like you have any. My friends have got friends, so I know they’re happy…. but since you don’t seem to have any I decided to become your first!




Sakaki: Yeah.


Hau: Well don’t do that. I’m perfectly fine! You can’t just decide when to help people and think they’ll be happy about that all the time! Think of other people once in a while!


Sakaki: Hmmm ok I’ll try that.


Hau: Don’t “Hmmm ok” me! You listen up and listen good!


Sakaki: Ok ok little miss! I won’t do that again!


Hau: I’m not “Little miss” either. My name is…


(Sakaki stares intently.)


Hau: None of your business.


(Sakaki falls over.)


Sakaki: Err…that’s fine.


Hau: I know the rules you know.


Sakaki: Rules?


Hau: You have to introduce yourself first! And besides men always buy nice things for women when they try to get to know them!


(Sakaki sweatdrops.)


Sakaki: So that’s…what you’re after….


(Later Sakaki and Hau walk home with ice cream that was purchased by our hero.)


Sakaki: So? What’s your name?


Hau: Hmm? Well I suppose I could tell you that much. I’m Kaneda Hau and I’m gonna be in third grade soon.


Sakaki: Really? Well I was already in Third grade…and it’s really hard.


Hau(Gasps): Really?! Mommy said it was easy….


Sakaki: Yeah its tough, all new rules and homework and projects.


Hau: Oh no…that does sound tough.


Sakaki: But I’ll tell you what. I can help you out!


Hau: Really? You’d do that?


(Sakaki nods and her eyes narrow.)


Hau: Ok buster, what’s the catch?


Sakaki: Nothing! Nothing…well I guess one thing…..


Hau: What is it? And nothing dirty!


Sakaki: I promise nothing like that!


Hau: Yes what is it?


Sakaki: Lets be friends forever.


(Hau stops dead in her tracks.)


Sakaki: What?


Hau: Isn’t…that too soon? You just met me!


Sakaki: Yeah I know, but you seem nice and stuff….


Hau: You…you can’t! I don’t wanna be friends with you!


Sakaki: Hmm? Why is that?


Hau: Because…. if I make friends again…theres a good chance I’ll lose them again…and be sad again…I don’t wanna do that again!


Sakaki: Well ok I’ll back off, I’m sorry….


(Sakaki smiles and starts to walk ahead of her.)


Hau: W-Wait! You never told me your name!


Sakaki: Oh sorry! I’m Takahashi Sakaki! Nice to meet you!


(He runs off and disappears from sight.)


Hau: He’s so…. Weird…Sakaki-kun…No…He was nice…Way better than most kids…. Sakaki-san…


(In the present time Hau stops and looks up at the dark sky.)


Hau: And after that I thought it was at least ok to call him Sakaki-san….I was so dense at that time….but then I soon found out it wasn’t me who needed him…but it was the other way around…he needed me….


(On another occasion Hau is walking down the street and notices Sakaki darting around the block.)


Hau: Hmm? That’s Sakaki-san isn’t it?


(She waves and starts calling his name.)


Hau: Sakaki-san! Sakaki-san!


(Sakaki is either ignoring her or can’t hear because he continues running away from her.)

Hau: What’s up with him? He should at least say hi!


(She steams for a minute and finally decides….)


Hau: I’ll follow him! He’ll at least explain why he didn’t say hi to me!


(She follows him secretly until after a little while she follows him to a broken down house.)


Hau: It can’t be! Is this where he lives?


(She gets to the doorway and finds a small enough space for her to crawl through, so that she can continue her pursuit of Sakaki. Finally she goes to a room in the back where she spies our hero standing beside a crib.)


Hau: What’s he doing?


(She watches him use a mini heater in the room to warm up a bottle, and after its heated making sure it’s not too hot. After a minute of this he reaches over the crib and gives it to the baby inside.)


Sakaki: Hope you like it bro…. it took the rest of my money that I borrowed from the others to get the milk….


(Hau gasps softly and steps back from her watch space.)


Hau: He doesn’t have a Mommy or Daddy? He just…


(She bursts in.)


Hau: What are you doing?


Sakaki: Huh?!


(After a minute when things have calmed down, the story is explained.)


Hau: So…your mommy and daddy are (gulps.) dead?


Sakaki: Yeah…so I have to take care of my brother by myself.


Hau: But…. You’re just a kid!


Sakaki: I’ve been doing a good job so far….


Hau: You have to sit here all alone… Taking care of your brother?


Sakaki: Well sometimes when he’s sleeping I go out and play…but with him that never lasts long….


Hau: Then…(Gasps) the money you spent…was….


Sakaki: Don’t worry! I had enough to afford his lunch!


Hau (Tearing up.): and I was so mean to you……


Sakaki: Hey hey! Don’t cry! Girls shouldn’t cry especially for people like me! I’m just doing what I have to do…. we were put here on this earth to take care of each other…so I think of it as doing what I was put here to do.


Hau: Sakaki-san?


Sakaki: Yeah?


Hau: I want to be friends with you.


(Sakaki gets a serious expression.)

Sakaki: Friends forever?


Hau: Yeah….Friends forever.


Sakaki: Good! Heh everyone else doesn’t like to be around babies so they don’t come around much…but you’re a girl…so you like babies right?




Sakaki: My bad…..


(Sakaki laughs and then Hau does too, then Sakaki’s brother begins to cry and the two of them immediately reach for him together. Meanwhile in the present Hau walks down the street wiping her eyes.)


Hau: And so…that’s how it’s been…. even though he’s a bit weird and scatterbrained…and is TOO into helping people….


(She catches a raindroplet and smiles.)


Hau: It’s that kind of attitude that drew us together in the first place right?


(Then Hau hears yelling and turns to see a little boy walking into the street to retrieve a lost umbrella, and his mother yelling for him to stop.)


Hau: What’s going on there?


(Then she gasps, as she sees a car getting close to the boy. Because of the rain the driver cannot properly see and is dangerously near hitting the child.)


Hau: Watch out!

(Throwing her own umbrella aside Hau runs to save the child and manages to push him out of the way. Suddenly she feels a sharp pain and then things turn totally black.)


Hau: No……


(She opens her eyes and it’s totally black around her. She turns and sees Sakaki standing near her and tries to reach out to him…. but she can’t move.)


Sakaki: Hey! Hau haven’t seen you in a minute!


Hau: You….


Sakaki: Hehe I managed to save you this time….but in the future leave the saving people to me ok?


Hau: Wait! Sakaki!


(Sakaki begins to fade into the darkness)




(She sits up quickly and looks around. Hau gasps for breath and notices that she is in her room now.)


Hau: How…did I get here?


(A shot of pain goes up her side and she grabs it while grimacing in pain.)

Hau: Oww….huh?


(She notices that it is bandaged.)


Hau: Huh? Oh! The car! Is that boy ok?


(She is about to get up when the door opens and her mother comes into the room.)


Hau’s mom: You’re awake! Oh thank goodness!


(She hugs her daughter.)

Hau’s mom: You had me so worried!


Hau: Mom….i’m sorry….


Hau’s mom: But you’re a hero…you saved that little boy’s life.


Hau: I did? But…how did I get here?


(Then a man comes into the room along with Cyclone, Toshiro and Kirasake.)


Man: I’m responsible for that….they took you to the hospital and I came running once they called me.


Hau: Da—Daddy?


Cyclone: Man! You had us worried! Don’t do that again!


Kirasake: Is Hau-neechan ok?


Hau’s dad: Sorry that we had to meet like this sweetie…


Hau’s mom: Are you ok Hau?


Hau: Yeah…but…how….


Cyclone: You should have been more banged up…but you came out pretty ok I guess.


Hau’s mom: Yes, it was a miracle! Its almost as if someone else was there watching over you.


Hau: A miracle?


Hau’s dad: The doctors were surprised too. You should be completely ok pretty soon.


Hau: Ahh…thank you everyone….i won’t worry you like that again.


Cyclone: Yeah next time come straight home!


(Hau nods.)


Hau(Thinking): Sakaki…I do believe in you….so….come home safe ok?


(Toshiro looks at Hau and smirks.)


Toshiro(Thinking): Looks like he has a good friend after all.


(Hau smiles happily for the first time through this whole event and looks at a picture of the group that is on her room wall. The group has just gathered after playing a game of soccer in the picture and though they’re muddy they have all share the same huge grin. Then Hau can hear Sakaki’s voice from that day…..)


Sakaki: Lets be friends forever ok?


(Hau smiles warmly and says.)


Hau: Yeah forever…



Ending Song: “Kizen Hibiku” (Resolute Echo)


Every day I hear your voice echo goodbye

The words I never could say resurface


A new curtain draws over the sun

And a miracle springs out


(For Eternity)


I wonder about the magic of a smile

If it’s not permitted can it be forgiven?


The wondrous time that we were always laughing


(Just you and me)


Everything stops even the sky

And the wind carries a sweet scent


My heart skips a beat as I see you return

Even if it’s just your memory I wish to have…I want it to be stronger….





Sakaki: So you’re SURE this is it Atsuko?


Atsuko: I’m SURE!


Sakaki: NO TRICKS?!




Gato: Well Toots its not as if you have good track record with this going home thing…


Atsuko: Don’t you DARE start on me too!

Sakaki: Whatever….prehistoric time sure looks cool.


Atsuko: And Gato does make a good dad.


Gato: Wh---wh---WHAT?!?


Sakaki&Atsuko: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




























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